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Neutral World’s 23rd Richest Man Invests in Cryptocurrency Exchange Bakkt’s First Funding Round

Bakkt, a digital asset platform created by the Intercontinental Exchange, has completed its first funding round, securing an investment from Li Ka-shing, a renowned Hong Kong billionaire and one of the wealthiest men on the planet. Li Ka-Shing Leads Investment Round For Bakkt Bakkt, a cryptocurrency platform backed by the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) had completed […]CryptoSlate.

01/09/2019 / 00:18:25

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Neutral Nevada Gov’t is Using Ethereum For Public Records, Smart Move?

Some counties in northern Nevada have reportedly been using blockchain technology to store a digital version of government records, including birth and marriage certificates. The blockchain of choice is that of Ethereum.  Marriage Certificates on the Blockchain Washoe County in Nevada has devised a digital marriage certificate program which uses the Ethereum blockchain to store...The post Nevada Gov’t is Using Ethereum For Public Records, Smart Move? appeared first on Live Bitcoin News.

01/08/2019 / 23:00:30

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Neutral Epic Games’ Fortnite Store Starting to Accept Monero Was Accidental, CEO Confirms

CEO of Fortnite’s Epic Games: Monero integration happened “somewhere along the way” and was accidental

01/07/2019 / 13:13:00

Altcoin | Monero | Games | Adoption | | XMR|Altcoin

Neutral Nano X: Security Concerns Over Ledger’s New Bluetooth Enabled Wallet

Leading cryptocurrency wallet company Ledger announced its latest wallet, the Nano X. The wallet features a new mobile app for remote transfers and fund management. The device will be released this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CSE) in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ledger Gets an Upgrade The new Nano X will be unveiled on Jan. […]CryptoSlate.

01/07/2019 / 09:25:36

Adoption | Technology | Ledger | Mobile App | NanoS | NanoX | | Wallet|Technology

Neutral Fortnite Merchandise Store Starts ’Exclusively’ Accepting Monero as Payment Method

The merchandise store for the video game Fortnite has begun accepting Monero as a payment option

01/01/2019 / 23:00:00

Altcoin | Monero | Adoption | Cryptocurrencies | | XMR|Altcoin

Neutral Bitcoin in 2019: Solid reasons for a sharp rise in BTC price.

Published on CoinnounceIn 2017 we saw tremendous growth in both the price of bitcoin and the investment in initial coin offerings in the crypto space. This year, even though the price of bitcoin and the investment in initial coin offerings both have dropped sharply, the overall blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption have seen a significant rise. There are […]Coinnounce.

12/30/2018 / 17:01:16

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Neutral New Survey Finds 40% of Chinese Want To Invest In Bitcoin

A new survey asked nearly 5000 Chinese people about their familiarity and interest in cryptocurrency. The results of the survey show that two in five or 40 percent wanting to invest in bitcoin, despite the current bear market. Subject Knowledge The survey found that 98 percent of the respondents had heard of at least one concept related to cryptocurrency or blockchain. Although, only 50 percent said they had heard of cryptocurrency, digital currency or bitcoin, and 42% had heard ofRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/30/2018 / 11:00:12

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Neutral Brave Browser Draws Criticism over Lack of Creator Opt-out Feature

In the world of cryptocurrency, there is never a shortage in terms of controversy. While the Brave browser is getting a lot of positive attention right now, there is also an interesting discussion taking place on Twitter. It appears the company will need to rethink how content creators can be rewarded and potentially letting the […]NullTX.

12/27/2018 / 11:14:31

Crypto | News | Brave | cryptocurrency | Opt-out | | Other

Neutral UN Partnership to Roll Out Blockchain-Based Telemedicine, Telepsychology in East Africa

The UN has partnered with blockchain-based telemedicine and telepsychology firm to expand free basic healthcare services in Eastern Africa

12/27/2018 / 01:22:00

Blockchain | Health | United Nations | Africa | Adoption | | Blockchain

Neutral Litecoin Foundation to Sponsor UFC Title Fight in Bid to Increase Crypto Adoption

The Litecoin Foundation has become the “Official Cryptocurrency Partner” of the UFC light heavyweight title fight between Jon Jones and Alexander Gustafsson

12/26/2018 / 21:54:00

Altcoin | Adoption | Litecoin | Sport | Cryptocurrencies | | LTC|ETH|Altcoin

Neutral Interview: Jon Moore on spreading Litecoin adoption

In anticipation to the exclusive Charlie Lee interview that we promised we’d post on Christmas day, we decided it would be a good idea to give you yet another dose of crypto optimism. And Jon Moore is one of those people whose positivity is contagious, and whose results speak for themselves: very few people can […]Crypto Insider.

