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Neutral Nicolas Maduro: No one can trade Petro if bought after 2018

Published on CoinnounceThe national cryptocurrency of Venezuela called the Petro can be exchanged to other cryptocurrencies if the investor has purchased before the end of 2018. Previous Wall Street analyst Jill Carlson translated the discourse of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which read: ''Any individual who purchases the Petro until Dec 31 will have the capacity to convert […]Coinnounce.

11/11/2018 / 08:28:50

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Neutral Absurd: Investors Can Only Trade Venezuelan Petro to Crypto if Bought in 2018

According to TeleSUR TV, a mainstream media outlet in Venezuela, the country’s ''cryptocurrency” called the Petro can only be traded to other crypto assets if bought before the end of 2018. Former Wall Street bond trader and digital asset analyst Jill Carlson translated the speech of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, which read: ''Anyone who buysCCN

11/11/2018 / 01:45:03

Altcoin News | News | Nicolas Maduro | peter todd | petro | venezuela | | Business|Regulation

Neutral Swedish Man Sent to Prison for Mailing Bomb to Bitcoin Firm CryptoPay

A Swedish man suspected in a case involving a bomb being mailed to a Bitcoin firm has been convicted of attempted murder and is facing up to seven years in prison. Swedish Bitcoin Bomber Convicted of Attempted Murder According to the Associated Press, Michael Salonen, age 43, has been sentences to up to seven years...NewsBTC.

11/10/2018 / 17:00:03

Bitcoin | Crypto | bitcoin | bomb | bomb threat | Cryptopay | Stefan Lofven | sweden | | BTC

Neutral Canadian Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Reports Q3 Loss of $8.7 Million

Hut 8 Mining Corp., a Canadian bitcoin mining company, has released its third quarter earnings report, which shows a net loss of US $8.7 million on higher depreciation costs. Depreciation spiked to $13.3 million, wiping out mining profit which came to $6.7 million. Also Read: Acquires Primus Capital Markets to Offer BTC-Backed Forex Trading  Revenue […]The post Canadian Bitcoin Miner Hut 8 Reports Q3 Loss of $8.7 Million appeared first on Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 20:10:17

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Neutral BitMEX to invest in crypto companies through new ‘Ventures’ spin-off

Exchange looks to put profits back into blockchain-based projects of interest; two already lined-up.  High-leverage crypto-trading venue BitMEX is fermenting plans to invest in a range of crypto-related project, according to sources trusted by The Block. The investments, say its report, will be through a ‘Ventures’ arm of the firm to be lead by relatively […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/09/2018 / 19:17:39

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Neutral Venezuela to Present Petro at OPEC as the 'Digital Currency for Oil'

Venezuela is hoping the world's oil markets will start using its controversial national cryptocurrency, the petro.

11/09/2018 / 09:20:34

News | Venezuela | Oil markets | Petro | | Commodity|Market

Neutral Thai SEC Expects to Approve Country’s First ICO Portal This Month

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly revealed that it expects to approve the country’s first portal for initial coin offerings (ICOs) this month, with ICO approvals to follow. According to the country’s crypto regulation, a portal’s role is to examine companies planning to launch an ICO. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the […]Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 05:45:50

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Neutral Venezuela to Use the Petro Cryptocurrency in International Petroleum Trade

Venezuela’s government plans to present its national cryptocurrency, the Petro, as a unit of account for international crude oil trade to the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC). The move is a further attempt by the country’s government to strengthen the position of its controversial state-issued cryptocurrency. Petro as a Unit of Account for International...Live Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 03:00:04

Altcoin News | Industry and Adoption | News | crude oil | Government of Venezuela | Manuel Quevedo | Nicolás Maduro | OPEC | Petro | venezuela | | BTC|Commodity

Neutral Venezuela to Present Petro to Intergovernmental Group OPEC as Unit of Account for Oil

Manuel Quevedo, Venezuela’s Minister of Oil, is taking Petro to OPEC in 2019 to offer it as a global unit of account for crude oil trading

11/08/2018 / 14:20:00

Altcoin | Venezuela | Petro | Government | Cryptocurrencies | | Commodity|Trading|Altcoin

