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BTC 34,024.3
Market Cap.
$ 194.61 M
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$ 0.0018

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Coin USD 24 Hour Actions Basic Attention Token BAT $ 0.1297 $ 0.0018 Details Exchange
Neutral The Daily: Argentina Meets 2019 With New BATMs, Russia Budgets Millions to Block Sites

In this edition of The Daily, we focus on the growing number of bitcoin ATMs in Argentina. Five new devices have been installed recently in Buenos Aires. We also look at a report that Russia’s telecom watchdog plans to spend millions of dollars to restrict access to banned websites and services such as Telegram. And […]Bitcoin News.

12/24/2018 / 13:30:12

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Neutral Digital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019

CoinSpeakerDigital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019International digital assets exchange Interdax has announced its launch in January, promising a testnet trading battle with a $100,000 giveaway.Digital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019

12/24/2018 / 12:00:22

Altcoins | Bitcoin (BTC) | Cryptocurrencies | News | interdax | interdax ico | interdax testnet | interdax token sale | interdax trading battle | | Trading|Exchange|Altcoin

Neutral Brave Browser Donations Controversy: Not Optional For Creators

When Bitcoinist reported on the ability to tip content creators directly from Brave browser, that was a positive thing, right? Actually, not so much when it uses creators’ names and photos, to collect donations ‘for them’, without their consent. The Brave YouTuber Popular British YouTuber, Tom Scott, takes pride in not asking for donations or crowdfunding on any platform. He recently found out that Brave had been using his name and image to collect donations onRead

12/22/2018 / 15:00:25

Altcoins | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | Browser | donations | Tom Scott | Youtube | | Altcoin

Neutral Bitcoin ATMs Double in Number This Year

For a markedly bearish year, 2018 turns out to have been pretty good for the spread of cryptocurrency teller machines. The number of bitcoin ATMs around the world has approximately doubled in the past 12 months. More than 4,000 devices in almost 80 countries are now exchanging fiat money for digital coins.    Also read: […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 06:50:39

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Neutral Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

CoinSpeakerCoinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European MarketsCoinbase said Thursday it had expanded its product to several European countries and overseas territories, including Lithuania, Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

12/21/2018 / 10:09:38

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Neutral 9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum Tokens

CoinSpeaker9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum TokensOn their 9th day of Christmas, Coinbase decided to include new coins on their platform. Earlier this year they were announcing their intention to support the ERC20 technical standard across Coinbase.9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum Tokens

12/19/2018 / 10:23:57

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Neutral Binance Labs Launches 8 Blockchain Startups

Binance Labs recently announced the launch of eight projects which have been incubated over the course of the last few months. The San Francisco chapter of Binance Labs ended its ten-week Incubation Program which focused on providing guidance, mentorship, and resources to each project. Over 500 project teams applied for the program, and after an intensive review … ContinuedCCN

12/18/2018 / 21:16:31

Blockchain News | Exchanges | FinTech News | Funding | News | Binance | incubation | incubator | startup | | Exchange|Blockchain

Neutral Binance Incubator Program to Foster Innovation For Blockchain and Crypto

The bear market this year has seen an exodus from cryptocurrencies for a lot of people and companies. Not all are so pessimistic though and not all are in it for a quick buck. Binance is one of the pioneers of the industry and has recently launched a program to foster innovation for blockchain and...NewsBTC.

12/17/2018 / 09:00:47

Blockchain | Industry | Binance | blockchain | dapps | education | incubator | | Blockchain|Exchange|Market|Trading

Neutral Binance Announces Global Expansion Introducing Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New Cities

CoinSpeakerBinance Announces Global Expansion Introducing Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New CitiesWith a view to support the most talented teams in different corners of the world, Binance will expand its incubation programs to 5 new cities.Binance Announces Global Expansion Introducing Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New Cities

12/14/2018 / 09:18:08

Altcoins | Bitcoin (BTC) | Companies | Cryptocurrencies | News | binance | binance crypto incubator | binance labs | binance news | | Exchange|Altcoin

Neutral The HTC Exodus 1 ‘Blockchain Phone’ is Here and It’s Underwhelming

This week saw the first reviews of the HTC Exodus 1 blockchain phone, as ‘Genesis Block’ pre-orders started to ship. However, threatening to steal HTC’s thunder came crypto-related trademark applications from Samsung, amid speculation features may arrive early next year. HTC Exodus Arrival So it’s finally here; 7 months on from its announcement in May, the first units of the HTC Exodus 1 have shipped. Throughout those 7 months, hyperbole has flowed, but actual detailRead

12/13/2018 / 22:00:27

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Neutral Binance Is Expanding Its Crypto Incubator to 5 New Cities

One goal of the incubator is to foster projects that could get their tokens listed on Binance's exchange.

