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Neutral Free Keene Activists Launch Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire

Keene, New Hampshire is well known city for libertarian philosophies and more recently as a hotbed for cryptocurrencies. On Monday, Nov. 12, crypto advocates from the region have announced the launch of a new educational center called the Bitcoin Embassy New Hampshire. Also Read: Libertarian Hotspot the Free Keene Project Bolsters More Crypto-Adoption New Hampshire Bitcoin […]Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 02:30:20

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Neutral Canadian Court to Take Custody of Quadrigacx Funds, NYDIG Gets Bitlicense

In recent regulatory news, a Canadian court plans to take custody of $19.5 million of funds that Quadrigacx deposited with the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce before they were frozen due to competing ownership claims. Also, New York state regulators have granted the 14th Bitlicense to New York Digital Investment Group, and it has been […]Bitcoin News.

11/15/2018 / 16:35:12

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Neutral Bitfinex Introduces New Fees, Bitmex Rejects Claims It Trades Against Its Customers

In recent cryptocurrency exchange news, Bitfinex has introduced new withdrawal fees, the CEO of Bitmex has refuted accusations that the exchange’s in-house trading desk trades against its customers, and Malta-based Bistraq Exchange has commenced operations. Also Read: Stablecoins Fetch a Premium as BTC Hits Year Low  Bitfinex to Charge 3% on Frequent Withdrawals Bitfinex has introduced […]Bitcoin News.

11/15/2018 / 08:30:42

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Neutral Scam Alert: Fake EOS wallet app can steal your Private Keys

Published on CoinnounceThe EOS RIO organization has cautioned that fraudsters have propelled a fake simplEOS wallet app on Google’s Play Store, apparently to get clients’ private keys. EOS RIO has done what it can to get the app brought down, clients ought to know about the risk associated with downloading wallet apps from Google Play. At present, […]Coinnounce.

11/10/2018 / 05:08:26

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Neutral ‘Asia’s Amazon’ Starts Using Bithumb’s Payment Service for Cryptocurrency Users

One of South Korea’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, has begun providing a cryptocurrency payment service to a major online marketplace it refers to as ''Asia’s Amazon.” Korean users can use their cryptocurrencies held at the exchange to pay for purchases on Qoo10 using this service. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Qoo10 […]Bitcoin News.

11/10/2018 / 01:35:23

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Neutral Young Man Waterboarded and Waxed by ‘Friends’ Who Wanted His Crypto-Wallet Password

A main rule of crypto ought to be ‘don’t tell your friends you have crypto.’ One man violated this unspoken rule and paid a rather gruesome price. The Kid Is an Easy Mark… After a boozy night out on the town, a group of well-heeled young whippersnappers decided to honor to the fraternal code of friendship and make sure that one of their entourage made it home safely. According to The New York Post, the motleyRead

11/09/2018 / 08:00:48

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Neutral Cybersecurity Crumbles as self destructing Windows Installer Virus proliferate

Published on CoinnounceCyber Security industry warnings of Script-based virus proliferating in search of coins in 2018 have come true. Script based virus has reached epidemic proportions, and contingency security measures are the need of the hour, warn experts in crypto-threat experts. Trend Micro is one of the security firms engaged in threat detection was unsettled to discover […]Coinnounce.

11/09/2018 / 06:46:08

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Neutral Swiss Cyber Authorities Identify Crypto Trojans: Dridex, Gozi, Monerominer

Published on CoinnounceSwitzerland’s financial institutions continue to be exploited by cybercriminals, says the latest research report by cybercrime authorities. The only except in 2018 is that the targets are no longer banks but crypto exchanges. The research identified Monerominer virus, as the sixth most significant malware thanks to the anonymous nature of the virtual asset.   MELANI […]Coinnounce.

