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Neutral Beyond Price: Why We Need a Better Way to Value Crypto Assets

As institutional investors enter the market, it’s vital that they set aside their dollar-centric valuation models and recognize that value is a different concept in the crypto world.

11/19/2018 / 09:00:43

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Neutral Tutorial: How to Use CoinDesk’s Crypto-Economics Explorer

CoinDesk's Crypto-Economics Explorer is our innovative new data tool that brings together a host of data types. Here's how to make the most of it.

11/17/2018 / 10:30:33

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Neutral Study Finds that Blockchain Technology Can Be Used by GDPR-compliant Companies

A study conducted by a university in London believes that blockchain technology can still be used by businesses who are required to comply with the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) laws. Our personal information has become more important than ever, and not just to us. Data companies all over the world want to get...Live Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 22:00:25

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Neutral Paraguay’s Biggest Dilemma: Use Energy for Bitcoin or Economic Development

Published on CoinnounceParaguay is blessed abundantly with natural resources and energy is one resource which is plentiful, thanks to the mighty Itaipu dam. A debate now rages on the utility of the energy generated by this dam – to invest more in cryptocurrency or bitcoin mining or for economic strategies to uplift rampant poverty in this South-American […]Coinnounce.

11/06/2018 / 06:37:44

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Neutral EOS: Blockchain or Just Distributed Database? Whiteblock Inc. Releases a Verdict

CoinSpeakerEOS: Blockchain or Just Distributed Database? Whiteblock Inc. Releases a VerdictThe independent benchmark testing dubbed the EOS platform as a cloud service built with a centralized design that suffers from serious security breaches. EOS: Blockchain or Just Distributed Database? Whiteblock Inc. Releases a Verdict

11/05/2018 / 18:57:02

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Neutral Nasdaq Wins Patent for Newswire Service Built on a Blockchain

Nasdaq has won a patent outlining how using a blockchain for information distribution could improve upon existing services.

10/24/2018 / 11:30:55

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Neutral Samsung Begins 7nm Chip Production, Easing Miner Demand for Improved Semiconductors

After delivering 10nm semiconductor technology, the electronics giant Samsung has announced the firm’s foundry has started production of its EUV-based 7nm LPP process. Lately, Bitcoin mining rig manufacturers have added more pressure to the significant global demand for high-performance chips. At the moment there are only a couple of foundries producing them. Also Read: Bitmain Offers […]Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 01:30:01

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Neutral Wendy McElroy: Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society – The Technology is the Revolution

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 5: Saving the World Through Anarchism Chapter 11, Part 3 Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society. The Technology is the Revolution. by Wendy McElroy Not only is democracy mystical nonsense, it is also immoral. If one man has no right to impose his wishes on another, then […]Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 15:00:29

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Neutral Philips Research Trying to Encourage Healthcare Industry to Utilize Blockchain

The widespread adoption of blockchain technology that has occurred over the past year has proven just how practical and far reaching the benefits of nascent technology is, but there has yet to be a widely used product that solves one of the world’s persisting issues: the coherence and security of healthcare data. Now, a group...NewsBTC.

10/18/2018 / 09:00:47

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Neutral CME: Average Daily Volume for Bitcoin Futures Grew 41% in Q3

Average daily volumes for bitcoin futures trading saw a significant jump in the third quarter compared to the last period, according to CME Group.

10/17/2018 / 16:49:50

News | DATA | CME Group | bitcoin futures | | BTC|Trading

Neutral Bitcoin Unlimited Adds ABC Client Upgrade Features for November’s Hard Fork

The Bitcoin Unlimited development team have published the full node clients’ Bitcoin Cash edition version 1.5.0, which includes an implementation of all the November 15 upgrade features from Bitcoin ABC. According to the development team, support for the Bitcoin SV team’s ruleset is ''pending” and Bitcoin Unlimited’s lead programmer, Andrew Stone, has explained he would […]Bitcoin News.

10/17/2018 / 01:50:03

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Neutral DataBroker DAO: Flagship IoT Sensor Data Marketplace Launched Ahead of International Expos

DataBroker DAO has announced the official launch of its flagship marketplace in Dubai, as well as a number of expos taking place in the coming months.CoinSpeaker.

