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Neutral Swiss Crypto Exchange-Traded Product Launching Nov. 21, But It’s Not an ETF has confirmed that the exchange-traded product tracking an index of five leading cryptocurrencies will start trading on Switzerland’s principal stock exchange on Nov. 21. The exchange has also confirmed that this product is not an exchange-traded fund (ETF). The country’s financial regulator, Finma, explains the differences. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto […]Bitcoin News.

11/19/2018 / 23:40:41

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Neutral Thai Central Banker: A National Cryptocurrency Is Years Away

Central bankers have been talking about issuing their own digital coins ever since they first saw the appeal that bitcoin holds for many people. However, the latest indications point to it being a very long time until we will see national crypto assets coming from any stable economies. Also Read: The Daily: Teens Want Bitcoin, […]Bitcoin News.

11/19/2018 / 16:00:20

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Neutral Crypto Exchange-Traded Product to Launch on Swiss Stock Exchange

The first ever exchange-traded product tracking multiple cryptocurrencies will start trading next week on Switzerland's Six stock exchange.

11/19/2018 / 13:40:21

News | Capital Markets | Switzerland | Investing | SIX Group | exchange traded products | Amun | | Exchange|Business|Trading

Neutral Could Switzerland’s Crypto ETP Increase the Chance of a Bitcoin ETF Approval?

This week, SIX Swiss Exchange, Switzerland’s principal stock exchange based in Zurich, approved the listing of a crypto exchange-traded product (ETP) with the ticker ''HODL.” Like the Coinbase Index and Bitwise Hold 10, Amum ETP represents the value of five cryptocurrencies that include Bitcoin (BTC), Ripple (XRP), Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and Ethereum (ETH).The post Could Switzerland’s Crypto ETP Increase the Chance of a Bitcoin ETF Approval? appeared first on CCN

11/19/2018 / 00:15:33

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Neutral Halal: Islamic Scholars Certify Swiss Crypto Firm X8’s New Cryptocurrency

The issue of Islamic classification of cryptocurrency has been ongoing since the rise of bitcoin’s popularity, with debate over whether or not bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are considered halal (permitted) or haram (forbidden). This is due to the stringent guidelines regarding monetary classification laid out in the Muslim faith, with conditions forbidding usury (the act of lending forCCN

11/18/2018 / 23:05:04

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Neutral World’s First Crypto ETF to Be Listed on Swiss Exchange Next Week

Switzerland gives the go-ahead for the world’s first crypto exchange-traded fund to be listed next week.  Finally, a Crypto ETF Gets Approval The last couple of years have seen many failed attempts by cryptocurrency firms to get approval from regulators for Bitcoin-based Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) especially in the US. A crypto-based ETF would pave...Live Bitcoin News.

11/18/2018 / 17:00:12

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Neutral Switzerland Approves First Bitcoin-Cryptocurrency ETF with Ticker $HODL

The Bitcoin ETF $HODL, offered by Amun Crypto, will begin trading on Switzerland’s Six Swiss Exchange beginning next week. The ETF’s earnings will be linked to five different cryptocurrencies. The ETF is being offered by Amun Crypto, a U.K. based fintech company. It will begin trading on Six Swiss Exchange next week. Six is Switzerland’s chief stock exchange, as well as the fourth largest in Europe. According to the Financial Times, the ETF ''[…] has beenRead MoreThe post Switzerland Approves First Bitcoin-Cryptocurrency ETF with Ticker $HODL appeared first on

11/18/2018 / 10:00:42

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Neutral World’s First Crypto ETP Gets Green light in Switzerland

The SIX Swiss Exchange has given the go-ahead to an exchange-traded product tracking multiple cryptocurrencies, according to a Financial Times report. The Swiss regulators have raced ahead of the U.S., by agreeing to greenlight the Amun Crypto Exchange Traded Product (ETP). Based on the reports, the Amun Crypto ETP,, will have half of its assets investedCCN

11/18/2018 / 09:37:39

Exchanges | News | Amun | ETPS | SiX Swiss | switzerland | | Exchange

Neutral Cryptocurrency ETF Gets Swiss Licence, Trading in Zurich

Amun AG will trade shares of an index based on five cryptocurrencies on the SIX Swiss Exchange.

11/18/2018 / 09:20:08

News | bitocin | cryptocurrency | Etf | Ethereum | exchange | index | switzerland | | Exchange|Market|ETH|Trading

Neutral Major Swiss Stock Exchange SIX Lists the World’s First Crypto ETP Amidst Market Collapse

Leading European stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange will list the world’s first crypto exchange-traded product next week

11/18/2018 / 08:08:00

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Exchange-Traded Product Live on Swiss Stock Exchange Next Week

An exchange-traded product tracking an index of five leading cryptocurrencies reportedly will start trading on Switzerland’s Six stock exchange next week. The product will be available to both retail and institutional investors. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Trading on Six Swiss Exchange The Financial Times reported on Friday that Switzerland’s Six […]Bitcoin News.

