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Neutral After Midterm Elections, ‘Experts’ Vehemently Oppose Blockchain Voting

After this week’s highly-fraught midterm elections, some commentators believe that blockchain is more useless than ever for voting. After Tuesday’s crucial midterm elections, commentators — many of them academics and researchers — reinforced the importance of traditional voting methods, offering a strong critique blockchain. Midterm Voices   NBC’s Jasmin Boyce reported on a number of voices that emerged in response to social media debate regarding the merits of blockchain in polling places. Princeton professor Arvind Narayanan singledRead

11/10/2018 / 12:00:21

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Neutral New Cryptocurrency Bull-Run Already Started, Says Santiment Report

Data analytics platform Santiment has concluded that Ethereum based altcoins might be at the forefront of the next bull market. The End of the Bear Market Draws Near The last two quarters of 2018 have been dominated by talk of a Bitcoin-ETF approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), institutional investment, Bitcoin closing the year above $10,000 and a bull market reversal by occurring toward the end of Q4 2018 or Q1 ofRead

11/05/2018 / 13:00:38

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Neutral TriForce Tokens Seals Industry’s First, Releases Steam Game, Final Token Sale

CoinSpeakerTriForce Tokens Seals Industry’s First, Releases Steam Game, Final Token Sale TriForce Tokens has announced the launch of its highly anticipated Real-time Strategy (RTS), First Person Shooter (FPS) hybrid game, Eximus.TriForce Tokens Seals Industry’s First, Releases Steam Game, Final Token Sale

10/29/2018 / 15:27:54

Blockchain News | Companies | News | eximus | first person shooter | force token | real-time strategy | token sale | triforce tokens | | ICO

Neutral Markets Roundup: Spot BTC Markets Shrug CME Settlement, Pantera CEO on Cyclical Sentiment

In the cryptocurrency markets, the recent settlement of CME futures contracts appears to have exerted little impact on spot BTC prices, the CEO of Pantera Capital has shared his outlook on initial coin offerings, and October has proven to be the least volatile month of 2018, with only a single day producing a price swing […]Bitcoin News.

10/28/2018 / 21:05:11

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Neutral 7 Ways to Educate Yourself about Cryptocurrency

Serena Dorf, a professional content writer from LA, helps gain deep insights into cryptos listing up 7 ways to educate yourself about this volatile new industry.CoinSpeaker.

10/22/2018 / 11:54:41

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Neutral 50 Indian Traders Share Thoughts on Investing, RBI Ban, Future of Crypto in India

Fifty traders who use Indian crypto exchange Instashift have shared their thoughts on the current crypto environment in India. Most of them said that they ''hodl” and would continue to invest in crypto despite regulatory uncertainty. Also read: RBI Argues Supreme Court Should Not Interfere With Its Crypto Decision Most Respondents Are Hodlers A survey was […]Bitcoin News.

10/16/2018 / 13:50:46

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Neutral Brazil: XP Investimentos’ Crypto Exchange Won’t Let Users Deposit or Withdraw Bitcoin

The website of XDEX, the cryptocurrency exchange launched by Brazil’s biggest investment firm, XP Investimentos, is already up and accepting pre-registrations. It adds a few details on the crypto exchange, including that users won’t be able to send BTC to and from their personal wallets. The website, first spotted by local news outlet Portal do … ContinuedCCN

10/11/2018 / 01:05:58

Bitcoin Exchange | Exchanges | News | Bitcoin | brazil | XDEX | XP Investimentos | | BTC|Exchange

Neutral Time Magazine Puts Blockchain Startup in ’50 Most Genius Companies’ List

Bitland, one of the first startups to use blockchain technology to create a land registry, has been named to Time Magazine’s “50 Most Genius Companies” list. Time asked its global network of correspondents to nominate businesses that are inventing the future, then evaluated candidates on originality, influence, success, and ambition. The companies are listed in alphabetical order.CCN

10/04/2018 / 22:19:48

Bitcoin & Blockchain Investments | Blockchain News | News | Bitland | Elliot Hedman | Narigamba Mwinsuubo | Time | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Meet Cash-ID: The Open Protocol That Uses Bitcoin Cash Keys for Identity

This past Sunday BCH proponent and developer, Jonathan Silverblood, revealed a project he’s been working on called Cash-ID. The Cash-ID concept is an open protocol for online identification purposes that provides users with the ability to sign in to web pages using their bitcoin cash keys for login credentials. Also read: Portal Network Developers Announce Bitcoin […]Bitcoin News.

