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Neutral Bitcoin ABC Still Leads But Bitcoin SV Is Catching Up, Both Mining At Losses

Bitcoin Cash went through its hard fork on Thursday, November 15 at 17:52 UTC after the mining of block number 556,767. Almost two days later, the two factions that remain are Bitcoin ABC and Bitcoin SV. While SV had the lead in mining power before the split at over 70 percent, the tables turned immediately […]NullTX.

11/18/2018 / 04:39:32

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Neutral Hashrate of BCHABC and BCHSV Nearly Reaches Parity Ahead of Network Stress Test

Plenty of cryptocurrency enthusiasts enjoy this ongoing battle between BCHABC and BCHSV. Although the ''protocol upgrade” of Bitcoin Cash has gone according to plan, the end result so far is not entirely clear by any means. Both chains are still forging ahead, although it seems to be a matter of time until SV overtakes ABC […]NullTX.

11/17/2018 / 19:55:38

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Neutral Hash Wars: Calvin Ayre & CoinGeek Refuse to Concede Defeat in Bitcoin Cash Fork Fight

Shots were fired Thursday afternoon, as CCN received a press release from Calvin Ayre’s CoinGeek which contained some interesting words that are sure to heat up the discussion around the chainsplit and intentional hard fork in Bitcoin Cash. One of the quotes from Calvin Ayre elucidates his feeling that all is not well on theCCN

11/17/2018 / 18:30:31

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Neutral Why Bitcoin Cash SV is the real winner of the Hash War

Published on CoinnounceBitcoin hardfork was successful and BCH split into two cryptocurrencies Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. Both the coins were listed on binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange and the owners of the original bitcoin cash were awarded both BCHABC and BCHSV. Craig Wright also known as ‘Faketoshi’ by many crypto enthusiasts as he claims […]Coinnounce.

11/17/2018 / 16:48:31

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Neutral Exchanges Start Labeling BCHABC as “BCH” Despite Ongoing Hash War

Cryptocurrency exchanges are seemingly convinced BCHABC will remain the predominant chain of Bitcoin Cash following the network split. Although things look to be in favor of this implementation, both Bittrex and Coinex are taking a very controversial stance. They let users trade BCHABC tokens as ''BCH”, even though nothing has been permanently decided in this […]The post Exchanges Start Labeling BCHABC as ''BCH” Despite Ongoing Hash War appeared first on NullTX.

11/17/2018 / 16:30:18

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash BCH Hash Wars: Who is winning?

Published on CoinnounceThe Bitcoin Cash hash war is still on with close to 300 blocks mined on the BCHABC side using the new ruleset, which has also given the BCH network the most accumulated proof of work. Cryptocompare has given the BCH ticker to BCHABC chain followed by Bittrex also appointing the ABC chain with the BCH […]The post Bitcoin Cash BCH Hash Wars: Who is winning? appeared first on Coinnounce.

11/17/2018 / 16:15:20

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Neutral Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Confident a Resolution Is in Sight

On Saturday, Nov. 17, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community entered the third day of its hash war, with many supporters growing confident that a resolution may be in sight. Close to 300 blocks have been mined on the Bitcoin ABC side of the chain using the new consensus ruleset, which has also given the network […]Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 15:15:51

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Neutral New Bitcoin ABC Client Introduces a Controversial Checkpointing System

One of the main points of concern following the recent Bitcoin Cash hard fork and subsequent network split is the lack of replay protection. In theory, the SV team would be able to reorganize the ABC chain if they ever intended to do something nefarious. That is no longer a possibility, as the ABC developers […]NullTX.

11/17/2018 / 14:30:27

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Neutral Today’s Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Should put ABC and SV Through its Paces

It has been a while since the cryptocurrency world saw a good stress test. Doing so on either Bitcoin’s or Ethereum’s blockchain would undoubtedly cripple both networks in quick succession. For supporters of BCHABC and BCHSV, a stress test will occur later today. Both networks will be pushed to the limit, assuming neither chain decides […]NullTX.

11/17/2018 / 13:30:52

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Neutral The Daily: New Woe for ICOs, Bitcoin Cash Trading Resumes

In Saturday’s edition of The Daily, we examine Q3’s figures for initial coin offerings, and ponder where they go from here in the wake of fresh SEC scrutiny. We also take a look at how exchanges are reacting to the Bitcoin Cash fork. Some platforms have already enabled deposits and withdrawals, while others are waiting […]Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 13:30:48

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Neutral BCHABC Price Loses Ground as Client Update Triggers Backlash

As the Bitcoin Cash struggle for control rages on, a lot of eyes are on the individual prices of BCHSV and BCHABC. Depending on which exchange one uses, BCHABC may even be labeled as BCH these days, which makes things even more confusing. One notable trend is how the BCHABC price is effectively decreasing as […]NullTX.