11/09/2018 / 06:17:19

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Neutral Bakkt Launch Next Month May Not End Bear Market

Intercontinental Exchange’s “regulated ecosystem” for Bakkt should launch December 12, but “lingering concerns” remain, industry figures warn this week. ‘Lingering Concerns’ Over Long-Term Plans In a series of tweets, securities lawyer and regular social media commentator Jake Chervinsky summarized the gaps in public knowledge about Bakkt, which is still awaiting regulatory permission to begin operations. “In the minds of many, Bakkt’s launch has become a full-fledged narrative for when & how the bear market willRead

11/08/2018 / 18:00:13

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Neutral SEC Charges EtherDelta Founder with Operating an Unregistered Exchange

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has officially charged Zachary Coburn, the founder of cryptocurrency exchange EtherDelta, for operating an unregistered securities exchange. The regulatory agency’s move to charge Coburn comes amidst a greater trend of increasing regulation over the cryptocurrency industry. In a press release today, the SEC announced that the charges against Coburn are...NewsBTC.

11/08/2018 / 17:00:46

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Neutral Etherdelta Founder Fined $400K for Operating Unregistered Securities Exchange

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission has published details of a cease and desist order it has taken against Zachary Coburn, the operator of Etherdelta. The decentralized ER20 token exchange was the leading Ethereum DEX during its peak, executing more than 3.6 million orders. According to the SEC, many of those orders were for unregistered […]The post Etherdelta Founder Fined $400K for Operating Unregistered Securities Exchange appeared first on Bitcoin News.

11/08/2018 / 16:40:00

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Neutral Friends Alleged to Have Ransacked Victim’s Home for Crypto Login Information

A 27-year-old man has reportedly been targeted by so-called friends after they forced him to reveal his crypto account login information when they pushed his head underwater. Hot Wax for Crypto? They say that you should keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but for one 27-year-old man he found out the hard way...Live Bitcoin News.

11/08/2018 / 07:00:39

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Negative Forget Crypto Jacking: SIM Swapping Snitching of Crypto is Easier and Bigger

Published on CoinnounceMobile security developers have new challenges as Santa Clara law officers bust ‘SIM swapping’ phone fraud. Highly-skilled hackers have taken to snitching large caches of cryptocurrencies and other valuable assets from mobile phones using the latest technique of “SIM Swapping” report the advanced REACT Task Force working in Californian state investing mobile fraud. One recent […]Coinnounce.

11/08/2018 / 06:39:39

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Neutral Hackers Infiltrate 600K Websites Through StatCounter in Search of Bitcoin

Cybercriminals have hacked one of the largest website traffic analytics platforms on the web, and with it have injected malicious code into over 600,000 websites in an attempt to gain access to Bitcoin held at cryptocurrency exchange Targeted Through StatCounter Backdoor Matthieu Faou, malware researcher for the Bratislava, Slovakia-based cybersecurity firm ESET, has...NewsBTC.

11/07/2018 / 21:00:08

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Neutral Researchers Counter AI Weaponization Efforts Through New Machine Learning Solution

The use of artificial intelligence is becoming more apparent in the technology sector. One particular trend revolves around simulating how cybercriminals come up with new phishing attempts. It is evident this option needs to be explored further moving forward, as phishing remains an ever-present threat to consumers all over the world. How AI Becomes a […]NullTX.

11/06/2018 / 16:00:42

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Neutral What Makes ERC-1155 Unique?

There has been a major influx of new Ethereum-based tokens over the past 18 months. Although most of these tokens adhere to the ERC20 standard, that may come to change fairly soon. Enj now lets users mint their ''custom crypto tokens” using the ERC-1155 standard, which offers a few key benefits worth looking into. The […]The post What Makes ERC-1155 Unique? appeared first on NullTX.

11/06/2018 / 05:44:38

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Neutral Stablecoin? USD-Backed Crypto Token Tether Falls 5% [Again]

Tether, or USDT, is supposed to remain ''tethered” to the US Dollar, as its name implies. That’s its whole purpose as a token: it exists on exchanges as a way for traders get their profits to safety, in a sense, so they have some idea of the real fiat value of their portfolio. It wasThe post Stablecoin? USD-Backed Crypto Token Tether Falls 5% [Again] appeared first on CCN

11/04/2018 / 21:31:02

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Neutral Four IDEX Alternatives That Don’t Require KYC

One of the main selling points of decentralized exchanges (DEXs) is that tokens can be traded almost instantly. There’s no lengthy sign-up process and no interminable wait for know your customer (KYC) checks to be performed. But then IDEX, the leading Ethereum DEX, announced that it would be emulating centralized exchanges by introducing KYC. Thankfully, […]Bitcoin News.