Neutral Maduro Bankrupted Venezuela — Now He’s Launching a Petro Savings Plan

The Venezuelan government has recently launched a Petro savings plan that allows the country’s citizens to put their money into the oil-backed cryptocurrency and ''save by means of a certificate.” Venezuela Launches Petro Savings Plan for 18 Million Citizens According to local news outlet Telesur, the savings plan is part of the ''Comprehensive National CryptoassetCCN

11/07/2018 / 23:01:07

Altcoin News | News | dash | petro | Tareck El Aissami | venezuela | | DASH|Commodity

Neutral Venezuela Traded More Bitcoin Than Ever Before In October

Venezuela set a new Bitcoin trading record last week as the country embraces cryptocurrency more than ever. Venezuela Trades 1075 BTC in 7 Days According to data from monitoring resource Coin Dance, despite continued volatility in the country’s dubious redenominated currency the Sovereign Bolivar, trade volumes for the seven days ending November 3 still beat all previous highs. In total, 1075 BTC ($7 million) changed hands on P2P trading platform Localbitcoins alone, 10 BTC moreRead

11/07/2018 / 14:00:51

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Neutral ECB Shuts Down Maltese Bank Over Schemes to Launder Money and Evade US Sanctions

Malta’s Pilatus Bank has been shut down by the European Central Bank (ECB). Its banking license was revoked after its chairman was charged in the U.S. with money laundering and organizing a scheme to evade U.S. sanctions. The bank had also been accused by a murdered journalist of processing corrupt payments. EU authorities now want new […]Bitcoin News.

11/07/2018 / 07:35:39

Finance | avoiding | Bank | banking license | Bitcoin | BTC | crypto | Cryptocurrency | Digital Currency | ECB | EU | FIAU | Iran | malta | MFSA | Money Laundering | N-Economy | pilatus bank | shut down | US sanctions | Venezuela | Virtual Currency | | Fiat|BTC

Neutral How to Benefit from Visiting Large Blockchain Events: 5 Recommendations from Event Organizers

Significant crypto conferences, forums, and summits provide plenty of profitable opportunities for attendees such as finding investors, making valuable connections, meeting the right people and presenting projects. Consensus – one of the most famous blockchain-dedicated conferences – attracts opinion leaders, CEOs and other specialists across the crypto industry. In other words, this event is a place where everything is set for improving your network.  How can you catch all the opportunities it provides? We’ve gotRead

11/07/2018 / 02:00:48

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Neutral Venezuela’s Supreme Court Orders Indemnity Payments in State Crypto Petro

Venezuela’s Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ) has recently ordered a national institute to pay indemnities to one of its employees after she suffered a workplace injury in its oil-backed cryptocurrency petro. According to Sputnik, the Supreme Court’s ruling was based on a decree on ''Cryptoassets and the Sovereign Cryptocurrency Petro,” which was approved in AprilCCN

11/06/2018 / 17:50:26

Altcoin News | News | dash | petro | Suprme Court of Justice | venezuela | | DASH|Commodity

Neutral Does Blockchain Bring More Trust in Online Gambling?

Published on CoinnounceThere Are Deep Trust Issues in Online Gambling – Does Blockchain Promise a Solution? Gambling is possibly one of the best-regulated industries out there. There should be little cause for players to worry. There have been isolated incidents, such as Absolute Poker stealing up to $1 million from its players over ten years ago, but […]The post Does Blockchain Bring More Trust in Online Gambling? appeared first on Coinnounce.

11/06/2018 / 15:57:49

#Gambling | #Scam | Adoption | Bitcoin | Blockchain Uses | Decentralization | Ethereum | Games | News | blockchain gambling | blockchain gambling play | blockchain gambling prevent | fraud | fun fair | Funfair | funfair blockchain | funfair gambling | funfair online gambling | funfair tokens | gambling | gambling blockchain | gambling fraud | gambling frauds | gambling in blockchain | gambling industry | gambling scam | gambling scams | online gambling | online gambling fraud | online gambling frauds | online gambling scam | online gambling scams | Qlear Protocol | Qlear Protocol gambling | Qlear Protocol news | Scam | Zerocoin | Zeroedge | Zeroedge blockchain | Zeroedge blockchain gambling | Zeroedge gambling | | Blockchain|BTC|ETH

Neutral The Daily: Cryptocurrencies on the Davos Agenda, FINMA Issues Rules for Cryptoassets

In this edition of The Daily, we look at the decision to add cryptocurrencies as a topic of discussion at the next World Economic Forum in Davos. We also focus on the latest recommendations on digital assets by Switzerland’s financial regulator, as well as a Venezuelan state’s plans to use the petro in cross-border trade with […]Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 14:00:58

The Daily | agenda | banks | Brazil | cryptoassets | Cryptocurrencies | Davos | discussions | finma | N-Featured | Petro | Recommendations | regulator | Venezuela | WEF | | BTC

Neutral Crypto Mining Tech Firm Bitfury Closes $80 Million Funding Round

Bitfury Group has just closed an $80 million funding round led by venture capital firm Korelya Capital.