12/13/2018 / 20:00:02

Features | Startups | Incubators | Binance | Binance Labs | | Exchange|ICO

Neutral HTC Exodus 1 Blockchain Smartphone Will Ship with Brave Browser

The Exodus 1 is HTC’s cryptocurrency and blockchain oriented phone. It’s designed as a native blockchain mobile and to work securely with cryptocurrency and decentralized applications (dApps). Revealed in a recent tweet by co-founder Brendan Eich, who also developed the Firefox Mozilla browser, Brave will be HTC’s default browser. We are very happy to haveCCN

12/13/2018 / 09:35:47

Altcoin News | Bitcoin Progress | Blockchain News | Ethereum News | News | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | Brave Browser | Brendan Eich | HTC | htc exodus | phil chen | Sirin Labs | | Blockchain

Neutral Analysis: the 19 cryptocurrencies that are outperforming the bear market

Bitcoin may be struggling, but there’s a bunch of cryptocurrencies who are faring better than most over the past six months. Here’s our in-depth look… Six months is not a long time in the great scheme of things. But in crypto, looking back to half a year ago is like seeing a different world. We’re […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/13/2018 / 06:39:10

Crypto | Feature | Markets | BAT | Bear Market | bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | Dogecoin | Electroneum | factom | qash | | Market|BTC|Trading

Neutral HTC’s Blockchain Phone Selects Brave as Default Browser

Brave is an anti-advertising web browser with its own cryptocurrency.

12/09/2018 / 16:08:10

News | BAT | blockchain | brave | exodus | Hogeg | htc | litecoin | | Blockchain|LTC

Neutral BCH Upgrades: What’s New and What’s Next

It’s been two weeks since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork that upgraded the BCH chain and resulted in a blockchain split. But although many people have been focusing on the birth of Bitcoin SV, a number of BCH proponents are already moving forward and discussing the network’s latest upgrades, as well as the next hard […]Bitcoin News.

11/29/2018 / 00:10:38

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Neutral Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum Classic and More that 100k Other ERC20 Tokens

CoinSpeakerCoinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum Classic and More that 100k Other ERC20 TokensIn the wake of upcoming upgrade Coinbase Wallet will serve Ethereum Classic (ETC) and all of the 100,000+ ERC20 tokens available on the Ethereum blockchain, the official statement revealed. Coinbase Wallet Adds Support for Ethereum Classic and More that 100k Other ERC20 Tokens

11/28/2018 / 19:47:24

Altcoins | Cryptocurrencies | Ethereum Classic (ETC) | News | Wallets | basic attention token | bat | coinbase | coinbase wallet | ethereum classic | stellar | zcash | | ETH|ICO|ZEC|ETC|Blockchain

Neutral Hash Wars: Battle Comes to an End as BSV Plans to Add Replay Protection

It’s been less than two weeks since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) hard fork and blockchain split that occurred on Nov. 15. Since then there’s been a lot of discussion concerning the hash war, with BSV and BCH miners acquiring blocks, gathering hashrate and accumulating proof of work. Now after 11 days, blockchain company Coingeek has […]Bitcoin News.

11/26/2018 / 16:55:54

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Neutral Lead Monero Dev Slams BAT Policies, Brave Founder Clarifies

The lead developer for Monero slammed BAT over its policies and “awful design decisions,” putting Brave founder Brendan Eich on the defensive. Monero Dev Compares BAT to The Mafia Monero frontman Ricardo “fluffypony” Spagni took to Twitter on Thanksgiving not to give thanks, but to give Basic Attention Token (BAT) a verbal beating, comparing the...NewsBTC.

