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Verge 30 Days price chart

USD Price
$ 0.01014
Volume 24Hr
BTC 8,314,930.2
Market Cap.
$ 153.84 M
24 Hour Change
$ -0.0022

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Coin USD 24 Hour Actions Verge XVG $ 0.01014 $ -0.0022 Details Exchange
Positive Verge Price Rises by Over 15% as Traders Get Excited

Most cryptocurrency markets remain unsure as to which direction they will head in throughout this week. Virtually all top coins note either minuscule gains or small losses in the past 24 hours. The Verge price is one exception, as it appears to be steaming full price ahead as of right now. Verge Price Remains Firmly […]NullTX.

10/01/2018 / 07:56:10

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Neutral #Verge Price Analysis: XVG/USD Correction from Strong Rally

Verge recently spiked roughly 30% in the past 24 hours on account of its addition into an EU exchange. Price hit a roadblock at the 0.0200 mark, though, and a pullback appears to be taking place. Applying the Fibonacci retracement tool on the latest swing low and high shows that the 61.8% level lines up...The post Verge Price Analysis: XVG/USD Correction from Strong Rally appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

09/03/2018 / 09:30:17

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Market Update: Bitcoin Cash Boosted on Stress Test Day

FOMO Moments Sunday seeing further gains; Bitcoin Cash, Neo and Verge all performing solidly. That green feeling has continued over the weekend in crypto land as the recovery gains momentum. Market capitalization has climbed a little again pushing it over $235 billion, its highest level for over three weeks. Bitcoin keeps climbing, albeit very slowly,...NewsBTC.

09/02/2018 / 08:30:40

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Neutral Verge's Blockchain Attacks Are Worth a Sober Second Look

Privacy-oriented cryptocurrency verge has dealt with several attacks recently, displaying how difficult it is to code blockchains without exploits.

06/05/2018 / 08:00:45

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Neutral Strike Three? Verge Suffers Third Suspected 51 Percent Attack

Verge (XVG), the privacy-focused cryptocurrency is the news once again as unconfirmed reports suggest that it has fallen victim to another 51 percent attack. If proven to be true, it will be the third of such attacks on the crypto’s blockchain since April. The previous two attacks resulted in the theft of $1 million and $1.8 million respectively. Details of the Suspected Hack On May 27, a Bitcointalk forum poster with the moniker “CHIEF56” calledRead MoreThe post Strike Three? Verge Suffers Third Suspected 51 Percent Attack appeared first on

05/29/2018 / 17:30:04

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Neutral 51 Percent Attack: Hackers Steals $18 Million in Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Tokens

Murphy’s Law states that “whatever can go wrong, will go wrong.” For Bitcoin Gold (BTG), this epigram appears to be spot on as the network recently fell victim to the dreaded 51 percent attack. Forensic Analysis of the BTG hack On May 18, Edward Iskra, the BTG communications director alerted the crypto community to the attack via a blog post on the Bitcoin Gold forum. According to Iskra: An unknown party with access to veryRead MoreThe post 51 Percent Attack: Hackers Steals $18 Million in Bitcoin Gold (BTG) Tokens appeared first on

05/26/2018 / 07:00:06

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Neutral Bitcoin Gold Hacked for $18 Million

It appears Bitcoin Gold (BTG) has been double spend attacked over and over again, totalling something in the neighborhood of $18 million at current prices. BTG forums seem to have been tracking the hack, going as far back as last week, monitoring the controversial coin’s hashrate, ultimately determining a 51% attack was under way. Also […]The post Bitcoin Gold Hacked for $18 Million appeared first on Bitcoin News.

