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Neutral Telecom Giant China Mobile Is Developing a Blockchain Water Purifier

A water purifier launched by China Mobile is connected to the internet of things and will reward usage with crypto tokens.

01/08/2019 / 09:00:10

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Neutral MasterCard drops ‘card’ from its logo, as new payment methods gather speed

MasterCard has rebranded, as it moves away from the idea of solely being seen as a ‘card’ firm… As a further sign of changing times in the fiat world, MasterCard has today unveiled its brand new logo. A logo that’s deliberately dropped the company’s name from it. MasterCard’s visual identity will now be the two […]CryptoNewsReview.

01/07/2019 / 12:14:45

Blockchain | Crypto | Markets | News | Mastercard | | Market|Blockchain|Fiat

Neutral Is Merge Mining the Solution to Proof-of-Work Woes?

Although Proof-of-Work (PoW) has proven through Bitcoin to be the most secure mechanism for securing a blockchain, this past year has shown that mining as we know it is not secure. As PoW problems be continuously revealed and amplified over the course of 2018, the value and success of mining has been increasingly contended. When […]The post Is Merge Mining the Solution to Proof-of-Work Woes? appeared first on NullTX.

01/02/2019 / 06:08:40

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Neutral Why Bitcoin? Patreon Pushed By Mastercard to Ban Accounts in ‘Terrible Precedent’

Crowdfunding platform Patreon is grappling with fiat currency centralization after MasterCard demanded it must block the account of a prominent US author and several others. Spencer: Patreon ‘Axed’ Me Citing an email from the company in August, Robert Spencer, who penned multiple books about countering Jihad and advised law enforcement agencies, said it had “axed” him and he could no longer put contributed funds to any use. “I’ve been axed from Patreon, without explanation, warning orRead MoreThe post Why Bitcoin? Patreon Pushed By Mastercard to Ban Accounts in ‘Terrible Precedent’ appeared first on

12/25/2018 / 17:00:20

Bitcoin | Companies | News | News teaser | Censorship | Gab | Mastercard | Patreon | Robert Spencer | | BTC|Regulation|Fiat

Neutral A Look Back at the Top Cryptocurrency Markets From Christmases Past

The cryptocurrency ecosystem has grown dramatically in just a few years, with the number of crypto markets increasing from 59 in 2013 to over 2,000 today. Looking at historic snapshots of the cryptocurrency markets from Christmases past also shows a significant turnover in the leading altcoins by market cap. Also Read: Report Finds a Strong Relationship […]Bitcoin News.

12/24/2018 / 21:35:03

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Neutral Six New Cryptocurrency ATM Machines Installed Every Day in 2018

Although it has been a sketchy year for crypto in terms of price fluctuations, the number of cryptocurrency ATM machines in the world has doubled in 2018 to over 4,000. Crypto prices might be up and down quicker than a manic depressive, but wider adoption gets closer and closer. The figures come from data publishedCCN

12/23/2018 / 05:55:22

Bitcoin Merchants | News | cryptocurrency atm | data light | | Market|Trading

Neutral How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?

This time last year, the market was abuzz with excitement as CBOE’s XBT futures contracts and CME Group’s bitcoin derivatives products launched for the first time. There is no doubt that BTC futures trading has given some legitimacy to the asset class. Fast forward one year and there has been slow growth due to the […]The post How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 03:55:14

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Neutral Launch of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Market May Get Postponed Again

It's unlikely the CFTC will act in time for ICE to launch Bakkt as planned on Jan. 24, CoinDesk has learned.