11/18/2018 / 06:55:41

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Neutral Central Bank of Azerbaijan won’t be implementing its own cryptocurrency, says chairman Alim Guliyev

Bad news for Azerbaijani crypto-enthusiasts… Alim Guliyev, first Chairman of The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA), announced in a recent statement that the national bank has no plan to implement its own digital currency. In a statement given in Baku on Thursday, Guliyev stated the bank’s conservative attitude toward banking, stating its apprehension toward the […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/16/2018 / 23:36:18

Crypto | News | Azerbaijan | | Fiat

Neutral Azerbaijan: Central Bank Doesn’t Plan to Issue Its Own Cryptocurrency

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan doesn’t plan to issue its own digital currency, considering it very “risky”

11/16/2018 / 11:59:00

Altcoin | Azerbaijan | Central Bank | Cryptocurrencies | | Fiat|Altcoin

Neutral Central Bank of Azerbaijan Rules Out Issuing Cryptocurrency

The Central Bank of Azerbaijan (CBA) has indicated that it does not intend to issue a state-backed cryptocurrency, also known as a central bank digital currency (CBDC). Speaking to reporters in Baku on November 15, CBA first Chairman Alim Guliyev stated that the Bank treats cryptocurrencies conservatively, based on a belief that the use ofCCN

11/16/2018 / 08:29:42

Bitcoin Regulation | News | Azerbaijan | cbdc | Central Bank Digital Currencies | central banks | | Fiat

Neutral Switzerland’s SEBA Says It’s on the Verge of Obtaining a Banking and Securities Dealer License

SEBA Crypto AG – a cryptocurrency startup based in Zug, Switzerland – is allegedly on the verge of obtaining a banking and securities dealer license sometime during the second quarter of 2019. What Can You Do with That? The license will be granted by FINMA, Switzerland’s financial market regulator. Should SEBA obtain the approval it...Live Bitcoin News.

11/15/2018 / 03:00:50

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Neutral Activists Use Crypto to Protect ‘Rap Against Dictatorship’ from Government Censorship

Anti-government activists in Thailand are using crypto tech to help prevent authorities from censoring ''Rap Against Dictatorship,” a controversial music video that has gone viral in the country. The video, which excoriates Thai government and military authorities on a number of social issues, has achieved runaway success in Thailand, amassing more than 28 million viewsCCN

11/12/2018 / 01:44:58

Blockchain News | Interview | News | thailand | zcoin | zerocoin | | Technology

Neutral Hodler’s Digest, November 5-11: Star Trek’s Captain Kirk Defends ETH Decentralization, While Fake Elon Musks Overrun Twitter

Elon Musk fakes ask for crypto on Twitter, while William Shatner gives a shout out to Vitalik Buterin — read more in this week’s Hodler’s Digest

11/11/2018 / 16:03:00

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Neutral Influential Swiss regulator places high-risk rating on banks’ crypto bags

FINMA is advising a conservative approach to crypto-investment, telling banks to put plenty aside to offset potential losses.  The influential Swiss Financial Markets Authority (FINMA) is reportedly advising banks under its regulation that cryptocurrency assets should be risk weighted at eight times their market value when it comes to calculating their capital buffers. Such risk […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/09/2018 / 07:36:25

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Neutral Swiss Cyber Authorities Identify Crypto Trojans: Dridex, Gozi, Monerominer

Published on CoinnounceSwitzerland’s financial institutions continue to be exploited by cybercriminals, says the latest research report by cybercrime authorities. The only except in 2018 is that the targets are no longer banks but crypto exchanges. The research identified Monerominer virus, as the sixth most significant malware thanks to the anonymous nature of the virtual asset.   MELANI […]Coinnounce.

11/09/2018 / 06:17:19

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Neutral Does Blockchain Bring More Trust in Online Gambling?

Published on CoinnounceThere Are Deep Trust Issues in Online Gambling – Does Blockchain Promise a Solution? Gambling is possibly one of the best-regulated industries out there. There should be little cause for players to worry. There have been isolated incidents, such as Absolute Poker stealing up to $1 million from its players over ten years ago, but […]The post Does Blockchain Bring More Trust in Online Gambling? appeared first on Coinnounce.