05/24/2018 / 21:05:38

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Negative Verge Developers’ Failure to Patch Previous Exploit Results in Heist of 35M XVG

There is never a shortage of drama or excitement surrounding the Verge cryptocurrency. Despite having made a lot of positive headlines over the past few weeks, Verge continues to stumble. Unfortunately, it is the second time an exploit associated with this project has been discovered. So far, over $1.7 million worth of XVG has been stolen, although the full impact remains to be determined. Another Verge Exploit Causes Trouble Earlier this year, it became apparent that the Verge blockchain had fallen victim to a massive exploit. At the time, hackers stole an undisclosed amount of XVG which was subsequently converted to fiat currencies through various exchanges. It

05/24/2018 / 17:00:26

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Positive Verge Begins Making Inroads in the Healthcare Industry

Even though not everyone likes the Verge currency or its ecosystem, the success of this project cannot be denied. It appears Verge is of great interest to all kinds of industries, ranging from adult entertainment networks to the health sector. It’s the latter development which is especially surprising, albeit very intriguing. The Health Sector and Verge It is rather interesting to see cryptocurrencies making inroads in so many different sectors all of a sudden. For Verge, one of the privacy-oriented cryptocurrency projects, things are headed in a positive direction. After a major deal was struck with Pornhub and Brazzers, it seems a completely different industry

05/23/2018 / 17:00:19

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Neutral Op-ed: China Ranked [51% Attack] Verge and Bitcoin at #13 in Blockchain List

On May 22, CCN reported that Verge (XVG), a privacy-focused cryptocurrency, fell victim to yet another 51 percent attack. Altcoin mining pool operator Suprnova revealed that an individual or an organization has invalidated legitimate blocks. Verge Attack “Verge is once again under attack, someone is 51%’ing the chain and invalidating all legit blocks. All poolsThe post Op-ed: China Ranked [51% Attack] Verge and Bitcoin at #13 in Blockchain List appeared first on CCN

05/23/2018 / 14:50:37

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Neutral Verge Loses $1.7 Million as Hackers Double Down on Vulnerabilities

Verge, a cryptocurrency that boasts security, anonymity, and privacy as it’s strong points has been hit by another so-called 51% hack. Same Hack Different Day Only a day after announcing a new partnership with the medical supplement company DIOXYME to allow customers to pay with its XVG cryptocurrency, Verge has lost an estimated 35 million coins...The post Verge Loses $1.7 Million as Hackers Double Down on Vulnerabilities appeared first on NewsBTC.

05/23/2018 / 10:30:20

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Neutral Verge Struck by Second PoW Attack in as Many Months

Accident-prone altcoin verge has been crippled by yet another mining attack. A little over a month after being subjected to a 51% attack, the network is once again at the mercy of a malevolent attacker who is rejecting blocks and profiting handsomely off the carnage caused. The repeat attack illustrates the risks faced by low […]Bitcoin News.

05/23/2018 / 04:40:19

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Neutral You Can Now Buy Performance Enhancers with Verge After Partnership with Health Firm

Verge has announced that online supplement suppliers DIOXYME now accept payment in Verge (XVG) through the CoinPayments plugin. DIOXYME, which sells protein powder, nootropics and performance enhancers are offering a 10% discount using the code Verge10. Verge Focuses on Real-World Adoption Verge is currently accepted by 94 vendors and can be used to pay for...NewsBTC.

05/22/2018 / 20:00:42

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Neutral Verge (XVG) Hacked Again, 35 Million XVG Tokens Reportedly Generated by Hacker

It appears Verge has suffered another hack, barely one month after the previous attack. According to reports filtering in on online crypto forums, the attackers seem to be using pretty much the same tactics at the last time. Hacker Used Modified Version of the Previous Attack Vector According to Bitcointalk user “Ocminer,” the attacker used a modified version of last month’s attack vector to spoof the blockchain. Instead of one algorithm, the hacker used twoRead MoreThe post Verge (XVG) Hacked Again, 35 Million XVG Tokens Reportedly Generated by Hacker appeared first on

05/22/2018 / 19:00:16

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Neutral Privacy Coin Verge Succumbs to 51% Attack [Again]

Privacy-centric cryptocurrency Verge (XVG) appears to have succumbed to a 51 percent attack for the second time since the beginning of April. According to data published on BitcoinTalk by forum user ocminer — operator of altcoin mining pool Suprnova — an attacker appears to have successfully forked the Verge blockchain through a 51 percent attack.The post Privacy Coin Verge Succumbs to 51% Attack [Again] appeared first on CCN

05/22/2018 / 17:13:48

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Neutral Verge -XVG – Reportedly Being Hacked at $1,000 Per Minute

Verge – XVG – Being StolenRead More →The post Verge -XVG – Reportedly Being Hacked at $1,000 Per Minute appeared first on Crypto Core Media.