11/06/2018 / 12:10:29

Venture Capital | News | Investments | Investment | BitFury | Funding Rounds | Galaxy Digital | | Mining|Technology

Neutral Venezuelan Banks Start Using the Petro to Denominate Customer Balances

Venezuela’s controversial national cryptocurrency, the petro, is slowly permeating the everyday lives of its citizens. The currency, each unit of which is supposedly backed by a barrel of oil, has begun appearing on screens when Venezuelan customers log in to their bank accounts. The move marks the latest attempt by President Nicolás Maduro’s government to […]Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 09:45:26

Economy & Regulation | Bitcoin in Venezuela | Bolivar | Hyperinflation | N-Featured | national currency | Nicolas Maduro | OIL | Petro | South America | venezeula | | Commodity|BTC|Regulation|Fiat

Neutral Venezuela’s Supreme Court Orders Payment in National Cryptocurrency

Venezuela’s Supreme Tribunal of Justice has ordered a compensation payment of 266 petros, the country’s national cryptocurrency, in a workplace injury case. Meanwhile, the Venezuelan government has launched the petro savings plan, backed by 4 million of the digital currency. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Venezuela’s Supreme Court Recognizes Petro The […]Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 00:00:49

Crowdfunding | Bitcoin | BTC | compensation | crypto | Cryptocurrency | debt | Digital Currency | el petro | legal | legal tender | N-Economy | national cryptocurrency | Supreme Court | Venezuela | Virtual Currency | | BTC|Asia|Regulation

Neutral Venezuela’s “el Petro” stumbles at the starting line…again

Venezuela’s controversial state-sponsored cryptocurrency, the ‘Petro,’ is back…kind of. And it’s already starting to feel like a case of déjà vu. What happened with “El Petro”?  Originally “launched” in early February, Venezuela’s state-sponsored cryptocurrency has been a point of controversy since its inception. In its initial state, Venezuelan President Nicholas Maduro announced that the oil-pegged-coin […]Crypto Insider.

11/05/2018 / 19:18:10

Altcoins | Economics | News | Cryptocurrency | Maduro | Petro | Venezuela | | Regulation|Altcoin

Neutral This Chicken Coop Feeder Is Powered by Bitcoin Cash Payments in Real Time

On Oct. 25, an individual posted a live stream on the Twitch Interactive video platform to show the world how Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponents can instantly feed his chickens online using zero-confirmation transactions. Since the stream kicked off, people have processed over $300 worth of BCH transactions to feed the fowl.  Also read: Miners Have Begun Using […]Bitcoin News.

11/05/2018 / 15:50:41

News | BCH | bitcoin cash | chicken coop | chickens | cryptocurrency-enabled candy machine | fowl | Iozeta | Mealworms | Memochicken | micropayments | N-Featured | Payments | poultry | Redpepper | Spencer Lambert | touchless dispensing | Unwriter | Vending | vendor | | BTC

Neutral CryptoKitties Creator Dapper Labs Garners $15 Million in New Funding Round

Dapper Labs – the Canadian tech venture behind the popular Ethereum-based game CryptoKitties – has raised over $15 million in a funding round led by financial firm Venrock. A Little Background Founded in February of 2018, Dapper Labs seeks to bring decentralized environments to over a billion gamers to ensure their information is kept secret....The post CryptoKitties Creator Dapper Labs Garners $15 Million in New Funding Round appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

11/05/2018 / 07:00:08

Blockchain Technology | News | CryptoKitties | Dapper Labs | David Pakman | Dieter Shirley | Roham Gharegozlou | Venrock | | BTC|ICO|Technology

Neutral Indian HSBC and Reliance Industries Trade with First ever Blockchain LoC using Bolero

Published on CoinnounceIn a first-ever instance of Blockchain usage in trade finance in India: Reliance Industries (RIL) to process its export commitment to Tricon Energy, one of its US-based Client used HSBC (India)-engineered Letter of Credit (LoC) deploying electronic Bill of Lading (eBL) platform Bolero to benchmark the country’s adoption of disruptive decentralized ledger technology in domestic […]Coinnounce.

