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Neutral A Brief Introduction to Voluntaryism for Crypto Neophytes

The blockchain space appeals to freethinkers, entrepreneurs, and visionaries. Many of these iconoclasts practice voluntaryism, although a philosophy which new entrants may have not heard about. This is because they entered into the ecosystem from the financial realm, and their sole focus has been on accumulating more wealth. This is a shame. The impetus for cypherpunks […]Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 04:30:19

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash: Where the 4th-Largest Cryptocurrency Stands the Day after the Fork

Yesterday, the Bitcoin Cash network activated its second scheduled semi-annual hard fork since the cryptocurrency split away from the original Bitcoin blockchain. Unlike the previous protocol upgrade, however, this fork was contentious, with development teams launching two competing, incompatible BCH implementations. Background: Another Fork in the Bitcoin Cash Road The group adhering to the ''official”CCN

11/16/2018 / 21:20:56

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Neutral Circuit Capital: Mainstream Bitcoin and Blockchain Adoption Is Growing

San Francisco and Singapore-based hedge fund Circuit Capital is claiming that bitcoin and cryptocurrency adoption is growing, and that the institutional presence in the digital asset arena is stronger than ever. The Price Isn’t So Hot At the time of writing, the cryptocurrency space is undergoing a massive price slump. Bitcoin, for example, is at...Live Bitcoin News.

11/16/2018 / 01:00:35

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Neutral French Financial Markets Regulator Estimates ICOs Have Raised $21.9B Globally Since 2014

France’s financial markets regulator, the Autorité des marchés financiers (AMF), has published a report examining trends relating to initial coin offerings. The AMF describes ICOs as a ''marginal” method of financing, estimating that the global ICO industry has raised €19.4 billion ($21.9 billion) since 2014. Also Read: Russian Developers to Help Iran Build Its Crypto-Economy Significant […]The post French Financial Markets Regulator Estimates ICOs Have Raised $21.9B Globally Since 2014 appeared first on Bitcoin News.

11/15/2018 / 23:05:54

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Neutral Moscow Residents are Slowly Warming to Crypto Payments: Study

In Moscow, green shoots of crypto adoption are starting to emerge. Indeed, of the Moscow locals who prefer non-cash payment methods such as mobile payments, 1% are using cryptocurrencies while 5% appear to be on the verge of doing so, according to Forbes, citing a study by Yandex.Money. The survey, which was also a productCCN

11/15/2018 / 20:09:59

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Negative Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Falls to Its Lowest Point in A Year

Boy, oh boy… Where do we even begin? The father of cryptocurrency is in a terrible state. After falling to $6,200 from its recent “high” of $6,500, bitcoin’s price has taken a major turn for the worse. At the time of writing, the currency has dropped down to approximately $5,500 – its lowest point since […]NullTX.

11/15/2018 / 18:57:43

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Neutral IBM Says Blockchain Can Power 'Open Scientific Research' in New Patent Filing

A patent application from Big Blue hints at a blockchain solution for scientific research.

11/12/2018 / 05:00:28

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Neutral Private Blockchains Could Be Compatible with EU Privacy Rules, Research Shows

UK researchers from Queen Mary University and Cambridge find blockchain networks with some level of centralization could comply with GDPR

11/11/2018 / 16:10:00

Blockchain | Privacy | EU | Research | BaaS | United Kingdom | | Blockchain

Neutral Cryptocurrency Exchange Giant Binance Launches Research Division

Binance announced around midnight Chinese time yesterday that it is branching beyond being an enterprise-quality consumer token exchange with the launch of Binance Research, an investigative subproject which relays in-depth, objective information on upcoming tokens – presumably, tokens listed on the exchange. Binance Research is a new pillar of the Binance ecosystem, focused on theCCN

11/10/2018 / 08:45:45

Bitcoin Exchange | News | Binance | ICO research | | Exchange|ICO

Neutral The Daily: Binance Launches Analysis Division, Cobinhood Adds 4 Stablecoins

In this edition of The Daily, we cover the launch of Binance Research, a new analysis division that will produce in-depth reports for customers of the leading cryptocurrency trading platform. We also look at Cobinhood’s decision to add several stablecoins to its platform and the reasoning behind the move. In addition, we focus on SWIFT’s […]Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 12:10:24

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Neutral EtherDelta SEC Action Could Impact Entire Industry, Experts Warn