11/04/2018 / 12:00:34

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Neutral Amsterdam businesses are being threatened with hand grenades if they don’t pay 50,000 in bitcoins

A nightclub and at least 3 coffee shops in Amsterdam have been receiving threats since May. Businesses across Amsterdam have received an email threatening them with hand grenades or shootings if they don’t pay 50,000 euros in Bitcoins. The email has been filed multiple times, and police have confirmed they are now investigating, reports AT5. […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/04/2018 / 08:45:19

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Neutral Turkish Police Detain 11 Suspects in Bitcoin Theft Case

The cybercrime unit of the Turkish police has detained 11 people suspected of hacking into emails, user accounts and cryptocurrency wallets. The operation was launched after law enforcement received a number of complaints from victims who lost digital cash.   Also read: Church Mining Cryptocurrency to Pay Higher Electricity Rates               Hackers Steal $80,000 Worth of […]Bitcoin News.

11/04/2018 / 03:55:22

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Neutral Brazil Tax Authority Orders Crypto Exchanges to Provide Monthly Reports

Brazil’s tax regulator, the Department of Federal Revenue, is requiring local cryptocurrency exchanges to report their operations on a monthly basis in order to verify tax compliance and improve the country’s fight against money laundering and corruption. Brazillian Cryptocurrency Exchanges to Report Monthly Trading Data to Authorities Citing the examples of Australia and South Korea,...NewsBTC.

11/03/2018 / 21:30:08

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Neutral MasterCard Indian Government of Protectionism in Favor of Native RuPay

Reuters reports that Mastercard has formally complained to the US government that the Indian government is deliberately promoting domestic payment networks over international ones like Mastercard and that the Prime Minister, Narendra Modi, has actively used nationalism in promotion of payment processing network RuPay. According to the report, Mastercard and Visa are not the dominantCCN

11/03/2018 / 11:37:52

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Neutral Another Token Project Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Network

A new smart contract and tokenization system has been launched on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. On Oct. 31, BCH developer Clemens Ley released the alpha version of Bitcoin Token, a Javascript library built to develop autonomous contracts, BCH-based tokens, and integrate payments into web applications. Also read: New Bitcoin Cash Stress Test Sees 700,000 Transactions […]Bitcoin News.

11/03/2018 / 01:45:50

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Neutral PR: Releases New Ethereum Block Explorer to Support Ethereum Community

BEIJING, P.R. China – today announced the launch of their Ethereum block explorer.Building on the experience of developing and managing one of the famous Bitcoin Block Explorers, starts to embrace Ethereum community by supporting foundation capabilities. provides mining related service and customized API in the cryptocurrency industry since 2015. It now has the world’s largest Bitcoin mining pool and industry famous Bitcoin explorer.Bitcoin News.

11/02/2018 / 09:30:37

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Neutral Anypay Provides Bitcoin Cash Invoices That Can Be Paid by Sending a Text Message

On Oct. 29, a Bitcoin Cash proponent used the Cointext wallet to purchase a croissant by text message at La Maison Navarre, a bakery in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The shop uses the free Anypay point-of-sale application, which connects to the Cointext system to allow people to make purchases by SMS. Also read: Ukraine Plans to Fully […]Bitcoin News.

11/01/2018 / 16:45:36

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Neutral Store Now Offers Hundreds of Top-Branded Gift Cards

The Store has now partnered with the company Egifter. Thanks to the collaboration, Store patrons can purchase an assortment of over 300 top-branded gift cards to stores and restaurants worldwide with bitcoin cash. Also read: Coinbase Raises $300 Million, Reaching $8 Billion Valuation Over 300 Gift Cards for Food, Entertainment, and Top Retail Brands […]Bitcoin News.

