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Waves 30 Days price chart

USD Price
$ 1.53
Volume 24Hr
BTC 56,610.8
Market Cap.
$ 153.00 M
24 Hour Change
$ -0.22

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Neutral Crypto 101: Beginner’s Guide to Cross-Chain Atomic Swaps

Atomic swaps mean the ability to exchange digital assets across different blockchain networks without the involvement of central parties. This has piqued the interest of the crypto-community since early 2017. Atomic swaps are inherently different from decentralized cryptocurrency exchanges because they represent a novel cryptographic protocol. Here two parties seamlessly and securely exchange bitcoin or other digitalCCN

11/03/2018 / 22:05:09

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Neutral Waves Sets New Throughput Record of 6.1 Million Network Transfers

In the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry, building scalable solutions is an ongoing process. While it seems to be only a matter of time until a major breakthrough occurs, the Waves team has achieved an interesting milestone. Network statistics indicate the network handled 6.1 million transactions without any problems. Waves Transaction Throughput Soars Over the past […]NullTX.

11/01/2018 / 06:07:11

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Neutral Countries are Fighting to Appeal to Crypto Businesses: Sign of Massive Demand

There is a growing battle between small European nations that are looking to boost their economies by drawing cryptocurrency and blockchain companies into their borders by introducing regulation that is friendly to the blockchain industry. Two such nations that are currently in tight competition to win the favor of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry are...NewsBTC.

10/05/2018 / 05:02:39

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Neutral Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [September 16-23, 2018]

Report presents data on the crypto market movements over 2018, with special focus given to the analysis of trends of September 2018, notably September 16-23, 2018.The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [September 16-23, 2018] appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

09/26/2018 / 08:50:12

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Neutral Is the Waves Blockchain platform now dead?

Published on CoinnounceWaves Platform Waves is an open-source blockchain platform, designed for mass adoption. It launches in 2016, waves have been kept working to fulfill its vision of creating a truly unique blockchain product that will be an industry standard in providing the most versatile and straightforward tokenization for everyday use, all this depends on the success of […]The post Is the Waves Blockchain platform now dead? appeared first on Coinnounce.

09/20/2018 / 05:41:08

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Neutral Binance and Bithumb Announce New Crypto Listings, Prices React

Bithumb and Binance have announced listings of new coins, with Bithumb stating that Waves (WAVES) and ChainLink (LINK) will be joining its ranks, while Binance is adding BNB trading pair for TRON (TRX). Bithumb Adds Two New Coins Cryptos getting listed on new exchanges is always big news for both the coins and the exchanges...NewsBTC.

09/19/2018 / 13:30:38

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Neutral Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [September 9-16, 2018]

This report presents analysis of cryptocurrency market movements during 2018 with special attention paid to the trends seen over September 9-16, 2018.The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [September 9-16, 2018] appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

09/19/2018 / 08:23:19

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Neutral Waves Platform Negotiating with Malta Government Amidst Growing Relocation Trend

The Waves Project’s CEO, Sasha Ivanov, is engaged in negotiations with the Maltese government in an effort to gain all the proper accreditation in order to run their operations on the island. The news comes amidst a growing trend of cryptocurrency and blockchain companies moving to Malta in order to be in a country with...NewsBTC.

09/13/2018 / 22:00:57

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Neutral ‘Blockchain Island’: Waves Platform Opens Discussions with Maltese Prime Minister

The team of Waves Platform, a decentralized blockchain platform focusing on custom blockchain tokens operations, started discussion with the Maltese government for blockchain use cases.CoinSpeaker.

09/13/2018 / 07:54:03

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Neutral Manufacturing Giant Rostec to Manage Data on Waves Blockchain Platform

The Russian state-owned conglomerate will develop a blockchain to manage data on its vast holdings, which include car, helicopter and firearms makers.