10/02/2018 / 00:05:21

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Neutral FT Highlights Crypto as One of Last 10 Years’ ‘Biggest Changes’ in Financial Markets

FT releases special report on financial markets, outlining crypto as one of the “biggest changes” globally over the past 10 years

10/01/2018 / 19:43:00

Bitcoin | Financial Times | Markets | Finance | FinTech | Cryptocurrencies | Volatility | Shares | | Market|BTC

Neutral China’s Oldest Science and Tech Publication Accepts BTC for Subscriptions

On Sunday China’s oldest tech media publication, Beijing Sci-Tech Report (BSTR) also known as ‘Technology life,’ has announced the business is accepting bitcoin core (BTC) for the magazine’s 2019 subscriptions. Also read: Launching a Website on the Bitcoin Cash Network Is Now a Reality  The Publication Beijing Sci-Tech Report Now Accepts BTC for 2019 Subscriptions   […]Bitcoin News.

09/30/2018 / 22:10:02

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Neutral Senior Bank of England advisor rubbishes Bitcoin

One of Mark Carney’s senior go-to thinkers has used an op-ed in The Financial Times to explain why “bitcoin fails the innovation test”. Huw van Steenis – a former senior banker at Morgan Stanley and Schroders, and now senior advisor to the governor of the Bank of England, Mark Carney – has used a column […]CryptoNewsReview.

09/24/2018 / 16:05:08

Crypto | Legal & Regulation | News | Bank of England | bitcoin | Financial Times | FT | | BTC|Fiat

Neutral #Litecoin Price Analysis Long term, should you invest?

Published on CoinnounceWhat is Litecoin? Litecoin is similar to bitcoin and functions based on the platform of blockchain. It is a digital currency that offers you the features of faster transaction, better quantity of transactions with effective market capture. However, the market capture and market capital of Litecoin has come into a questionable situation making us wonder […]The post Litecoin Price Analysis Long term, should you invest? appeared first on Coinnounce.

09/20/2018 / 11:30:24

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Neutral New App Allows Users to Create a Custodian-Free Bitcoin Trust

On Wednesday, September 19, a team of developers launched a platform called the Open Savings Initiative. The application allows any Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Bitcoin Core (BTC) user to save funds in a time-locked address that cannot be spent until a specific date and time has passed. Also read: Critical Bug Found in Bitcoin Core Invokes […]Bitcoin News.

09/19/2018 / 23:25:58

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Negative High Times Quietly Removes Crypto Payment Option From IPO Website

High Times has removed bitcoin as a payment option for its IPO, just days after admitting it was accepting the cryptocurrency.

09/18/2018 / 16:00:03

Use Cases & Verticals | News | Payments | Business News | SEC | Bitcoin | Cannabis | High Times | IPOs | | BTC|Regulation

Neutral How New York Times Journalist Nathaniel Popper Monitors the Crypto Market

Nathaniel Popper is a New York Times journalist who covers fintech and cryptocurrencies. He is is the author of the bestseller, ''Digital Gold: Bitcoin and the Inside Story of the Misfits and Millionaires Trying to Reinvent Money.” Popper describes the tools he uses to analyze the cryptocurrency market. Resources to Keep On Top of the Crypto Market Analysts, traders, and investors of stocks and Forex use an array of tools to make their analysis andRead

09/14/2018 / 04:00:38

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Neutral Cannabis and Crypto: Equal Beneficiaries In The Fight To Hit The Mainstream

The potential uses of cryptocurrency and blockchain align with the demands of the developing cannabis market

09/11/2018 / 11:25:00

Blockchain | Cannabis | Marijuana | High Times | | Blockchain|Market

Neutral How Self-Proclaimed Tech Know-Nothing Paul Krugman Got it Wrong… Again

For a man who, 20 years ago, claimed, that the internet would impact the economy no more than the fax machine, you’d think that Paul Krugman would know when to say nothing. But the economist and Nobel laureate took aim at cryptocurrency in a New York Times column earlier this year, as reported by Bitcoinist. This weekend, contributing to VentureBeat, Tomer Federman laid out 5 ways Krugman, who says he ''doesn’t claim any special expertise inRead

09/11/2018 / 07:00:30

Op-Ed | bitcoin | gold | Krugman | New York Times | Paul Krugman | Tomer Federman | Venture Beat | | Technology|BTC|Fiat

Neutral Report: Australian’s Cryptocurrency Holdings Triple in 2018 Despite Bear Market

According to a recently conducted survey, the number of Australians who own cryptocurrency has nearly tripled in 2018 alone, signaling that the current bear market is not an accurate signal of interest in cryptocurrency, which is growing at rapid rates. The new report comes on the heels of Bitcoin plunging nearly $1,000 to its current price...NewsBTC.