12/22/2018 / 01:15:13

Exchanges | News | Business News | CFTC | bitcoin futures | Intercontinental Exchange | Custody Services | Bakkt | | BTC|Market

Neutral Brazilian Supermarket Chain Now Accepts Payment in Bitcoin

A Rio de Janeiro supermarket chain, Oásis Supermercados, is now accepting payment in bitcoin core, bitcoin cash and litecoin. It joins a growing number of Brazilian businesses in construction, ecommerce, hospitality and transport, already taking payment in cryptocurrency. Also read: Pan-African Bitcoin Exchange Kubitx Goes Live, Launches OTC Wallet Shopping the Cryptocurrency Way Beginning Dec. 18, […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 20:45:28

Fintech | BCH | Bitcoin | Brazil | BTC | Coinwise | Cryptocurrency | Douglas Andrade | LTC | N-Featured | Oásis Supermercados | Payments | supermarket | | BTC|LTC|Exchange

Neutral Brazilian Supermarket Chain Starts Accepting Cryptocurrency Payments

Oásis Supermercados, a Brazilian supermarket chain located in Rio de Janeiro, has recently started accepting cryptocurrency payments after asking a local exchange for information, and training its employees on how to do it. According to local news outlet Portal do Bitcoin, the chain’s clients in Rio de Janeiro will now be able to pay forCCN

12/21/2018 / 07:01:57

Bitcoin Merchants | News | brazil | CoinWise | cryptocurrency | Oasis Supermercados | | BTC|Exchange

Neutral Leading Asian Online Retailer Qoo10 to Launch Merchant Fee-free Blockchain-Powered Ecommerce Platform

A blockchain-based online marketplace built on the Ethereum protocol is set to be launched by ecommerce firm Qoo10 on January 1, 2019, Tech in Asia reports. Known as QuuBe, the blockchain-based marketplace comes with a cryptocurrency of its own dubbed the Q*coin. Currently, Q*coins, which are the only accepted means of payment on QuuBe forCCN

12/20/2018 / 21:01:19

Bitcoin Merchants | Blockchain News | News | Q*coin | Qoo10 | QuuBe | | ETH|Asia|Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Markets Update: BCH Up Over 100% in a Week, BTC Breaks Above $4,000

The cryptocurrency markets appear poised to post the strongest week of trading in months, with BCH up over 115% since Dec. 16. BTC is also on the cusp of posting its strongest weekly candle since February after breaking above $4,000. Also Read: Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Digital Assets Bill BCH Price Doubles in One Week […]The post Markets Update: BCH Up Over 100% in a Week, BTC Breaks Above $4,000 appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/20/2018 / 16:00:44

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Neutral Tim Draper is Betting On Bitcoin Lightning Payments for Starbucks

Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode has successfully concluded a seed round. The project has raised $1.25 million with prominent Bitcoin proponent Tim Draper and Draper Associates.  OpenNode Seals the Deal OpenNode is a bitcoin payment processor, describing itself as ''the easiest way to accept bitcoin.” The company has announced that it managed to close a $1.25 million seed round with venture capitalist and prominent Bitcoin proponent Tim Draper and Draper Associates. According to the official mediumRead

12/20/2018 / 16:00:33

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Businesses | Blockchain | Companies | News | News teaser | Bitcoin Adoption | Bitcoin lightning | Bitcoin Merchants | Lightning payments | OpenNode | Starbucks | tim draper | | BTC|ICO|Blockchain

Neutral bCommerce opens voting on Bitcoin SV logo

Guess which one the project’s main men are lobbying for… A new industry group by the name of bCommerce, which is committed to promoting the new Bitcoin SV ecosystem, has begun an online poll to chose a logo for the coin created by the split in Bitcoin Cash that took place in mid-November. While bCommerce […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/20/2018 / 08:40:39

Crypto | News | Uncategorised | bCommerce | Bitcoin SV | | BTC

Neutral Major Game Creator Atari to Roll Out Blockchain Versions of Two Popular Mobile Games

CoinSpeakerMajor Game Creator Atari to Roll Out Blockchain Versions of Two Popular Mobile GamesThe blockchain-based versions of the Atari games RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch and Goon Squad will feature the integration of non-fungible tokens.Major Game Creator Atari to Roll Out Blockchain Versions of Two Popular Mobile Games

