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Neutral Chatter Report: Zhao Says Blocking Customers ‘Not up to Us’, Lee Introduces the Term ‘Bitcoin Extremist’

In today’s chatter report, we delve into the Bitcoin Cash community’s responses to Cheapair.com re-enabling BCH payments for their travel services. Also, Changpeng Zhao explains Binance’s decision to block users. Finally, Crypto Twitter fires back at Charlie Lee’s new term ‘Bitcoin Extremist’.  Also read: Cheapair.com Considers Bitpay as Coinbase Terminates Merchant Processing Solutions Bitcoin Cash […]Bitcoin News.

01/07/2019 / 09:30:07

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Positive TRON Cryptocurrency’s Development Team Grows From 2 to Over 40

The TRON Foundation and the TRON blockchain is going from strength to strength, after beginning this year’s march to success with a development team of just two engineers, TRON now has over 40. The growth of TRON’s core development team has allowed its blockchain engineers to specialize and has enabled them to stabilize the TRONCCN

01/02/2019 / 07:30:18

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Neutral Bank Of England makes surprising cryptocurrency discovery

A Bank Of England poll has found overwhelming support for crypto… Few people associate the Bank of England with an open arms policy towards digital currencies and crypto. In fact, the bank’s governor, Mark Carney, has been extremely cautionary at best in his views towards crypto, and hostile at worse. Let’s just say he’s not […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/26/2018 / 23:16:47

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Neutral Binance Boss Rounds Up a Year in Crypto, Looks Forward to 2019

Bear market or not, Binance has been one of the crypto industry’s biggest shakers and movers in 2018. The exchange has undergone massive expansion both geographically and internally with a raft of new products and services. Chief Executive,  Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, has rounded up the year and posted a few thoughts for the coming one....NewsBTC.

12/26/2018 / 09:00:05

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Neutral PwC: 2018 “Cleared the Noise”, 2019 Will Be the Time for the Big Players in Crypto World

CoinSpeakerPwC: 2018 ''Cleared the Noise”, 2019 Will Be the Time for the Big Players in Crypto WorldIt is Christmas already and the 2018 is coming to an end. Some investor in the crypto world would add – finally. This is the time of the year that traders take inventory of their investments so as to prepare for the future. PwC: 2018 ''Cleared the Noise”, 2019 Will Be the Time for the Big Players in Crypto World

12/26/2018 / 08:17:41

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Neutral Binance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

CoinSpeakerBinance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto ExchangeThe CEO of FX hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu, has said that Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the global market, is the most trusted among investors within the digital asset community.Binance Elected as Most Trusted Crypto Exchange

12/24/2018 / 10:04:14

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Neutral Binance CEO: The Future of Crypto Will Be Prosperous

Crypto has had a very rough time in 2018. After reaching all-time highs between December of last year and February, several major currencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP and Litecoin have all experienced significant, ongoing drops that have brought them down to only a fraction of where they were roughly 10 to 12 months ago....Live Bitcoin News.

12/24/2018 / 08:00:27

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Neutral Investor: Binance is Most Trusted Crypto Exchange Despite Light Regulation

Su Zhu, the CEO of FX hedge fund Three Arrows Capital, has said that Binance, the largest crypto exchange in the global market, is also the most trusted among investors within the digital asset community. Citing a poll ran by a small cryptocurrency exchange, Zhu said: Interesting that @binance, a lightly regulated exchange, has alsoCCN

12/24/2018 / 02:39:13

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Neutral Bitcoin Sports Books: Chicago Bears and LA Rams Favored Today

According to BitcoinsOddsChecker, the various online Bitcoin sports books which offer odds on NFL games are favoring the Chicago Bears, the LA Rams, and the Denver Broncos the most. Some gamblers may have taken the odds on the Bills prior to the match as a gift from heaven, banking on the New England Patriots havingCCN

12/23/2018 / 22:00:53

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Neutral Binance CEO ‘Very Confident’ in Cryptocurrency Industry’s Future

Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) has expressed deep confidence in the prospects of cryptocurrency despite the challenging industry conditions that have defined most of 2018. Speaking during a conversation with “Bloomberg Daybreak: Middle East” hostsTracy Alloway and Yousef Gamal El-Din, he also stated that Binance intends to start off the new year ''with a bang” in line … ContinuedCCN

12/23/2018 / 16:10:05

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Neutral Bitcoincash.org Publishes Redesigned Website and Development Roadmap

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed the Bitcoincash.org website has been redesigned. The web portal hosts a comprehensive list of the network’s infrastructure including nodes, wallets, community services, and exchanges. Alongside the recent upgrade, the landing page leads to the BCH network’s development roadmap which highlights the plan to make bitcoin cash sound money that is […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 22:00:46

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Neutral Facebook to launch its own cryptocurrency for Whatsapp Messenger

Published on CoinnounceFacebook, a well-known name in the world which was used or being used by almost everyone around us is soon going to launch its own cryptocurrency for its Whatsapp messenger application which it had earlier purchased from its founders, Jan Koum and Brian Acton according to sources as reported by Bloomberg. As reported, Facebook is […]Coinnounce.