11/17/2018 / 12:44:05

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Neutral #Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will Bitcoin Bite Back?

Now that the Bitcoin Cash hard fork is complete, will Bitcoin bounce back from a $1,200 loss? Market Overview Yesterday’s 8% move from $5,188 to $5,700 was nice but does the King of Cryptocurrencies have any other cards up its sleeve? At the moment bull volume is nearly non-existent and as the weekend approaches it could taper even further so barring some positive breaking news, bitcoin (BTC) seems set to trade in the current rangeRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Price Analysis: Will Bitcoin Bite Back? appeared first on

11/17/2018 / 04:00:24

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash: Where the 4th-Largest Cryptocurrency Stands the Day after the Fork

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Cash network activated its second scheduled semi-annual hard fork since the cryptocurrency split away from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike the previous protocol upgrade, however, this fork was contentious, with development teams launching two competing, incompatible BCH implementations. Background: Another Fork in the Bitcoin Cash Road The group adhering to the ''official”CCN

11/16/2018 / 21:20:56

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Neutral 24 Hours After the BCH Fork: Hashrate Dips and Price Changes as BCHABC Can’t Break Free

Now that the Bitcoin Cash hard fork has successfully completed 24 hours ago, the battle lines have been drawn. While the total picture still remains a mess, it seems safe to assume the Bitcoin Cash as people know it is pretty much dead. BCHSV and BCHABC are still vying for control, albeit the outcome still […]NullTX.

11/16/2018 / 21:13:20

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Neutral Why Bitcoin Cash Was Never Going to Lose the Hash War With SV

The cryptocurrency community expected a tight hash power battle between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Cash (SV) on November 15. But, with a decisive win and an anti-climactic result, BCH came out the winner., a company owned by Roger Ver, saw its hash rate spike to 4 exahash, easily surpassing the entire computing powerCCN

11/16/2018 / 18:40:26

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Neutral Hash Wars: Day Two and the Anticipation for BCH Trading Platforms to Reopen

It has been close to 24 hours since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain split on Nov. 15, and the community is assessing the first day of battle. At the time of writing, both chains are still operational and the ABC chain has a 32-block lead on the SV chain. Now many BCH supporters are patiently […]Bitcoin News.

11/16/2018 / 17:20:02

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Creates Two Chains

The different implementations of the BCH protocols have resulted in the creation of two chain splits. The Battle of Egos The last couple of weeks have witnessed high-intensity drama around the hard fork of Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the fourth largest cryptocurrency by market cap. The hard fork of the BCH blockchain, which had forked off the...Live Bitcoin News.

11/16/2018 / 15:00:10

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Neutral BCH Fork Nov. ’18: What a Day

Bitcoin Cash split into two chains today, dividing one of crypto's most controversial communities. Bitcoin Cash (BCH) turned into Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV).Crypto Insider.

11/16/2018 / 14:00:30

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Negative Major Exchanges Are Already Distributing New Bitcoin Cash Tokens

After yesterday's split of the bitcoin cash blockchain, several top exchanges have already accommodated the resulting two tokens.

11/16/2018 / 13:31:01

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Neutral Binance Distributes Both Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, Opens Trading Today

CoinSpeakerBinance Distributes Both Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, Opens Trading TodayAfter BCH hard fork has completed, Binance announced that they added both a BCHSV and BCHABC trading pair to their website, indicating it will likely honor both Bitcoin Cash forks, issuing double tokens to all BCH holders.Binance Distributes Both Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV, Opens Trading Today

11/16/2018 / 09:55:34

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Live: Bitcoin ABC Runs the Rally with Almost 50 Blocks Ahead

CoinSpeakerBitcoin Cash Hard Fork Live: Bitcoin ABC Runs the Rally with Almost 50 Blocks AheadThe long-anticipated hard fork of the Bitcoin Cash blockchain has gone live, with reports confirming that the first mined block came from the BCHABC protocol, even though SV boasted a much larger hashrate in the days preceding the split.Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork Live: Bitcoin ABC Runs the Rally with Almost 50 Blocks Ahead