11/06/2018 / 15:57:49

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Neutral Swiss Regulator Advises Banks to Apply 800% Risk Weighting to Cryptos

The guidelines from the regulator were set out in a confidential letter seen by

11/06/2018 / 08:07:49

Regulation | crypto regulations | cryptocurrencies | finma | institutional | switzerland | | Regulation

Neutral Report: Swiss Financial Watchdog Recommends Banks Set Crypto Risk Coverage at 800%

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority has reportedly advised banks to weigh crypto assets at 800% of their value when calculating risk coverage

11/06/2018 / 03:17:00

Altcoin | Switzerland | Banks | Cryptocurrencies | Government | | Market|Altcoin

Neutral Swiss Regulator Imposes 800% Risk Weighting for Bank Crypto Trading

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) has instructed banks dealing in cryptoassets to apply a risk weighting of eight times their market value  when calculating loss-absorbing capital buffers. In a confidential letter seen by, the regulator also imposed a 4 percent cap on crypto positions as a percentage of total capital held by banks,CCN

11/05/2018 / 19:04:07

Bitcoin Regulation | News | FINMA | switzerland | | Market|Trading|Fiat

Neutral Swiss Finance Watchdog Tells Banks to Treat Crypto Trading As High Risk

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) is giving tough guidance to banks wanting to trade in crypto assets, a report indicates.

11/05/2018 / 18:00:39

Regulation | News | Europe | Switzerland | Banking | FINMA | cryptocurrency trading | | Market|Regulation|Trading

Neutral Swiss Regulator: Crypto Assets Need 800% Risk Weighting In Absence Of Formal Rules

Swiss financial regulator has informally signaled cryptocurrency investments should have a risk weighting ratio of 800 percent of the original amount. FINMA Highlights Bank, Dealer Queries According to local news media outlet Swissinfo, the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) revealed the figure in October in response to a query by trustee and accountant association EXPERTsuisse. In the letter, dated October 15, FINMA suggested it had come under pressure to provide clarity on the issueRead

11/05/2018 / 16:00:32

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Neutral Azerbaijan Wants to Adopt Blockchain on Ministry of Justice Databases

Azerbaijan is joining the list of governments adopting distributed ledger technology to promote efficiencies. Osman Gunduz, Chair of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum (AMF), announced the country will start using blockchain on the information systems and registries of the Ministry of Justice. Azerbaijan Government Eyes Blockchain Application on Notaries, Courts, Penitentiaries, NGOs, Registries The Azerbaijani Internet Forum is...NewsBTC.

11/04/2018 / 01:00:54

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Neutral Azerbaijan Government to Use Blockchain Technology for Governance

The Ministry of Justice of Azerbaijan plans to leverage blockchain technology and smart contracts to improve public services. Ministry Focuses on Housing and Utilities Azerbaijan is taking steps towards implementing blockchain technology in the housing and utilities sector, according to Osman Gunduz, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Internet Forum (AMF). Speaking to Trend News Agency, Gunduz...Live Bitcoin News.

11/02/2018 / 19:00:09

Blockchain Technology | News | Smart Contracts | Azerbaijan | blockchain technology | smart contracts | | Blockchain|Technology|BTC

Neutral Azerbaijan Targets Utilities, Justice System for Blockchain, Smart Contracts Use

Utilities and justice sectors form latest focus for blockchain after reports of an extensive digitization scheme in Azerbaijan

11/02/2018 / 09:16:00

Blockchain | Smart Contracts | Azerbaijan | | Blockchain

Neutral Ernst & Young Unveils Its Own Product Built on Ethereum Blockchain

CoinSpeakerErnst & Young Unveils Its Own Product Built on Ethereum BlockchainErnst & Young introduced its unique zero-knowledge proof privacy solution that is aimed at reducing barriers to blockchain adoption.Ernst & Young Unveils Its Own Product Built on Ethereum Blockchain

11/01/2018 / 10:22:27

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Neutral The Daily: Nexo to Pay Interest on Stablecoins, Startups Launch Bank Services

In this edition of The Daily, we cover Nexo’s recent decision to pay interest on stablecoin holdings, as well as a project by two Swiss cryptocurrency companies to offer exchange and custodial solutions for financial institutions that handle digital assets. We also look at Bitfinex’s newly updated app for ''on-the-go” traders.  Also read: Security Startup Raises […]Bitcoin News.

10/31/2018 / 13:50:47

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Neutral EY Reveals Zero-Knowledge Proof Privacy Solution for Ethereum

EY has announced a prototype that uses zero-knowledge proofs to allow companies to create ethereum tokens while keeping transaction private.