12/21/2018 / 12:49:39

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Neutral Blockchain developers: The most desirable resource in tech

With blockchain technology poised to up-end virtually every industry on the planet, from global resource distribution to big finance, it’s safe to say that developers who are experts in blockchain tech are highly sought after. In fact, according to the new U.S. Emerging Jobs Report from Microsoft-owned Linkedin, developers and engineers specializing in peer-to-peer distributed […]Crypto Insider.

12/20/2018 / 13:20:02

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Neutral Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao Calls 2018 ‘Correction Year’ for Crypto

Binance crypto exchange Changpeng Zhao said that 2018 is a “correction year” for cryptocurrencies while expressing optimism about the industry’s future

12/20/2018 / 03:50:00

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Neutral Censorship Free Internet: Arbolet Now Available in English

CoinSpeakerCensorship Free Internet: Arbolet Now Available in EnglishArbolet, a Czech-based peer-to-peer communication network, will bring the true freedom of information to global users with the platform's English version launched.Censorship Free Internet: Arbolet Now Available in English

12/19/2018 / 18:03:24

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Neutral Binance CEO Says ‘It Doesn’t Have to Be a Competition’ With Coinbase

Upon the news that crypto to crypto trading is now live on Coinbase, TheCryptoDog blockchain investor and commentator announced that the competition was officially on between Coinbase and Binance–sparking an unexpected comment from CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ).  Coinbase Gets Into Crypto-to-Crypto Trading A lot of people in the community almost forget about Coinbase. For many of us, it was the first safe place to get our feet wet, buy our first bitcoins and experiment withRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/18/2018 / 22:00:09

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Neutral Ethereum Miners are the best targets for Hackers, ETH mining is not profitable

Published on CoinnounceDown by 94% from its ATH, and currently trading at $87, Ethereum ETH mining has become a nightmare for miners. ETH mining is not only non-profitable but Ethereum miners are the best targets for crypto hackers according to a new report by ZDNet. These crypto hackers are using a new way to steal your Ethereum […]Coinnounce.

12/16/2018 / 04:54:36

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Neutral Benchmark University Study Shines a Spotlight on Crypto Assets

Judge Business School, a subsidiary of the University of Cambridge, has published its second annual report into the cryptoconomy. Its inaugural report surfaced in April 2017, just as crypto mania was exploding. A lot has happened in the ecosystem since then, and the school’s new 96-page report covers a good portion of it, with a […]Bitcoin News.

12/13/2018 / 07:50:53

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Neutral UNICEF Will Invest $100M into Blockchain Startups to ‘Solve Global Challenges’

CoinSpeakerUNICEF Will Invest $100M into Blockchain Startups to ‘Solve Global Challenges’UNICEF is investing $100,000 in blockchain projects, aiming to address the global problems within the finance, healthcare, and other sectors.UNICEF Will Invest $100M into Blockchain Startups to ‘Solve Global Challenges’

12/11/2018 / 21:56:55

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Neutral Chatter Report: Sirer Says Crypto Too ‘Volatile’, Zhao Ponders Next Bull Market ‘Trigger’

In today’s chatter report, Emin Gun Sirer debates with Diego Gutierrez-Zaldivar on cryptocurrencies being a good store of value and Changepeng Zhao crowdsources Twitter for ways to trigger the next crypto bull run. Some, like Richard Heart, believe that bull runs are determined by technical indicators while others argue that fundamental changes need to be […]Bitcoin News.

12/10/2018 / 05:50:19

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Neutral Malaysian Financial Regulators to Intensify Scrutiny of ICOs, Cryptocurrencies

Malaysia’s securities regulator and central bank are to strengthen their scrutiny of initial coin offerings (ICOs) through new rules meant to eliminate issues of unfair trade practices and alleged risk of money laundering and terrorism financing. The Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) and Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) said they will also tighten regulation in the trade […]Bitcoin News.