09/13/2018 / 02:10:58

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Neutral Malta is Eying the Waves Cryptocurrency to Tokenize Financial Assets

It looks like Malta’s reputation as ''Blockchain Island” is continuing to gain impressive traction, with a new development that could potentially see the state begin to adopt a cryptocurrency- and blockchain-based mechanism for its services and operations. The team from Waves  — a decentralised cryptocurrency platform providing a complete ecosystem for blockchain developers — metCCN

09/13/2018 / 00:05:07

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Neutral Waves Swells 45% Upon Announcement of Smart Contract Protocol

Waves token value appreciated against the US Dollar after the company announced to launch a new smart contract protocol for their blockchain. Waves’ Smart Contract Protocol Announcement Excites Bulls The WAVES/USD value on Binance rose from 1.90-fiat to as high as 2.76-fiat on the day of the announcement, amassing over 45 percent gains. The pairCCN

09/11/2018 / 11:52:59

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Negative Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Pump Defies the Dump

FOMO Moments Markets are in a bad shape on Monday; Bitcoin Diamond and Waves recovering. Crypto markets are still in the doldrums as we start the week. A very small bounce yesterday prevented them reaching a new yearly low but levels are not far off it. Still under $200 billion, markets are at their lowest...The post Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Diamond (BCD) Pump Defies the Dump appeared first on NewsBTC.

09/10/2018 / 10:42:06

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Neutral Over 60% of Top 100 Cryptocurrencies Have No Working Product, Study Claims

Of the top 100 cryptocurrencies listed by market capitalization, only 36 are actually what the authors term “working products” in a study recently published online. Newer ecosystem website, Invest in Blockchain, commissioned the study. It’s sure to be debated, and hotly, as to which coins made the cut to 36, but the authors attempt to […]Bitcoin News.

08/18/2018 / 06:20:44

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Neutral Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [July 23-29, 2018]

Please see our report providing insights into cryptocurrency market movements during 2018, with special focus placed on the changes taking place in July 2018, most notably July 23-29, 2018.The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [July 23-29, 2018] appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

07/31/2018 / 09:03:06

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Neutral Goodbye Beta! Waves Client Officially Launches Out of Beta

The official release of Waves Client has finally been announced. Here’s everything you need to know. After 53 beta releases and thorough testing from the Waves development team, Waves Client has finally launched — and promises exceptional functionality and security. A Strong Foundation Waves is already well-known for featuring an intuitive user interface and not requiring users to synch the blockchain when using a local wallet. It also boasts robust security with client-side signatures, anRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

07/26/2018 / 00:00:56

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Neutral Waves DEX Receives Various Quality of Life Improvements

Decentralized exchanges are making their mark on the cryptocurrency industry. Most of these efforts have been fairly limited, but it appears some companies have been more active in this regard. Waves has recently revamped its DEX and introduced a new UI as well as some other improvements. Waves DEX Gets an Upgrade Even though decentralized […]

07/09/2018 / 14:00:54

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Neutral Why Waves is the Best Option for Airdrops

Waves, a major custom tokens blockchain valued at more than $310 million and currently the 44th-ranked cryptocurrency overall, has successfully turned itself into the most efficient and low-cost platform for airdrops — thanks to its top-of-the-line infrastructure and unique scaling solutions. Airdrops are the New ICOs Initial coin offerings once reigned supreme in the cryptocurrency space – but with increased regulation, the heyday of ICOs is likely coming to an end. However, when the oldRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

07/06/2018 / 06:00:24

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Neutral Waves’ Efficient and Low-Cost Blockchain is Optimized For Airdrops

Waves, a major custom tokens blockchain valued at more than $310 million, has evolved into the most efficient and low-cost platform for airdrops due to its innovative scaling solutions and infrastructure. ICOs to Airdrops: Change in Trend Over the past year, the declining hype around initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the poor performance of blockchain...NewsBTC.