11/16/2018 / 09:24:22

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Fork: Exchanges split coins, Binance trading to goes live

Exchanges are beginning to look to get back to normal after the Bitcoin Cash hard fork which occurred yesterday. Despite continued warning from the Bitcoin SV side of the battle for the Bitcoin Cash blockchain that the war is not yet over, it would appear that several of the larger crypto exchanges are preparing to […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/16/2018 / 08:39:40

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Neutral Hash Wars: ABC Chain Leaps More Than 50 Blocks Ahead

All eyes were on the Bitcoin Cash network today as the blockchain split into two after the last common block was found on the chain at height 556766. So far both chains have been chugging along, but at the time of writing, the ABC side is well over 50 blocks ahead of the SV chain. […]Bitcoin News.

11/16/2018 / 06:30:40

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Neutral Battle of BCash: McAfee Nails His Colors to the Mast

In the ongoing battle of Bitcoin Cash, John McAfee has taken to Twitter pledging his allegiance to Jihan Wu. Wu, along with Roger Ver, is one of the main proponents of the ABC version of BCash. Pledge of Allegiance In the modern world, ‘Pledge of Allegiance’ would’ve been a colorful and playful way to describe someone confirming their stance. In the post-post-modern world… Well, McAfee came across as if he had just binge-watched several ‘Game ofRead

11/16/2018 / 05:00:38

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Neutral What We Know About Bitcoin Cash’s Two Blockchains

The bitcoin cash blockchain officially split today into two competing networks – but the story seems to be far from over.

11/15/2018 / 22:30:13

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Neutral Fork Wars: Bitcoin Cash Dev. Warns that CoinGeek Will Attack ABC

During a largely celebratory live stream regarding the ability of Bitcoin ABC’s upgraded version of Bitcoin Cash to survive and thrive in a post-fork universe, Bitcoin ABC’s self-proclaimed ''benevolent dictator,” Amaury Séchet, said that he believes, due to metrics that are publicly available, that BCH mining pool CoinGeek is presently preparing an attack against the ABCCCN

11/15/2018 / 21:50:58

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Neutral Daily Crypto Roundup 11/15/2018

Today was an eventful day in crypto. Bitcoin Cash hard forked, Dogecoin sees more transactions than BCH, Iranian crypto interest, and further scam reports. All while Bitcoin seems to have found a bit of price support.Crypto Insider.

11/15/2018 / 21:22:49

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Neutral BCHABC Price Trends Higher as BCHSV Price Drops by 45%

Most cryptocurrency traders are not too concerned about what is happening to the majority of altcoins right now. A lot of people want to make money from the BCHSV/BCHABC debacle first and foremost. So far, prices for both tokens fluctuate wildly, with Bitcoin ABC pulling ahead. This volatility will undoubtedly remain in place for some […]NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 21:17:32

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Neutral Is Bitcoin ABC Really Winning the Bitcoin Cash “Hash War”?

A lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts are currently focused on the Bitcoin Cash hard fork. That is only normal, even though its impact on the entire crypto industry remains to be determined. As far as the hashrate is concerned, a somewhat uncertain picture is being created. Both chains seem neck-in-neck, although there are a few things […]The post Is Bitcoin ABC Really Winning the Bitcoin Cash ''Hash War”? appeared first on NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 21:02:37

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Neutral Breaking: Bitcoin Cash Hard Forks — BCH Hash War Begins

Minutes ago, Bitcoin Cash activated a hard fork that splintered the fourth-largest cryptocurrency’s network into at least two competing versions, currently referred to by their primary software clients, Bitcoin ABC (BCHABC) and Bitcoin SV (BCHSV). The Bitcoin Cash network upgraded shortly after 18:00 UTC, when the BCHABC and BCHSV chains diverged at block 556767. Bitcoin.comCCN

11/15/2018 / 18:16:06

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Negative Bitcoin Cash Just Officially Split Into Two Competing Blockchains

A contentious hard fork on the bitcoin cash blockchain has been activated.

11/15/2018 / 18:05:54

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: How Did We Get Here?