11/01/2018 / 07:35:58

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Neutral New Zealand Government Issues $330,000 Grant to Local Bitcoin Startup

Auckland-based cryptocurrency savings and trading platform Vimba has gotten a $330,000 grant from a government entity Callaghan Innovation. Lauding the largesse of the grantor, Vimba CEO Sam Blackmore commended Callaghan Innovation for its belief in the startup. ''This is a truly significant investment from Callaghan Innovation and a real show of faith in the futureThe post New Zealand Government Issues $330,000 Grant to Local Bitcoin Startup appeared first on CCN

11/01/2018 / 06:26:49

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Neutral EOS21 Protocol Bridges the Gap to Ethereum’s ERC20 Tokens

The future of cryptocurrency will heavily hinge on interoperability between different blockchains. Atomic swaps will pave the way for broader adoption, as will decentralized exchanges. The EOS21 Protocol bridges the gap between EOS and ERC20 tokens. It is another big step forward, assuming this protocol can deliver the expected goods. The EOS21 Protocol Concept Although […]NullTX.

10/31/2018 / 21:05:25

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Neutral Electroneum Price Moves up Courtesy of Sistemkoin and eCommerce Push

A lot of cryptocurrencies are slowly digging themselves out of a hole right now. While the top 20 currencies are doing so in anything but spectacular fashion, a lot of interesting things are happening beyond the top 20. Electroneum is looking for ways to recover some losses and return to the $0.02 level in the […]NullTX.

10/31/2018 / 10:29:27

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Neutral New change to ICOs that’d allow people to pull their money out

A potential change to ICOs is being mooted, that might just increase investor confidence dramatically. Underpinning the majority of initial coin offerings (ICOs) is the ERC-20 standard from Ethereum. This was developed by Fabian Vogelsteller alongside Vitalik Buterin, and it’s the former who has come up with a new way that may just bring extra […]CryptoNewsReview.

10/31/2018 / 05:54:31

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Neutral Fidelity Investments falls in line with the larger Crypto plan after MasterCard and Visa

Published on CoinnounceIt appears that the big players of institutional financial investors in the Americas are exploring the final frontiers of the current digitized cryptocurrency financial products. On Sunday, Fidelity Investments through its hat into the hot ring of alternative currencies systems which in the latest week have seen the likes of MasterCard as well as Visa […]Coinnounce.

10/30/2018 / 06:44:08

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Neutral Mastercard Wins Patent for “Managing Fractional Reserves of Blockchain Currency”

Mastercard has won a patent for fractional cryptocurrency banking, which suggests the global payments multinational has plans for a management system of fractional reserves of blockchain currency. Mastercard Blockchain Patent Integrates Existing Traditional Payment Networks with Blockchain Currencies The patent, filed on 29 June 2018, refers to ''the use of centralized accounts to manage fractional...The post Mastercard Wins Patent for ''Managing Fractional Reserves of Blockchain Currency” appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/29/2018 / 20:00:19

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Neutral Markets Roundup: Spot BTC Markets Shrug CME Settlement, Pantera CEO on Cyclical Sentiment

In the cryptocurrency markets, the recent settlement of CME futures contracts appears to have exerted little impact on spot BTC prices, the CEO of Pantera Capital has shared his outlook on initial coin offerings, and October has proven to be the least volatile month of 2018, with only a single day producing a price swing […]Bitcoin News.

10/28/2018 / 21:05:11

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Neutral New York Regulator Approves Coinbase’s Custody Services for Six Cryptocurrencies

The New York State Department of Financial Services has licensed a subsidiary of Coinbase to operate as an independent qualified custodian. The regulator has also approved Coinbase’s custody services for six major cryptocurrencies. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Coinbase Custody Licensed The New York State Department of Financial Services (NYDFS) announced […]Bitcoin News.

10/24/2018 / 21:55:47

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Neutral Idex Exchange says a goodbye to New York

Published on CoinnounceIdex Decentralized Exchange has announced that it will ban all users from the American State of New York. Idex is the third largest decentralized cryptocurrency exchange after Etherdelta and Forkdelta with over 5000 ETH of daily trading volume. Idex tweeted today that it will start blocking all users using New York IP Addresses starting from […]Coinnounce.