11/05/2018 / 06:28:45

#Blockchain | Adoption | BLOCKCHAIN | Blockchain Uses | India | News | Trading | Blockchain | Blockchain bill of lading | Blockchain Technology | Bolero Blockchain | HSBC | HSBC Blockchain | Reliance Industries | Reliance Industries Blockchain | Srikanth Venkatachari | Tricon Energy | Tricon Energy Blockchain | | Blockchain|Trading|Technology|Wallet

Neutral Dash Launches Text-Based Crypto Payment Service in Venezuela

Crypto project Dash has announced the launch of Dash Text, an SMS-based cryptocurrency transaction service for Venezuelan users, as it builds on its already strong presence in the crypto dependent country. In an announcement released this week, the company said that Dash Text eliminates the need for Venezuelan users to possess smartphones and internet access … ContinuedCCN

11/05/2018 / 01:29:40

Altcoin News | News | dash | Dash Text | venezuela | | DASH

Neutral Overstock Crypto Venture, Rwanada Government Partner for Blockchain Property Rights Platform

Medici Ventures is a wholly owned subsidiary of Overstock, one of the most cryptocurrency friendly businesses in the world, whose CEO has frequently promoted the use of bitcoin and other cryptos. Medici is specifically geared toward blockchain businesses, development, and technology, and on Thursday it signed a second Memorandum of Understanding with the Rwandan GovernmentCCN

11/03/2018 / 17:29:13

Bitcoin Politics | Bitcoin Technology | Blockchain News | News | factom | Medici Ventures | overstock | patrick byrne | rwanda | | Blockchain|BTC|Technology

Neutral HTC Exodus Phones Preparing to Ship in December (With More Questions Than Answers)

Pre-orders of purchased HTC Exodus phones are set to ship in December. HTC is hyping the technology as a viable tool for the blockchain and cryptocurrency community, but many are still skeptical. Taiwanese firm HTC Corporation made headlines back in May after announcing plans for the first native blockchain smartphone, dubbed the HTC Exodus. In October, HTC made the phone available for pre-order with the expectation the first units would ship in December. Payment wasRead MoreThe post HTC Exodus Phones Preparing to Ship in December (With More Questions Than Answers) appeared first on

11/03/2018 / 13:00:16

News | News teaser | blockchain smartphone | cold storage | cryptocurrency wallet | HTC | HTC Exodus | Lawrence Lundy | Outlier Ventures | Phil Chen | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Dash Launches SMS Payments Service in Venezuela

Dash Text will allow people in the country to make and receive payments via SMS

11/02/2018 / 17:14:18

Innovation | cryptocurrency | dash | venezuela | | DASH

Neutral CryptoKitties Developer Receives $15 Mln in Financing Round Led by Rockefeller Venture Arm

Dapper Labs, developer of the world’s most used blockchain app CryptoKitties, has received $15 million in another financing round to expand adoption

11/02/2018 / 13:40:00

Blockchain | Mainstream | Adoption | Cryptocurrencies | USA | Canada | Investments | Disney | Andreessen Horowitz | Union Square Ventures | Google | Samsung | DApps | | Blockchain

Neutral Ravencoin Price Surges Again as Market Cap Surpasses $100m

Today is shaping up to be another day where cryptocurrency speculators need to look well outside the top 25 to make any real profit. Ravencoin is, once again, firing on all cylinders. It is the third major push in as many weeks, which seems to indicate there is a lot of genuine interest surrounding this particular altcoin […]The post Ravencoin Price Surges Again as Market Cap Surpasses $100m appeared first on NullTX.

11/02/2018 / 10:36:58

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Neutral Top 2 Gainers of the day: Ravencoin and Reddcoin

Published on CoinnounceRavencoin Resistance Level:0.00000741 BTC Support Level: 0.00000705 BTC The Ravencoin experienced a surge in price yesterday when the price jumped from $0.04 or 0.0000064 BTC up to $0.04753 or 0.00000751 BTC rising more than 13% in the last 24 hours.     Recently on 30th October, the Ravenncoin team secured a listing on Binance Exchange […]Coinnounce.

