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USD Price
$ 2.03
Volume 24Hr
Market Cap.
$ 1,250.15 K
24 Hour Change
$ -0.039

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Neutral Omni Bets on XRP and Ripple to Ensure Better Liquidity

CoinSpeakerOmni Bets on XRP and Ripple to Ensure Better LiquidityOmni, a rental service company, actively cooperates with Ripple and utilize XRP to provide customers with better liquidity.Omni Bets on XRP and Ripple to Ensure Better Liquidity

12/07/2018 / 09:06:37

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Negative This Ethereum Token You’ve Never Heard of is Hogging 10% of the Network’s Gas

A Reddit user has complained that a virtually unknown token is consuming a large amount of Ethereum’s gas supply. Gas is a measurement of the computational work required to do a given transaction on the Ethereum network. Different smart contracts have different requirements. It is not exactly the same as a transaction fee but itCCN

11/05/2018 / 18:01:08

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Neutral Tether Intentionally Obliterates 500 Million USDT

Yesterday Tether quietly took 500 million USDT out of circulation, then promptly destroyed them. Tether Supply Shrinks By $500 USDT Yesterday the stablecoin saga took a new twist as Tether Limited, the company responsible for minting and distributing the USD-pegged ‘stablecoin’ Tether (USDT) , removed 500 million USDT from circulation and destroyed them. Blockchain data from shows that Tether moved 500 million USDT from their treasury address to a different address ,which the firm’sRead

10/25/2018 / 10:00:26

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Neutral #XRP Price Analysis: The Inevitable Bull Run with Hints from Coil, Omni News

Ripple is on a partnership spree. Perhaps that’s why there are a lot of fundamental developments propping XRP as a viable investment. From Coil, Omni and news of The Bill and Melinda Gate Foundation probable use of the RippleNet as they deploy Mojaloop, the foundation is set for XRP. On a technical front, prices are...The post XRP Price Analysis: The Inevitable Bull Run with Hints from Coil, Omni News appeared first on NewsBTC.

10/22/2018 / 02:15:21

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Neutral Online Rental Platform Omni Adds Ripple’s XRP as Payment Method

Omni, a physical storage and online rental service provider, has added XRP as a method to pay people who rent out their stuff. Omni Adds XRP as a Payout Option Omni is a unique startup that provides physical storage space to its customers. To improve their business model, the company recently added the opportunity for...Live Bitcoin News.

10/21/2018 / 17:00:25

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Neutral Major Online Rental Platform Allows Users to be Paid in Ripple

Omni, the online item rental and storage management startup, is now allowing its users to get paid in Ripple, capitalizing off of the cryptocurrency boom. The addition of the XRP payment method comes after the startup raised $25 million in XRP this past January. The company will be paying users out of their own stash...NewsBTC.

10/20/2018 / 20:00:21

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Neutral $50 Million Bitcoin Mining Farm Opens in Armenia

A new cryptocurrency mining facility opened in Armenia on Oct. 18. The $50 million farm will extract bitcoin and ethereum using 3,000 machines, according to local media reports. Around 120,000 more miners are to be added in the months to come. Also read: Marks Jewelers Now Accepts Bitcoin Cash For Payments Multi Group and Omnia Establish […]The post $50 Million Bitcoin Mining Farm Opens in Armenia appeared first on Bitcoin News.

10/20/2018 / 11:30:18

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Neutral Omni Rentals Lets Users Cash out Earnings in XRP

Many people consider Ripple’s XRP to be a security or a digital asset, rather than something consumers can benefit from. In the case of Omni, a project focusing on revamping ways to own and access things, XRP support has been integrated as a cash-out feature. Omni Sees Merit in XRP For those unaware of the…NullTX.

10/18/2018 / 13:00:00

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Neutral Portal Network Developers Announce Bitcoin Cash Name Service

A development team called the Portal Network has announced the creation of a new platform called the Bitcoin Cash Name Service (BCNS). Essentially BCNS turns a long alphanumeric bitcoin cash address into a human-readable name like ‘yourname.bch.’ Also read: Colombia Crypto Exchange Asks New President for Banking Help   Can Human Readable Names Replace Traditional […]Bitcoin News.

