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Neutral HBO’s “Silicon Valley” predicted the BCH hashrate war

On May 13th 2018, HBO has aired the eight and final episode of Silicon Valley’s fifth season. At the time, it seemed like a funny crypto story about 51% attacks and corporate interests. But in the context of the Bitcoin Cash fork, it’s easy to observe a striking resemblance between the two scenarios. First of […]The post HBO’s ''Silicon Valley” predicted the BCH hashrate war appeared first on Crypto Insider.

11/16/2018 / 18:05:36

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Neutral The Only Regulated Bitcoin Exchange in Germany Will Become A Bank in 2019

The operator of Germany’s only regulated cryptocurrency exchange has confirmed it will de facto become a bank after securing a 100 percent takeover of Tremmel Wertpapierhandelsbank. Bitcoin.de Buys Tremmel Wertpapierhandelsbank Bitcoin Group SE, which operates Bitcoin.de, will be able to offer a raft of services connected with cryptocurrency thanks to a banking license once the deal goes through. Frankfurt-based Tremmel has operated as a minor financial institution since the early 1980s, with previous owner RainerRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

11/15/2018 / 23:00:36

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Neutral Stablecoin? USD-Backed Crypto Token Tether Falls 5% [Again]

Tether, or USDT, is supposed to remain ''tethered” to the US Dollar, as its name implies. That’s its whole purpose as a token: it exists on exchanges as a way for traders get their profits to safety, in a sense, so they have some idea of the real fiat value of their portfolio. It wasThe post Stablecoin? USD-Backed Crypto Token Tether Falls 5% [Again] appeared first on CCN

11/04/2018 / 21:31:02

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Neutral Paxos Standard Emerges as Early Leader in Stablecoin Sprint

Tether is experiencing an unprecedented challenge to its status as undisputed stablecoin market lodestar. With over 50 active stablecoin projects emerging around the world and even more set to debut in the weeks and months to come, these are fraught times for the stablecoin founded in 2014, as the market explores alternatives to USDT amidCCN

10/21/2018 / 12:52:49

News | Brock Pierce | Changpeng Zhao | GUSD | huobi | okex | TUSD | USDC | usdt | | USDT|Market

Neutral Tether: It’s Make or Break for the Stablecoin

Published on CoinnounceThe idea behind Tether was simple. Establish a utility token that would be able to represent fiat currency at a ratio of 1:1, while offering the advantages of blockchain technology for cross-border payments. Tether was originally Realcoin, a project founded by Brock Pierce, Reeve Collins and Craig Sellars, before being rebranded in November of 2014. […]Coinnounce.

10/18/2018 / 11:30:47

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Neutral Interview: Pied Piper Coin

In this exclusive video interview, Crypto Insider’s Vlad Costea talks to the mysterious Pied Piper. The masked man is a bona fide CryptoTwitter phenomenon who made a fictional cryptocurrency project become real.   Here’s the complete transcript of the conversation: Vlad: Hello Mr. Pied Piper man! Pied Piper: Hello, how’s it going? Vlad: Oh, it’s […]Crypto Insider.

10/06/2018 / 15:45:52

Altcoins | Cryptocurrency | Opinion | Crypto Cops | HBO | Interview | Pied Piper | Pied Piper Coin | Silicon Valley | | Altcoin

Neutral ‘Illusionary’ Customer Protections: NY Attorney General Dampens Bitcoin ETF Hopes

Following a recent report of New York State’s Attorney General, an economist believes that the document confirms ''zero” chances of a Bitcoin ETF approval in 2018. ‘Odds of Bitcoin ETF Approval in 2018 = 0’ A new report of the New York States Office of the Attorney General (OAG) Barbara D. Underwood, outlined the issues which existing cryptocurrency exchanges face compared to traditional venues. According to the document, digital currency exchanges are up against serious problemsRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

09/19/2018 / 17:00:56

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Investment | Bitcoin Regulation | News | News teaser | attorney general | Barbara Underwood | bitcoin ETF | Hester Pierce | SEC | | BTC|Regulation

Neutral Coinsbank’s Euro Cruise: Big Names in Bitcoin Fight Over a Hard Fork

Not all crypto events are this fun. Coinsbank did it again, replicating their Asia 2018 event with a four day cruise on the mediterranean that unsurprisingly attracted some of the biggest names in crypto.CoinSpeaker.

