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Neutral Zimbabweans Use BTC to Pay for Food Hampers Amid Foreign Currency Crisis

Study263, a Zimbabwean-owned fintech startup operating from South Africa, has opened an online store allowing Zimbabweans to buy food hampers that are delivered directly to their homes. Shoppers have the option to pay for items like cooking oil and baked beans in BTC, Paypal or Ecocash, a local mobile money payment system. Also Read: Ivy and […]Bitcoin News.

11/20/2018 / 19:05:12

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Neutral The Daily: US Bank to Issue Crypto Cards, Coinbase Updates Wallet

In Sunday’s edition of The Daily, we cover the upcoming launch of a new Visa debit card that will allow users in the U.S. to spend cryptocurrencies through conversion to fiat. We also mention the updated Coinbase wallet and take a look at an educational course that’s going to reward students with digital coins.     […]Bitcoin News.

11/18/2018 / 12:45:31

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Neutral Another ‘Satoshi Message’ Attempts to Sway Public Opinion, But Fails

It’s been a crazy week in cryptocurrency land as a large portion of the community watched the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network split into two chains on Nov. 15. Following the 24 hours of the BCH hash war, an interesting message was found stemming from block height 9 that claims there is an “issue with Segwit.” […]Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 17:20:25

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Neutral Japanese Regulator Unveils Plan to Regulate Cryptocurrency Wallet Services

Japan’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency, has unveiled a plan to regulate cryptocurrency wallet services. The regulator has put forward a number of regulatory measures as well as proposing how to implement them. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space The Plan The Financial Services Agency (FSA) held its ninth cryptocurrency […]Bitcoin News.

11/16/2018 / 01:05:08

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Neutral As expected ICO Announcements bite the dust in Q3: Report

Published on CoinnounceMarket analysis by a leading crypto organization has led to the identification of the decline in the announcement of ICO projects in the third quarter of 2018. As per the report published by CoinGecko, the number of Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) in the third quarter did not match the projects announced and funds raised in […]Coinnounce.

11/03/2018 / 09:05:25

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Neutral Japanese Regulator to Host Regular Global Cryptocurrency Roundtable

Japan’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency, has exclusively shared with the details of its first-ever roundtable on cryptocurrency oversight. Regulators from over 15 countries participated in the event to share information and discuss cryptocurrency regulatory issues. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Crypto Roundtable for Global Regulators The Japanese […]Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 03:30:30

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Neutral ICOs from 2017 Down by 66% in Value

From all the ICOs listed in 2017, 86% are trading below listing price while 30% have lost almost all value. Heavy Losses for ICO Investors A study conducted by EY on the ICOs that were listed in 2017 reveals that the overall portfolio is down by a massive 66% from the highs hit during January this...Live Bitcoin News.

10/21/2018 / 12:00:13

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Neutral What would John Stuart Mill think about Bitcoin?

By all accounts, John Stuart Mill was a prodigy – and if he lived in our times, he would most definitely become interested in developing open-source solutions for Bitcoin. If the English philosopher was capable of learning ancient Greek by the age of three, and five years later was well-acquainted with the dialogues of Plato, […]The post What would John Stuart Mill think about Bitcoin? appeared first on Crypto Insider.

10/19/2018 / 18:01:51

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Neutral Norwegian Man Stabbed to Death After Conducting Bitcoin for Cash Trade in Person

An unfortunate man in Norway was murdered over what appears to be a Bitcoin trade gone wrong.  P2P Gone Wrong? What appears to be a trade gone wrong has resulted in the tragic loss of a life in Oslo, Norway. Local Norwegian media outlet TV 2 reported news of the murder on Monday morning. The grizzly stabbing occurred in the 24-year-old’s apartment in the upmarket Oslo neighborhood of Majorstuen. Authorities believe the crime took placeRead

10/18/2018 / 07:00:41

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Neutral Study Argues Chinese Mining Centralization Poses Threat to Bitcoin Network

A joint study conducted by Princeton University and Florida International University has found three-quarters of Bitcoin mining is based in China and warned of the potential risks that could result from the significant geographical centralization of the mining network. Also Read: Worst Cryptocurrencies of 2018 Have Left Some Heavy Bagholders  Researchers Argue China is the “Most […]Bitcoin News.