11/02/2018 / 04:32:39

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Neutral Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon

CoinSpeakerEthereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevConMetaMask, the most popular Ethereum and ERC20 standard wallet developed by ConsenSys, has released its mobile client at this year's DevCon.Ethereum’s MetaMask Wallet Shares the Mobile App Release at DevCon

11/01/2018 / 15:31:26

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Neutral Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum’s Failed Ideas and 1000x Capacity Upgrade Coming Soon

CoinSpeakerVitalik Buterin: Ethereum’s Failed Ideas and 1000x Capacity Upgrade Coming SoonThis year’s Ethereum developer conference, Devcon4 ended with all the conference speakers singing about five years of failed ideas during the Ethereum research.Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum’s Failed Ideas and 1000x Capacity Upgrade Coming Soon

11/01/2018 / 15:25:55

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Neutral $50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon

CoinSpeaker$50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-ThonWhile conferences have become an important accelerator of the blockchain’s growth, UCIM is glad to introduce Pitch-a-thon dirung which entrants will compete to secure investment and win prizes worth $50K for the best seven-minute pitch.$50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon

11/01/2018 / 13:49:31

Blockchain News | Events | News | cryptocurrency investment | golden block awards | hack x | ucim | ucim pitch-a-thon | ucim trading challenge | united blockathon | united conference of internet money | | Blockchain

Neutral Coinbase's Emilie Choi: $300 Million Raise Was 'For a Rainy Day'

Coinbase's $300 million Series E was about a "war chest" for expansion, not necessity, says Emilie Choi, its VP of corporate and business development.

11/01/2018 / 10:00:11

Features | Venture Capital | Coinbase | Exchanges | Investments | | ICO|Business

Neutral Venezuela’s Petro Cryptocurrency Makes Its Way to Six Unknown Exchanges

There have been numerous concerns regarding Venezuela’s national cryptocurrency. Although this currency has the support of President Maduro, a lot of experts doubt it will ever amount to anything. Despite the overwhelming controversy, the Petro will commence trading on six cryptocurrency exchanges moving forward. Another Dubious Petro-related Development Ever since President Maduro created the Petro […]NullTX.

11/01/2018 / 01:18:58

Crypto | News | exchange | Petro | Venezuela | | Regulation|Exchange|Trading

Neutral Petro… Petro… Get ’em While They’re Hot!

After what seems like an unnecessarily long bout of teasing, we can finally get our hands on all those lovely Venezuelan Petro.  As Bitcoinist reported earlier this month, the Petro has been finally launched by the Venezuela government. Today, the Vice-President of the Economy announced the release on Twitter with this lovely infographic. #Enterate || El Petro podrá ser adquirido por personas jurídicas y naturales desde su portal web #PetroNuevaEraEconómica — Vicepresidencia deRead

10/31/2018 / 19:00:29

Altcoins | Emerging Markets | News | News teaser | launch | Maduro | Petro | PetroApp | Tareck El Aissami | Venezuela | | Altcoin

Neutral Venezuela Begins Public Sale of National Cryptocurrency Petro

The Venezuelan government has opened up an exchange desk for the country’s national cryptocurrency at the headquarters of the Superintendency of Cryptoassets. According to the government, investors can now purchase the petro with a number of fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Delegates from China have reportedly purchased some with yuan. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into […]Bitcoin News.

10/31/2018 / 11:50:58

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Neutral JP Morgan’s Quorum Blockchain to be Used to ‘Tokenize’ Gold Bars

CoinSpeakerJP Morgan’s Quorum Blockchain to be Used to ‘Tokenize’ Gold BarsJPMorgan Chase Bank’s Quorum blockchain is to be deployed for tokenizing gold bars to ensure direct trade between entities.JP Morgan’s Quorum Blockchain to be Used to ‘Tokenize’ Gold Bars

10/31/2018 / 09:19:46

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Neutral Controversial Venezuelan State Cryptocurrency ‘Petro’ is Now for Sale

After months of speculation regarding the status of Venezuela’s much-publicised Petro cryptocurrency project, the Venezuelan government has announced that the Petro is now available for sale and can be bought with bitcoin and litecoin. A tweet from the official account of the Venezuelan Vice president of the Economy, Tareck El Aissami posted on October 29CCN

10/31/2018 / 07:15:01

Altcoin News | News | Nicolas Maduro | petro | venezuela | | BTC|LTC|Regulation

Neutral The embattled Petro cryptocurrency gets listed at six exchanges – after original promise of 16

The Petro – the currency designed to drag Venezuela out of national economic crisis – takes one step forward, one step back… by Manoj Sharma for CNR In the midst of its heavily-reported economic meltdown, the Venezuelan government launched the Petro, a national cryptocurrency, in an effort to save the nation’s economy from crumbling. While […]CryptoNewsReview.