11/24/2018 / 12:08:18

Crypto | Monero | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | Brave Browser | Brendan Eich | firefox | fluffypony | monero | Riccardo Spagni | | XMR|ICO

Neutral YGGDRASH to Launch Cryptocurrency Exchange

The South Korean company is also launching an incubator for blockchain firms

11/23/2018 / 15:00:20

News | blockchain | cryptocurrency exchange | incubator | | Blockchain|Exchange

Neutral Crypto Market Continues Slow Bleed Out But Tokens Record 20% Gains

Over the past 24 hours, the crypto market has lost about $4 billion of its valuation against the US dollar. Major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), and Ripple (XRP) extended their losses by 2 to 8 percent. The price of BCH dropped from $236 to $215, by nearly nine percent. InCCN

11/22/2018 / 11:56:46

Altcoin Analysis | News | BAT | Bitcoin Cash | coinbase | ERC20 | sec | | BTC|Market|ETH|XRP|ICO

Neutral Hash Wars: A Successful BCH Upgrade and a ‘High Risk’ Exchange Listing

It’s been close to four days since the Bitcoin Cash upgrade and the blockchain split that occurred on Nov. 15. Since the acrimonious fork, a lot has happened within the BCH ecosystem including a few exchanges listing both chains as separate coins. Also Read: Another ‘Satoshi Message’ Attempts to Sway Public Opinion, But Fails States […]Bitcoin News.

11/19/2018 / 21:40:52

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Neutral Basic Attention Token Price Gains 7% After Rough Week

There has been a lot of talk about Basic Attention Token over the past few weeks. Its rumored listing on Coinbase triggered a major price increase. That was followed swiftly by a market dump as trading on Coinbase effectively began This week, things are looking a bit better, primarily because there is a new uptrend […]NullTX.

11/16/2018 / 10:13:59

News | Price Analysis | altcoin | Basic Attention Token Price | Bat | | Trading|ICO|Market|Altcoin

Negative No Recovery Bounce As Crypto Markets Remain Crushed

FOMO Moments Crypto markets are still on the floor; Stellar, BAT and Ox recovering, BCH and BNB still falling. There has been no recovery or rally from Wednesday’s crypto rout which resulted in almost 30 billion dollars being wiped out. Markets remain depressed as we end the week and are still languishing at their lowest...NewsBTC.

11/16/2018 / 09:00:03

Crypto | FOMO | 0x | Asian trading session | BAT | markets | Recovery | stellar | | Market|Trading

Negative Basic Attention Token Price Plummet Continues as Technical Fundamentals Indicate More Pain

Even though a lot of people had high hopes or the Basic Attention Token price, things often turn out very differently. In the case of BAT this weekend, things are not looking all that great, especially because the price continues to take a battering in fairly quick succession. No new highs will be noted by […]NullTX.

11/11/2018 / 17:12:13

News | Price Analysis | Basic Attention Token | BAT Price | Decline | | Trading|ICO

Neutral Basic Attention Token was added to Coinbase – and it’s dropped 18%

Well, that didn’t last long. After being added to exchange platform Coinbase last week, Ethereum token BAT has plummeted almost 20%. Reports on CCN found that the overall crypto market had dipped $6 billion toward the end of the week. Basic Attention Token, which is powered by privacy-focused web browser Brave, reportedly suffered most. BAT had […]CryptoNewsReview.

11/11/2018 / 06:30:25

Crypto | News | BAT | Coinbase | | ICO|ETH|Exchange

Neutral Why Did BAT Lose 28% of its Value Overnight After Coinbase Listing?

Since November 8, within a 48-hour period, Basic Attention Token (BAT) lost 28 percent of its value following a high profile Coinbase listing. On Friday, as CCN reported, BAT declined by around 20 percent against the US dollar. In the last 24 hours, BAT dropped by yet another eight percent, recording a 28 percent declineThe post Why Did BAT Lose 28% of its Value Overnight After Coinbase Listing? appeared first on CCN

11/10/2018 / 20:46:06

Altcoin Analysis | Altcoin News | News | BAT | coinbase | | ICO|Fiat

Neutral Nigerian Startups Call for Cryptocurrency Regulation to Stem Investment Outflows

Nigeria’s financial technology startups have called on the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) to provide legal guidelines for the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry. A lack of regulation is driving investment out of Africa’s biggest economy to areas like Rwanda and Europe while fomenting uncertainty, according to the Electronic Payment Practitioners Association of Nigeria (E-ppan). Also […]Bitcoin News.