09/07/2018 / 19:30:09

Crypto | australia | Bear market | Crypto Ownership | cryptocurrency | market sentiment | survey | | Market|Trading|BTC

Neutral High Times Now Says It's Accepting Cryptocurrencies Payments For Its IPO

Despite previously telling the SEC it would not accept cryptocurrencies, High Times is accepting both bitcoin and ethereum for its IPO.

09/05/2018 / 21:00:05

Use Cases & Verticals | News | Payments | Business News | Capital Markets | Ethereum | Bitcoin | IPO | High Times | | BTC|ETH|Regulation

Neutral Major Indian Bitcoin Exchange Discusses the Aftermath of RBI Ban

It has been about two months since the crypto banking ban by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) went into effect. talked to Sathvik Vishwanath, CEO and co-founder of Indian exchange Unocoin, to discuss the aftermath of the central bank’s ban. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space All Eyes on Supreme […]Bitcoin News.

09/05/2018 / 15:05:56

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Neutral Polychain Leads Blockmesh Developer Spacemesh's $15 Million Fundraise

Blockchain developer Spacemesh has raised $15 million as part of its quest to develop a new kind of consensus algorithm called proof-of-space-time.

09/05/2018 / 11:59:48

Venture Capital | News | Investments | Technology News | Funding Rounds | Spacemesh | Proof-of-Space-Time | Blockmesh | | ICO|Blockchain

Neutral Japanese Company Trials BTC and Smart Contracts in Real Estate Transactions

A Tokyo Stock Exchange-listed company has built a cryptocurrency settlement platform for real estate transactions. The firm has tested the platform using BTC and smart contracts for property sales and has released its findings; many benefits were observed over the traditional method. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to Enter Japanese Market, Regulator Reveals BTC and […]Bitcoin News.

09/04/2018 / 04:10:48

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Neutral Wormhole Developers Address Rumors Concerning Protocol Security

On August 1 reported on the Wormhole project and the BCH burned to create Wormhole Cash (WHC) tokens. Since then there’s been a lot happening in the BCH environment, and Wormhole developers have felt the need to address the public with a statement concerning rumors spreading regarding the security of the protocol. The Wormhole […]Bitcoin News.

08/31/2018 / 15:45:06

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Neutral Meet the New Sentiment Analysis Tools Empowering Smarter Trading

The field of sentiment analysis (SA) is evolving rapidly. Since last covered the subject in May, two new platforms have emerged, each claiming to offer smarter tools to facilitate more informed trading. Gathering accurate sentiment from the web and then using it to create actionable insights is a complex task, but the developers behind […]Bitcoin News.

08/31/2018 / 09:25:56

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Neutral Bad Trip: Pot Company High Times Backtracks on Accepting Bitcoin in IPO

High Times Holding Corp, a New York-based media group advocating for cannabis usage, has decided against accepting bitcoin in its initial public offering (IPO), according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) dated Aug. 13. The SEC filing states that the initial announcement made two weeks ago, in which the company hadCCN

08/16/2018 / 00:25:36

News | High Times | sec | | BTC|Regulation|Exchange|ICO

Neutral The Daily: Stoners Drop Crypto From IPO, Binance Launches Academy

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover stories about the stoners’ magazine High Times which dropped cryptocurrencies from its IPO, Binance launching its own academy, an institutional investors program by Kucoin and the Cash App expanding its crypto buying service across America. Also Read: An ICO Venture Is Trying to Take Over a […]Bitcoin News.

08/15/2018 / 09:56:32

The Daily | Academy | Binance | Binance Academy | bitcoin in brief | Cash App | High Times | initial public offering | institutional investors | ipo | KuCoin | N-Featured | | Exchange|BTC|ICO|Business

Neutral Pot Publication High Times Now Says It Won't Accept Bitcoin in IPO

High Times, which announced last week that it would accept bitcoin and ether for its coming IPO, said in an SEC filing Monday that this was an "error."