12/08/2018 / 20:30:01

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Neutral Coinbase Seeks to Own ‘BUIDL’ Trademark, ‘HODL’ is Vacant so Far

CoinSpeakerCoinbase Seeks to Own ‘BUIDL’ Trademark, ‘HODL’ is Vacant so FarCoinbase has applied to own the ‘BUIDL’ trademark. They aim at encouraging investors to build products as opposed to just holding digital assets in times of high volatility.Coinbase Seeks to Own ‘BUIDL’ Trademark, ‘HODL’ is Vacant so Far

12/07/2018 / 09:31:48

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Neutral Buffett Bet 2.0: Asset Manager Wagers Cryptocurrency Fund Will Beat S&P 500

Cryptocurrency asset manager Morgan Creek Digital is betting $1 million that its crypto fund will outperform the S&P 500, calling the challenge Buffett Bet 2.0 to mimic the billionaire investor’s famous bet. The wager is expected to be taken by ''someone who is bullish on the S&P 500, or someone who thinks cryptocurrencies are worthless […]Bitcoin News.

12/07/2018 / 03:30:46

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Neutral Binance to Launch Binancechain For ‘Millions of Coins,’ CEO Confirms

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange by means of traded volumes will be launching its own public blockchain in ''a couple of months or so,” according to its CEO, Changpeng Zhao.  ‘There Will be Millions of Coins and Thousands of Blockchains’ Speaking at the stage of Forbes Asia Forum: Decrypting Blockchain, the CEO of the Binance Changpeng Zhao (CZ) revealed that the company’s public blockchain dubbed Binance Chain will be released very soon – within theRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/04/2018 / 18:00:27

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Neutral G20 Countries to Regulate Cryptocurrencies in Line with FATF Standards

The G20 Countries have signed a joint declaration in Buenos Aires, where it promises to regulate cryptocurrencies and combat its use for money laundering and the financing of terrorism in line with the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) standards, per a Saudi Gazette report. Section 25 of the declaration signed by the forum reads: ''WeCCN

12/02/2018 / 19:17:10

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Neutral #BTC/USD Price Analysis: “I want People to Think Binance as a Verb” says CZ

After severe draw downs that has so far clipped investor confidence, the founder of Binance Changpeng Zhao is confident of what next year holds. Of course much has been talked about entry of institutional investors and facilitators—read Fidelity, NASDAQ and others. Though next year might be the year of adoption–and that is the main reason...The post BTC/USD Price Analysis: “I want People to Think Binance as a Verb” says CZ appeared first on NewsBTC.

12/01/2018 / 07:21:52

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Neutral Malaysian MP ”Concerned About Threat” from Cryptocurrencies to Government Money

Lim Guan Eng, the finance minister of Malaysia, has warned individuals and companies planning to issue new cryptocurrencies with a stern: “don’t do it”. Addressing parliament on Nov. 26, Guan Eng advised to wait for legal guidance from Bank Negara Malaysia, the southeast Asian country’s central bank. Also read: Law Firm: South Africa’s Draft Law Could […]Bitcoin News.

11/27/2018 / 09:43:01

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Neutral UK Regulators Plan “Comprehensive Response” to Illicit Crypto Use

Christopher Woolard of the United Kingdom (UK) Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has indicated that UK regulators are planning a “comprehensive response” to the illicit adoption of crypto assets amid increased adoption among local businesses and consumers. Despite announcing increased regulatory action regarding illegal use of crypto, Woolard stated he does not view crypto assets as […]Bitcoin News.

11/25/2018 / 06:55:41

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Neutral Indian State Working to Help Cryptocurrency Businesses Grow

An Indian minister has reportedly revealed that a state government is working to protect businesses operating without a regulatory framework in India. They include cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto-accepting merchants. The move follows the arrests of the founders of a crypto exchange after they tried to set up an ATM-like kiosk at a local mall. Also […]Bitcoin News.

11/23/2018 / 20:30:13

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Neutral Crypto Market Crash Takes Pressure off Us: UK Regulators

Britain’s financial regulatory body has had some pressure taken off its shoulders as the downturn in the value of bitcoin and other digital assets signaled a reduction in the threat cryptos could pose to the British financial system, per a Reuters report. Last year, the world witnessed a crypto explosion, as digital assets like bitcoinCCN

11/20/2018 / 23:21:39

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Neutral Top 15 Crypto Kings [Infographic]

CoinSpeakerTop 15 Crypto Kings [Infographic]Check out the list of 15 most prominent crypto bulls who, holding tons of world's cryptocurrencies, are making the history in the field.Top 15 Crypto Kings [Infographic]

11/20/2018 / 06:18:15

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Neutral Blockchain Technology to Cut Corruption in the Construction Industry, CEO Says

According to the chief executive of a global design software giant, blockchain-based technology can bring an opportunity to substantially reduce the corruption in the construction industry, while also decreasing the lack of trust between different players.  ‘Corruption in the Construction Industry is Not Uncommon’ Speaking to journalists at the Autodesk University event held in Las...Live Bitcoin News.