11/09/2018 / 23:15:58

Regulation | Ade Atobatele | Bitcoin | Blockchain | Central Bank of Nigeria | Cryptocurrency | E-ppan | Electronic Payment Practitioners Association of Nigeria | financial regulator | Godwin Emifiele | investment | legal framework | malta | Musa Jimoh | N-Featured | Nigeria | Rwanda | | Regulation|BTC|Blockchain|Technology|Fiat

Neutral Bitcoin Falls to $6,300 Region as Altcoins Continue to Decline

After failing to stabilize above $6,500, Bitcoin has now fallen into the $6,300 region, and it is becoming increasingly likely that it will test its long-established support level that exists at $6,200. Altcoins also took a hit on Friday after yesterday’s weak day of trading. Bitcoin Drifts Lower, $6,200 Likely to be Defended by Bulls...The post Bitcoin Falls to $6,300 Region as Altcoins Continue to Decline appeared first on NewsBTC.

11/09/2018 / 18:30:42

Bitcoin | ADA | BAT | BCH | bitcoin | btc | cryptocurrency | | BTC|Altcoin|ADA|Trading

Neutral Basic Attention Token Price Plummets as Coinbase Trading Triggers Massive Selloff

Even though plenty of people had high hopes for Basic Attention Token, the market’s true colors are becoming apparent. After massive uptrends due to the Coinbase listing announcement, the actual trading of BAT has caused an adverse effect. A massive dip in USD, BTC, and ETH value has been recorded over the past few hours, […]NullTX.

11/09/2018 / 12:47:18

News | Price Analysis | altcoin | Basic Attention Token Price | Bat | | Trading|ICO|BTC|ETH|Altcoin

Neutral Coinbase Adds Basic Attention Token (BAT) to Its Retail Trading Platform and Mobile Apps

CoinSpeakerCoinbase Adds Basic Attention Token (BAT) to Its Retail Trading Platform and Mobile AppsHaving an aim to satisfy its customers demand, Coinbase has taken a decision to add BAT to its trading platform and apps.Coinbase Adds Basic Attention Token (BAT) to Its Retail Trading Platform and Mobile Apps

11/09/2018 / 12:32:30

Altcoins | Companies | Cryptocurrencies | News | basic attention token | bat | brave browser | coinbase | coinbase app | coinbase news | | Trading|ICO|Altcoin

Neutral Coinbase Users Can Now Buy and Sell Brave's Basic Attention Token

Coinbase is listing Brave's Basic Attention Token to its retail platform, 6 days after adding it to Coinbase Pro.

11/08/2018 / 20:30:41

Exchanges | News | Business News | Markets News | Coinbase | Brave | BAT | Listings | | ICO

Neutral Huobi Opens Office in Russia, Plans Startup Accelerator and Mining Hotels

The Russian branch of digital asset exchange Huobi is scheduled to open on Nov. 12 with a Russian-language website and local support services. The global cryptocurrency company wants to support Russian startups and mining projects, in addition to launching an educational program. Also read: Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange to Create Infrastructure for Cryptocurrency Assets New […]Bitcoin News.

11/08/2018 / 13:05:38

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Neutral Basic Attention Token Price Rebounds as Coinbase FOMO Remains Tangible

As most of the top markets struggle for traction right now, speculators and traders are looking well beyond the top 20 for profits. Basic Attention Token is, once again, making some very strong moves. Its addition to Coinbase should occur later today, although the company has yet to communicate an official timeline in this regard. […]NullTX.

11/08/2018 / 08:55:31

News | Price Analysis | Basic Attention Token | Bat | coinbase | | ICO|Trading|Market

Neutral Crypto Rally Hopes Quashed as Markets Dump Again

FOMO Moments The bears are back in play; Dash surviving the dump, Bitcoin Cash, Cardano, VeChain sliding. Rally anticipations have been quashed once again as markets are dumping. Just when a glimmer of hope started to shine in crypto land, the bears come back out and defecate all over it. Total crypto market cap has...NewsBTC.

11/08/2018 / 05:08:42

Crypto | FOMO | BAT | bears | Bitcoin Cash | crypto markets | Dash | dump | | Market|Trading|DASH|BTC|ADA

Neutral Is Coinbase Trying to Disrupt Bitcoin’s Reserve Asset Status by Listing New USDC Pairs

In recent weeks two new cryptocurrencies have been listed on Coinbase, 0x and BAT. Both resulted in predictable pump and dumps immediately before and a few hours after the announcements. This is no surprise, but the fact that one of these two new listings is only available to trade in USDC could raise a few...NewsBTC.