10/14/2018 / 10:00:58

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Neutral Bitcoin: Not as Bad as ‘They’ Say It Is

They‘ve been claiming ''The End is Nigh” for Bitcoin since before most people were aware the ‘beginning’ had occurred. Just this week, a self-described ‘expert’ on international financial markets, has been trash-talking crypto in the US Senate. Yet, an advanced statistical analysis found that the Bitcoin market is actually no different than those of more respected currencies. How Do We Assess Market Stability? After the fall of the Soviet Union, several new financial markets began to emergeRead

10/12/2018 / 20:00:58

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Neutral Chinese Government May Wield Power to Destroy Bitcoin

China has played a critical role in the crypto markets for several years now. A new paper written by academics from Princeton University and Florida International University suggests that China’s growing influence over Bitcoin’s key infrastructure has given the Chinese government the ability to heavily shape, or even destroy, Bitcoin. Bitcoin (BTC) was designed to be impervious to any form of centralized control. Bitcoin’s core infrastructure was built to give all participants in the system aRead

10/10/2018 / 07:00:24

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Neutral TRON development tools: All you need to know

Published on CoinnounceIn the course of recent months, TRON has made amazing steps inside the blockchain industry. After the test net and main net was formally launched in late June and July this year, TRON proceeded with their efforts and pushed out the primary version of the TRON Virtual Machine (TVM) in August 2018. From that point […]Coinnounce.

10/10/2018 / 06:05:05

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Neutral Juniper Research Report Suggests the Entire Cryptocurrency Market is Near ‘Implosion’

Bitcoin and the entire cryptocurrency market could be on its last legs according to researchers from Juniper Research. The End is Near A recent study by Juniper Research titled, The Future of Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin & Altcoin Trends & Challenges 2018-2023, warns that the current technical setup of the entire cryptocurrency market indicates the possibility of a total market implosion. According to the study, daily Bitcoin (BTC) transaction volume fell from 360,000 in late 2017 toRead

10/10/2018 / 05:00:56

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Neutral Thai Ministry of Commerce Explores Blockchain Solutions for Copyright, Agriculture, Finance

Thai Ministry of Commerce launches blockchain studies to apply the technology in ID systems, smart contracts, and rice export

10/09/2018 / 12:49:00

Blockchain | Thailand | Government | Study | Food | Identification | Smart Contracts | United Kingdom | | Blockchain|Business|Technology

Neutral The Daily: EU Budgets €1M to Monitor Crypto, Wyoming Mulls Fintech Bank

The European securities and markets watchdog ESMA has dedicated over 1 million euros to finance the monitoring of developments in the crypto sector. Also in The Daily this Saturday, Wyoming legislators are working on a bill that would facilitate the provision of banking services to crypto and blockchain companies, and according to a new survey, […]Bitcoin News.

10/06/2018 / 13:50:50

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Neutral Irresponsible Borrowing Leaves Africa on Brink of Debt Crisis – Again

Irresponsible government borrowing has caused debt in many African countries to reach crisis level. Over the past 10 years, more than $80 billion in bonds have been issued to thirsty European investors by governments in Africa south of the Sahara, with public debt now making up about half of GDP. Bilateral loans, especially from China, add […]Bitcoin News.

10/06/2018 / 03:15:54

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Neutral Russian Crypto Groups in Telegram Increase Membership Despite Ban

The members of crypto-related Telegram channels have increased in number since the messenger was banned by a Moscow court in April, according to a study covering the top 50 Russian language groups. Despite a decrease in the views of published posts during the summer months, the readership of all examined groups has jumped by 21%, […]Bitcoin News.

09/26/2018 / 02:15:42

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Neutral The Daily: Speculators and Investors Hodl, Venezuelans Send Crypto With SMS

A study has detected stability in the amounts of bitcoin held for both speculation and investment during the last several months through August. Also in The Daily, Opera launches its much-vaunted desktop browser with built-in crypto wallet, a new service offers Venezuelans SMS-controlled platform for cryptocurrency remittances, and website-building platform Wix integrates coin payments for […]Bitcoin News.

09/25/2018 / 11:15:38

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Trading Volume to Grow 50% in 2019, New Study Says

A new study on cryptocurrency trading and custody trends holds that digital currency trading is going to grow by 50 percent in 2019 while overtaking the US Corporate Debt trading volume in 2018. Measurable Growth A study called Crypto Asset Market Coverage Initiation: Trading & Custody reveals that cryptocurrency trading volume is about to grow further. The research shows that digital currency trading volume will overtake the US Corporate Debt trading in 2018. It’s alsoRead

09/24/2018 / 14:00:11

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Neutral Study Finds “No Evidence” of USDT Price Manipulation

A study examining the widely suspected correlation between Tether issuance and BTC price movement, undertaken by Wang Chun Wei and published by the University of Queensland, has found that USDT grants do not have a “statistically significant” effect on price fluctuations. Despite refuting the correlation between price fluctuations and Tether grants, the study notes a […]Bitcoin News.