10/31/2018 / 06:48:02

Crypto | News | Petro | Venezuela | | Other

Neutral StarkWare Raises $30 Million to Solve Blockchain Privacy and Scalability Issues

StarkWare, an Israel-based blockchain specialist which commercializes a zero-knowledge proof system, has secured $30 million from high profile names within the cryptocurrency ecosystem, including Consensys, Coinbase Ventures, Intel Capital, Pantera, and Sequoia. Zero-Knowledge Protocol Startup StarkWare Raises $30 Million Netanya-based StarkWare Industries, which was founded in early 2018 to develop its ''full proof stack for...The post StarkWare Raises $30 Million to Solve Blockchain Privacy and Scalability Issues appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/31/2018 / 01:00:31

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Neutral Venezuela Officially Launches Sale of Controversial Petro Coin for Fiat, Crypto

Venezuela officially launches state-owned Petro, which can only be purchased from the coin’s website or directly from National treasury for cryptoassets

10/30/2018 / 17:04:00

Altcoin | Cryptocurrencies | Petro | Venezuela | Government | Adoption | | Regulation|Altcoin|Fiat

Neutral The Daily: Security Startup Raises $30M, Crypto Used to Fight Plastic Pollution

In today’s edition of The Daily, we focus on an Israeli crypto security startup that has raised $30 million in funding from a number of notable companies. We also look at how tokens are being used to clean up the environment, as well as efforts by major auditing firms to service clients in the cryptocurrency […]The post The Daily: Security Startup Raises $30M, Crypto Used to Fight Plastic Pollution appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/30/2018 / 10:15:26

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Neutral Mastercard Wins Patent for “Managing Fractional Reserves of Blockchain Currency”

Mastercard has won a patent for fractional cryptocurrency banking, which suggests the global payments multinational has plans for a management system of fractional reserves of blockchain currency. Mastercard Blockchain Patent Integrates Existing Traditional Payment Networks with Blockchain Currencies The patent, filed on 29 June 2018, refers to ''the use of centralized accounts to manage fractional...The post Mastercard Wins Patent for ''Managing Fractional Reserves of Blockchain Currency” appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/29/2018 / 20:00:19

Blockchain | Crypto | bitcoin | blockchain currencies | blockchain patent | cryptocurrencies | fractional reserve banking | fractional reserves of blockchain currency | mastercard | patent | Steven Charles Davis | | Blockchain|BTC

Neutral Pandacash Wins Grand Prize at BCH Devcon

The second BCH Devcon hackathon took place in Amsterdam on Oct. 27-28, with more than 100 people competing to build useful cryptocurrency applications. The event culminated with a project called Pandacash winning the grand prize by delivering a ''one-click” Bitcoin Cash blockchain software development kit. Also read: Send Bitcoin Cash Over the Web in a Private […]Bitcoin News.

10/29/2018 / 17:50:39

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Neutral “Trust Machine”: Much Anticipated Documentary Had Its First Release in New York

CoinSpeaker“Trust Machine”: Much Anticipated Documentary Had Its First Release in New YorkAfter his documentary “Panama Papers” that exposed illegal offshore activities made by global companies, director Alex Winter presented another movie masterpiece - "Trust Machine", which was first released on October 26 in New York.“Trust Machine”: Much Anticipated Documentary Had Its First Release in New York

10/29/2018 / 15:58:38

Blockchain News | Events | News | alex winter | blockchain | distributed ledger | ethereum | joseph lubin | trust machine | | ETH|Blockchain

Neutral Paradigm Leads $30 Million Funding for Crypto Privacy Startup StarkWare

StarkWare, the company behind the zk-STARKS privacy tech, just raised $30 million in equity funding from a number of major firms.