10/16/2018 / 13:15:54

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Neutral Former Trump Advisor Gary Cohn Joins Blockchain Startup

Gary Cohn, a former chief economic advisor to the U.S. president and Goldman veteran, has just joined a financial data-focused blockchain startup.

10/12/2018 / 14:45:10

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Neutral Forbes Embraces Blockchain with New Civil Partnership

Civil have announced their latest collaboration, and it’s a big one. The blockchain-based platform has gained the attention and adoption of major news agency, Forbes. Unbiased and fair news reporting is essential in any free country. However, journalists sometimes have to push this to the side whether through their own choice or under a directive...Live Bitcoin News.

10/11/2018 / 04:00:43

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Neutral PR: Bithumb Teams up with ONEROOT to Build Distributed Decentralized Exchange

ONEROOT announced the launch of the “Rocket Plan”to enter the global market, officially entering the 2.0 era.ONEROOT won the first Cryptocurrency Financial Services License issued by the Canadian government!On October 1, 2018, “Rocket Plan” carries the success to another higher level: Under the witness of executives of both sides, Bithumb and ONEROOT formally signed a cooperation agreement —— Bithumb accesses R1 protocol ——that decentralized transaction protocol serves the world’s leading centralized exchange for the first time.With the unique structure of R1 protocol, Bithumb and all future R1-based exchanges is able to share order data and liquidity, providing users with better trading depth and experience, and forming a global distributed business system.Bitcoin News.

10/10/2018 / 09:30:01

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Neutral BlackBerry Using Disruptive Technology to Revolutionize Healthcare Industry

BlackBerry has partnered up with different health industry professionals to find ways to improve patient care through disruptive technology. BlackBerry is a modern example of how technology is evolving. The company was, of course, initially made famous because of its mobile phones. However, as other brands like Samsung arguably began to dominate that market, BlackBerry...Live Bitcoin News.

10/07/2018 / 18:30:01

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Neutral Swiss Bank starts sharing Client Data.

Published on CoinnounceSwitzerland has begun sharing financial record data with tax authorities in many countries as a method for battling tax evasion, however, Africa, which loses about $60 billion in unlawful flows every year, generally into European banks, is prominent by its nonappearance from the arrangement. Swiss bank accounts have for quite some time been stereotyped as […]Coinnounce.

10/07/2018 / 06:25:10

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Neutral Tax Evasion Spotlighted as Swiss Banks Start Sharing Client Data

Switzerland has started sharing financial account information with tax authorities in dozens of countries as a way of fighting tax evasion, but Africa, which loses about $60 billion in illicit flows each year, mostly into European banks, is conspicuous by its absence from the deal. Swiss bank accounts have long been stereotyped as enablers of […]Bitcoin News.

10/06/2018 / 16:55:46

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Neutral BlackBerry Unveils Blockchain Partnership to Support Medical Research

BlackBerry announced Thursday it was working with ONEBIO to support a new blockchain platform aimed at storing and sharing medical research data.

10/04/2018 / 20:30:12

Use Cases & Verticals | News | Business News | BlackBerry | Global Commission | ONEBIO | Medical Data | | Blockchain

Neutral The Beauty Industry Eyes Cryptocurrency Integration

Companies in the beauty industry are looking at cryptocurrency and blockchain technology to improve their rewards programs and grow their customer base. With continued interest in blockchain and cryptocurrencies, we have seen the disruptive technology be used in a range of businesses. Journalism, art, and sport are just a few of the sectors that are...Live Bitcoin News.

10/04/2018 / 01:30:16

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Neutral Facebook’s Latest Scandal Reveals Some Worrying Security Shortfalls

Facebook’s security protocols are once again under fire following a new security breach that affected over 50 million users. On Friday, September 28th, the social media giant announced that hackers had exploited a website feature that allowed the bad actors to log-in and access users’ data. The attackers exploited code associated with the “view as” function, granting […]Crypto Insider.