As the actual hard fork of Bitcoin Cash approaches and users face the prospect of two versions of Bitcoin Cash, it’s important to remember what led Bitcoin Cash to this situation. As such, here is an albeit incomplete recap. The Block Size Debate Beginning around the middle of 2015, Bitcoin blocks started becoming full, andThe post Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: How Did We Get Here? appeared first on CCN

11/15/2018 / 16:59:55

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Neutral Bitcoin Unlimited vs Bitcoin ABC vs Bitcoin SV – Node & Economic Support

There are still a lot of unknown factors associated with the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. While miners clearly favor Bitcoin SV at this time, things may look a bit different where everything else is concerned. More specifically, without sufficient network nodes and economic support Bitcoin SV will not necessarily go anywhere anytime soon. Network […]NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 16:53:55

Crypto | News | Bitcoin ABC | Bitcoin SV | Bitcoin Unlimited | | BTC

Neutral Ahead of Bitcoin Cash Fork, Hash Power Still Favors SV Camp

Bitcoin cash's ongoing hash war remains lopsided, with mining pools supporting Bitcoin SV controlling nearly 75 percent of the current network.

11/15/2018 / 15:40:38

News | Other Public Protocols | Technology News | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin ABC | Bitcoin SV | Hash War | | BTC|Mining

Neutral 3 possibilites that can happen during the bitcoin cash hardfork

Published on CoinnounceAs the bitcoin cash hardfork is coming closer, investors and traders are worried about which cryptocurrency would perform better in terms of investment: BCHABC or BCHSV? BCHSV performed quite good yesterday but fell down towards $170 just a few hours before the bitcoin cash hardfork. The BCHABC is currently trading above $290 while BCH trades […]Coinnounce.

11/15/2018 / 13:56:32

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Neutral After BCH Hard Fork: The Hash War Might Result Into Detrimental Outcomes

CoinSpeakerAfter BCH Hard Fork: The Hash War Might Result Into Detrimental OutcomesHere's a look into some of the possibilities post the BCH hard fork and what can happen if Bitcoin SV manages to occupy the majority hash power. Put your seat-belts ON.After BCH Hard Fork: The Hash War Might Result Into Detrimental Outcomes

11/15/2018 / 13:24:17

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Negative Craig Wright, Defender of Satoshi’s Vision, on Social Media Warpath

The Australian programmer is threatening those who don't support his new version of Bitcoin.

11/15/2018 / 12:30:55

News | abc | bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Satoshi Vision | craig wright | hard fork | roger ver | | BTC

Neutral Hash War is On: Craig Wright Threatens to Crash Bitcoin Price Down to $1000

CoinSpeakerHash War is On: Craig Wright Threatens to Crash Bitcoin Price Down to $1000Craig Wright, the man claims to be the real Satoshi Nakamoto and pseudonymous creator of Bitcoin, has threatened to crash the price of ‘his’ headline cryptocurrency if miners support the Bitcoin Cash ABC project in the upcoming fork.Hash War is On: Craig Wright Threatens to Crash Bitcoin Price Down to $1000

11/15/2018 / 10:43:19

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Neutral Craig Wright hits out at Jon McAfee as Bitcoin Cash fork nears

The man behind the Satoshi’s Vision Bitcoin Cash project has lashed out at crypto-commentator and US Presidential candidate, Jon McAfee over his take on the upcoming BCH fork.  As part of an ongoing, sustained social media attack on his opponents and detractors, Dr. Craig Wright has lashed out at entrepreneur, noted crypto-commentator and bon viveur […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/15/2018 / 08:32:30

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Neutral Bitcoin Technical Analysis: Bitcoin Cash Civil War Drives BTC to a 1-Year Low

Holy mackerel! Out of the blue, Bitcoin dropped to a new 12-month low with little notice. Anyone hoping for a Santa Claus rally had better drop to their knees and start the Hail Marys. Market Overview Today Bitcoin (BTC) got nuked. In fact, the entire cryptocurrency market took a direct hit from a 50 megaton hydrogen bomb — and it looks like it’ll take a while for the smoke to clear. Novogratz was wrong, TomRead

11/15/2018 / 05:51:05

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Neutral After the Fork: How Competing Bitcoin Cash Blockchains Might Wage War

The war for bitcoin cash is only beginning.

11/15/2018 / 05:00:42

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Neutral Crypto Price Watch: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets to Annual Low While Other Top Altcoins Also Face Market Heat

The past 24 hours have been rollercoaster of sorts for the crypto market, with the price of the world’s premier digital currency, Bitcoin, dropping by more than 10% late Wednesday afternoon. As a consequence of this, BTC was seen stooping to its 2017 low of $5,312 before gradually recovering (a little) and settling around the […]The post Crypto Price Watch: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets to Annual Low While Other Top Altcoins Also Face Market Heat appeared first on NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 04:40:52

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Neutral #Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Could Test $300 or $850 by End Week

Latest Bitcoin Cash News Today marks the a new beginning or the end of Bitcoin Cash assuming Craig Wright wins the hash rate game and mine empty blocks before Roger Ver mining pools. For all we know, this is going to be a supremacy war. As Craig and Calvin Ayre commit to save the original...The post Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Could Test $300 or $850 by End Week appeared first on NewsBTC.

