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Neutral Ledger Unveils Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallet manufacturer Ledger has unveiled its newest cryptocurrency wallet. The Ledger Nano X is Bluetooth-enabled and can hold up to 100 different cryptocurrencies at a time. A mobile app is also being launched for both iOS and Android to pair the device to smartphones. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for […]Bitcoin News.

01/07/2019 / 13:30:25

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Neutral New Ledger Nano X Can Pair With iPhone Via Bluetooth

Popular cryptocurrency hardware wallet company Ledger has revealed its latest device – the Ledger Nano X. The new device’s most characteristic new capability is that it will enable users to use Bluetooth to connect their mobile devices via the new Ledge Live mobile app.  Bluetooth Enabled Ledger Wallet The popular manufacturer of cryptocurrency hardware wallets Ledger has revealed its latest product on Sunday at the CES conference – the Ledger Nano X. The new deviceRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

01/07/2019 / 12:00:01

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Neutral Nano X: Security Concerns Over Ledger’s New Bluetooth Enabled Wallet

Leading cryptocurrency wallet company Ledger announced its latest wallet, the Nano X. The wallet features a new mobile app for remote transfers and fund management. The device will be released this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ledger Gets an Upgrade The new Nano X will be unveiled on Jan. […]CryptoSlate.

01/07/2019 / 09:25:36

Adoption | Technology | Ledger | Mobile App | NanoS | NanoX | | Wallet|Technology

Neutral Crypto Security Company Ledger Releases Bluetooth-Enabled Hardware Wallet

Ledger unveils Ledger Nano X at CES 2019, a Bluetooth-powered hardware wallet

01/07/2019 / 07:45:00

Bitcoin | Hardware Wallet | Security | Ledger | | Wallet|BTC

Neutral Ledger Unveils Upgraded Nano X Crypto Hardware Wallet

Hardware wallets are growing in popularity as a safe haven for cryptocurrencies. Ledger is one of the world’s top providers of cold wallets and its flagship Nano X has just been given an upgrade. The company unveiled its latest iteration of the popular hardware wallet at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this […]Ethereum World News.

01/07/2019 / 06:40:18

NEWS | Wallets and Exchanges | bluetooth | CES | cold wallet | hardware wallet | ledger | Nano | Nano X | | Wallet|ETH

Neutral Australian Crypto Company Rapped for Paying Bounty Hunters for Glowing Reviews

Securities commissioners and trade experts have refused Australian blockchain startup Power Ledger a clean bill of ethical health after it emerged that the company paid rogue “bounty hunters” to shore up interest in its cryptocurrency. The project’s ''powr” crypto has fallen 90 percent in value over the past year amidst bearish market conditions. Also read: Russian […]Bitcoin News.

12/31/2018 / 02:55:44

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Neutral Crypto Wallets Still Aren’t as Safe as They Should Be

We’re about to enter 2019, and hardware wallets still aren’t enforcing the protections they should be. Investors and their crypto stashes are still very much at risk, according to a new study. A team of security researchers – Dmitry Nedospasov, Thomas Roth and Josh Datko – began examining varying cryptocurrency wallets in June to see...Live Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 11:00:49

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Neutral A group of researchers have managed to hack some of the most popular Bitcoin hardware wallets on the market

''Glitch me if you can…” Producers of crypto hardware wallets might ever so slightly start to feel the need to review their security setup, as a group of researchers has managed to successfully hack the three most reliable on the market. As reported by Cointelegraph, the hack was performed during the 35C3 Refreshing Memories Conference on […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/30/2018 / 10:45:14

Crypto | News | Hardware Wallets | Ledger Blue | Nano S | Trezor | | Market|BTC|Wallet

Neutral Will Pension Funds Soon Be Investing in Crypto?

The latest rumor circulating in the investment industry is that pension funds are buying crypto. Is a multi-million dollar pension fund finally prepared to give investors exposure to cryptocurrencies? And if so, what will this mean for the burgeoning asset class? Also Read: Morgan Creek Launches Digital Asset Index Fund for Institutional Investors Typical Pension Fund […]The post Will Pension Funds Soon Be Investing in Crypto? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 06:00:14

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Neutral Trezor and Ledger are hackable. Now what?