10/02/2018 / 14:13:03

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Neutral Meet Cash-ID: The Open Protocol That Uses Bitcoin Cash Keys for Identity

This past Sunday BCH proponent and developer, Jonathan Silverblood, revealed a project he’s been working on called Cash-ID. The Cash-ID concept is an open protocol for online identification purposes that provides users with the ability to sign in to web pages using their bitcoin cash keys for login credentials. Also read: Portal Network Developers Announce Bitcoin […]Bitcoin News.

10/02/2018 / 00:05:21

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Positive Blockchains Don't Have to Be Perfect, They Just Have to Be Better

A blockchain can contain garbage data but in many cases, it will still be better than the status quo. We might even find often that it's a lot better.

10/01/2018 / 04:00:58

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Neutral Blockchain Startups Aim to Kill the Captcha With a New Anti-Bot Protocol

Datawallet and Enigma have partnered to create an alternative to all those annoying captchas – and hopefully reduce the prevalence of bot nets.

09/26/2018 / 15:00:40

News | Security | Ethereum | Enigma | Datawallet | Bot Nets | | Blockchain|ETH

Neutral Blockchain Companies Re-envisioning Data Validation for the Future

While the data industry continues to grow, companies that provide ways to make data reliable and verifiable provide a much-needed structural center to the industry. CoinSpeaker.

09/24/2018 / 12:07:15

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Neutral Robinhood Responds to Accusations of Favoring Wall Street over Its Users

Seeking Alpha has published an exposé by Logan Kane regarding free stock and crypto trading smartphone application Robinhood. Mr. Kane alleges the company “takes from the millennial and gives to the high-frequency trader” by accepting payment for order flow and selling order data for “over ten times as much as other brokers who engage in the […]Bitcoin News.

09/21/2018 / 05:22:57

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Neutral Top 6 Cryptocurrencies Adding the Most Data to Their Blockchain

When it comes to looking at the different cryptocurrencies on the market, the length of one’s blockchain is often discussed as well. Some currencies tend to add a lot of data to their chain compared to others. The following currencies are ranked by the size in kilobytes added during the past 24 hours. Source for […]NullTX.

09/20/2018 / 17:00:33

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Neutral Japan Lost $540 Million to Crypto Hacks in First Half of 2018

Japan's police agency has released data revealing that cyberattacks leading to thefts of cryptocurrency rose sharply earlier this year.

09/20/2018 / 10:00:39

News | Crime | Asia-Pacific | DATA | Japan | Law Enforcement | Hacks | | Asia

Neutral Less Than Two Months Away – Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Discussion Heats Up

Over the past few weeks, Bitcoin Cash supporters have been debating the upcoming hard fork scheduled for November 15th of this year. Most of the community understands, that as of right now, there are two camps that have entirely different visions. It doesn’t seem like a compromise is coming any time soon. Lately, as each […]Bitcoin News.

09/19/2018 / 00:35:30

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Neutral A Third of Humanity Remains Financially Excluded

Unrestricted access to financial services is one of the main preconditions for achieving economic freedom. However, large portions of the planet’s population, especially in the developing world, remain excluded from the traditional banking system. The unbanked or underbanked citizens of the industrialized, digitized nations is also unexpectedly high, now when almost everyone, everywhere has a […]Bitcoin News.

09/18/2018 / 17:55:20

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Neutral In China the Mantra Remains ‘Blockchain Not Bitcoin’

China maintains a hostile stance on activities related to crypto assets while expressing a more open mind when it comes to blockchain. Their decision-making process could have immense geopolitical implications. It’s no secret that China has been determined to dampen the cryptocurrency industry while setting themselves up to dominate the blockchain scene. In late August, 124 websites operated by offshore crypto exchanges were shuttered. The move came about the same time that hotels and shopping mallsRead

09/18/2018 / 07:00:25

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Neutral Peter Thiel: Crypto vs AI Dichotomy Will Determine the Future of Humanity

From time to time we all need a reminder that Bitcoin is much more than just an asset that can be checked on a daily price chart. Peter Thiel reveals that he believes the ''crypto vs AI dichotomy” will shape the future of humanity, presenting us with a choice between a Big Brother totalitarian government […]Bitcoin News.