10/31/2018 / 09:30:50

News | Ethereum | Business News | Technology News | Tokens | EY | Zero-knowledge proofs | | ETH|ICO

Neutral The Daily: Security Startup Raises $30M, Crypto Used to Fight Plastic Pollution

In today’s edition of The Daily, we focus on an Israeli crypto security startup that has raised $30 million in funding from a number of notable companies. We also look at how tokens are being used to clean up the environment, as well as efforts by major auditing firms to service clients in the cryptocurrency […]The post The Daily: Security Startup Raises $30M, Crypto Used to Fight Plastic Pollution appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/30/2018 / 10:15:26

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Neutral Vive la Bitcoin! French University Accepts Tuition Payments in Crypto

Financia Business School in Paris is accepting tuition payments in Bitcoin, much to the delight of some of its foreign students. Disruptive technology is the way of the future. Thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, processes like supply chain management and cross-border payments have been made more efficient while saving companies money in the process. It’s no...Live Bitcoin News.

10/30/2018 / 03:30:38

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Neutral Square Further Pushes Crypto Innovations Open-sourcing Its Bitcoin Storage Solution

Payments processing company Square open-sources its Bitcoin cold storage technology, aiming to encourage further crypto innovation.CoinSpeaker.

10/24/2018 / 15:36:43

Bitcoin (BTC) | Companies | Cryptocurrencies | News | Wallets | beancounter | bitcoin | bitcoin storage | btc | square | subzero | subzero square | | BTC|Technology

Neutral The Daily: Square Open-Sources Subzero, Coin Stats Launches Chat Platform

In this edition of The Daily, we look at Square’s recent decision to open-source its Subzero cold storage solution. We also focus on Bitcurate’s new cryptocurrency market intelligence service, as well as the chat platform that Coin Stats is launching for cryptocurrency investors and coin teams. Also read: Binance to Expand in Singapore, Uphold Launches Loan […]Bitcoin News.

10/24/2018 / 14:00:23

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Neutral World First: Swiss Bank Enables Clients to Buy ICO Tokens

The leading digital Switzerland-based bank Swissquote Group Holding SA will reportedly become the first bank in the world to provide its clients with the opportunity to take part in initial coin offerings (ICOs). A Serious Breakthrough Up until today, if a user wanted to participate in an ICO, they would need to have a basic...Live Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 17:00:42

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Neutral Swiss Financial Association Publishes Anti-Money Laundering Standards for Digital Assets

The independent Swiss Capital Markets and Technology Association (CMTA) has published anti-money laundering standards for digital assets and DLT in the financial market

10/23/2018 / 15:15:00

Bitcoin Regulation | Switzerland | Cryptocurrencies | AML | CFTC | | Market|Technology

Neutral Swissquote Becomes First Bank Worldwide to Launch ICO Service

Online Swiss bank Swissquote announced the launch of its ICO offering, becoming the first bank worldwide to allow customers to buy tokens issued within an initial coin offering (ICO) supported by the Swissquote platform. Swiss Diamond Producer Set to Raise $60.73 Million in First Bank-Mediated ICO Ever As the financial industry adapts to the emerging...NewsBTC.

10/22/2018 / 20:05:38

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Neutral Online Bank Swissquote Enters ICO Market With Purchase and Custody Option for Clients

Online bank Swissquote begins offering ICO tokens it will store on clients’ behalf

10/22/2018 / 10:12:00

Altcoin | Switzerland | Banks | ICO | | ICO|Fiat|Market|Altcoin

Neutral ING Bank Launches Zero-Knowledge Tech for Blockchain Privacy

ING Bank has continued further down the road of advanced blockchain privacy with the release of its Zero-Knowledge Set Membership (ZKSM) solution.

10/21/2018 / 21:06:43

News | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Banking | Privacy | MIT | ING | Zero-knowledge proofs | ING Bank | | Blockchain|Fiat|Technology

Neutral World’s Biggest Banks Helped Clients Steal $63 Billion in Taxes in Europe

Europe’s top banks allegedly helped wealthy clients across the continent steal 55 billion euros ($63 billion) from multiple governments by making tax reclaims to which they were not entitled, an investigation has revealed. The theft centred around a complex scheme of trading stocks that also involved hedge funds and large international commercial law firms. Also […]The post World’s Biggest Banks Helped Clients Steal $63 Billion in Taxes in Europe appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/21/2018 / 06:10:56

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Neutral Civil Refunds its ICO Investors in Token Sale Failure