10/24/2018 / 17:15:24

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Neutral FBI: “Call of Duty” Players Remotely Stole $3.3 Million in Cryptocurrencies

A group of “Call of Duty” players from Indiana are accused of stealing more than $3 million in cryptocurrencies after coercing an Illinois man to aid them in remotely hacking unsecured crypto wallets on more than 100 cell phones. Man Coerced Into Hack After SWATing Incident The episode began in Bloomington, Illinois, where a local man...The post FBI: ''Call of Duty” Players Remotely Stole $3.3 Million in Cryptocurrencies appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/24/2018 / 03:00:01

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Neutral China’s Largest Newspaper Group to Launch Blockchain Laboratory

People Capital, the venture capital arm of People’s Daily Online — the official newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party — has signed an agreement with Xunlei Limited to use the blockchain technology for innovation and to empower the Chinese economy and the world at large. The alliance between the companies is part of a globalCCN

10/24/2018 / 01:15:36

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Neutral Circle’s USDC Stablecoin Added to Coinbase

The global cryptocurrency exchange based out of San Francisco, Coinbase, has announced the firm will now support Circle’s USDC stablecoin on its exchange and brokerage service platforms. Coinbase believes that blockchain-based digital dollars like USDC provide many benefits to the cryptocurrency market ecosystem. Also read: Bitpay Announces Stablecoin Support for Merchant Settlement Coinbase and the USDC […]Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 22:15:33

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Neutral Bakkt – BTC Futures Contracts Will Go Live in December

The much-anticipated Bitcoin-based futures exchange from Bakkt has announced the launch date for the trading of daily futures contracts. Physically-Traded Futures Contracts Bakkt, the new cryptocurrency exchange platform backed by Intercontinental Exchange (ICE), has announced the launch date for its much-awaited Bitcoin futures trading product. The announcement was made through a press release published on ICE’s...Live Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 14:00:58

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Neutral ICE: Bakkt Will Go Live in December Pending ‘Regulatory Approval’

New York Stock Exchange owner Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) has announced its “regulated ecosystem” for cryptocurrency, Bakkt, would launch one month late. Bitcoin Futures Postponed In a notice issued October 22, ICE confirmed Bakkt’s first product would now go live on December 12, not in November as originally forecast. Developers are planning to open up regulated cryptocurrency exposure options to institutional investors, beginning with physical Bitcoin futures, the subject of this week’s notice. “ICE Futures U.S.,Read

10/23/2018 / 12:00:51

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Neutral Bitcoin and Litecoin Now Accepted at This New Jersey Italian Restaurant

A New Jersey-based Italian restaurant is allowing customers to pay using popular cryptocurrencies – Bitcoin and Litecoin. The establishment situated in Pompton Lakes say the move could help make the business more popular among the younger generation who are most likely to embrace virtual currency payment options. Attracting a Younger Clientele With Bitcoin Monica’s Restaurant in New Jersey is the latest eatery to accept virtual currency as a payment option. According to local media outlet,Read

10/22/2018 / 22:00:40

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Neutral Paxos Standard Emerges as Early Leader in Stablecoin Sprint

Tether is experiencing an unprecedented challenge to its status as undisputed stablecoin market lodestar. With over 50 active stablecoin projects emerging around the world and even more set to debut in the weeks and months to come, these are fraught times for the stablecoin founded in 2014, as the market explores alternatives to USDT amidCCN

10/21/2018 / 12:52:49

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Neutral Mercado Bitcoin: Largest Brazilian Bitcoin Exchange starts massive Employee Firing

Published on CoinnounceMercado Bitcoin, Brazil’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume, as of late fired ''somewhere around” 20 employees in the midst of restructuring endeavors being made to ''center around professionalization, better governance and greater dexterity in client service.” Neighborhood news outlet Entry do Bitcoin supposedly addressed four now ex-employees that served at various progressive levels. One […]Coinnounce.