12/20/2018 / 08:24:47

Blockchain News | Companies | Gaming | News | animoca brands | atari | blockchain | blockchain gaming | gaming | goon squad | rollercoaster tycoon touch | | Blockchain

Neutral Coinbase Pro Adds Another Four Ethereum Tokens Including DAI

In a slew of additions and developments, and not unexpectedly, Coinbase has added four more Ethereum tokens. Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR), and Zilliqa (ZIL) will be added to the Coinbase Professional platform but with some regional restrictions. GNT and DAI will be available in the US, but not New York, in the UK,CCN

12/19/2018 / 00:22:33

Altcoin News | Ethereum News | Exchanges | News | Ripple News | coinbase | Coinbase Pro | Dai | ERC20 | Ethereum | GNT | golem | maker | MKR | ripple | Stellar | Waves | XLM | XRP | ZIL | Zilliqa | | ETH|ICO|XRP

Neutral Watch Lambos Battle for Crypto in This ‘War Riders’ Gameplay Trailer

Cartified's new game lets feuding vehicles duke it out for ERC-20 tokens.

12/18/2018 / 14:00:58

News | Gaming | ERC-20 | Video Games | NFTs | | ICO

Neutral Remember Atari? Now it’s getting into blockchain gaming

A classic videogaming name is making the jump to blockchain… The brand name Atari went through a period where it was being traded and passed on to companies, who in turn tried to resurrect it and play on videogaming nostalgia. After all, Atari was arguably the first big name in videogames, and certainly the biggest […]The post Remember Atari? Now it’s getting into blockchain gaming appeared first on CryptoNewsReview.

12/18/2018 / 11:33:43

Blockchain | News | Atari | Goon Squad | Rollercoaster Tycoon | | Blockchain

Neutral How to Spend and Give Bitcoin Cash Over the Holidays

It’s the season of giving and many Bitcoin Cash (BCH) advocates will be spending some of their coins on gifts for family and friends this year. With the holidays approaching, we take a look at some of the various methods BCH holders can use to spend peer-to-peer electronic cash. Also read: A Look at Some of […]Bitcoin News.

12/18/2018 / 01:15:25

Economy & Regulation | BCH | bitcoin cash | BitPay | Brick n Mortar | Christmas | Coinbase Commerce | Cryptocurrency | Forra | Giving | | holidays | Marco Coino | Merchants | N-Featured | New Years Day | New Years Eve | OpenBazaar | Paper Wallets | spending | tips | Tor | Vendors | | BTC

Neutral Kaspersky Lab Says Cryptojacking Cases Have Risen 400% in 2018

Did you know there have been 13 million cryptojacking incidents in 2018? Russian cyber-security firm Kaspersky Lab has released data that cryptojacking cases have gone through the roof rising 400% this year alone. Crypto-crime has been one of the most publicized issues in the financial world this year as the popularity of digital currencies hasCCN

12/17/2018 / 09:16:16

Hacked | News | cryptojacking | Cybercrime | Kaspersky Lab | | Other

Neutral BCH Devs Publish Bi-Directional Payment Concept Based on IPFS

On Friday, Openbazaar and Bchd developer, Chris Pacia, revealed a new Bchd project feature currently in the making that would allow for Bitcoin Cash-based bi-directional payment channels. Moreover, in contrast to the Lightning Network, the Bchd developers explained that the team has created an overlay network based on the Inter-Planetary File System (IPFS). Also Read: A […]Bitcoin News.

12/17/2018 / 04:35:42

Technology & Security | atomic swap protocols | BCH | Bchd | Bchd Development | Bi-directional payments | bitcoin cash | Chris Pacia | coin mixers | Cryptocurrency | Development | DHT | Digital Assets | distributed hashtable technology | Gcash | Go | golang | Interconnected | lightning network | N-Technology | Neutrino wallet | overlay network | | BTC

Neutral Whatever happened to Burger King’s own official cryptocurrency?