10/29/2018 / 15:00:14

Venture Capital | News | Investments | Other Public Protocols | Technology News | Funding | zk-STARKs | StarkWare | | ICO|Technology

Neutral Johnny Depp Throws Hat into the Crypto Ring, Joins TaTaTu Platform

Announced today, Hollywood star Johnny Depp has signed a deal with a new cryptocurrency related platform called TaTaTu. The platform, like Depp himself, aims to provide social entertainment. A ‘New Approach’ To Entertainment With a name sounding like it’s from Pirate’s of the Carribean, TaTaTu is a cryptocurrency based platform that rewards users in tokens, asCCN

10/28/2018 / 18:15:22

FinTech News | News | Bitcoin | Johnny Depp | Mark Cubin | paris hilton | steven seagal | TaTaTu | | BTC|ICO

Neutral Cryptocurrency Market Update: Crypto Consolidation Continues

FOMO Moments Sleepy Sunday in crypto land; Veritaseum making a move, Ravencoin flapping. It is another slow Sunday in crypto land with markets still slumbering. There has still been no movement for most of the major cryptocurrencies leaving markets at the same level around $210 billion. Still at the same level a touch below $6,500,...NewsBTC.

10/28/2018 / 07:00:10

Altcoins | FOMO | Asian trading session | consolidation | crypto market update | crypto markets | Ravencoin | Veritaseum | | Market|Altcoin

Neutral Cryptocurrency Trading Update: Sapling Keeps Zcash Green in Red Crypto Market

FOMO Moments Crypto land is still stagnant; Zcash, Ravencoin and MobileGo on the up, Decred and Bitcoin Diamond dumping. There has been another slight pullback today on crypto markets but nothing noteworthy. The sideways channel is still intact and total market capitalization is still at the same level it has been for the past ten...NewsBTC.