12/25/2018 / 01:22:36

Expansion & Adoption | Industry Leaders | Litecoin | Video | Charlie Lee | Jon Moore | Litecoin Foundation | Loaf Wallet | LTC | | LTC

Neutral WhatsApp developing native payment system – starting in India

After the recent talk of Facebook taking steps towards developing a cryptocurrency, the rumors were confirmed with the news that its messaging subsidiary, WhatsApp, is looking to create a new digital payments system. It was reported that Facebook is working on creating a cryptocurrency that will allow users to transfer money on its WhatsApp, which […]Crypto Insider.

12/24/2018 / 15:30:28

Blockchain | Expansion & Adoption | blockchain technology | Cryptocurrency | Enterprise Adoption | Facebook | Social Media | WhatsApp | | Blockchain

Neutral Japan regains bitcoin crown as trading volume soars

Japan is making major moves in the cryptocurrency world, with new legislation aiming to pave the way for a more supportive and secure regulatory backdrop to ensure that consumers are protected from exchange hacks. The framework, proposed by the Financial Services Agency of Japan (FSA), comes in response to several high-profile attacks earlier in 2018, […]Crypto Insider.

12/24/2018 / 13:22:47

Bitcoin | Expansion & Adoption | Regulation | Exchanges | Japan | Yen | | Asia|BTC|Regulation|Trading|Exchange

Neutral Bitcoincash.org Publishes Redesigned Website and Development Roadmap

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed the Bitcoincash.org website has been redesigned. The web portal hosts a comprehensive list of the network’s infrastructure including nodes, wallets, community services, and exchanges. Alongside the recent upgrade, the landing page leads to the BCH network’s development roadmap which highlights the plan to make bitcoin cash sound money that is […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 22:00:46

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Neutral Canada Encourages Cannabis Sector to Transact Discreetly

The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has published a document advising Canadian citizens to use cash to conduct transactions pertaining to cannabis in order to protect personal information. In response to the guidance, Etoro market analyst Mati Greenspan has predicted the liberalization of Canada’s cannabis sector will bolster local privacy coin adoption. Also […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 08:50:02

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Neutral How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?

This time last year, the market was abuzz with excitement as CBOE’s XBT futures contracts and CME Group’s bitcoin derivatives products launched for the first time. There is no doubt that BTC futures trading has given some legitimacy to the asset class. Fast forward one year and there has been slow growth due to the […]The post How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 03:55:14

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Neutral US Telecoms Giant Comcast to Make Blockchain Software Available in 2019

Comcast’s blockchain project Blockgraph will be commercially available in 2019 after partnering with Viacom and Spectrum Reach

12/21/2018 / 23:01:00

Blockchain | USA | Adoption | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Why This Billionaire Investor is Betting on a Project Bringing Bitcoin Payments to Starbucks

Billionaire investor and all-round cryptocurrency advocate Tim Draper has recently announced that he has invested in a Bitcoin payment processing platform. OpenNode aims to make it easier for regular companies to accept payments using Bitcoin. Draper backed the company through his own firm, Draper Associates, to the tune of $1.25 million. The long-time Bitcoin bull...NewsBTC.

12/21/2018 / 21:30:29

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Neutral Russian Finance Ministry Considers EAEU Digital Currency ‘Inevitable’ Due to US Sanctions

Russia’s Ministry of Finance believes that creation of a single digital currency backed by Eurasian Union is inevitable due to U.S. sanctions

12/21/2018 / 18:33:00

Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies | Adoption | Government | Economy | Finance | Russia | Belarus | Kazakhstan | Kyrgyzstan | USA | | Blockchain