09/16/2018 / 14:28:59

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Neutral Biggest ICO Winners and Losers: By The Numbers

As a follow-up to last week’s Bitcoinist article on sh*tcoins and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs), Bitcoinist looks at crypto researcher Steven Zheng’s numbers, successful-to-unsuccessful ICO ratio, and more. From Lowest to Highest Returns of Investment (ROI) Bolenum likely probably bound to fail after raising only $18,500 during August 2017. At the same time, the second most fruitful ICO raised even less than that. yet at -99.72%, Bolenum is currently the most sterile project evaluated by Zheng. MyBitRead

09/16/2018 / 13:00:06

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Neutral Gemini Dollar Code Review Reveals the Stablecoin’s Accounts Can Be Frozen

This week a blockchain researcher named Alex Lebed published a code review on the new stablecoin, the gemini dollar, created by the Gemini Trust cryptocurrency firm. According to Lebed’s study, gemini dollar accounts can be frozen by the exchange, and the tokens can be turned into non-transferable assets. Also read: Markets Update: Short Term Recovery – Is […]Bitcoin News.

09/16/2018 / 03:25:16

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Neutral Brave(ly) Taking on Google over Data Privacy Concerns

Brave, a privacy-driven browser, and other plaintiffs have lodged complaints in Britain and Ireland against Google and other companies citing end-user data negligence. Our world today seems to be fueled by how much of ourselves we can put out there. Personal and heartfelt Instagram posts, selfies, live streaming the birth of your child on Facebook...The post Brave(ly) Taking on Google over Data Privacy Concerns appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

09/15/2018 / 02:30:02

Altcoin News | News | Brave | data management | Google | privacy | Technology | | BTC|Technology

Neutral What is NewsBlocks?

Newsblocks is trying to end the ''fake news” plague and use blockchain technology in a  meaningful manner. Whether the project will succeed, is a different matter altogether. Building a decentralized platform for trusted news applications will be quite challenging. The NewsBlocks Concept It has become apparent accessing reliable andaccurate news is a lot more as […]The post What is NewsBlocks? appeared first on NullTX.

09/14/2018 / 22:46:49

Education | FAQ | blockchain | NewsBlocks | Tamper-proof Data | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Blockchain DNA-Testing Lets Patients Sell Their Data

Recently, there has been a significant uproar surrounding many DNA testing companies after some of their data-selling deals began making the news. In the current climate, the blockchain healthcare startup TimiDNA has set itself apart from most of the industry by respecting the privacy of their clients and granting them ownership over their genetic data. With biotechnology becoming a valuable information technology, DNA data can expose some pretty intimate details of who we are. ForRead

09/14/2018 / 08:30:45

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Neutral No Such Thing as a Free Lunch: Robinhood User Info Sold Amid Commission-Free Trades

The low-cost Robinhood investing app popular with millennials makes up for the lost profits of commission-free trades by selling users’ data to other financial companies. What’s the Logic of Robbing Peter to Pay Paul? A Second Quarter SEC filing shows that Robinhood Financial (Robinhood) is actually making millions of dollars from selling users’ data to high-frequency trading (HFT) firms. Recall, this is the same company that espouses values of ethical trading practices that benefit theRead

09/14/2018 / 07:00:04

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Neutral Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in Stolen Mining Rigs

Police in Iceland charged seven individuals for conspiracy, burglary, and theft for stealing from the region’s mining facilities. Iceland prosecutors are charging the suspects with over $871,000 in stolen goods, but the group of individuals are also being sued for $1.7 million in damages from three separate mining firms. Also read: James Bond-Like Villain in $2 […]The post Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in Stolen Mining Rigs appeared first on Bitcoin News.

09/10/2018 / 20:15:04

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Neutral Google Integrates Ethereum Data into Analysis Service

BigQuery is linked to Google Storage and lets users see data visually.

09/04/2018 / 09:22:46

News | bigquery | bitcoin | blockchain | data | Ethereum | google | | ETH|BTC|Market|Blockchain

Neutral Japanese Company Trials BTC and Smart Contracts in Real Estate Transactions

A Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company has built a cryptocurrency settlement platform for real estate transactions. The firm has tested the platform using BTC and smart contracts for property sales and has released its findings; many benefits were observed over the traditional method. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to Enter Japanese Market, Regulator Reveals BTC and […]Bitcoin News.