10/25/2018 / 04:18:07

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Cryptonewsreview Negative - $30m exit scam: CEO behind it looks like they’ve got the guilts read more.
11/15/2018 / 05:49:22
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Bank Of America has a new cryptocurrency patent read more.
11/15/2018 / 05:30:43
Coindesk Neutral - After the Fork: How Competing Bitcoin Cash Blockchains Might Wage War read more.
11/15/2018 / 05:00:42
Newsbtc Neutral - #Ripple Price Analysis: XRP/USD Nosedives, Turns Bearish Below $0.4600 read more.
11/15/2018 / 05:00:25
Themerkle Neutral - Crypto Price Watch: Bitcoin (BTC) Plummets to Annual Low While Other Top Altcoins Also Face Market Heat read more.
11/15/2018 / 04:40:52
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Bitcoin ATMs Most Common Scam Payment Method in Australia read more.
11/15/2018 / 04:35:00
Newsbtc Negative - Over $28 Billion Dumped in Crypto Market’s Largest Crash of The Year read more.
11/15/2018 / 04:19:40
Ccn Neutral - Another One Bites the Dust: Google Account Hacked in Twitter Bitcoin Scam read more.
11/15/2018 / 03:27:02
Coindesk Neutral - Buy or Sell? What Traders Think About Tomorrow’s Bitcoin Cash Fork read more.
11/15/2018 / 03:01:44
Livebitcoinnews Neutral - Switzerland’s SEBA Says It’s on the Verge of Obtaining a Banking and Securities Dealer License read more.
11/15/2018 / 03:00:50
Cointelegraph Neutral - Poll: Interest in Crypto as Payment Method Makes Small Inroads Among Moscow Residents read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:58:00
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Stablecoins Fetch a Premium as BTC Hits Year Low read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:55:14
Cointelegraph Neutral - Four Fake Cryptocurrency Wallets Found on Google Play Store read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:25:00
Ccn Negative - Guilty Conscience? $30M Crypto Exit Scam in South Korea Refunds Victims read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:20:09
Newsbtc Neutral - #ETH/USD Price Analysis: Below $200 ETH Mining is Useless, Hash Rate Drop read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:10:53
Newsbtc Neutral - #Bitcoin Cash Price Analysis: BCH/USD Could Test $300 or $850 by End Week read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:05:22
Newsbtc Neutral - #Bitcoin Price Analysis: BTC/USD Must Dump before Bulls Reign in 2019 read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:00:16
Cryptoglobe Neutral - NEO Founder: Blockchain Over-Regulated, Promotes the Emergence of a New Regulatory System read more.
11/15/2018 / 02:00:00
Ccn Neutral - Nearly 1% of the Total Ethereum Supply is Locked in the MakerDAO Smart Contract read more.
11/15/2018 / 01:15:54
Cointelegraph Neutral - Malaysian MP Urges Gov’t to Create Regulations Before Approving Political Funding Coin read more.
11/15/2018 / 01:13:00
Livebitcoinnews Neutral - Maecenas Teams Up with John McAfee to Tokenise Picasso Painting on the Blockchain read more.
11/15/2018 / 01:00:59
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Russian Developers to Help Iran Build Its Crypto-Economy read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:55:42
Themerkle Neutral - Fork Drama Sends Cryptocurrency Markets Spiraling Past Double Digit Losses read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:38:39
Ccn Neutral - Marshall Islands President Survives Crypto-Infused No-Confidence Vote read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:20:54
Cointelegraph Neutral - New York Digital Investment Group Subsidiary Acquires New York BitLicense read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:12:00
Themerkle Neutral - As Bitcoin Dropped Sharply, The Reactions Differed Greatly read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:07:54
Newsbtc Neutral - Australian Taxpayers Have Paid $1 Million to Scammers Through Bitcoin ATMs Since July read more.
11/15/2018 / 00:00:47
Ccn Neutral - Op-Ed: Will Crypto Miners Abandon Craig Wright’s Bitcoin Cash Fork? read more.
11/14/2018 / 23:25:12
Bitcoinist Neutral - Earnings Season: Traders Shift From Cooling Crypto Market to Volatile Stocks read more.
11/14/2018 / 23:00:20
Newsbtc Neutral - Tokyo Police Crackdown on Alleged Crypto Pyramid Scheme, Arrest Eight Individuals read more.
11/14/2018 / 23:00:10
Livebitcoinnews Neutral - Retail Giant Target Becomes Latest Victim of Bitcoin Twitter Scam read more.
11/14/2018 / 23:00:02
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Rosetta Coffee Company Now Accepts Cryptocurrency Payments Via New E-Commerce Platform read more.
11/14/2018 / 23:00:00
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Fork Watch: Disputed Consensus and an Abundance of Game Theory read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:55:10
Cryptoinsider Neutral - Daily Crypto Roundup 11/14/2018 read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:50:45
Cointelegraph Neutral - Spanish Telecoms Operator Partners With IBM to Manage International Calls With Blockchain read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:43:00
Coindesk Negative - The Crypto Market Just Fell to a New 2018 Low read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:41:33
Ccn Neutral - Ohio Congressman Wants to ‘Eliminate’ SEC Jurisdiciton over Crypto Industry: Report read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:27:20
Bitcoinmagazine Neutral - Korea’s KAIST University Adds Blockchain Application Courses to Curriculum read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:26:55
Bitcoinmagazine Neutral - New York Department of Financial Services Issues 14th BitLicense read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:22:42
Themerkle Neutral - Crypto Markets Drop Significantly Due to Coinbase Announcement, BTC, ETH, BCH Price Down over 10% read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:21:03
Newsbtc Neutral - Twitter Implements Scam Safeguards, but Google’s Account Still Gets Hacked read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:00:47
Cryptoglobe Neutral - New Russian Cryptojacking Malware Adapts to Users' Machines: Report read more.
11/14/2018 / 22:00:32
Ethnews.Com Neutral - Bitmain Restructures, But Jihan Wu Will Stay On The Board read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:58:36
Themerkle Neutral - Bitcoin Dips To Its Lowest Level This Year, Ether, XRP EOS Shed 15 Percent read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:41:04
Ccn Neutral - Bitcoin Price Sinks to New Yearly Low as Sell-Off Batters Crypto Markets read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:25:19
Cointelegraph Neutral - #Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash, EOS, Stellar, Litecoin, Cardano, Monero, TRON: Price Analysis, Nov. 14 read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:18:00
Newsbtc Neutral - Humans vs Uber: Will Blockchain Help? read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:10:32
Newsbtc Positive - Crypto Economist Claims Bitcoin is the “Medicine You Need” read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:00:53
Bitcoinist Neutral - $30M Shanghai-Based Cryptocurrency Trading Fund to Launch in Early 2019 read more.
11/14/2018 / 21:00:01
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Kucoin Exchange Raises $20 Million in Series A Funding Round read more.
11/14/2018 / 20:55:00

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