10/01/2018 / 14:45:35

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Neutral Most Americans Unsure About What Bitcoin Actually Means, Survey Claims

“Bitcoin” is the financial term for which Americans are least confident of its meaning, according to The Knowledge Academy, a U.K. based provider of training courses which conducted a survey of 1,135 Americans to measure their understanding of financial terms. That “bitcoin” would rank as the least understood term is not surprising, given its newnessCCN

09/26/2018 / 16:17:32

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Neutral Tether Transactions Resume Normal Operations Following Incident with Omni API

Tether (USDT), the eighth-largest cryptocurrency and the second most-traded coin behind bitcoin, is functioning as normal following an incident with the engine that feeds data from the underlying Omni protocol to the platform’s hosted node services. For approximately eight hours on Monday, tether transactions appeared to be frozen, and in fact were — at leastCCN

09/18/2018 / 16:18:47

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Neutral Half of American Millennials Interested in Using Crypto Exclusively

A new study among 1,202 adults revealed that around half of the American millennials are interested in converting to cryptocurrency primarily, as opposed to the U.S. dollar. Bitcoin Dominance The largest cryptocurrency dominates the markets, currently accounting for 54.8 percent of the entire market capitalization according to CoinMarketCap. While other cryptocurrencies abound, Bitcoin remains the most important and popular — especially for millennials. However, Bitcoin (BTC) is also leading the ranks in terms of popularity.Read

09/08/2018 / 13:00:59

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Neutral Bitcoin’s Hopeful Numbers: 70% Familiar in the United States

This week Yougov Omnibus released a host of encouraging new survey data, new numbers, and among their findings “48% of millennials would be interested in using cryptocurrency primarily…A vast majority (79%) of Americans are familiar with at least one kind of cryptocurrency.” Also read: Square’s Big Week: Crypto Patent, Shares Leap, and Lightning Plug Some […]Bitcoin News.

09/07/2018 / 20:33:58

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Neutral 80% of Americans are Aware of Bitcoin, Study Reveals

Millennials are more optimistic about the chances of cryptocurrency being widely accepted, and nearly half of who think this would prefer using cryptocurrency over the U.S. dollar, according to a recently conducted consumer survey on awareness of and attitudes about cryptocurrency. Nearly 80% of Americans (79%) are aware of at least one type of cryptocurrency,CCN

09/06/2018 / 21:00:44

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Neutral Omnitude and CS-Cart partner on blockchain-powered e-commerce platform

British blockchain company Omnitude has partnered with e-commerce platform CS-Cart in a bid to improve the retail experience with blockchain tech. CS-Cart, which is the tool used by more than 35,000 websites across 172 countries, will integrate Omnitude ID (OID) technology into its software, allowing for more transparency and therefore trust for its customer and […]CryptoNewsReview.

08/29/2018 / 11:37:27

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Neutral Half-a-Billion Tether Tokens Infused In August, Yet No Signs of Crypto Market Pump

With over a $500 million influx of Tether’s USDT tokens in the crypto market this month, Tether grabs a spot in the top ten cryptocurrencies with a circulating market cap of $2.7 billion.   Tether Hogs The Limelight, Once Again August has remained a critical month so far, with cryptocurrency market valuations dropping by 20-25% since the beginning of the month. Additionally, the cryptocurrency market attained its 2018-low as the overall market cap plummeted below $200 billionRead

08/25/2018 / 22:00:09

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Neutral An In-Depth Look at the Cryptocurrency Economy’s ‘Stablecoin’ Trend

Back in the early days, cryptocurrency enthusiasts used to laugh at the thought of a stable cryptocurrency pegged to a specific fiat currency like the US dollar. Although nowadays things have changed and the digital currency tether (USDT) captures more cryptocurrency trade volume than most of the leading nation-state issued fiat currencies like the USD […]Bitcoin News.

08/13/2018 / 00:10:28

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Neutral The Daily: Coinbase Increases Trading Limits, ABCC Opens in Malta, Omniex Hires Former Regulators

On Wednesday, The Daily features a couple of announcements from Coinbase: the US crypto exchange enables instant purchasing with increased daily trading limits and is now accepting ETC deposits on its Coinbase Pro platform. We’ve also covered the opening of ABCC’s European headquarters in Malta and Omniex’s decision to appoint two former regulators as advisors. […]Bitcoin News.