09/23/2018 / 21:25:00

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Neutral NYU Becomes the First University to Offer Major in Crypto

As the field of cryptocurrencies continue gainig popularity, NYU becomes the first university to offer major in blockchain technology.CoinSpeaker.

09/20/2018 / 15:48:43

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Neutral A Third of Humanity Remains Financially Excluded

Unrestricted access to financial services is one of the main preconditions for achieving economic freedom. However, large portions of the planet’s population, especially in the developing world, remain excluded from the traditional banking system. The unbanked or underbanked citizens of the industrialized, digitized nations is also unexpectedly high, now when almost everyone, everywhere has a […]Bitcoin News.

09/18/2018 / 17:55:20

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Neutral Faced With Cash And Forex Shortages, Zimbabweans Turn To Bitcoin – Even When It’s Banned

Cryptocurrency may be banned in Zimbabwe, but bitcoin is helping ordinary folk make payments bank-free. It makes for a great fit for the more than 10 million Zimbabweans who lack access to basic banking services. And it’s even more beneficial to the banked few, a distrusting lot, keen to protect their savings against bank failure, […]Bitcoin News.

09/13/2018 / 13:20:20

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Positive New Medical Robot Can Bleed and Cry on Demand

Further advancements in the robotics industry will introduce innovative concepts. Not all of those advancements will be appreciated by the general public, but that is unavoidable. Hal the robot is a very interesting case in this regard. He is a medical training robot born to suffer. Hal is also capable of bleeding and crying, which […]NullTX.

09/11/2018 / 16:00:03

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Neutral Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in Stolen Mining Rigs

Police in Iceland charged seven individuals for conspiracy, burglary, and theft for stealing from the region’s mining facilities. Iceland prosecutors are charging the suspects with over $871,000 in stolen goods, but the group of individuals are also being sued for $1.7 million in damages from three separate mining firms. Also read: James Bond-Like Villain in $2 […]The post Iceland’s ‘Big Bitcoin Heist’: Suspects Charged With Over $2M in Stolen Mining Rigs appeared first on Bitcoin News.

09/10/2018 / 20:15:04

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Neutral Emerging Markets Create Illusion of Bitcoin as a Global Currency

Many investors hoped Bitcoin’s price would rally as pressure increases on emerging market currencies like the Turkish Lira. Instead, Bitcoin is following the downward trend of these currencies. Economist Panos Mourdoukoutas, writing for Forbes, describes the prospect of Bitcoin replacing national currencies as a myth. Bitcoin Following Trend Set by Turkey and Argentina Mourdoukoutas believes that Bitcoin (BTC) is following the crash of emerging market currencies like those in countries like Turkey and Argentina. These countriesRead

09/09/2018 / 07:00:11

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Neutral Bitcoin Price Will Bounce Back Despite Recent Slump, Trader Says

Bitcoin has declined over 15 percent in the last two days. Nevertheless, cryptocurrency trader Brian Stutland of CME holds that it’s going to surge back up to $7,250 in the short-term. “We Don’t Need Them” Speaking to CNBC’s Futures Now, Brian Stutland shared his position on the current state of Bitcoin (BTC) . According to the crypto trader, the world’s largest cryptocurrency is going to surge back up to $7,250 in September. I’m looking at the SeptemberRead

09/08/2018 / 04:00:49

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Neutral Energy Giant Engie, Maltem Back New 'Blockchain Studio' With $2.3M

French energy firm Engie announced Friday that it will help commercial customers build blockchain platforms with its new "Blockchain Studio" spinoff.

09/07/2018 / 18:30:24

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Neutral Survey Confirms US College Students Flocking to Bitcoin and Blockchain

Determining the future of Bitcoin and altcoins is very difficult. A lot of things can happen over the coming years. A new survey by Coinbase and Qriously shows students continue to flock to this booming industry. Such developments can give the cryptocurrency ecosystem a healthy boost over the coming years. Students Have High Hopes for...Live Bitcoin News.