Legal figures engaging with cryptocurrency are warning over continued regulatory uncertainty impacting businesses after US regulators fined EtherDelta almost $400,000 November 8. EtherDelta Could Set Precedent EtherDelta, which operated since 2016 as a smart contract on Ethereum, fell victim to securities obligations under the US’ Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), leaving owner Zachary Coburn liable for penalties totaling $388,000. This, securities lawyer Jake Chervinsky and Blockchain chief legal officer Marco Santori among others note, comesRead

11/09/2018 / 11:00:08

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Neutral Beyond Government: Embracing Self-Governance and Rejecting Mainstream Erotica

There are many new entrants in the crypto ecosystem yearning for regulations and praising government. More folks with these notions emerge regularly. They believe regulatory oversight is necessary to provide crypto with a sense of ''respectability.” Also read: Latest Release of Badger Wallet Supports SLP and Wormhole Tokens For these individuals, political involvement in crypto is […]Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 09:35:15

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Neutral The Daily: Security Experts Rank Exchanges by Safety, Malta Dominates Trade Volume

In today’s edition of The Daily, we cover several different reports about the cryptocurrency ecosystem. The first was written by a cybersecurity firm that’s trying to identify the safest exchanges through which to trade. The second report offers a detailed breakdown of the market based on a host of different parameters, while another shows that […]Bitcoin News.

11/08/2018 / 09:20:58

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Neutral $20,000 charity bet by Civic CEO says no bitcoin recovery in 2019

Vinny Lingham has put his money where his bearish mouth is, with $20,000 saying the Bitcoin slump won’t end next year. Plenty of stories, not all positive, have emerged from Las Vegas’ World Crypto Con in the past few days. One of the more interesting ones – if you find friendly gambling interesting – is […]The post $20,000 charity bet by Civic CEO says no bitcoin recovery in 2019 appeared first on CryptoNewsReview.

11/08/2018 / 07:00:47

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Neutral The US Dollar Dominates BTC-Fiat Trading, New Research Finds

The US Dollar has been dominating BTC-Fiat trading on average throughout the past month, according to a research by CryptoCompare. 50 Percent Market Dominance According to a new report called “Detailed Report Into The Cryptocurrency Exchange Industry” released by CryptoCompare, the US dollar represents half of the BTC-Fiat trading on average throughout the last 30 days. And while the USD is dominating the market as it is, the other two leading currencies are the JapaneseRead

11/08/2018 / 05:00:30

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Neutral 15 Banks to Test DTCC’s Market Infrastructure Using Blockchain

Post-trade market infrastructure giant DTCC has initiated the testing phase to re-platform its credit derivatives on distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cloud. The trial will include the participation of 15 of the world’s largest global banks, which will conduct structured user acceptance tests to validate the interaction between systems, firms and other market infrastructure providers....NewsBTC.

11/08/2018 / 00:30:07

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Neutral French Lawmakers to Lower Cryptocurrency Tax by 6 Percent

French lawmakers have adopted an amendment to the 2019 budget bill that will cut capital gains tax on bitcoin sales to 30 percent from 36.2 percent. This will bring cryptocurrency transactions in line with other non-real estate assets, which are taxed at a flat rate of 30 percent. Also Read: Survey: South Africans Turn to Crypto […]Bitcoin News.

11/07/2018 / 23:00:02

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Neutral TRON takes a further step towards more decentralisation

TRON is changing its representatives, a little later than planned… by Manoj Sharma for CNR Earlier this year, a group of special representatives was tasked with launching the Genesis block on 25th June, the independence day of TRON. Consisting of 27 anonymous, volunteer Genesis representatives, the group was known as the TRON Independent Group. The […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/07/2018 / 06:26:48

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Neutral What Makes ERC-1155 Unique?

There has been a major influx of new Ethereum-based tokens over the past 18 months. Although most of these tokens adhere to the ERC20 standard, that may come to change fairly soon. Enj now lets users mint their ''custom crypto tokens” using the ERC-1155 standard, which offers a few key benefits worth looking into. The […]The post What Makes ERC-1155 Unique? appeared first on NullTX.

11/06/2018 / 05:44:38

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Neutral EOS Block Producer Responds to Whiteblock Report

One of the block producers has responded to the claim by Whiteblock that EOS was just a glorified cloud service and lacked some attributes of a blockchain. The Controversial Study Recently Whiteblock, a blockchain testing firm had conducted a benchmarking experiment on EOS blockchain. The findings from the two-month long research were published by the...Live Bitcoin News.