08/08/2018 / 12:05:28

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Neutral Wormhole Project Launches — $1.2M Worth of BCH Burned So Far

Last week, reported on the Wormhole announcement of a tokenization and smart contract platform project for the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network. The Wormhole protocol was initiated by the firm Bitmain Technologies, and the codebase is a fork from the Omni Layer protocol. Furthermore, the project has already issued a bunch of Wormhole Cash (WHC) […]The post Wormhole Project Launches — $1.2M Worth of BCH Burned So Far appeared first on Bitcoin News.

08/01/2018 / 17:50:01

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Neutral BCH Roundup: Markets Spike While the Community Debates Token Protocols

There’s been a lot happening this week within the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) ecosystem, and much of the community’s discussion revolves around tokenization concepts on the BCH chain. Meanwhile, the network has been running smoothly, and BCH markets seem to be reversing their trend after cryptocurrencies values were experiencing bearish sentiment for the past six months. […]Bitcoin News.

07/19/2018 / 21:20:22

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Neutral Exclusive Interview: Omnitude CEO Chris Painter

Omnitude integrates blockchain technologies with existing databases and systems, and has struck up some eye-catching partnerships as it hits the goals on its roadmap. We speak to its CEO to find out more… Omnitude has proved to be one of the more active British blockchain projects of 2018. It’s raison d’être is the creation of […]CryptoNewsReview.

07/16/2018 / 05:17:34

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Neutral No, Tether Wasn’t Hit by a Double Spend Attack

Contrary to reports circulating on social media, controversial cryptocurrency Tether has not been hit by a double spend attack. The Full Story Behind That Suspicious Tether Transaction Earlier this week, blockchain security research team SlowMist identified suspicious activity surrounding a particular tether transaction. The firm published a blurred photograph of the raw transaction along withCCN

06/29/2018 / 18:07:06

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Neutral Tether Double Spent FUD Negated By Omni Founder

There have been reports on TetherRead More →Crypto Core Media.

06/28/2018 / 23:27:39

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Neutral The Top Ten Altcoin Markets of 2014 – How Are They Faring Now?

With the number of altcoins listed on Coinmarketcap reaching 1,640 as of this writing, the question begs – how will all of these altcoin markets perform in the long term? When looking back four years at a historic snapshot of the leading markets from June 1st, 2014, one can see that only two of the […]The post The Top Ten Altcoin Markets of 2014 – How Are They Faring Now? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

06/01/2018 / 19:35:26

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Neutral Maltese Government Signs Partnership with Omnitude to Revamp Transport with Blockchain

The government of the small European island nation of Malta has signed a partnership with Omnitude. The deal will see blockchain technology used to improve the country’s public transport network. Malta Begin to Act Out Their Blockchain Strategy Sticking with their earlier commitment to explore and embrace blockchain technology, the Maltese national government has today...NewsBTC.

05/21/2018 / 18:00:09

Blockchain | Blockchain tech in Government | Formula One | Malta | Omnitude | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Rethinking Blockchain for Business: Changing the Equation of How Companies Use Ledgers

Blockchain platform Omnitude acts like a middleware layer between users and the world of distributed ledger technology, aiming to be the best of breed solution that helps spread adoption by flipping the script of Blockchain for business.CoinSpeaker.

05/14/2018 / 09:46:55

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Neutral F1 Team Williams Martini Partners with Omnitude to Tap into Blockchain Tech

In today’s fast-moving and extremely competitive world, companies are constantly seeking an edge over their competitors. Incorporating blockchains into operations has become one of the most common strategies in this regard. The latest example is Williams Martini Racing, a British Formula One racing team which has partnered with Omnitude, an enterprise plug and play blockchain startup. In announcing the partnership in a blog post, the team said that it would be looking at how blockchain technology could become a crucial tool within the motor racing industry. Data-Driven Environment The team described itself as forward-thinking, having utilized data to get a competitive edge over the years.

05/08/2018 / 19:00:26

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