05/22/2018 / 16:51:06

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Neutral Pornhub Models Can Now Accept Verge as Payment

Ever since Verge partnered with Pornhub, things seemingly have made little sense when it comes to the latter platform. Even so, it shows they are genuinely interested in cryptocurrency for various reasons. Pornhub’s latest venture involves paying models in the Verge cryptocurrency. It’s a surprising decision, and one that raises a lot of questions. Pornhub has an Ambitious Plan Verge surprised the entire cryptocurrency ecosystem when they announced a partnership with Pornhub not that long ago. At first, some enthusiasts assumed it was ‘fake news’, as there is very little reason for a respected entity such as Pornhub to partner with one of the

05/18/2018 / 16:00:24

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Neutral Forget Bitcoin, These Altcoins Are Leading the Way in Merchant Adoption

Since its inception, one of the major goals of the cryptocurrency community has been the adoption of Bitcoin as a payment method for goods and services. As it stands now, consumers can use Bitcoin across a number of industries to purchase everything from real estate, to PCs, to pizza. However, Bitcoin’s high transaction costs, deflationary nature, and full transparency represent some of the shortcomings that prevent Bitcoin from seeing widespread merchant adoption. As such, enthusiasts, consumers, and producers alike have gotten behind a number of altcoins as mediums of exchange for a variety of uses. While Bitcoin acted as the catalyst for the first

05/16/2018 / 20:00:00

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Neutral Verge Community Members Push for a Spotify Partnership

It seems that drama and excitement are reaching new heights in the Verge world. After an announced partnership with Pornhub, the community is now looking toward the future. A potential partnership with Spotify will certainly introduce a lot of changes, but it seems unlikely this altcoin will be successful in achieving that goal. Verge and Spotify Deal Remains Unlikely It has to be said that interesting partnerships are forged in the cryptocurrency world quite regularly. In such cases, the momentum and hype can elevate a particular currency to a whole new level in short order. In the case of Verge, the reality

05/08/2018 / 15:00:57

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Neutral Verge Uses Porn to Angle for Spotify Partnership

Love it or hate it Verge is one of those cryptocurrencies that gets a reaction. Crypto groups on social media seem to spend most of their time bashing XVG but there is no denying that the altcoin has performed well over the past two months and the team is equally active online. Following its partnership...NewsBTC.

05/07/2018 / 09:00:53

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Neutral Bitcoin Price Dips Below $9,000 But Tron and Verge Continue to Record Gains

The bitcoin price has dipped below the $9,000 mark, recording a 4 percent drop in value overnight. Despite bitcoin’s struggle, several tokens including Tron (TRX) and Verge (XVG) have recorded major gains over the past 24 hours with XVG demonstrating a 10 percent increase in value. Best Performers: MANA, XVG and Tron The best performersThe post Bitcoin Price Dips Below $9,000 But Tron and Verge Continue to Record Gains appeared first on CCN

05/01/2018 / 04:46:44

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Neutral Asian Cryptocurrency Trading Roundup May 1: Leading Altcoin is Verge

FOMO Moments For the second day now crypto markets have retracted slightly and selling pressure is still dominant. Total market capitalization remains over $400 billion for now which is still a good sign for the longer term recovery. However the board is red this morning and all cryptos aside from one or two have fallen....NewsBTC.

05/01/2018 / 04:30:16

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Neutral Bitcoin Price Rebounds to $9,200 After a 10% Decline, Market Begins to Rebound

The bitcoin price has rebounded to $9,200 after experiencing a 10 percent decline on April 26, from $9,700 to $8,800. The sharp decline in the price of bitcoin was said to be triggered by the sale of the Mt. Gox trustee funds. Swift Recovery More than 17,000 bitcoins were said to be dumped on the … ContinuedThe post Bitcoin Price Rebounds to $9,200 After a 10% Decline, Market Begins to Rebound appeared first on CCN

04/27/2018 / 06:24:42

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