The Civil Media Company’s ambitious plan to sell $8 million worth of its cryptocurrency token CVL, and fund a decentralized platform for new journalism, has failed for now. Many investors were skeptical of Civil’s vision, and they were proven right when Civil announced on Tuesday it will refund its investors. Civil’s hyped initial coin offering (ICO) failed to attract enough interest. Civil announced it will give refunds to all CVL token buyers by October 29th. WhatRead

10/18/2018 / 23:00:09

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Neutral Overstock’s tZero Issues SEC-Complaint Security Tokens

tZero announced it has issued its preferred tZero security tokens, sold during the Security Token Offering (STO) earlier this year. The company raised $134 million from investors worldwide during the months-long STO. ICO to STO The offering launched as a more typical pre-sale ICO towards the end of last year. This became the second stage STO in March, after review by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). tZero raised $134 million from investors worldwide over theRead

10/17/2018 / 17:00:12

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Neutral Bithumb Launches New DEX with No Transaction Fees and Airdrop Event

Bithumb, South Korea’s second largest cryptocurrency exchange officially launched its Decentralised Exchange (DEX) on October 15 and marked the occasion with two events – free transaction fee event and an Airdrop event, the details of which have been published on the company website. No Transaction fee period and Airdrop event The Free Transaction Fee event...NewsBTC.

10/16/2018 / 12:00:01

Crypto | Industry | airdrop | Bithumb | decentralized exchange | DEX | zero fees | | Exchange

Neutral Argentina, Venezuela, and Egypt Post Record P2P Bitcoin Trading Volumes

During October 2018, Bitcoin trading volumes on the peer-to-peer (P2P) platform LocalBitcoins reached peak levels in Argentina, Venezuela, and Egypt. Elsewhere, places like Croatia and Switzerland are at their lowest levels since the start of 2018. Bitcoin is a Haven Asset in Argentina With the continuing economic crisis in Argentina, it is perhaps unsurprising to see people flocking to Bitcoin (BTC) as a haven for their wealth. Since April 2018, the peso – Argentina’s fiat currencyRead

10/16/2018 / 07:00:52

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Neutral Research: Corporations Fail to Deliver on Blockchain Hype, Scalability a Top Concern

A new report from Greenwich Associates, a provider of market intelligence and advisory services to the financial services industry, tries to answer the question: “Why have the tech and financial industries lagged their own blockchain expectations?” It identifies technical challenges as causing corporations to fail to deliver on the hype they created around a buzzword […]Bitcoin News.

10/14/2018 / 16:15:39

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Neutral Crypto Funds Gets Greenlight from Swiss Financial Markets Regulator

In a move that clearly shows the government’s resolve to encourage investments in cryptocurrencies, Switzerland’s financial markets regulator has opened the floodgates for institutional participation in cryptocurrencies. Zug-based Crypto Finance AG subsidiary Crypto Fund AG becomes the first company to get the green light from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) to offer a wideCCN

10/12/2018 / 08:10:27

Bitcoin Regulation | FINMA | Seba | switzerland | | Market

Neutral World First: Switzerland’s FINMA Awards Asset Management License to a Cryptocurrency Platform

Cryptocurrency asset firm, Crypto Finance, has made history by being the first crypto platform to receive approval from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). Regulations are, arguably, a great way to increase mass adoption in the crypto industry. People and investors may be interested in entering the market but volatility and a Wild West reputation...Live Bitcoin News.

10/12/2018 / 01:30:54

Altcoin News | Industry and Adoption | News | Asia | Crypto Fund | Hong Kong | Monetary Authority of Singapore | regulations | switzerland | zug | | Market|BTC|Asia|Business

Neutral Billion-Dollar Startups Flourishing in Switzerland’s ‘Crypto Valley’

The top 50 cryptocurrency and blockchain-related companies in Switzerland’s version of Silicon Valley are now worth $44 billion combined, underscoring the steady growth of the Swiss crypto industry. Altogether, cryptocurrency firms employ about 3,000 people throughout the small country. Included among the top 50 are five ''unicorns,” or startups with a market valuation of more […]Bitcoin News.

10/10/2018 / 20:50:49

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Neutral In Switzerland, Crypto Finance AG Obtains First Ever Cryptocurrency Asset Management License

In what is a first for Switzerland, Crypto Fund, a subsidiary of Crypto Finance AG, recently obtained a cryptocurrency asset management from the country’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA). The company becomes the first to be authorized to provide full spectrum services to institutional investors regarding blockchain-based assets. FINMA Grants Crypto Fund Full Cryptocurrency Asset Management License According to Bloomberg, the license puts Crypto Finance AG in the same bracket as other non-cryptocurrency asset managementRead

10/10/2018 / 13:00:44

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11/20/2018 / 08:48:58

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