07/04/2018 / 16:21:09

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Neutral Bitcoin Outperforms Pantera Capital’s Diversified Cryptocurrency Fund

Dan Morehead, CEO of Pantera Capital, shared his thoughts on the tumultuous cryptocurrency market conditions, outlining that Bitcoin has managed to outperform the company’s Digital Asset Fund in May. He also took the opportunity to criticize Warren Buffet’s overly negative position towards digital currencies.  Bitcoin Beats Diversified Cryptocurrency Basket Pantera Capital is an investment firm focused on blockchain technologies based in San Francisco. Earlier this week, Dan Morehead, the company’s CEO, told Bloomberg that BitcoinRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

06/21/2018 / 18:00:59

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Neutral Cryptos That Fell from Grace, Looking Back at Last Year’s Hot Altcoins

Ethereum Classic, Bitshares, Stratis, and Waves have all lost ground to newcomers. Things change fast in the crypto sphere and today’s hot cryptocurrency may well be tomorrow’s shitcoin. Looking back at the scene a year ago in June 2017 shows a slightly different set of coins and tokens in the top 20. The question is:...NewsBTC.

06/08/2018 / 13:00:03

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Neutral Data Transactions Arrive on Waves Mainnet

Waves, an open-source blockchain platform that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens, now affords users the ability to upload arbitrary data to its blockchain. Immutable Records Posting data to any blockchain is nothing new. Almost every blockchain allows users to post data on it, though most are not designed with this purpose in mind. As such, bloating blockchains is generally discouraged — as is the case with Bitcoin. Nevertheless, opening up theRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

06/08/2018 / 09:00:52

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Neutral Waves Wallet Platform – Not Like Ethereum

Since the inception of the WavesRead More →Crypto Core Media.

06/06/2018 / 11:11:55

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Neutral Russian Town Adopts Its Own Cryptocurrency to Replace Ruble

Farms and businesses in the town of Kolionovo are adopting a new crypto-token, the Kolion, in loo of the ruble to transact. Kolion: A Response to a Shaky Economy Mikhail Shlyapnikov is a banker turned farmer that ran into issues when he tried to take out a loan out for his farm. Banks were charging absurd 12% interest rates for small business loans. Instead, he opted to create his own currency that was to beRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

06/06/2018 / 04:00:21

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Neutral Waves Founder Clarifies Removal from UK Companies House Register

There has been a fair amount of confusion regarding the future of Waves as a company. With the company’s listing in the UK register on the verge of being scrapped, people were worried the project was about to disappear. Thankfully, that will not be the case, as Waves Platform AG is still a registered entity in Switzerland. The Future of Waves Looks Fine Earlier this week, there was some confusion and speculation regarding the Waves company. While most people know it as a blockchain project, it has a parent company registered in the United Kingdom. However, that particular company is about to

06/03/2018 / 16:00:02

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Neutral Waves Addresses False Rumors, Is Already Headquartered in Switzerland

Waves, a popular open-source blockchain platform that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens, has officially addressed the false rumors and fake news currently being circulated by less reputable sources in regards to the liquidation of the UK-registered Waves legal entity. Contrary to many unfounded and incorrect reports, the Waves platform is currently...NewsBTC.

06/01/2018 / 09:28:26

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Neutral Waves Addresses Wave of Fake News, Is Already Headquartered in Switzerland

Waves, a popular open-source blockchain platform that allows users to launch their own custom cryptocurrency tokens, has officially addressed the rumors and false information being published in regards to the alleged liquidation of the Waves legal entity registered in the UK. Fake News Contrary to many unfounded and incorrect reports currently being published in the cryptocurrency-focused media space, the Waves platform is currently not in any danger — quite the opposite, in fact. According toRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

06/01/2018 / 02:00:19

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Neutral Waves’ Potential Removal From UK’s Companies House Register Sparks Major Debate

There appears to be a lot of confusion regarding the Waves project. A new document is circulating on the internet indicating that the firm behind Waves needs to renew its registration. Failure to do so may result in the company being struck off the UK register and dissolved. No Real Concern for Waves Holders Although the document in question seems to indicate that something is amiss with the Waves project, that is not necessarily the case. All this document states is that the Waves parent company must renew its registration with the UK government within the next two months. Failure to do so will result in Waves

05/30/2018 / 19:00:56

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Neutral Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [May 21-27, 2018]

Please see our analysis of the cryptocurrency market movements during 2018, with special focus placed on the insight into the changes taking place in May 2018, most notably May 21-27, 2018.The post Weekly Cryptocurrency Market Analysis [May 21-27, 2018] appeared first on CoinSpeaker.