11/05/2018 / 09:00:31

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Neutral EOS Lacks ‘Necessary Composition of a Blockchain System’, Says Research Firm

Recent benchmarking research suggests that EOS lacks many of the fundamental attributes of blockchains and works more as a centralized cloud service. Damning Claims A recent benchmarking experiment conducted on EOS by blockchain testing firm Whiteblock has turned up several red flags that indicate that the blockchain protocol that managed to raise $4 billion in May...Live Bitcoin News.

11/04/2018 / 20:00:35

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Neutral Wendy McElroy: Crypto as Propriety Justice and a Solution to Private Violence

Crypto As Propriety Justice And A Solution To Private Violence by Wendy McElroy The libertarian view is that human actors are self-owners and these self-owners are capable of appropriating unowned scarce resources by Lockean homesteading − some type of first use or embordering activity. Obviously, an actor must already own his body if he is […]Bitcoin News.

11/03/2018 / 15:00:57

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Neutral As expected ICO Announcements bite the dust in Q3: Report

Published on CoinnounceMarket analysis by a leading crypto organization has led to the identification of the decline in the announcement of ICO projects in the third quarter of 2018. As per the report published by CoinGecko, the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in the third quarter did not match the projects announced and funds raised in […]Coinnounce.

11/03/2018 / 09:05:25

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Neutral Google Trends sees pro-Blockchain enthusiasts even as research shows EOS is cloud

Published on CoinnounceThere has been a mini-storm brewing in cryptocurrency circles with researchers at Whiteblock a benchmarking firm reporting that EOS is only a glorified Cloud service and not a ‘true-blue’ blockchain technology since it lacks the most vital characteristic of a decentralized blockchain platform ‘immutability.’  At the same time, a fresh report by Google on its […]Coinnounce.

11/03/2018 / 08:33:44

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Neutral Israeli Startups Raised $600 Million Through ICOs in 2018: Report

A new report by research firm One Alpha found that, despite a general slowdown in the crypto market, Israeli startups continue raise funds from ICOs.

11/02/2018 / 16:30:20

News | Initial Coin Offerings | Research | Israel | ICOs | One Alpha | | ICO|Market

Negative Cryptocurrency has its biggest problem ever: Is EOS a blockchain or a cloud service?

Published on CoinnounceResearch activity by cryptocurrency benchmarking firm called ‘Whiteblock’ appears to have overturned the amazing performance of EOS token on its head.  Their research report indicates that EOS technical structure resembles that of cloud service built for computation and is not a true blue blockchain which includes a fundamental matrix for key metrics such as “imputation.” […]The post Cryptocurrency has its biggest problem ever: Is EOS a blockchain or a cloud service? appeared first on Coinnounce.

11/02/2018 / 11:52:10

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Neutral Holacracy: Governance in an Age of Innovation and Subversion

The following opinion piece on Holacracy was written by Max Borders, director of Social Evolution and author of The Social Singularity.  Imagine turning on your mobile device one morning to find only two apps: Red and Blue. It’s bad enough that these are the only two choices. Only one works at a time–and not very […]Bitcoin News.

11/01/2018 / 22:25:14

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Positive Chinese Ecommerce Giant JD Launches Blockchain Research Lab

While China is known for its rather unfriendly stance toward cryptocurrencies, the situation is significantly better when it comes to blockchain technology. Numerous companies, influential individuals, and even the country itself recognize that this is the technology of the future. As such, they are very supportive of it and eager to expand it further and...NewsBTC.

10/31/2018 / 11:00:28

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Neutral Chinese Retail Giant Launches Blockchain Research Lab

Chinese e-commerce giant Jingdong Group (JD) is launching a blockchain research lab to solve efficiency problems and examine new applications of the technology

10/30/2018 / 22:45:00

Blockchain | China | Research | | Adoption | | Blockchain|Asia|Technology

Neutral Wider Bitcoin Adoption Could Push Global Warming Beyond 2 C Threshold, Report Says

A recent report has raised concerns over Bitcoin’s carbon footprint, saying its usage could push global warming beyond the 2 C threshold if adoption increases

10/29/2018 / 18:51:00

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Negative The Death of Hype, Amara’s Law and the Crypto-Anarchist Dream

The hype surrounding blockchain and cryptocurrency has simmered to a dull roar. Last December, the markets spiked as traders drooled over the thought of lining their pockets. They believed they would be billionaires. They had erotic dreams of lambos, mansions, hookers and blow. Many of them embraced a get-rich-quick, shit-brained mentality. They put speculation over […]Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 12:15:07

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Neutral Monero Fees Fall to Almost Zero After 'Bulletproofs' Upgrade

Monero's "bulletproofs" hard fork has led to a major reduction in transaction fees.