09/03/2018 / 23:00:03

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Neutral Indian Officials Visit Regulators in Japan, UK, Switzerland to Study Crypto

The Securities and Exchange Board of India has sent officials to Japan, the UK, and Switzerland to study cryptocurrency and initial coin offerings from each of the three countries’ financial regulators. The securities watchdog aims to engage with international regulators and gain a deeper understanding of their crypto mechanisms and systems in order to improve […]Bitcoin News.

09/03/2018 / 13:05:24

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Neutral TriForce Tokens Aims High with Dynamic In-Game Advertising via Blockchain

A global games publisher framework, TriForce Tokens, will unite gaming, advertising and blockchain with its innovative Dynamic Advertising Platform.CoinSpeaker.

08/30/2018 / 15:22:24

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Neutral Coinbase Study: Almost 20% of Students Own Cryptocurrency

Almost one-fifth of US university students own cryptocurrency, while 9 percent have already formally studied it — new research from Coinbase released on August 28 reveals. ‘Tremendous Excitement’ Together with research startup Qriously, the largest US exchange and wallet provider undertook a poll of 675 US students as part of the project — which also surveyed both US and international learning institutions. In total, almost half of those institutions worldwide now offer at least one courseRead

08/29/2018 / 16:00:58

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Neutral Researchers Find Discrepancies With Top Exchange Volumes

This month the Blockchain Transparency Institute (BTI) published a research report that claims quite a few of the top cryptocurrency exchanges are overstating their trade volumes or participating in wash trades. BTI explains that out of 130 of the top cryptocurrency trading platforms researched, the organization estimates that every 24-hours over $6B worth of digital […]Bitcoin News.

08/29/2018 / 03:45:28

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Neutral Bitcoin’s Non-Correlation Shows Risk of Diversifying Cryptocurrencies

The belief that cryptocurrencies have a correlation to traditional markets may be leading amateur investors down the wrong path putting their portfolio at risk. Cryptocurrency Not Inversely Correlated to Larger Markets There’s been plenty of discussion on whether Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are correlated to commodities and larger financial markets. And while there is yet to be a definitive answer to this question, it is clear that cryptocurrencies tend to follow their own path. PlentyRead

08/17/2018 / 19:00:21

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Neutral Mining Round-Up: Nvidia Shares Drop, College Students Mine on Campus

In recent news pertaining to cryptocurrency mining, Nvidia has witnessed a drop in its share price after announcing an unexpectedly modest earnings outlook – partly driven by reduced demand for mining hardware. Also, the World Digital Mining Summit has been scheduled for late September in Tbilisi, Georgia, and reports continue to surface detailing opportunistic students […]Bitcoin News.

08/17/2018 / 17:30:02

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Neutral Coinhive Mints Quarter Million Dollars in Monero a Month, Report Reveals

Тhe profitability of cryptocurrency mining is decreasing on the backdrop of this year’s persistently bearish markets but Coinhive seems to be doing pretty well. The browser-based miner has earned a quarter million dollars worth of monero in just one month, according to a new study conducted by German researchers.    Also read: New Player to […]Bitcoin News.

08/15/2018 / 20:15:31

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Neutral Jamaica Stock Exchange Partners With Blockstation to Offer Crypto Trading

The Jamaica Stock Exchange has announced that it has partnered with Blockstation to enable the trading of crypto assets within “a recognized and secure regulatory framework.” The JSE revealed that it had completed a live workshop with an initial group of five members as well as a beta test with participating institutions. The new platform […]

08/15/2018 / 15:00:34

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Neutral The Daily: Huobi OTC to Support Dồng, Dymon Asia Backs Crypto Platform

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief, we cover the addition of Vietnamese đồng fiat to Huobi OTC, venture capital fund Dymon Asia backing a new institutional crypto platform, and Paxful donations supporting the building of a second school in Rwanda. Also Read: US Government to “Aggressively Pursue” Unregulated Services Around the World Huobi OTC […]Bitcoin News.

08/13/2018 / 13:50:16

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Neutral Crypto Mining 101: College Students Capitalize on Free Electricity, Internet to Mine Cryptocurrencies in Dorm Rooms

Cryptocurrency mining is an appealing business model. With the right hardware and access to cheap electricity, profits can be generated over time. It now appears college students are trying their hand at mining altcoins at their dorm, which raises a lot of concerns. The Penn State Dorm Miner When college students turn to cryptocurrency mining,...Live Bitcoin News.