Remember the WhopperCoin? Nope. Didn’t think so… Before the price of cryptocurrencies underwent their steady decline throughout 2018, an abundance of big names were getting interested as prices rocketed in 2017. And one of those was Burger King. Back in the summer of 2017, it’s pretty much forgotten that Burger King launched what was called […]The post Whatever happened to Burger King’s own official cryptocurrency? appeared first on CryptoNewsReview.

12/14/2018 / 16:09:34

Crypto | News | Burger King | Whoppercoin | | Market|Trading

Neutral Sephora Shoppers Are Getting Their First Bitcoin Using Crypto Startup Lolli

Sephora has joined the list of retailers at which shoppers can earn bitcoin rewards via the Lolli app.

12/14/2018 / 13:00:46

Features | Merchants | Business News | Startups | E-commerce | Applications | Bitcoin | Lolli | Sephora | | BTC

Neutral Industry’s first atomic swap between ERC-20 token and Bitcoin takes place

A native asset and a non-native asset have taken part in the industry’s maiden atomic swap of its kind… By Manoj Sharma for CNR The TenX Summit witnessed an industry first last week. It happened when a developer’s group from a TenX research and development lab, CoBIoX, showcased an atomic swap between a native asset, […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/14/2018 / 08:58:07

Crypto | News | bitcoin | comit | erc20 | ethereum | Tenx | | BTC|ICO|ETH

Neutral Coinone Launches New Remittance App Utilizing Ripple’s xCurrent

CoinSpeakerCoinone Launches New Remittance App Utilizing Ripple’s xCurrentCoinone Transfer has launched its remittance app called Cross which will use Ripple’s xCurrent to ensure speedy cross-border payments.Coinone Launches New Remittance App Utilizing Ripple’s xCurrent

12/12/2018 / 08:47:44

Altcoins | Companies | Cryptocurrencies | News | XRP (XRP) | coinone | pnc bank | ripple | sbi ripple asia | scb | siam commercial bank | xcurrent | xrp | | XRP|Altcoin

Neutral Market Cap of Crypto Tokens Fall Under $100M, Struggling to be Relevant

The market valuation of ERC20 tokens and low volume crypto have started to fall below the $100 million mark amidst an intense market sell-off and increasing regulatory pressure from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). VeChain, Bytecoin, Bitcoin Diamond, ICON, and Qtum have fallen the most against the U.S. dollar in the past 12The post Market Cap of Crypto Tokens Fall Under $100M, Struggling to be Relevant appeared first on CCN

12/11/2018 / 15:23:14

Altcoin News | News | Crypto | ERC20 | token | | Market|ICO|BTC|Exchange|Regulation

Neutral Innovation Continues Despite Crypto Crush, 0x Launches Web and dApp Payment Platform

As cryptocurrency prices continue to tumble, some blockchain projects may disappear into the digital dust while others forge on with product development that will lead to ease of use and greater adoption. 0x Instant – Crypto Transfers Simplified Standardization of payment platforms and cross compatibility between them is one issue that needs to be addressed...NewsBTC.

12/11/2018 / 09:00:39

Crypto | Technology | 0x | 0x protocol | crypto transfers | DEX | ERC-20 | ethereum | ZRX | | ETH|Market|Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Bitcoin and Ethereum Drop 3%, is the Bottom Still in Sight?

Over the past 24 hours, the prices of both Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) have fallen by more than three percent against the U.S. dollar. The cryptocurrency market experienced an abrupt $4 billion drop in its valuation, by just about 3.5 percent. While major cryptocurrencies struggled to demonstrate signs of a potential corrective rally, smallThe post Bitcoin and Ethereum Drop 3%, is the Bottom Still in Sight? appeared first on CCN

12/11/2018 / 05:24:57

Bitcoin Price News | News | Bitcoin | ERC20 | Ethereum | ICO | | BTC|ETH|Market|ICO|Trading

Neutral Mastercard Applies For New Patent for Anonymous Blockchain Transactions – A Regulated Bitcoin Tumbler?