Trezor and Ledger are two of crypto’s heavyweights when it comes to hardware wallets and security. For quite some time, their solutions have been the industry standard which theoretically allows cryptocurrency holders to make transactions and check their balance without being exposed to the risk of a malware-infected computer. In a world where the most […]The post Trezor and Ledger are hackable. Now what? appeared first on Crypto Insider.

12/30/2018 / 01:07:43

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Neutral 2018: A Record-Breaking Year for Crypto Exchange Hacks

The CEO of one of the largest crypto security companies recaps his takeaways from the year that was.

12/29/2018 / 21:55:37

2018 Review | Features | Use Cases & Verticals | Business News | Security | Exchanges | Ledger | Hacks | | Exchange|Wallet

Neutral Italian Government Selects 30 Representatives to Develop DLT and Crypto Policy

Italy’s Ministry of Economic Development recently published a list of the 30 individuals that the Italian government has tasked with developing the country’s regulatory strategy with regards to distributed ledger technology (DLT) and cryptocurrencies. Among the individuals are alumni of the United Nations, the European Parliament, the European Commission, and the Italian Chamber of Commerce. […]Bitcoin News.

12/29/2018 / 20:40:08

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Neutral Private Blockchains Have Few Applications, Study Finds

Despite all efforts, so far businesses haven’t been able to come up with significant applications for private, centralized blockchains as opposed to public distributed ledgers, a new study shows. According to the authors, in most cases corporate blockchain networks are used mainly for database verification and transactions auditing. Also read: Poll Shows 13% of Russians […]Bitcoin News.

12/25/2018 / 17:15:06

Blockchain | audit | DIstributed Ledger | findings | Moscow | N-Technology | networks | private | public | report | Skolkovo | study | transactions | Verification | | Blockchain|BTC

Neutral Binance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

CoinSpeakerBinance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto ExchangeThe CEO of FX hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu, has said that Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the global market, is the most trusted among investors within the digital asset community.Binance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

12/24/2018 / 10:04:14

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Neutral Spot Develops New Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Portfolio App

There’s a new app for cryptocurrency holders to track their portfolios of digital assets across multiple exchanges and addresses. Spot has developed a sleek new app focusing on ease of use built on a clean and user-friendly platform. Also Read: The Daily: Bitfinex Launches Tether Margin Trading, Zebpay Resumes BCH Transactions Revolut But With Crypto […]Bitcoin News.

12/23/2018 / 12:45:21

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Neutral Best Bitcoin Forex Brokers: How to Choose the Best Bitcoin Forex Broker

We’ve previously covered some of the best bitcoin brokers on the market and we’d like to build up on that by providing you with more information about Bitcoin forex brokers.  What is Forex Trading? Forex trading, also commonly referred to as ''FX trading” simply means currency trading. In other words, traders participate in the market by determining the price of one currency against another currency. It’s a lot simpler than it sounds. For example, ifRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/23/2018 / 03:00:36

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Neutral Charitable Causes to Get Crypto Wealth from Coinbase CEO

CoinSpeakerCharitable Causes to Get Crypto Wealth from Coinbase CEOThe Giving Pledge has acquired another new member in Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. He has committed a significant part of his wealth to help others. Charitable Causes to Get Crypto Wealth from Coinbase CEO

12/22/2018 / 13:31:44

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Neutral The Daily: Bitcoin Posts Record Volume, Ledger Plans Major Update

The news is bullish in this edition of the The Daily, mirroring the mood of the crypto markets. We’ll start by delving into BTC’s record-breaking day for trading volume and then examine a couple of stories that suggest 2019 is poised to get off to a very positive start. Also read: Only Sharks Will Feed […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 12:45:27

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Neutral Cashy Web Application Boosts Script Contracts in Bitcoin Cash

The creators of the Simple Ledger Protocol have released a new tool for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) programmers called Cashy. The toolbox allows developers to program script contracts and a wide variety of programmable money applications using the BCH network. Also read: Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Face a New Dawn in the Battle’s Aftermath Cashy: A Web […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 02:00:25

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Neutral The Daily: Coinbase to Pay Users for Learning, Okex Launches Instant Messaging Service

In today’s edition of The Daily we feature a number of recent developments by popular cryptocurrency exchanges. These include an educational platform by Coinbase, a communication tool for OTC traders from Okex, an important ticker update by Coinex, and an investment by ZB.com. Also Read: Atari Partners Decentralized Gaming Company, Tagomi Goes Live Learn and […]Bitcoin News.