08/12/2018 / 19:30:51

Altcoin News | News | College Students | Crypto Mining | cryptocurrencies | | Mining|BTC|Altcoin|Business

Neutral Malta Tops Exchange-Based Crypto Trade, Russia Leads in OTC Volume

Jurisdictions with crypto-friendly legislation or comprehensive regulations in place are leading in terms of exchange-based cryptocurrency trading. According to a new study, however, over the counter and P2P exchange is much more popular in developing nations and countries where non-cash payments are still not widely spread. Also read: Crypto Funds Number 466 Despite Trends, Uncertainty […]Bitcoin News.

08/12/2018 / 16:10:17

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Neutral Study: Crypto Funds Number 466 Despite Trends, Uncertainty

The number of crypto hedge and venture capital funds is increasing at a fast pace this year, already reaching a total of 466, despite the bearish market trend and continuing regulatory uncertainty. 96 new funds have been founded by the end of July, according to a new study whose authors believe this year’s number will […]Bitcoin News.

08/11/2018 / 23:45:51

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Neutral German Stock Exchange Creating Cryptocurrency Platform

Boerse Stuttgart, the second largest stock exchange in Germany, is creating platforms for ICOs, cryptocurrency trading, and custodial services. What a difference a year or two makes. It was not that long ago when all of the major financial bigwigs on Wall Street were denigrating Bitcoin and virtual currencies. They labeled cryptocurrencies a scam and...Live Bitcoin News.

08/08/2018 / 02:00:08

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Neutral Germany’s 2nd Largest Stock Exchange Unveils Cryptocurrency Services Suite

Germany’s second largest stock exchange Boerse Stuttgart is expanding its suite of cryptocurrency investment tools for investors. ‘All Under One Roof’ Boerse Stuttgart, Germany’s second largest stock exchange, laid down its plans to build an end-to-end infrastructure facilitating cryptocurrency trading. Back in April, the company announced that it will be launching a cryptocurrency trading application called Bison. The app was developed from one of the company’s subsidiaries – Sowa Labs. While it is scheduled toRead

08/06/2018 / 15:00:00

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Positive XAYA – a New Generation Combining Blockchain Technology and Gaming

An exciting new development has come into force where blockchain technology and gaming come together as one - the next generation of video games has truly arrived.CoinSpeaker.

08/06/2018 / 09:16:51

Blockchain News | Companies | News | blockchain gaming | chi token | chimaera | chimaera token | dau | decentralized autonomous universe | human mining | huntercoin project | mmo game | qryptos | smc | soccer manager crypto | treat fighter | trickyfast studios | xaya | | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Report: Mood About Crypto Markets Changes Two Months After Trends

It takes about two months for the public sentiment to adjust to new trends in the cryptocurrency markets. That’s according to a recently published report whose authors have examined the changes in the opinions of thousands of active followers of crypto markets over a period of nine months. They found that the collective mood can […]Bitcoin News.

08/03/2018 / 22:55:53

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Neutral The Daily: Hackers in High Demand, China Hires Cryptographer

Traders in the US, Russia and China are the most common victims of cyberattacks targeting cryptocurrency exchanges as you’ll discover in this edition of The Daily. Another study has found that the demand for services provided by hackers is much higher than what’s currently on offer. The same can be said for experts in cryptography: […]Bitcoin News.

08/03/2018 / 10:55:06

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Neutral Boerse Stuttgart to Host Crypto Trading and Coin Offerings

Boerse Stuttgart is going deeper into crypto. The German stock exchange is planning to set up a new trading venue that would allow the exchange of tokens from the ICOs it wants to host, as well as established cryptocurrencies. Custody services will also be offered to crypto investors.  Also read: Coinbase Introduces GBP Pairs, Hitbtc […]Bitcoin News.

08/03/2018 / 00:45:21

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Neutral Germany's No.2 Stock Exchange Is Developing an ICO Platform

Boerse Stuttgart Group is developing a suite of crypto services including an ICO platform.

08/02/2018 / 22:45:34

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Neutral Survey: Crypto Exchanges Want Regulation but See Strict Policies as a Threat

The majority of crypto exchanges want to see the industry regulated, although many consider excessive regulation to be the biggest threat, according to a new study. A third of the platforms in the poll also fear a market crash that could suddenly devalue digital assets. A fifth of the exchanges dislike anonymity.     Also read: Huobi […]Bitcoin News.

07/31/2018 / 20:15:09

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