11/07/2018 / 13:00:50

Bitcoin | Crypto | Opinion | BAT | Coinbase Pro | GUSD | Stablecoins | USDC | USDT | | Fiat|BTC|USDT|ICO

Neutral BAT-ter Up! Coinbase Pro Now Supports Basic Attention Token (BAT) Trading

Coinbase Pro – an exchange designed for professional traders to buy and sell digital currencies – has launched full trading services for Basic Attention Token (BAT). People Are Seeking Variety Responding to a common customer desire, Coinbase Pro wrote on its official blog page: One of the most common requests we receive from customers is...The post BAT-ter Up! Coinbase Pro Now Supports Basic Attention Token (BAT) Trading appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 20:30:45

Altcoin News | News | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Coinbase Pro | USDC | | ICO|Trading|BTC|Exchange

Neutral Brave Browser’s BAT Rallies 26% Over Weekend after Coinbase Pro Listing

Basic Attention Token (BAT) on Monday has surged as much as 10.6 percent against the US Dollar from the previous day’s low. The BAT/USD exchange rate today has marked fresh quarterly highs towards 0.322-fiat, totaling the bullish gains to as high as 26 percent since November 2. The pair is also experiencing a quadruple surgeCCN

11/05/2018 / 13:17:06

Altcoin Analysis | Altcoin News | BAT | Circle | USDC | | Exchange|ICO|Trading|Fiat

Neutral New Cryptocurrency Bull-Run Already Started, Says Santiment Report

Data analytics platform Santiment has concluded that Ethereum based altcoins might be at the forefront of the next bull market. The End of the Bear Market Draws Near The last two quarters of 2018 have been dominated by talk of a Bitcoin-ETF approval by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), institutional investment, Bitcoin closing the year above $10,000 and a bull market reversal by occurring toward the end of Q4 2018 or Q1 ofRead

11/05/2018 / 13:00:38

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Market Update: Monero and Dash Driving Monday Recovery

FOMO Moments Markets recovering this Monday; Monero, Dash and BAT climbing, Eternal Token getting trounced. As we start another week crypto markets have made some upward progress. Total market capitalization has passed $210 billion for the first time in seven days and green is the predominant colour at the moment. Bitcoin is up marginally and...NewsBTC.

11/05/2018 / 11:43:52

Altcoins | FOMO | Asian trading session | BAT | Dash | markets | monero | | Market|XMR|DASH|BTC|ICO

Neutral Bitcoin PoW is Fowl says crypto techie: PoA is how it should work

Published on CoinnounceThrowing up the challenge and facing up to the large bitcoin community was Gerald Fenech when he claimed in his Forbes article that the Principle deployed in bitcoin PoW did not hold out technically and was in its real sense a ‘flaw.’ The world of cryptocurrency is actually a complex network of technical processes which […]Coinnounce.

11/04/2018 / 12:41:14

#Bitcoin | Bitcoin | Expert Take | Mining | News | Proof of Work | Bitcoin concept | Bitcoin debate | Bitcoin POW | Bitcoin Proof of Authority | Bitcoin Proof of Work | Bitcoin updates | Blockchain | btc | Decentralization | Gerald Fenech | POA | POW | Proof of Authority | PROOF OF WORK | | BTC|Mining|Blockchain|Trading

Neutral The Daily: SEC Ramps Up Enforcement, 60% of Smart Contracts Are Dormant

In Saturday’s edition of The Daily, we take a look at the SEC’s annual report, which reveals where cryptocurrencies sit on their radar. We also consider the fate of dormant smart contracts, 60% of which have never seen use according to a new report. All that plus the reaction to Coinbase’s latest token listing, which […]Bitcoin News.

11/03/2018 / 12:00:12

The Daily | BAT | Brave | Coinbase Pro | Ethereum | N-Featured | SEC | Smart Contract | | Regulation|BTC|ETH|ICO

Neutral Cryptocurrency Market Update: BAT Pumped by Coinbase Pro Listing

FOMO Moments Markets are creeping up as the weekend starts; BAT flying, Bitcoin Cash and Stellar rising. As we enter the weekend crypto markets are slowly recovering. Trading in Asia has pushed total market capitalization back over $205 billion and things are generally heading upwards today, albeit leisurely. Bitcoin has made no movements over the...NewsBTC.