Mastercard, the company who have gone through the entire process of laughing, fighting, and then embracing Bitcoin (and then attacking it again), have applied for another new patent in the blockchain space. Their last one was in regards to — we’re not making this up — a fractional reserve crypto bank. They describe a novelThe post Mastercard Applies For New Patent for Anonymous Blockchain Transactions – A Regulated Bitcoin Tumbler? appeared first on CCN

12/10/2018 / 18:12:26

Bitcoin Technology | News | bitcoin mixing | bitcoin tumbling | mastercard | patents | | BTC|Blockchain|Fiat

Neutral Coinbase didn’t hang around adding new altcoins to its platform – but ignored XRP, for now

Within hours of announcing it was looking into a whole host of new altcoin additions to its exchange, Coinbase went ahead and added support for four of them. Just not the one most were expecting. Only a few hours after blogging about 30 cryptocurrencies it was considering adding to its exchange and wallet, Coinbase – […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/10/2018 / 08:23:01

Markets | News | 0x | civic | Coinbase | CVC | erc-20 | ethereum | Loom | MANA | ZRX | | Altcoin|XRP|Exchange|ETH|Market

Neutral Ethereum Recovers 15% Within Minutes, is it Demonstrating Oversold Conditions?

On December 8, within 15 minutes, the Ethereum price increased by more than 15 percent against the US dollar. Several traders expected Ethereum (ETH) to experience a short-term corrective rally after it dropped to a yearly low at around $82. A Local Bottom Prior to its price drop, a prominent technical analyst with an online aliasThe post Ethereum Recovers 15% Within Minutes, is it Demonstrating Oversold Conditions? appeared first on CCN

12/08/2018 / 19:01:54

Altcoin Price Analysis | Ethereum News | News | coinbase | ERC20 | | ETH|Trading

Neutral Bitcoin Avoids Large Drop Below $3,000 With 7% Recovery, Trend Reversal?

Over the last 24 hours, the Bitcoin price has experienced a seven percent recovery from $3,210 to $3,433, avoiding a further drop below the $3,000 support level. Many traders expected Bitcoin (BTC) to rebound from the $3,000 to $3,300 range because the $3,000 support level has shown strength throughout the past two weeks. Ethereum (ETH)The post Bitcoin Avoids Large Drop Below $3,000 With 7% Recovery, Trend Reversal? appeared first on CCN

12/08/2018 / 15:27:55

Bitcoin Analysis | Bitcoin Price News | News | Bitcoin | coinbase | ERC20 | | BTC|ETH|Trading

Neutral MasterCard Workers Apply for Blockchain Anonymity Patent

The company claims its new technology makes blockchain transactions completely anonymous

12/07/2018 / 12:17:47

Innovation | blockchain | cryptocurrencies | mastercard | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Mastercard Files Patent for Increasing Anonymity of Blockchain Transactions

Mastercard has filed a patent that aims to anonymize transactions on a blockchain, rather than just the user behind any individual wallet

12/07/2018 / 12:13:00

Blockchain | MasterCard | Patents | Anonymity | | Blockchain

Neutral Mastercard Patent Filing Outlines Way to Anonymize Crypto Transactions

Payments giant Mastercard claims to have developed a new way of keeping cryptocurrency transactions private using intermediary addresses.

12/07/2018 / 10:00:06

News | Payments | Business News | Technology News | Privacy | Anonymity | MasterCard | Patents | | Other

Neutral Chatter Report: Pompliano Praises Bitcoin Performance, Antonopoulos Says Death Spiral ‘Unlikely’

In today’s Chatter Report, we explore the different ways crypto influencers have been responding to the low prices of 2018. Some are unfazed like Anthony Pompliano, who still believes that bitcoin is the best performing asset. Others are reassuring like Andreas Antonopoulos, who has been busy addressing concerns about bitcoin being in a death spiral. The rest […]Bitcoin News.