11/19/2018 / 21:00:38

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Neutral Binance Set to Make XRP Its Base Currency?

CoinSpeakerBinance Set to Make XRP Its Base Currency?Binance CEO Changpeng “CZ” Zhao took to Twitter on Sunday to send out a message to the XRP community regarding their constant talking of XRP as a base currency for the leading crypto exchange.Binance Set to Make XRP Its Base Currency?

11/19/2018 / 10:12:40

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Neutral Distributed Ledger Technology is an Option for Cross-border Payments According to Canada, UK and Singapore

Three international financial institutions are looking into the benefits of using distributed ledger technology (DLT) to improve cross-border payment processes. Traditional cross-border payments can be expensive. While financial institutions may stand to benefit by charging fees and commissions, it tends to be the consumers, who are forced to pay these fees, that suffer. In some...Live Bitcoin News.

11/17/2018 / 01:00:46

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Neutral Central Banks of Canada, Singapore and UK Propose CBDCs for Cross-Border Payments

The reserve banks of Canada, Singapore and the United Kingdom have singled out central bank digital currencies as being one of the solutions that can be implemented in order to solve the challenges encountered when making cross-border payments. The report by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Bank of England and Bank of Canada notes thatCCN

11/16/2018 / 09:36:27

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Negative Kik Messenger Giant Chooses Stellar Over Ethereum for Its Kin Token Launch

CoinSpeakerKik Messenger Giant Chooses Stellar Over Ethereum for Its Kin Token LaunchAfter working for some months on two blockchains simultaneously, Kik has taken a decision to stop building on Ethereum and to work with Stellar only.Kik Messenger Giant Chooses Stellar Over Ethereum for Its Kin Token Launch

11/15/2018 / 10:45:37

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Neutral Binance CEO: Market Still in Good Position — Real Crypto Volume 2x Larger Than Reported Stats

In an interview on CNBC Crypto Trader hosted by Ran Neuner, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) stated that the crypto market and Binance are still in a good position even after nearly a year of downward price movement. Binance Maintaining Healthy Business Over the past 11 months, the cryptocurrency market has lost more than 70CCN

11/11/2018 / 22:11:04

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Neutral Markets Update: All Eyes on Bitcoin Cash Prices Before the Pending Fork

Since our last markets update five days ago, a lot has changed as a good chunk of the top cryptocurrency markets have dipped in value over the last three and a half days. Bitcoin cash markets touched a high of $638 on Wednesday, Nov. 7, but now prices are hovering around $544 per BCH on […]Bitcoin News.

11/11/2018 / 16:50:35

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Neutral Shifty Principle Uses School Computers to Craft a Crypto Mining Scheme

The leader of a Middle School principle in China was fired after staffers uncovered a cryptocurrency mining scheme utilizing school computers. Local media in China have begun to write about a foiled cryptocurrency mining scheme organized by the principal of Puman Middle School. The man utilized school computers for the task. According to reporting from the BBC, Lei Hua was fired after other staff members discovered that he installed eight mining machines in the school between summerRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

11/11/2018 / 05:45:58

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Neutral Welcome To Crypto: Star Trek’s Shatner Defends Ethereum, Talks ERC Standards

When cryptocurrency enthusiasts discuss adoption — the crypto industry’s buzzword of 2018 — the names of bigwig institutions, household corporations, and prominent executives and investors are often thrown around. So, it should come as no surprise that the entire crypto community was rattled when William Shatner, known for his portrayal of Star Trek’s James T....NewsBTC.

11/08/2018 / 11:30:02

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Neutral Discussions Intensify as BCH Fork Approaches

As the Bitcoin Cash fork draws near, a lot has been announced over the last few days concerning the consensus changes scheduled for Nov. 15. Earlier this week, the Bitcoin Unlimited (BU) development team released a new client version that includes the ability to configure the Bitcoin SV hard fork ruleset. In addition to the […]Bitcoin News.

11/07/2018 / 14:55:58

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Neutral Exchanges Roundup: Luno Expects ‘Open’ South African Rules, Bitstamp Updates Engine

In this edition of Exchanges Roundup, we look at a Luno executive’s belief that the South African government will introduce ''open” crypto regulations. We also focus on Bitstamp, which expects a 1250x increase in matching speed after it integrates a customized version of Cinnober’s trading engine software into its platform, as well as the motivation behind a […]Bitcoin News.