08/14/2018 / 17:00:18

News | Payments | Business News | Capital Markets | SEC | IPO | Cannabis | Original | High Times | | BTC|Regulation

Neutral Wendy McElroy: Free-Market Law Enforcement for Crypto

The Satoshi Revolution: A Revolution of Rising Expectations. Section 4: State Versus Society Chapter 9, Part 6 Government is a law factory. It passes laws in the same manner that another type of factory extrudes metal molding…But, whereas a factory which extrudes metal molding is providing a product which is useful to the citizens generally, […]Bitcoin News.

08/11/2018 / 15:00:28

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Neutral Green Light: High Times Newspaper is the First IPO to Accept Cryptocurrency

Cannabis news outlet High Times is selling its shares on Nasdaq.

08/06/2018 / 12:07:33

News | cannabis | cryptocurrency | High Times | IPO | nasdaq | sec | | Regulation

Neutral Cannabis Brand High Times to Become First IPO to Accept Bitcoin, Ethereum

On Thursday, the popular cannabis culture brand and publication High Times broke new ground as the company announced that its IPO would be accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum as means of payment. This will mark the first Regulation A+ stock offering – indeed the first stock offering of any kind – to do so. New York-based High...Live Bitcoin News.

08/06/2018 / 04:00:31

Altcoin News | Bitcoin News | News | bitcoin | cannabis | cryptocurrency | Ethereum | High Times | IPO | | BTC|ETH|ICO|Business|Regulation

Neutral High Times Becomes the First IPO to Accept Cryptocurrencies

On Thursday, the well-known cannabis culture brand and publication High Times announced it’s holding an initial public offering (IPO) and that it will be the first regulated A+ stock offering to accept cryptocurrencies. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space High Times Takes Another Step Into the Future by Accepting Cryptocurrencies for its […]Bitcoin News.

08/03/2018 / 20:55:41

News | Blockchain | BTC | cannabis | Cannabis Use | Cryptocurrencies | Digital Assets | ETH | High Times | ICO | ipo | marijuana | N-Featured | Pot Use | Reefer | SEC | Smoking Pot | US IPO | | ICO|BTC|ETH|Asia|Regulation

Neutral High Times Becomes First Ever IPO To Accept Cryptocurrencies

Legacy cannabis culture media High Times Holding Corporation will be accepting Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) during its Initial Public Offering (IPO). By doing so, it will purportedly become the “first traditional stock offering ever to accept investments” through cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies Enter IPOs High Times Magazine will take advantage of Regulation A+ crowdfunding, which is designated to allow small companies to take advantage of IPO procedures to crowdsource up to $50 million in a publicRead

08/03/2018 / 16:30:09

Altcoins | Bitcoin | Companies | News | News teaser | bitcoin | btc | Cryptocurrency | ETH | Ethereum | High Times Magazin | IPO | | BTC|ETH|ICO|Regulation|Altcoin

Neutral Brazilian Cryptocurrency Exchange Wins Injunction Against Bank Who Closed Its Account

Brazilian cryptocurrency exchange Walltime has recently won a court battle against local bank Caixa Econômica Federal, forcing it to unfreeze its account holding more than $200,000 worth of funds. Crypto Exchange Walltime Wins Preliminary Injunction Against Hostile Bank According to local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, Walltime won a preliminary injunction, meaning the court’s decisionCCN

08/01/2018 / 22:15:25

Banking | Bitcoin Exchange | Exchanges | News | brazil | Walltime | | Exchange|Fiat|BTC

Neutral CryptoCompare To Provide Thomson Reuters With Data Feed of 50 Crypto Assets

CryptoCompare will source all its data to the Thomson Reuters' Eikon platform thereby providing a comprehensive view of the crypto market price movements.CoinSpeaker.

08/01/2018 / 05:29:47

Altcoins | Bitcoin (BTC) | Cryptocurrencies | Editor's Choice | News | cryptocompare | cryptocurrency analysis | cryptocurrency sentiment data | cryptocurrency tracking | eikon platform | thomson reuters | thomson reuters cryptocurrency tracking | thomson reuters eikon platform | | Market|Trading|Altcoin

Neutral Paul Krugman is Wrong Again

Paul Krugman, the famed economist who’s made a career out of being wrong about things, is wrong again. That in itself is no more surprising than the fact that his latest op-ed takes aim at his favorite bête noire – bitcoin. The surprising part is that Krugman has resorted to the same hackneyed arguments he […]Bitcoin News.