09/17/2018 / 02:10:38

Altcoins | Bitcoin (BTC) | Bitcoin Cash (BCH) | Cryptocurrencies | Events | Investors | News | asia 2018 | bch | bitcoin | bitcoin cash | brock pierce | btc | Charlie Lee | coinsbank | coinsbank asia 2018 | coinsbank euro cruise | euro cruise | events | investors | jimmy song | John McAfee | roger ver | tone vays | | BTC|Fiat|Business|Asia|Altcoin

Neutral Trump Appoints New Pro-Crypto SEC Commissioner, Shifts Voting Balance for Bitcoin ETF Approval

A Bitcoin exchange-traded fund sanction by the US Securities and Exchange Commission is widely perceived as one of the catalysts for a potential rally of cryptocurrency prices. Despite the recent rejections, the Commission might see its voting balance re-distributed as Trump appoints a pro-crypto character as his latest Commissioner. Pro-Cryptocurrency Appointment Republican Elad Roisman is...Live Bitcoin News.

09/07/2018 / 14:00:21

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Neutral Can EOS Revolutionise the World of Cryptocurrency?

EOS is a relative newcomer to the cryptocurrency market, however the new kid on the block could be set to make waves and change the crypto world as we know it.The post Can EOS Revolutionise the World of Cryptocurrency? appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

09/03/2018 / 08:59:59

Altcoins | Cryptocurrencies | EOS (EOS) | News | brendan blumer | brock pierce | Daniel Larimer | eos | eos dapps | ian griggs | proof of stake | what is eos | | Market|Altcoin

Neutral Wendy McElroy: The Key to the Crypto Revolution’s Success is Overlooked

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 10, Part 1 The Key to the Crypto Revolution’s Success is Overlooked by Wendy McElroy Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the […]Bitcoin News.

08/25/2018 / 15:00:45

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Neutral StatX Challenges Telegram with Innovative Mobile Messaging App for Crypto and Blockchain Community

Led by an experienced team of Silicon Valley technologists and innovators, StatX enters blockchain and crypto scene to offer information-centric messaging app designed to satisfy community's needs.CoinSpeaker.

08/07/2018 / 06:15:50

Blockchain News | Companies | News | Startups | blockchain startup | decred | foleum | medibloc | messaging app | noah pierau | pablo bellver | prasad raje | statx | statx.io | zcoin | | Blockchain

Neutral SEC Commissioner’s Twitter Enjoys Increased Popularity Following Bitcoin ETF Defense

SEC commissioner Hester M. Pierce has enjoyed a massive influx of followers pursuant to her official disagreement with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s recent denial of the Winklevoss-proposed Bitcoin ETF.  Crypto Mom? SEC Commissioner Hester M. Pierce recently dissented with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s disapproval of the proposed rule change to list and trade shares of the Winklevoss Bitcoin Trust on the bats BZX Exchange on July 27. Not only did she formally disagree withRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

07/31/2018 / 01:00:04

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Regulation | News | News teaser | bitcoin | CBOE | Christopher Giancarlo | Hester Pierce | SEC | Winklevoss ETF | | BTC|Regulation|Exchange

Neutral Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Up Despite Russia Probe

At press time, the number one cryptocurrency in the world by market cap is up approximately $100 from yesterday, and is now trading for around $6,350. A rise is always welcome news amongst crypto-enthusiasts, though it’s unclear if bitcoin is on a path towards recovery or not. And yet, bitcoin is presently being viewed through […]

07/16/2018 / 01:08:37

Crypto | News | bitcoin | bitcoin price | Jonathan Levin | Russian indictment | Russian spies | U.S. 2016 election | | BTC|Trading|Market

Neutral Government Investigator Says “Darwinian” Selection Led to Dominant Cryptocurrencies

The Deputy Governor of the Bank of France, Jean-Pierre Landau, also named  “Mister Bitcoin” by the French government, submitted a report to Bruno Lemaire, the French Minister of Finance and Economy. The report said cryptocurrencies are in a phase of technological and economic experiment. Their future is still uncertain, however, there are few possible scenarios. One […]The post Government Investigator Says ''Darwinian” Selection Led to Dominant Cryptocurrencies appeared first on Bitcoin News.

07/10/2018 / 13:15:46

Economics | Bank of France | Bitcoin | Bruno Le Maire | cryprocurrency | Cryptocurrency regulation | darwinian natural selection | France | French Finance Minister | French government | Jean-Pierre Landau | N-Featured | Regulation | report | | BTC|Regulation|Fiat

Neutral What Is Zippie Cryptocurrency?