11/06/2018 / 20:00:39

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Neutral What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government?

CoinSpeakerWhat if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government?Mind AI, a Seoul-based startup engaged in blockchain and AI technologies’ development, is creating a new approach to AI that wipes out high entry barriers native to the field.What if AI were Owned or Controlled by Any One Company or Government?

11/05/2018 / 14:57:55

Blockchain News | Companies | News | ai | artificial intelligence | blockchain | mind ai | mind ai engine | mind tge | mind token | | Blockchain

Neutral 3 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Beat BTC Price Short-Term (WaBi, BNB, TRX)

Who can beat BTC price in the short term? This week three very unique coins have been selected: WaBi, BNB, and TRON. WABI looks to be the top contender to produce the highest returns as a cryptocurrency. Market Conditions The price stagnation within BTC price has led to many mini altcoin rallies. Cryptocurrencies highlighted in similar articles such as GOChain increased well over 100% since their being selected as an ‘undervalued cryptocurrency.’ These current marketRead MoreThe post 3 Cryptocurrencies Likely to Beat BTC Price Short-Term (WaBi, BNB, TRX) appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

11/03/2018 / 16:30:06

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Neutral Regulations Roundup: Ebang IPO Challenged by Probe, Plattsburgh Passes Mining Guidelines

In recent regulatory news, a criminal investigation may prevent Ebang from conducting an initial public offering, Plattsburgh has passed new regulations governing commercial mining operations, and Ron Paul has endorsed precious metals and cryptocurrencies as a viable alternative to fiat currency. Also Read: Another Token Project Launches on the Bitcoin Cash Network Criminal Accusations Pose Hurdle to […]Bitcoin News.

11/03/2018 / 08:05:10

Regulation | audit | audit the fed | Challenged | Criminal | Cryptocurrencies | Ebang | Fed | Federal Reserve | gold | guidelines | initial public offering | ipo | market money | mining | N-Economy | New | Passes | Plattsburgh | Precious Metals | probe | Regulations | Ron Paul | roundup | silver | | Mining|BTC|Fiat|ICO|Regulation

Neutral $50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon

CoinSpeaker$50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-ThonWhile conferences have become an important accelerator of the blockchain’s growth, UCIM is glad to introduce Pitch-a-thon dirung which entrants will compete to secure investment and win prizes worth $50K for the best seven-minute pitch.$50,000 Worth Prizes Can Now Be Availed by Blockchain Enterprises at UCIM Pitch-a-Thon

11/01/2018 / 13:49:31

Blockchain News | Events | News | cryptocurrency investment | golden block awards | hack x | ucim | ucim pitch-a-thon | ucim trading challenge | united blockathon | united conference of internet money | | Blockchain

Neutral Crypto Robo-Advisors Are Fueling the Rise of Long-Term Investors

Cryptocurrency robo-advisors like New Wave Capital continue to grow despite bear markets in 2018. Some think their popularity could rope in more outsiders to invest in digital currencies for the long-term.    2018 has been a rough year for crypto prices. The ripple effects have been felt across exchanges and other major institutions within the industry. However, cryptocurrency robo-advisors like New Wave Capital seem to be weathering the storm. The investment firm recently noted howRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

11/01/2018 / 07:00:14

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Neutral UK Government Moots Ban on Cryptocurrency Derivatives

The U.K. government is considering a ban on cryptocurrency-linked derivative products. The Financial Conduct Authority said in a report on Oct. 29 that it will begin consultations on whether to ban the sale of derivatives based on digital coins like BTC as well as to restrict crypto-based contracts of difference to the public. Virtual currency […]Bitcoin News.

10/30/2018 / 21:00:26

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Neutral Binance Boss Talks Crypto and Blockchain at Forbes Global CEO Conference

The Forbes Global CEO Conference has just started in Bangkok, Thailand, and participants have already entered various discussions. As always, the aim is to solve, but also present, various problems, and share their views of where the world of technology, business, and entrepreneurship is going next. One of the 400 attendants was Changpeng Zhao, the...NewsBTC.

10/30/2018 / 13:00:03

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Neutral Chinese City Aims to Replace Street Lights With an Artificial Moon

China is one of the more interesting regions to keep an eye on when it comes to innovative technological projects. One of the most recent ventures focuses on replacing street lights with a miniature moon. This will be achieved through a so-called illumination satellite, which should be put in orbit by 2020. An Artificial Moon […]NullTX.

10/30/2018 / 02:07:05

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