07/31/2018 / 23:00:52

News | bitcoin bear | Economist | FUD | N-Featured | New York Times | NYT | op-ed | Paul Krugman | sceptic | | BTC

Neutral CryptoCompare and Thomson Reuters Team Up to Track 50 Crypto Coins

CryptoCompare, a crypto tracking resource, has entered into a partnership with mass media firm Thomson Reuters to provide an order book and trade data on 50 coins. Gaining a Comprehensive View of the Crypto Market According to an announcement, CryptoCompare will integrate the data from a number of trusted sources into Thomson Reuters’ financial desktop...Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

07/31/2018 / 15:15:56

Altcoin News | Bitcoin News | News | Bitcoin Sentiment Gauge | CryptoCompare | cryptocurrency | Thomson Reuters | | Market|BTC

Neutral Bitcoin is Erasing 300 Years of Monetary Evolution: Nobel Economist Paul Krugman

American economist Paul Krugman has taken another swing bitcoin, arguing that the prominent cryptocurrency, as well as its peers, represents a 300-year economic regression and will “likely” experience a “total collapse.” Writing in his regular New York Times column, Krugman — who has at various times published articles lambasting bitcoin as “evil” and “the longCCN

07/31/2018 / 13:56:26

Bitcoin Op-ed | Bitcoin Opinion | News | new york times | Paul Krugman | | BTC

Neutral Pantera Capital Reports Lifetime Return of More Than 10,000%

Major cryptocurrency investment firm, Pantera Capital, has reported a lifetime return of more than 10,000% on its fund. The company has announced the impressive return in celebration of its five-year anniversary. Also Read: Markets Update: Crypto-Prices See Some Recovery After the Dip Pantera Reports Fund has Generated 10,000% Return Over 5 Years It has been reported […]Bitcoin News.

07/28/2018 / 18:45:15

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Neutral The Bitcoin Cash Pre-Consensus Debate Continues

A few days ago reported on the debate between Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers and community members concerning an idea called ‘pre-consensus.’ Some developers believe pre-consensus could help with bock time speeds, zero-confirmation transactions, and consensus in general. Since then there’s been a lot of discussion about this topic, and some members of the BCH […]Bitcoin News.

07/26/2018 / 09:05:14

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Neutral Mainstream Media and Its Strange Love-Hate Affair with Bitcoin

Mainstream media (MSM) loves bitcoin. It is the Donald Trump of money, certain to generate guaranteed clicks with minimum effort. As cryptocurrency has risen, over the past 18 months, so has its profile in MSM publications. But don’t mistake this prolific coverage for affection. Mainstream media has always hated, feared, and misunderstood bitcoin. BTC might […]Bitcoin News.

07/23/2018 / 02:25:00

News | express | fake news | financial times | Forbes | FT | FUD | Mainstream media | msm | N-Featured | The . Sun | Wired | | BTC

Neutral Bitcoin ABC Developers Publish Bitcoin Cash Upgrade Timeline

Just recently the Bitcoin ABC development team has published the Bitcoin Cash ‘November 15 Upgrade Timeline’ which details what the programmers plan to do before the hard fork. As the upgrade approaches the ABC development team wants to ensure a smooth hard fork by making sure every full node participant and miner is ready with […]Bitcoin News.

07/10/2018 / 09:05:57

News | BCH | Bitcoin ABC | bitcoin cash | canonical transaction ordering | Codebase | Cryptocurrency | DAA | Digital Assets | Graphene | Hard Fork | May 15 | N-Featured | Nov 13 | Nov 15 | OP_Codes | protocol | Release 0.18 | testnet | tokenization | Upgrade Timeline | UTXO commitments | | BTC|Blockchain

Neutral Crypto Mining Hardware Industry Falters as Profits Dwindle

Cryptocurrency mining profits are on the way down, resulting in declining demand for hardware, such as high-end graphics cards. Sources suggest that GPUs could drop by as much as 20% within the upcoming month.  Mining Hardware Manufacturers Experience Declining Demand DigiTimes, a premier Asia-based technology news source, has suggested that there has been a large...NewsBTC.