  Humanity’s march has been characterized by innovation. The groundbreaking wheel was developed to create chariots for wars and pottery for homes. In the modern world, innovation in creating the smartphone and blockchain has driven our digital age. The logical evolution would be to merge these two technologies. This is where Zippie comes in. The […]

07/01/2018 / 17:00:01

Education | FAQ | Zippie | | Blockchain

Neutral List of Crypto Tycoons and How they Became So Rich
Neutral Former Trump Advisor Steve Bannon Calls Crypto ‘Revolutionary’, Plans Entry Into Market

Former Trump advisor Steve Bannon is planning on entering crypto, saying if it weren’t for the White House, he would’ve done it sooner

06/14/2018 / 16:29:44

Bitcoin | Cryptocurrencies | ICO | USA | Government | Central Bank | Brock Pierce | EOS | | BTC|Market|ICO

Neutral PR: Tron Mainnet Launched – Young Team Dispelled Rumors with Sweat, Perseverance and Success

TRX made a hit as the first cryptocurrency whose value exceeded a hundred times of its issuance price in 2018 when the New Year had been only a few days away. In a flash, it squeezed itself into the Top 20 list of cryptos with highest market capitalization. Since then, TRON has recruited a mighty tech team and released a series of iterations. Albeit good news now and then, TRON is never short of controversaries and even rumors.Bitcoin News.

06/06/2018 / 09:30:26

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Neutral Blockchain Conferences Are the New Music Festivals

Cryptocurrency conferences provide a chance to absorb seminars, panel discussions, and keynote speeches from leading industry figures, and to conduct business face-to-face. At least that’s their official purpose. Unofficially, they’re an experiential extravaganza that puts some of the world’s most famous music festivals to shame. Also read: Japan’s GMO Upgrades Margin Services, Launches Wallet and In-Game […]Bitcoin News.

06/02/2018 / 05:20:16

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Neutral ‘No Hoax’: John McAfee to Launch ‘McAfee Redemption Unit’ Currency

Controversial internet security mogul turned cryptocurrency commentator John McAfee has claimed he will release his own form of currency, the ‘McAfee Redemption Unit,’ in June. A Chance To Meet McAfee? In a tweet from May 29th, the outspoken entrepreneur revealed what appeared to be prototypes for a series of banknotes. In the tweet, McAfee  claims: No hoax. The ‘McAfee Redemption Unit’ is real and coming in 26 days (June 23). The graphic is low resRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

05/30/2018 / 09:30:44

Altcoins | News | News teaser | Brock Pierce | Fiat currency | Jihan Wu | John McAfee | Roger Ver | | Altcoin

Neutral Maximalist for Hire: Bitcoin Believer Pierre Rochard Starts Advisory Firm

While other blockchain experts are starting multi-coin hedge funds or consulting for ICOs, Pierre Rochard is advising investors on bitcoin, period.

05/11/2018 / 12:00:05

Features | Investments | Business News | Markets News | Startups | Bitcoin Core | Bitcoin | Pierre Rochard | | BTC|ICO|Blockchain|Business

Neutral Crypto Wallet Trezor Adds Support for Fictional Currency PiedPiperCoin

Cryptocurrency hardware wallet Trezor has added support for PiedPiperCoin (PPC), the fictional currency created the main characters of HBO show Silicon Valley. Satoshi Labs CTO Pavol Rusnak made the GitHub commits on Tuesday, enabling PPC holders to secure their coins using the company’s popular Trezor hardware wallets. Hey Richard @PiedPiperCoin! I just added your coinCCN

05/10/2018 / 22:00:40

Altcoin News | Bitcoin in Media | Bitcoin Wallets | News | hardware wallet | HBO | piedpipercoin | ppc | silicon valley | trezor | | Wallet|BTC

Neutral Nasdaq, the SEC and the Stars: Cryptocurrency Comments this Week

The heads of both the SEC and Nasdaq see the technology as here to stay.

05/10/2018 / 08:08:28

News | cryptocurrency | friedman | ICO | nasdaq | Pierce | regulation | sec | securities | token | USA | | Regulation|ICO|Technology

Neutral Germany Gets Its First Crypto Exchange for Whales

Germany’s VPE Wertpapierhandelsbank AG (VPE) has announced its institutional investor cryptocurrency trading services and claims them to be the first of their kind for the country. Armed with a Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht (Bafin) license, in expanding its brokerage offerings VPE purports to offer “best-in-class technology” to customers, “secure and regulated.” Also read: Facebook to Be […]Bitcoin News.

04/26/2018 / 23:10:33

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Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Airfox joins Paragon in SEC ICO lawsuit read more.
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Cointelegraph Neutral - West Virginia Secretary of State Reports Successful Blockchain Voting in 2018 Midterm Elections read more.
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Ccn Neutral - SEC Takes Down Two Crypto Startups for Illegal ICOs read more.
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11/16/2018 / 22:00:42

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