05/29/2018 / 07:38:23

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Neutral Why Ethereum Isn’t Going Anywhere

The World’s Computer Considering the factRead More →Crypto Core Media.

05/27/2018 / 15:35:20

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Neutral 28 Blockchain Projects to be Assessed by China

Blockchain Projects to be Assessed byRead More →Crypto Core Media.

05/13/2018 / 11:19:02

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Positive Waves Smart Contracts Arrive on the Testnet

In the world of cryptocurrency, innovation takes many different forms. Whereas most people pay attention to Bitcoin exclusively, it is not the only currency with some innovative features. Waves, for example, recently introduced its smart contract functionality. More Smart Contract Solutions is a Good Thing Competition is heating up in the world of smart contract technology. Although most people rely on Ethereum for this functionality, there are other currencies and blockchain platforms implementing similar features. Even Bitcoin will have access to smart contracts at some point, courtesy of projects such as Rootstock. More solutions means more options, which is excellent news for

05/11/2018 / 15:00:08

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Neutral Waves CEO: Security Tokens are ‘Inevitable,’ Platform Set to ‘Lead the Way’

There’s a lot of talk about cryptocurrency tokens’ status in the financial world. Are they utility tokens? Are they securities? Or are they something else entirely? Three Types of Tokens Despite a brief lull in Initial Coin Offerings over the last few months’ bear market, the token economy in the cryptocurrency space is almost back in full swing. With that bullish momentum, of course, comes discussions over the regulatory status of tokens — and sinceRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

05/08/2018 / 19:00:02

Altcoin News | Blockchain Technology | News | News teaser | Sasha Ivanov | SEC | security tokens | utility tokens | WAVES | | ICO|Trading|Market|Regulation

Neutral Waves Launching Smart Contracts on Testnet

On April 28th, Waves released the first iteration of smart contracts on its testnet. Now, activation is expected on May 3rd. A Careful and Considered Approach to Smart Contracts On Saturday, April 28th, Waves officially launched smart contracts on the platform’s testnet. This first release effectively allows community members to test non-Turing complete contracts. These smart contracts allow for a variety of account controls, in addition to other functionalities. Ilya Smagin, Head of Development forRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

05/03/2018 / 23:00:16

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Neutral Waves Releases Smart Contracts on Testnet, Blockchain Devs Can Build Powerful Apps

Waves, a decentralized blockchain platform, has released non-turing smart contracts on its testnet on April 26, which are expected to be activated on May 4. Smart Contracts Release According to Waves CEO and founder Alexander Ivanov, the smart contracts of Waves will enable blockchain developers to build scalable decentralized applications with powerful functionalities and tools....NewsBTC.

05/03/2018 / 16:23:25

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Neutral 6 Reasons Why WAVES Is Undervalued Right Now

At just under $6.84 per coin, Waves (WAVES) is currently the 38th most valuable cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Given everything the platform has to offer, it’s rather obvious that the coin’s current price is incredibly undervalued. Here are 6 reasons why. Waves-NG is the Fastest Blockchain in the World It may only be 38th on CoinMarketCap.com, but Waves is #1 when it comes to blockchain transaction speed — thanks to its implementation a ground-breaking newRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

04/30/2018 / 22:00:12

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11/14/2018 / 20:40:01

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Hey Sam, how is it going? But I must explain to you how all this mistaken idea of denouncing of a pleasure and praising pain was born
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Pretty good. Doing my homework.. No one rejects, dislikes, or avoids pleasure itself, because it is pleasure, but because
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Any chance to go out? To take a trivial example, which of us ever undertakes laborious physical exercise, except to obtain some advantage
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.. Maybe 40-50 mins. I don't know exactly. On the other hand, we denounce with righteous indignation and dislike men who are so beguiled
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Anyway sounds great! These cases are perfectly simple and easy to distinguish.