Neutral Despite Slump in Crypto Prices, Bitcoin ATMs More Than Doubled in 2018

Despite the market downturn in digital asset values, cryptocurrency automated teller machines (ATMs) are still in vogue. According to a tweet from cryptocurrency analytics firm DataLight, the number of crypto ATMs doubled in 2018 from 2,025 ATMs in 2017 to 4,051 ATMs, signaling an increase in the adoption of cryptocurrencies in general, despite the slump in price.November will go down as a month investors won’t forget in a hurry, as bitcoin, along with the rest of the cryptocurrency market, experienced a massive slump in prices. Bitcoin, the dominant cryptocurrency, fell to $3,750 in November, as the market witnessed massive selloffs that would have bitcoin touch nearly $3,000 in December.Data from Coin ATM Radar shows that while 68 bitcoin ATMs were closed in November, 209 new machines were also installed by operators all across the world. Bitcoin of America led the way, introducing 16 new ATMs, followed closely by CoinFlip Bitcoin ATMs and Localcoin, who installed 10 and 7 new ATMs, respectively.While the U.S. remains the dominant country with 70 new installations, Peru, Albania and South Korea had their first bitcoin ATMs installed in November, the data from Coin ATM Radar revealed. Bitcoin ATMs have also been a target of criminals. Security researchers at Trend Micro discovered malware that targets a service vulnerability in bitcoin ATMs, selling for $25,000, in an underground forum. A senior resear...

12/21/2018 / 17:49:17

Bitcoin | Adoption & community | | BTC|Market|Asia|Business

Neutral Tiny Artwork Sold in Micro Crypto Auction for Lowest Bid of 1 Millisatoshi

Crypto artist “cryptograffiti” has sold a tiny artwork in a “micro auction” in a bid to promote Lightning Network (LN) micropayments

12/21/2018 / 14:34:00

Bitcoin | Lightning Network | Adoption | Cryptocurrencies | | BTC

Neutral Coinbase CEO First Crypto Entrepreneur to Join Buffet-Founded Billionaire Charity Pledge

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong becomes the first crypto entrepreneur to join billionaire-backed charity program The Giving Pledge founded by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates

12/21/2018 / 14:16:00

Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Coinbase | Mainstream | Adoption | Bill Gates | Warren Buffett | Charity | Cryptocurrencies | | BTC

Neutral Facebook makes significant moves towards crypto

The tech and data giant Facebook has had a relatively quiet an inconsistent relationship with blockchain and cryptocurrencies in the past. But now we are seeing some serious step being taken by the company to incorporate this technology. The main indicators are the new positions on the Facebook team and Coinbase’s David Marcus resigning and […]Crypto Insider.

12/21/2018 / 14:04:37

Blockchain | Business | Expansion & Adoption | Coinbase | Enterprise Adoption | Facebook | Social Media | | Blockchain|Technology|Business

Neutral Bloomberg: Facebook is Developing a Cryptocurrency for Transfers in WhatsApp

Facebook is reportedly developing a cryptocurrency for transfers in WhatsApp, targeting the remittances market in India

12/21/2018 / 03:00:00

Altcoin | Facebook | WhatsApp | Cryptocurrencies | Adoption | Payments | | Market|Altcoin

Neutral Bitcoin From Space: Blockstream CSO Explains Its Satellite Services

Using Bitcoin from space — how satellites can backup and increase the accessibility of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology

12/21/2018 / 01:05:00

Bitcoin | BlockStream | Cryptocurrencies | Decentralization | Internet | Adoption | | BTC|Blockchain|Technology

Neutral China: Media Alliance to Use Blockchain Technology for Copyright Protection

Chinese media outlets have formed a new alliance that will use blockchain technology to protect against copyright infringement

12/21/2018 / 00:35:00

Blockchain | China | Adoption | Copyrights | | Blockchain|Asia|Technology

Neutral Sold! Lightning Network Art Auction Goes to the Lowest Bidder

Yesterday, an auction was held by cryptocurrency and blockchain artist @cryptograffiti for a piece titled “black swan,” which the artist made using “fiat and counterfeit detector pen ink.” The artist, who became involved with bitcoin in 2013, held the auction on a website where users could only bid via Lightning Network micropayments, with the first person to bid the smallest amount being the winner. black swan is here! watch the vid to try and catch him...#cryptoart #bitcoinart pic.twitter.com/7BfcDeyNJ3— cryptograffiti (@cryptograffiti) December 19, 2018Cryptograffiti and Bitcoin Magazine would will to take this opportunity to announce the winner of the auction. Congratulations Twitter user @BTC_Spot!The winning price was the first of several 1 millisatoshi bids (one hundred billionth of one bitcoin). At the time of writing, the US-dollar denominated value of the bid is approximately $0.000000037.The auction marks a significant event for Lightning’s use among the Bitcoin community. It even served as a learning lesson for those who participated.“Many others were unaware that sub-satoshi payments were possible via LN,” the artist told Bitcoin Magazine. Fully concluded, the auction attracted 77 bids to the tune of 182,252 satoshis (0.00182252 BTC). Cryptograffiti pointed out that 14 bidders connected to his Lightning node the day before the auction after he sent out a tweet hinting at the event...