10/22/2018 / 08:00:52

News | Other Public Protocols | Technology News | Monero | Bulletproofs | Monero Research Lab | | XMR

Neutral Bitcoin Core Client Controvercy, BitMEX vs Bitcoin Core Client
Neutral Hong Kong Stock Exchange: Existing Laws Should Apply to Blockchain

A Hong Kong Stock Exchange research report proposes that blockchain-based financial activities should be governed under existing regulations.

10/22/2018 / 02:15:48

Regulation | News | Research | Reports | Finance | HKEX | | Exchange|Asia|Business|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral World’s Biggest Banks Helped Clients Steal $63 Billion in Taxes in Europe

Europe’s top banks allegedly helped wealthy clients across the continent steal 55 billion euros ($63 billion) from multiple governments by making tax reclaims to which they were not entitled, an investigation has revealed. The theft centred around a complex scheme of trading stocks that also involved hedge funds and large international commercial law firms. Also […]The post World’s Biggest Banks Helped Clients Steal $63 Billion in Taxes in Europe appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/21/2018 / 06:10:56

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Neutral Developers Launch Censorship-Resistant File Storage System

On Friday, Oct. 19, the developers of launched the first official version of the product. Now anyone from around the globe can tether a file (5kb or less) to the BCH chain, ensuring its resistance to censorship. Also Read: Bitcoin Ownership: Your Private Keys to Financial Sovereignty File Storage Tethered to the Bitcoin Cash Blockchain […]Bitcoin News.

10/21/2018 / 01:05:20

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Neutral Brazil’s Largest Bitcoin Exchange Just Fired ‘at Least’ 20 Employees

Mercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, recently fired “at least” 20 employees amid restructuring efforts being made to “focus on professionalization, better governance and more agility in customer service.” Local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin reportedly spoke to four now ex-employees that served at different hierarchical levels. One noted it “was horrible” … ContinuedCCN

10/21/2018 / 00:45:18

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Neutral Opinion: Can AI Tools Improve Cryptocurrency Adoption?

There are many different paths to choose from, to improve cryptocurrency usability.  Lately, I’ve been focused on project tokenomics as I have a feeling that better rewards distribution is the way forward. For instance, traditional exchanges do not provide enough rewards to users; a few exceptions are Binance, Coss, or ABCC. I especially like the last oneThe post Opinion: Can AI Tools Improve Cryptocurrency Adoption? appeared first on CCN

10/20/2018 / 21:03:06

Bitcoin Research | Blockchain News | News | Op-ed | Opinion | World Technology | ai | | Other

Neutral Bitcoin Intentions: Are We Aiming to Replace the Status Quo or Become Them?

When the idea of a working digital currency like bitcoin was introduced, many of its early adopters disliked the current bureaucratic system, with a cartel of bankers pulling the world’s monetary strings. Over time, however, something weird has happened and the idea of permissionless innovation perverted into people literally asking nation states for permission, begging […]The post Bitcoin Intentions: Are We Aiming to Replace the Status Quo or Become Them? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 19:05:23

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Neutral Wendy McElroy: Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society – The Technology is the Revolution

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 5: Saving the World Through Anarchism Chapter 11, Part 3 Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society. The Technology is the Revolution. by Wendy McElroy Not only is democracy mystical nonsense, it is also immoral. If one man has no right to impose his wishes on another, then […]Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 15:00:29

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Neutral Ledger CEO Wins French Award for Startup With International Potential

Eric Larchevêque, CEO and co-founder of cryptocurrency hardware wallet-maker Ledger, has won a French award for the startup leader whose model has the greatest potential internationally. The prestigious regional prize in Ernst & Young’s (EY) 26th Entrepreneur of the Year 2018 awards, located in France, is “Startup of the Year.” Ledger’s Eric Larchevêque can lay claim to this award, as well as the “Born Global Award” for the international potential of his startup Ledger. International SuccessRead

10/20/2018 / 07:00:48

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Merchant Directory Marco Coino Surpasses 500 Listings