12/20/2018 / 14:00:19

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Neutral Tensions Emerge Between Hyperledger Blockchain’s Biggest Supporters

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

12/20/2018 / 12:55:38

Features | Business News | Technology News | Distributed Ledger Technology | IBM | Hyperledger | Intel | Monax | | Blockchain

Neutral IBM and Intel’s Brewing Blockchain Tug-of-War

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

12/20/2018 / 09:00:14

Features | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Supply Chain | IBM | Monax | Hyperledger Fabric | Hyperledger Sawtooth | Hyperledger Burrow | Cargill | Bitwise | Sawtooth Supply Chain | TSC | | Blockchain

Neutral Ledger to Accept Crypto Payments Following MoU With Hong Kong Startup

Hardware wallet supplier Ledger signed an agreement with a Hong Kong-based crypto payment startup to allow its clients to pay for products with digital currencies

12/19/2018 / 22:05:00

Bitcoin | Adoption | Mainstream | Wallet | Ledger | Cryptocurrencies | Payments | Hong Kong | Partnership | | Wallet|Asia|BTC

Neutral MultiChain Releases 2.0 Beta, Adds SAP and HCL as Partners

Enterprise blockchain framework MultiChain is beefing up its partner list as it starts to roll out the next version of its software.

12/19/2018 / 14:00:04

Features | Use Cases & Verticals | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Supply Chain | Healthcare | Ethereum | Hyperledger | SAP | Coin Sciences | MultiChain | Quorum | HCL Technologies | R3 Corda | Gideon Greenspan | smart filters | | ETH|Blockchain|Technology|Business

Neutral Waves Secures $120 Million for Private Blockchain Development

With Vostok, the founder is aiming to compete with widely accepted Hyperledger.

12/19/2018 / 13:37:06

News | blockchain | Ethereum | Hyperledger | waves | | Blockchain|ETH

Neutral Amazon Plays Its Own Game With Enterprise Blockchain

Amazon Web Services, the e-commerce giant’s cloud computing arm, is having its proverbial blockchain cake and eating it, too.

12/18/2018 / 12:00:16

Use Cases & Verticals | News | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Amazon | AWS | enterprise | Kaleido | cloud blockchain | | Blockchain|Business

Neutral Ledger Expands Operations to New York City

CoinSpeakerLedger Expands Operations to New York CityLedger, a company that focuses on the development of infrastructure and security solutions in the cryptocurrencies market, announced that it has now expanded its operations to New York City. Ledger Expands Operations to New York City

12/18/2018 / 09:08:51

Blockchain News | Companies | News | blockchain | efirbet | ledger | ledger vault | | Wallet|Market|Blockchain

Neutral SEC Chair ‘Optimistic’ DLT and Crypto Will Drive Investment Opportunities

Speaking as part of a testimony to the United States Senate Committee on Banking, Housing, and Urban Development, the chairman of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission Jay Clayton expressed optimism that the distributed ledger technology (DLT) sector will ''facilitate capital formation.” Clayton also discussed the enforcement actions taken by the SEC in regulating initial […]Bitcoin News.

12/14/2018 / 20:55:37

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Negative Blockstack Won’t Need to Sell Bitcoin or Ether to Survive Crypto Winter

Blockstack limited its access to funds raised last year, so it couldn't spend faster than it gained traction. Now that's paying off.

12/13/2018 / 13:00:24

Features | Investments | Distributed Ledger Technology | Startups | DApps | Blockstack | Tokens | | ICO|BTC

Neutral Big Names Join the Hyperledger Blockchain Project Community

CoinSpeakerBig Names Join the Hyperledger Blockchain Project CommunityThe combined effort to advance blockchain technology led to the creation of the Hyperledger Blockchain Project. The project helps many entities worldwide to implement DLTs successfully. Big Names Join the Hyperledger Blockchain Project Community

12/13/2018 / 11:03:10

Blockchain News | Companies | News | alibaba cloud | citi ventures | citigroup | deutsche telekom | hyperledger | hyperledger blockchain | Hyperledger blockchain consortium | hyperledger fabric | we.trade | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Hyperledger Onboards 12 New Members Including Alibaba Cloud, Deutsche Telekom and Citi

12 new organizations have joined the blockchain initiative Hyperledger, including Alibaba Cloud, Citi and Deutsche Telekom, among others

12/13/2018 / 03:07:00

Blockchain | Hyperledger | Citi | Alibaba | Adoption | | Blockchain

Neutral Deutsche Telekom, Alibaba Cloud, Citi Join Hyperledger Blockchain Project

Hyperledger has added 16 new members, including Deutsche Telekom, Europe's biggest telecommunications provider and Alibaba's cloud computing subsidiary.