12/05/2018 / 10:15:55

News | Andreas Antonopoulos | Anthony Pompliano | Asset | best performing | Bitcoin | Bitcoin death spiral | Cryptocurrency | death spiral | Government | high inflation | Hold | Investors | James McAvity | Losses | Miners | Mining Power | Morgan Creek Digital | N-Featured | Percentage Gains | Profit | S&P | sell | Venezuela | | BTC|Business|Market

Neutral Adoption: Binance Users Can Book 450,000 Hotels Using Crypto Token BNB

On Tripio, a blockchain-based hotel booking platform, Binance Coin (BNB) users are now able to book 450,000 hotels and residential accommodations using the BNB crypto token. On December 4, Tripio officially announced a strategic partnership with Binance to enable more than 10 million active users in the Binance ecosystem to utilize BNB as one ofCCN

12/04/2018 / 21:53:58

Accepts Bitcoin | Bitcoin Merchants | News | Binance | BNB | paypal | | Exchange|ICO

Neutral Atomicpay Launches Private Beta of Digital Currency Payment Gateway

Startup announced the beta launch of its cryptocurrency payment gateway on Dec. 3, with support for six different digital assets. The payment processor eliminates third parties and allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies in a noncustodial fashion. Also read: US Law Enforcement Wants Blockchain Surveillance Tools for Privacy Coins Developers Launch Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway The private beta version of Atomicpay will be […]Bitcoin News.

12/04/2018 / 16:40:13

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Neutral 4 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Facebook

CoinSpeaker 4 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Use FacebookSurvival in today’s competitive marketplace requires more than just running a functional store. Merchants must brand their businesses to distinguish them from “the pack.” Check out how Facebook can help you build brand awareness.4 Ways Ecommerce Businesses Can Use Facebook

12/04/2018 / 10:45:33

Companies | News | Payments & Commerce | ecommerce | facebook | | Other

Neutral Bitcoin Trading Volume Exceeds $2 Trillion in 2018 Despite Year-Long Bear Market

With a few weeks still left in 2018, the total Bitcoin trading volume for the year has already crossed $2 trillion. Many countries have also seen record BTC trading volume at different points of the year with more everyday people seemingly adopting the popular cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Trading up 61 Percent Since 2017 This volume of trade is especially profound given the tirade of criticism from vocal naysayers who continue to engage in Bitcoin bashing. AccordingRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Trading Volume Exceeds $2 Trillion in 2018 Despite Year-Long Bear Market appeared first on

12/02/2018 / 18:00:06

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Acceptance | News | News teaser | bitcoin | Bitcoin payment | Bitcoin transaction volume | mastercard payments | Trading Volume | | BTC|Trading|Market

Neutral North Korean Hackers Move Onto Attacking Individuals After Exchanges Boost Security

A South Korean cybersecurity company detected over 30 attacks on cryptocurrency users, most likely carried out by North Korean hackers

12/01/2018 / 14:57:00

Bitcoin | North Korea | South Korea | Hackers | Cybercrime | | BTC

Neutral Bitcoin Mining Giant Holds Flash Sale to Celebrate Price ‘Bottom’

Bitcoin miner maker Canaan Creative has revealed it is temporarily cutting prices to "celebrate" bitcoin's recent price rise.

11/29/2018 / 16:15:06

Mining | Merchants | News | Business News | Canaan Creative | | BTC|Mining|Trading|Market

Neutral ‘Unequivocal Yes’: NYSE Chair Says Bitcoin and Crypto Are Here To Stay

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies are here to stay despite the current bear market, says Jeff Sprecher, chairman of the New York Stock Exchange and CEO of its parent company, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). When asked about the plunging crypto market values, Sprecher said as an exchange operator, it’s not his place to opine about prices. However, he’s confidentCCN

11/29/2018 / 14:50:02

Bitcoin Opinion | News | bakkt | intercontinental exchange | Jeff Sprecher | NYSE | | BTC|Exchange|Market|Trading|Business

Neutral Should PayPal and Apple Pay Be Afraid of Amazon Pay?