11/15/2018 / 02:05:22

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Neutral Fork Drama Sends Cryptocurrency Markets Spiraling Past Double Digit Losses

The first major contentious Bitcoin hard fork, Bitcoin Cash, which took place just over a year ago, had a massive positive impact on the global market capitalization of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Cash is now undergoing a contentious fork of its own, but market reception has been far different. Everything is tanking with the fork event just hours away. […]NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 00:38:39

Crypto | News | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Cash ABC | Bitcoin Cash SV | coinbase | OKEx | price analysis | satoshi's vision | | Market|BTC

Neutral Op-Ed: Will Crypto Miners Abandon Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash Fork?

BitMEX’s head of research, Jonathan Bier, gave a statement to Bloomberg this week that will soon be proven true or false. In regards to how the upcoming Bitcoin Cash fork would play out, Bier said that he believes that the important divide between the economic majority and the mining majority will sort itself out inThe post Op-Ed: Will Crypto Miners Abandon Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash Fork? appeared first on CCN

11/14/2018 / 23:25:12

Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Op-ed | News | Bitcoin Cash ABC | Bitcoin Cash SV | BitMEX | calvin ayre | Craig Wright | Jonathan Biers | | BTC|Mining

Neutral Fork Watch: Disputed Consensus and an Abundance of Game Theory

In less than 24 hours the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network will be facing a hard fork involving consensus changes that are currently disputed and may lead to a blockchain split. Two development teams have proposed different paths for the Nov. 15 upgrade and the clashing BCH reference implementations will be incompatible with each other after […]Bitcoin News.

11/14/2018 / 22:55:10

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Neutral BCH Hard Fork: Bitcoin SV Winning ‘Hash War’ Against Bitcoin ABC

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork has generates some buzz with pre-fork trading suggesting Bitcoin SV may have the lower price, but more miner support, according to the latest data.  Bitcoin ABC vs. Bitcoin SV The opinions on this BCH hard fork are very different. The community appears legitimately split between the two paths open to them. Supporting either Bitcoin ABC or Bitcoin SV is a crucial decision for the Bitcoin Cash network of theRead

11/11/2018 / 19:00:18

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Neutral Illegal Trading by Poloniex? BCHABC and BCHSV on Poloniex

Published on CoinnounceFamous cryptocurrency exchange poloniex is allowing the users to trade the upcoming bitcoin cash hard forks Bitcoin Cash ABC and Bitcoin Cash SV. The move by poloniex is being criticized by a lot of cryptocurrency enthusiasts including Craig Wright who proclaims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder of Bitcoin. According to Craig, allowing traders to […]The post Illegal Trading by Poloniex? BCHABC and BCHSV on Poloniex appeared first on Coinnounce.

11/11/2018 / 17:21:10

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Neutral BitPay Sides with Bitcoin ABC in Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork

BitPay has joined the litany of industry heavyweights including Coinbase and Binance in backing the Bitcoin Cash ABC side of the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. Without delving too much into the debate surrounding the upcoming chain split, Bitpay said in a blog post: BitPay’s system uses the primary software implementation of Bitcoin Cash calledCCN

11/11/2018 / 11:52:15

Bitcoin Cash | News | bitcoin abc | Bitcoin SV | bitpay | Craig Wright | Jimmy Nguyen | nChain | | BTC|Exchange|Technology

Neutral Bitcoin Cash Pre-Fork Trading Sees Dislike for Craig Wright’s Chain

The upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard-fork triggers some interesting opportunities. Numerous exchanges offer pre-fork trading of BCHSV and BCHABC. Both Poloniex and HitBTC are in the process of trading these ''futures” at this time. Pre-fork Trading Underway Numerous cryptocurrency exchanges plan to support the upcoming Bitcoin Cash hard fork. It is expected the network will split into two parts. One chain follows the vision of Craig Wright (who claims to be Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto) knownRead

11/10/2018 / 23:00:43

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11/17/2018 / 20:00:06

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