09/04/2018 / 04:10:48

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Neutral Google Now Provides a Big Data View of the Ethereum Blockchain

Internet search giant Google is providing a Big Data window into ethereum after adding the network to its analytics platform BigQuery.

09/03/2018 / 13:00:54

News | Ethereum | Technology News | Google | Big Data | | ETH|Blockchain

Neutral Taiwanese Hospital Launches Blockchain Platform for Record Keeping

As part of efforts to consolidate the government’s Hierarchical Medical system policy, Taipei Medical University Hospital has introduced a blockchain-driven platform for the advancement of medical record-keeping. The Healthcare Blockchain Platform will be used to improve patient referral services and integrates individual healthcare networks for people to access their medical records with relative ease, according toCCN

09/02/2018 / 10:25:19

Blockchain News | News | Healthcare | medical data | taiwan | | Blockchain|Asia

Neutral Japan’s National Police Installing Crypto Transaction Tracking System

The Japanese National Police Agency is reportedly installing a system to track the flow of crypto transactions in order to aid investigations of cryptocurrency-related cybercrime. The system is expected to be limited to major cryptocurrencies, according to local media. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Tracking Crypto Transactions Japan’s National Police Agency […]Bitcoin News.

09/01/2018 / 06:45:53

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Neutral Bloomberg and Reuters Will Provide Verified Blockchain Data

International Decentralised Association of Cryptocurrency and Blockchain has started an ambitious collaboration with the top information companies. This non-profit organization wants to raise awareness of the crypto sphere among entrepreneurs and increase its credibility.CoinSpeaker.

08/31/2018 / 20:20:54

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Neutral Short-Term Traders Responsible for Ranging Bitcoin Price, Says Analyst

As the price of Bitcoin remains stuck between $5,500 and $8,500 for three months now, the Bitcoin trading community wonders when the spell will break and in which direction. Kevin Lu, the director of quantitative research at Element Digital Asset Management, a full-service advisor for the digital asset economy, said the Bitcoin market is in a reflexive state...NewsBTC.

08/31/2018 / 18:00:48

Bitcoin | bitcoin | bitcoin price | bitcoin trading | datatrek | element | Fundstrat | kevin lu | nicholas colas | thejas nalval | | BTC|Trading|Market

Neutral Litecoin’s creator expands on its future, integration with Bitcoin, and enhanced privacy

Litecoin’s creator, Charlie Lee, has been speaking about his crypto’s role in helping Bitcoin scale to greater use – and what technical changes may be needed in the future.  Charlie Lee is one of the most vociferous talking heads of the cryptocurrency world, constantly in demand for interviews and opinions. This week he sat down […]CryptoNewsReview.

08/31/2018 / 12:28:24

Crypto | News | bitcoin | BTC | DashCast | DataDash | LiteCoin | LTC | | BTC|LTC|Trading

Neutral How to Monitor the BCH Stress Test and Get Involved

It’s getting close to the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network stress test and many BCH proponents are preparing for the occasion. BCH supporters hope to send out millions of transactions on September 1 in order to see how well miners can process all of the transactions in the mempool. Today we are going to explain a few […]Bitcoin News.

08/30/2018 / 23:35:00

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Neutral IBM, Data61 and Herbert Smith Freehills Join Forces for Australian National Blockchain Project

An Australian federal agency is going to launch a national blockchain that will let companies conduct transactions based on smart legal contracts.CoinSpeaker.

08/30/2018 / 13:51:59

Blockchain News | Companies | IBM | News | australia blockchain | australian national blockchain | data 61 | herbert smith freehills | hsf | ibm | ibm australia | | Blockchain|Regulation

Neutral IBM to help develop Australian national blockchain

Australia is getting a national blockchain for the country’s businesses, developed by IBM in partnership with Herbert Smith Freehills and Data61. Data61, which is part of the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, is developing the blockchain alongside IBM and law firm Herbert Smith Freehills, and it will be dubbed the ‘Australian National Blockchain’ (ANB). […]CryptoNewsReview.

08/30/2018 / 05:00:46

Blockchain | News | Australia | Data61 | IBM | | Blockchain|Regulation

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11/20/2018 / 09:18:28

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