11/03/2018 / 02:14:33

Altcoins | FOMO | Asian trading session | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Coinbase Pro | pump | | Market|BTC|Asia|Trading|Altcoin

Neutral Breaking: Coinbase Pro Lists Ethereum Token BAT

Coinbase has just announced that trading of the Basic Attention Token is soon to be enabled on the Coinbase Pro platform, and deposits of the token are now being accepted.  Trading in the token — which runs on Ethereum — will actually begin after a market begins to formulate. ''Once sufficient liquidity is established, tradingCCN

11/02/2018 / 20:41:28

Altcoin News | Ethereum News | Exchanges | News | BAT | Brave | coinbase | | ICO|ETH|Trading|Market

Neutral Coinbase Adds Browser Startup Brave's Token to Pro Trading Platform

Coinbase Pro announced Friday that it added support for browser startup Brave's Basic Attention Token.

11/02/2018 / 20:11:46

News | Business News | Coinbase | Tokens | BAT | Listings | | ICO|Trading

Neutral Bitcoin Pice Struggles at $6,380, BAT Falls 10% Despite Coinbase Interest

The Bitcoin price has fallen to the $6,300 region after failing to retain momentum in the $6,400 to $6,500 range. The volume of the dominant cryptocurrency has experienced a minor recovery from $3.1 billion to $3.6 billion across major cryptocurrency exchanges. Yet, regardless of the settlement of seven consecutive weekly candles in the low $6,000The post Bitcoin Pice Struggles at $6,380, BAT Falls 10% Despite Coinbase Interest appeared first on CCN

10/23/2018 / 11:30:46

Bitcoin Analysis | Bitcoin Price News | News | BAT | Bitcoin | | BTC|Trading

Neutral Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation

Over the past month, Bitcoin’s price has been caught in an unprecedented trading range, trading between $6,200 and $6,700. During this time, multiple altcoins have had the opportunity to surge on a mixture of speculation and increased use cases. Basic Attention Token (BAT) is the latest altcoin to surge as Bitcoin trades sideways, currently up...The post Basic Attention Token (BAT) Skyrockets on Brave Browser News and Coinbase Speculation appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/22/2018 / 17:30:21

Altcoins | 0x | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave Browser | btc | coinbase | ETH | xrp | ZRX | | ICO|Trading|Altcoin|BTC|ETH

Neutral Basic Attention Token: BAT on a rise, Should you SELL or HODL?

Published on CoinnounceWhile most of the top cryptocurrencies showed bearish trend today, the Basic Attention Token (BAT) showed up with robust bulls with more than 15% increase in just the last 24 hours. The Basic Attention Token (BAT) has increased over 57% in the last 7 days which makes it the largest gainer amongst the top cryptocurrencies. […]The post Basic Attention Token: BAT on a rise, Should you SELL or HODL? appeared first on Coinnounce.

10/22/2018 / 12:43:34

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Neutral Brave: 10,000 Content Creators Can Now Be Tipped In-Browser on Reddit and Twitter

Privacy focussed web browser Brave is introducing a new feature to allow the tipping of individual Reddit and Twitter users. The functionality will be available from directly within the browser window and enable micro-payments using its native BAT token. Brave New World Brave browser has been making waves online with innovative features to enhance online privacy and security. It doesn’t store browsing data, blocks malware and phishing by default, and prevents identification and site-to-site tracking. OneRead

10/20/2018 / 20:00:03

Altcoin News | Altcoins | News | News teaser | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | tipping | | ICO|Altcoin

Neutral Brave Unveils Browser Update with Enhanced Page Loading Speed

Brave Software recently debuted an update to its web browser. The company says the new version of its open source, privacy-centric browser comes with enhanced speed and a revamped Basic Attention Token (BAT) rewards paradigm. New Update Shows 22 Percent Faster Load Times In an announcement published on Thursday (October 18, 2018), the company revealed...Live Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 18:00:59

Altcoin News | News | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | Brave browser | | BTC|ICO|Technology

Neutral Cryptocurrency Market Update: A New Brave Browser Boosts BAT

FOMO Moments Another flat Saturday as markets are stagnant; Only BAT and DGTX heading higher. The weekend has brought no joy to crypto markets which have remained immobile for the past few days. The slow downward slide seems to have halted just below $210 billion market capitalization where things remain for another day. Bitcoin is...NewsBTC.

10/20/2018 / 04:30:52

Altcoins | FOMO | Asian trading session | BAT | Brave Browser | DGTX | flat markets | | Market|BTC|Altcoin

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