12/12/2018 / 20:30:02

News | Business News | Citi | Hyperledger | we.trade | Deutsche Telekom | Alibaba Cloud | | Blockchain

Neutral How Bitcoin Futures Products Affected Cryptocurrency Markets in 2018

It has been a year since the start of Cboe’s XBT futures contracts and CME Group’s bitcoin derivatives products launched last December. With super bearish prices these past few months, a lot has changed since the cryptocurrency economy touched all-time highs on spot markets. Meanwhile, bitcoin futures contracts have been growing and some skeptics still […]Bitcoin News.

12/11/2018 / 22:55:27

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Neutral Australian Insurer Announces Blockchain Trial For Beef Export Supply Chain

Australian truck and transport insurance company National Transport Insurance (NTI) has revealed that it is partnering with BeefLedger, an Australian blockchain platform on a pilot program that will deploy blockchain technology for end-to-end tracking of Australian beef exports. Aimed at improving food safety, export security and animal welfare in Australia, the program will use aCCN

12/11/2018 / 07:21:16

Blockchain News | News | Australia | BeefLedger | National Transport Insurance | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral US SEC Chairman Jay Clayton: ICOs Can Be Effective, But ‘Securities Laws Must Be Followed’

U.S. SEC chairman Jay Clayton declared in a speech that ICOs are effective, but “securities laws must be followed.”

12/10/2018 / 18:10:00

Blockchain | SEC | USA | ICO | Security | Ledger | | ICO|Regulation|Blockchain|Wallet

Neutral Hodler’s Digest, Dec. 3-Dec.9: US SEC Delays BTC ETF Decision Again, While Nasdaq Confirms 2019 BTC Futures Launch

In this week’s Hodler’s Digest, Justin Sun promises to “rescue” EOS and ETH developers, while the SEC again delays the BTC ETF decision

12/09/2018 / 22:28:00

Bitcoin | USA | SEC | Binance | Venezuela | Tron | Smart Contracts | Chile | Ledger | | BTC|Regulation|ETH|Exchange|Wallet

Neutral Crypto Wallet Maker Ledger Partners with Neufund to Create Security Token Platform

European crypto startups Neufund and Ledger have announced that they will work together to bring ERC20 tokens issued through Neufund to Ledger’s cryptocurrency hardware wallets and applications. Neufund, based in Berlin, and Paris-headquartered hardware wallet-maker Ledger already had a partnership dating back to 2017 when Ledger created a bespoke edition of the Nano S walletCCN

12/09/2018 / 03:17:01

Bitcoin Wallets | ICO News | News | Eric Larchevêque | ledger | Neufund | security token | | Wallet|ICO

Neutral Simple Ledger Developers Publish Monthly Puzzle With Bitcoin Cash Treasure

In late November, the creators of the Simple Ledger Protocol announced the launch of Ledger Treasure, a contest in which contestants must solve a puzzle to win over $100 worth of bitcoin cash (BCH). On Dec. 6, Simple Ledger developer James Cramer revealed the winner of the first puzzle solved by gaining access to the […]Bitcoin News.

12/09/2018 / 00:30:17

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Neutral Six EU Nations Sign Agreement to Regulate Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT)

The Government of Malta this week announced the signing of a joint declaration of cooperation on Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLT). They joined a group of six other Southern European countries; France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Greece, and Cyprus. Transformative Technology The countries released a joint-statement noting a shared view that the digital sphere is an ideal policy area for future cooperation. It also claims that DLT (a.k.a. blockchain technology) and other emerging technologies, such as 5GRead MoreThe post Six EU Nations Sign Agreement to Regulate Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

12/07/2018 / 18:00:26

Bitcoin Technology | Blockchain | News | News teaser | blockchain | cyprus | Distributed Ledger Technology | DLT | eu | France | Greece | Italy | malta | Portugal | Spain | | Technology|Blockchain|Wallet

Neutral Swiss National Postal Service and Telecom Leader to Build Blockchain Platform