07/03/2018 / 07:00:54

Crypto | Industry | AMD | ASIC | cryptocurrency | cryptocurrency mining | digital currency | DigiTimes | GPU | mining | News | NVidia | | Mining|Technology

Neutral April Saw Coinbase Customers Taking Out 37% More Money Than They Put In

During market lows, cryptocurrency enthusiasts have long urged each other to ‘hodl,’ which as many of us know is a word that came from typo for ‘hold,’ or ‘hold on for dear life.’ According to new data relating to Coinbase, faith in that principle may be waning. To Hodl, or Not to Hodl When the price...NewsBTC.

06/30/2018 / 00:30:41

Industry | All-time High | bitcoin | Chime | Chris Britt | coinbase | cryptocurrency | cryptocurrency exchange | prediction | | BTC|Market

Neutral The New York Times ‘Blockchain Influencers’ List is a Joke…Right?

When a major publication like The New York Times considers you a leader or ‘influencer’ in the blockchain space, chances are you’re probably working for a bank or the government.  Here Come The ‘Blockchain Influencers’ In an industry inspired by Bitcoin, specifically created to shun authority and eliminate trust, the idea of leaders seems like a joke to anyone who’s been in this space longer than a year. The good news is that not aRead MoreThe post The New York Times ‘Blockchain Influencers’ List is a Joke…Right? appeared first on

06/29/2018 / 12:00:41

Altcoins | Bitcoin | Blockchain | Op-Ed | Amber Baldet | Blockchain influencers list | Influential people | New York Times | NY Times | vitalik buterin | | BTC|Blockchain|Altcoin|Fiat

Neutral Short-Term Crypto Market Expectations Highlighted in March Failed to Play Out

Over the past few months, the overall sentiment among cryptocurrency enthusiasts has changed quite a bit. After the ramp-up in late 2017 and early 2018, things have taken a major turn for the worse across all crypto markets. As such, there are growing concerns over how people perceive this industry. Sentiment Remains Positive There are […]

06/28/2018 / 17:00:14

Crypto | News | Cryptocurrency Sentiment | Long-term | Short-term | | Market

Neutral Social Media ‘Silent Majority’ Predicts the Bitcoin Market

Experts all across the board have been concluding that more than technical analysis, social sentiment is one of the most powerful indicators of crypto market price, and while it may be an obvious theory, it has finally been proven. Recently the Stevens Institute of Technology conducted a study along with three other universities – Dickinson College, Ivey Business School, and the University of Cincinnati – on how social sentiment affects Bitcoin market prices. The studyRead

06/28/2018 / 11:00:45

Altcoin News | Bitcoin | Markets and Prices | News | News teaser | bitcoin | Crypto Market | social sentiment | | Market|BTC|Trading|Technology|Business

Neutral The Daily: Study Links Social Media Posts to Bitcoin Prices, New BATMs Pop Up Around the World

Quite naturally, social media comments exert influence over cryptocurrency prices but according to a new study, the vocal minority of frequent posters do not have the most influential voices. You’ll find the details in today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief. Also, a new coin will be airdropped to football fans and players at the World […]Bitcoin News.

06/27/2018 / 12:35:58

The Daily | BATMs | Bitcoin | Bitcoin ATMs | bitcoin in brief | bitcoin prices | Coins | comments | crypto | Crypto Prices | Cryptocurrencies | Cryptocurrency | cryptos | football | hotel | Kenya | N-Featured | Posts | resort | Russia | sentiments | Social Media | Tokens | tweets | UAE | | BTC|Market|ICO

Neutral Research Shows Bitcoin Price Linked to Public Sentiment on Social Media

Bitcoin’s value is manipulated by public sentiment, this according to researchers who found that positive comments by infrequent social media users were likely to enhance the coin’s prospects.  Social Media’s Impact on Bitcoin’s Price Researchers from the Stevens Institute of Technology in Hoboken, New Jersey, led by assistant professor of information systems Feng Mai, have...NewsBTC.

06/27/2018 / 03:00:47

Bitcoin | bitcoin | bitcoin price | bitcoin value | bitcointalk | cryptocurrency | facebook | Feng Mai | public sentiment | social media | twitter | | BTC|Trading|Technology

Neutral Senno CEO: We Should be Listed on Exchanges by the End of August

In an exclusive interview, Finance Magnates spoke to Elad Peled about listing, data privacy and sentiment analysis

06/22/2018 / 07:18:01

Data | blockchain | crypto echange | hong kong | sentiment analysis | | Market|Blockchain

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11/11/2018 / 14:00:55

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