CoinSpeakerShould PayPal and Apple Pay Be Afraid of Amazon Pay?Amazon Pay surges in popularity on merchant websites. Financials host Jason Moser believes PayPal and Apple Pay have clear tech advantages and contributor Matt Frankel, CFP, thinks that Amazon's familiarity gives it an advantage as more consumers adopt digital wallets.Should PayPal and Apple Pay Be Afraid of Amazon Pay?

11/29/2018 / 10:35:52

Companies | Mobile Payments | News | Payments & Commerce | Amazon | amazon blockchain | amazon pay | apple pay | paypal | | Technology

Neutral Canadian Jewelry Retailer Birks Now Accepts Bitcoin Payments

Birks Group, one of the oldest luxury jewelry retailers in Canada, is now accepting bitcoin payments at eight of its stores.

11/28/2018 / 09:15:46

Merchants | News | Payments | Business News | BitPay | Luxury | Bitcoin | jewelry | | BTC

Neutral WaterChain Chairman: Cryptocurrencies Will Create An Entirely New Economy

Riggs Eckelberry is the CEO of OriginClear, a company which provides water treatment solutions, and Chairman of WaterChain, a token project which works to crowdsource water funding in an effort to alleviate suffering as a result of the ongoing global water crisis, which isn’t scheduled to get any better as populations increase. In a recentCCN

11/28/2018 / 00:38:33

Bitcoin Opinion | News | blockchain | Riggs Eckelberry | WaterChain | | ICO|Blockchain

Negative Bitcoin’s Daily Transfers Are Likely as Much or More Than MasterCard’s

Despite the constant price crashes, people still seemingly trust crypto over plastic. New data suggests that daily bitcoin transfers are close to overtaking MasterCard’s. People Don’t Care About Low Prices Bitcoin has been performing poorly over the past few weeks. Following an extended period of hovering between $6,300 and $6,500, the currency began experiencing regular...Live Bitcoin News.

11/27/2018 / 05:30:32

Bitcoin News | News | bitcoin | cryptocurrency | Ethereum | litecoin | MasterCard | Visa | | BTC|ETH|LTC|Market|Trading

Neutral Amazon Further Targets Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Aggressively Promoting Its Payment System

CoinSpeakerAmazon Further Targets Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Aggressively Promoting Its Payment SystemTo dominate the retail world, e-commerce giant Amazon is persuading brick-and-mortar merchants to accept its mobile payments system Amazon Pay.Amazon Further Targets Brick-and-Mortar Merchants Aggressively Promoting Its Payment System

11/26/2018 / 12:21:05

Companies | Mobile Payments | News | Payments & Commerce | Amazon | amazon go | amazon merchants | amazon news | amazon pay | apple pay | | Other

Neutral Novogratz: ‘It Sucks to Build a Business in a Bear Market’

Mike Novogratz, the chief executive officer of Galaxy Investment Partners, recently discussed the challenges of building a cryptocurrency investment firm in the 2018 bear market. But the former Goldman Sachs partner predicts that institutional demand for cryptocurrencies will drive the start of a new bull trend in 2019. Also Read: Snowden: “Large Population” Believes in Bitcoin […]Bitcoin News.

11/26/2018 / 11:30:00

Finance | Bear | build | business | Galaxy | Galaxy Digital | Galaxy Investment Partners | market | merchant bank | Mike Novogratz | N-Economy | Novogratz | Sucks | | Trading|Business|BTC|Market

Neutral Big Milestone: Bitcoin on Track to Transfer More Value Than Mastercard Daily

With a daily transaction volume of over $8 billion, Bitcoin (BTC) is on track to overtake Mastercard, the second largest credit card network in the world, in volume. On October 30, Mastercard released its financial results of the third quarter of 2018. Year-to-date, the credit card company has processed around $4.4 trillion. On a dailyCCN

11/24/2018 / 16:13:19

Bitcoin Analysis | News | bakkt | Bitcoin | ICE | mastercard | microsoft | Starbucks | visa | western union | | BTC

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