10/21/2018 / 07:05:45

#Exchange | Cryptocurrency | News | Regulation | bitcoin exchange | bitcoin exchange brazil | Blockchain | cryptocurrency exchange | Mercado Bitcoin | Mercado Bitcoin Brazil | Mercado Bitcoin Brazil Exchange | Mercado Bitcoin employee | Mercado Bitcoin employees | Mercado Bitcoin exchange | Mercado Bitcoin firing | Mercado Bitcoin firing employees | trading | | BTC|Exchange|Trading|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral Wendy McElroy: Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society – The Technology is the Revolution

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 5: Saving the World Through Anarchism Chapter 11, Part 3 Crypto Anarchism and Civil Society. The Technology is the Revolution. by Wendy McElroy Not only is democracy mystical nonsense, it is also immoral. If one man has no right to impose his wishes on another, then […]Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 15:00:29

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Positive What China's Cashless Revolution Can Teach the West About Crypto

China appears to have achieved the crypto community's dream of a new internet of value, without blockchain. But there's more than meets than eye here.

10/20/2018 / 10:59:39

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Neutral Bitcoin Cash Merchant Directory Marco Coino Surpasses 500 Listings

Over the last year bitcoin cash adoption has been thriving and in certain regions, BCH merchants are spreading like wildfire. Thanks to a slew of cryptocurrency payment processors and people pressing for adoption there are thousands of BCH accepting merchants these days. One application called Marco Coino helps bitcoiners find BCH brick-and-mortar retailers on a […]Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 06:55:58

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Neutral Square’s Debut of Payment Terminal Triggers Fresh Bitcoin Acceptance Rumors

Consumer and merchant payment network Square Inc. unveiled a point-of-sale (PoS) terminal October 19 in a move which sparked excitement about possible Bitcoin integration. Bitcoin PoS Next For Square? Unveiled on social media and in an interview with tech outlet Nerdist, Square’s device is designed as a standalone solution for merchants wishing to accept card payments. The move comes amid testing times for Square, the company’s share price dropping 25 percent since the start of OctoberRead

10/20/2018 / 04:00:00

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Neutral Fortnite using Cryptocurrency: ERC20, ERC721 and more, good or bad?

Published on CoinnounceEstimating the probability of introduction of cryptocurrencies within Fortnite. Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of the gaming industry Cryptocurrencies have been quite popular and are actively being incorporated in almost all the domain, which entails some or the other kind of financial asset. Interestingly, the cryptocurrencies are also a crucial part of the gaming […]The post Fortnite using Cryptocurrency: ERC20, ERC721 and more, good or bad? appeared first on Coinnounce.

10/19/2018 / 04:54:01

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Neutral Are Mastercard and VISA Cutting Out Unregulated Crypto Brokers and ICOs?

Mastercard and VISA have allegedly deemed crypto and ICO’s to be ‘high risk’. Is it true and, if yes, what would that mean?

10/18/2018 / 21:14:00

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Neutral Tether: It’s Make or Break for the Stablecoin

Published on CoinnounceThe idea behind Tether was simple. Establish a utility token that would be able to represent fiat currency at a ratio of 1:1, while offering the advantages of blockchain technology for cross-border payments. Tether was originally Realcoin, a project founded by Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars, before being rebranded in November of 2014. […]Coinnounce.

10/18/2018 / 11:30:47

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Cointelegraph Neutral - West Virginia Secretary of State Reports Successful Blockchain Voting in 2018 Midterm Elections read more.
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Livebitcoinnews Neutral - Distributed Ledger Technology is an Option for Cross-border Payments According to Canada, UK and Singapore read more.
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Cryptoglobe Neutral - CDC Token “Killed” By Malicious Members of its Own Team; CEO Loses $2 Million read more.
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Newsbtc Neutral - Twitter on the Defensive, Blames Third-Party App for Recent Scams read more.
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Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Central Bank of Azerbaijan won’t be implementing its own cryptocurrency, says chairman Alim Guliyev read more.
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11/16/2018 / 22:42:04

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