Over the last year bitcoin cash adoption has been thriving and in certain regions, BCH merchants are spreading like wildfire. Thanks to a slew of cryptocurrency payment processors and people pressing for adoption there are thousands of BCH accepting merchants these days. One application called Marco Coino helps bitcoiners find BCH brick-and-mortar retailers on a […]Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 06:55:58

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Lender Sees ‘Meaningful Increase’ in Institutional Borrowing

As institutional investors wade increasingly further into the cryptocurrency ecosystem, they are contributing to a significant bump in demand for cryptocurrency lending services. Institutional Crypto Lending Tops $550 Million That’s according to the Q3 Digital Asset Lending Snapshot from Genesis Capital, who in March launched the cryptocurrency industry’s first institutional lending business. Since the service’sCCN

10/18/2018 / 16:50:25

Bitcoin Analysis | Bitcoin Research | News | bitcoin atm | genesis capital | | Business

Neutral BitMEX Set to Compete with Bitcoin Core Developing Its Own Bitcoin Software Client

As it has been announced by the research division of crypto trading platform BitMEX, it will create its own Bitcoin software client.CoinSpeaker.

10/18/2018 / 12:18:55

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Neutral Bitcoin Trading at a $300 Premium on Bitfinex Amid Tether Decline

Speculation is rife that people are selling Tether in exchange for Bitcoin. This has led to Bitcoin trading at around a $300 premium on the Bitfinex exchange. Those using the Bitfinex exchange are finding that Bitcoin is trading at roughly a $300 premium compared to other exchanges. Many believe the price upswing is because traders who purchased the stablecoin Tether via the exchange are now looking to sell their holdings for Bitcoin (BTC) . TetherRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Trading at a $300 Premium on Bitfinex Amid Tether Decline appeared first on

10/18/2018 / 04:30:02

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Neutral BitMEX: Not Competing with Bitcoin Core?

An article appeared on the BitMEX blog this week comparing competition to the Bitcoin Core software project. It concluded that, even if the Bitcoin Core repository were hijacked or deleted, Bitcoin should remain largely unaffected. Competing Approaches BitMEX initially considered three different ways to compete with the Core project prior to examining at arguments for and against them. The types of competing projects fall into the following categories: Competition between chains: A competing project which deliberately changesRead MoreThe post BitMEX: Not Competing with Bitcoin Core? appeared first on

10/18/2018 / 01:00:42

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Neutral BitMEX Takes Aim at Bitcoin Core, Will Launch Competing Software Client

The research arm of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX has announced that it will launch its own Bitcoin software client to compete with reference implementation and industry standard Bitcoin Core. Unveiled this week in a lengthy post discussing the merits of competing software clients, BitMEX Research said that it chose to release its own BTC clientCCN

10/17/2018 / 19:07:29

Bitcoin Technology | News | Bitcoin | bitcoin core | BitMEX | bitmex research | | BTC|Technology|Trading

Neutral Majority of Crypto Assets Are Highly Centralized, Research Finds

One of the central pillars of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general is that the system is decentralized, ensuring no single point of failure for adversaries to attack. However, new research has found the majority of assets in the ecosystem today to be highly centralized. Also Read: Crypto Hedge Fund Launches Retail Public Offering in Japan […]Bitcoin News.

10/17/2018 / 18:30:23

Altcoins | Centralized | centralized crypto | Centralized Cryptocurrency | crypto assets | cryptoassets | Cryptocompare | Decentralised | N-Featured | Research | | BTC|Asia|ICO|Altcoin

Neutral Monero to Become First Billion-Dollar Crypto to Implement 'Bulletproofs' Tech

A highly anticipated technology designed to make blockchain privacy features more scalable will be tested on Monero soon.

10/17/2018 / 07:59:27

Features | Other Public Protocols | Technology News | Subfeatured | Monero | Bulletproofs | Sarang Noether | Monero Research Lab | | XMR|Technology|Blockchain

Neutral Barclays Bank is putting its cryptocurrency project on hold

The ongoing cryptocurrency bear market looks to have affected the plans of Barclays Bank… Yesterday, we reported the news that it’s going to take an estimated two years to bring cryptocurrency regulation to the UK – and that’s if the process started today. Now, a further less than positive sign for the UK crypto industry […]CryptoNewsReview.

10/16/2018 / 04:51:22

Crypto | News | Barclays | | Fiat|Market|Regulation|Trading

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11/16/2018 / 23:00:36

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