Swiss Post and Swisscom will take advantage of their trusted reputation in Switzerland to create a blockchain platform for use by themselves and others that will be based on Hyperledger Fabric2. Swiss Post is publicly owned and the country’s second largest employer. It already uses blockchain technology to record temperature data while transporting pharmaceuticals inCCN

12/07/2018 / 11:48:04

Blockchain News | News | HyperLedger | Hyperledger Fabric | Swiss Post | Swisscom | switzerland | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Ledger, Neufund Partner to Create Security Tokens Framework

Ledger partners with German crypto firm Neufund to let users manage security tokens directly from Ledger’s desktop app

12/07/2018 / 00:08:00

Blockchain | Ledger | Germany | Tokens | | ICO|Wallet|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Post, Swisscom Developing New Blockchain Platform on Hyperledger

Swiss Post and Swisscom have teamed up to build an infrastructure for blockchain applications on Hyperledger Fabric.

12/06/2018 / 12:20:53

News | Business News | Technology News | Switzerland | Hyperledger | BaaS | Swisscom | Swiss Post | | Blockchain

Neutral Seven EU States Sign Declaration to Promote Blockchain Use

Seven southern EU member states released a declaration calling on the EU to help promote blockchain

12/05/2018 / 19:46:00

Blockchain | Financial Times | EU | Brussels | Ledger | Malta | France | Italy | Cyprus | Portugal | Spain | | Blockchain|Wallet

Positive Why you should be using open-source crypto wallets

The last couple of years have been unexpectedly great in terms of popularizing cryptocurrencies as either means of payment or speculative investments. By now, it’s pretty common to find people who store their coins in software wallets. They are quick, easy to use, and very convenient for commerce. However, the issue at stake is that […]Crypto Insider.

12/05/2018 / 16:00:51

Cryptocurrency | Blockfolio | Coinomi | Daedalus | Edge | Exodus | Galleon | Green Address | Green Bits | Jaxx | TezBox | Wallets | | Wallet|Technology|Business

Neutral R3’s New Corda App Supports Payments in XRP Cryptocurrency

R3 has launched the Corda Settler, an app aimed to facilitate global crypto payments within enterprise blockchains – and it's starting with XRP.

12/05/2018 / 14:04:16

News | Payments | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Ripple | XRP | R3 | Corda | R3 Corda | | XRP|Business

Neutral Hyperledger Announces New ‘Cryptography Library’ for DLT Development

Hyperledger announced the Ursa project, a new modular cryptography software library expected to ease blockchain development and interoperability

12/05/2018 / 03:17:00

Blockchain | Cryptography | Hyperledger | Security | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Numerai to Cut Token Supply by 10 Million to Become ‘Decentralized as F*ck’

The move from the next-gen hedge fund dovetails nicely with recent comments by U.S. regulators and could test the waters regarding airdrops.

12/04/2018 / 22:00:21

News | Hedge Funds | Airdrops | Tokens | Numerai | | ICO

Neutral Ledger Notes Healthy Black Friday Sales Volume Despite Bear Market

The year 2018 has been extremely bearish for all cryptocurrencies. One would expect this to affect global interest in Bitcoin and altcoins. According to hardware manufacturer Ledger, that is anything but the case. The company’s sales have been on par with numbers recorded throughout 2017. A small glimmer of hope for the future of cryptocurrencies....Live Bitcoin News.

12/04/2018 / 18:00:46

Altcoin News | Bitcoin News | Bitcoin Wallet | News | bitcoin | hardware wallet | ledger | XRP | | Wallet|BTC|Trading|Market|XRP

Neutral Hyperledger Launches Cryptography Toolbox for Blockchain Developers

Hyperledger has launched a new tool for blockchain developers – a modular cryptographic library aimed to reduce work duplication and bugs.

12/04/2018 / 16:00:58

News | Technology | Developers | Hyperledger | Cryptography | Consortia | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral The Daily: 29% of Freelancers Want to be Paid in Crypto, Asian Exchanges Fake Volume

Today’s edition of The Daily covers everything from hardware wallets to fake volume on cryptocurrency exchanges. But to kick-start proceedings, we’ve got the first report on a survey in which a surprising proportion of freelancers express an interest in being paid in cryptocurrency. Also read: Swiss Crypto Valley Association Leadership Steps Down After Governance Review US […]Bitcoin News.

12/04/2018 / 10:00:03

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