12/20/2018 / 17:15:13

Bitcoin | Payments | Adoption & community | | BTC|Blockchain|Trading

Neutral Coinbase Launches Program to Educate Users About Crypto ‘Beyond Bitcoin’

Major U.S. crypto wallet and exchange service Coinbase has launched an educational project that allows users to earn crypto as they learn about it

12/20/2018 / 16:52:00

Bitcoin | Education | Coinbase | Cryptocurrencies | Adoption | Cryptocurrency Exchange | | BTC|Exchange

Neutral Tim Draper is Betting On Bitcoin Lightning Payments for Starbucks

Bitcoin payment processor OpenNode has successfully concluded a seed round. The project has raised $1.25 million with prominent Bitcoin proponent Tim Draper and Draper Associates.  OpenNode Seals the Deal OpenNode is a bitcoin payment processor, describing itself as ''the easiest way to accept bitcoin.” The company has announced that it managed to close a $1.25 million seed round with venture capitalist and prominent Bitcoin proponent Tim Draper and Draper Associates. According to the official mediumRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/20/2018 / 16:00:33

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Neutral Blockchain Journalism Project Civil to Launch in February Despite Token Sale Flop

Blockchain-based journalism platform Civil plans to launch in February, after which it will start selling CVL tokens again

12/20/2018 / 01:35:00

Blockchain | Tokens | Adoption | | ICO|Blockchain

Neutral Tunisia Internet Agency Signs Strategic Partnership With Blockchain Platform

Tunisian Internet Agency signs strategic partnership for blockchain development with Russian blockchain platform Universa

12/20/2018 / 01:00:00

Blockchain | Government | Adoption | Tunisia | | Blockchain

Neutral Ledger to Accept Crypto Payments Following MoU With Hong Kong Startup

Hardware wallet supplier Ledger signed an agreement with a Hong Kong-based crypto payment startup to allow its clients to pay for products with digital currencies

12/19/2018 / 22:05:00

Bitcoin | Adoption | Mainstream | Wallet | Ledger | Cryptocurrencies | Payments | Hong Kong | Partnership | | Wallet|Asia|BTC

Neutral Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Digital Assets Bill

The State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, has postponed the second reading of a long-awaited bill intended to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country. Lawmakers will review the draft law “On Digital Financial Assets” during the spring parliamentary session next year, the house deputy speaker Sergey Neverov announced. Also read: Transnistria Welcomes Crypto Miners, […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 18:00:30

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Neutral Waves platform updates: Face ID, finger prints, new RIDE programming language

Launched in the Spring of 2016, the blockchain-based Waves platform was developed under the guidance of its Moscow-based founder, Sasha Ivanov. The Waves project also raised $16 million through its initial coin offering (ICO), which was one of the highest amounts raised through the crowdfunding method at that time. Waves Wallet: ICO Hosting Services, Built-In […]Crypto Insider.

12/19/2018 / 17:00:05

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Neutral Iranians Still Profiting From Bitcoin Mining Despite Market Crash and US Sanctions

Iranian people turn to Bitcoin mining due to economic difficulties caused by U.S. sanctions and still manage to profit in the current market slump thanks to low power costs

12/19/2018 / 16:02:00

Bitcoin | Adoption | Mining | Cryptocurrencies | Markets | Dollar | Electricity | Iran | United Kingdom | USA | | BTC|Mining|Market|Fiat|Business

Neutral Chatter Report: Schiff Accuses Kelly of Pump and Dump, Lingham Calls for ‘Real Adoption’

In our latest roundup of crypto chatter, tensions run high as Peter Schiff accuses Brian Kelly of dumping bitcoin on retail investors. The accusation surfaced after Kelly recently revealed that he is net short on BTC. Also, Vinny Lingham gives great advice to the crypto community on building for the future. Also read: Bitcoin Skeptic […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 08:30:56

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Neutral Crypto Could Represent New Asset Class in Next Decade, Says BitMEX CEO

Bitcoin has the potential to become a new asset class in the next ten years, according to the CEO of crypto derivatives platform BitMEX

12/19/2018 / 02:05:00

Bitcoin | Adoption | Cryptocurrencies | Predictions | Assets | Cryptocurrency Exchange | BitMEX | Market Capitalization | Apple | | BTC

Neutral Pierre Rochard: “Lightning Adoption Will Basically Mirror Bitcoin Adoption”

Lightning is a second-layer solution for the Bitcoin blockchain that addresses the scaling issues surrounding it today.Similar to Bitcoin, Lightning is an open-source protocol in which anyone can contribute to. Whether it is through programming and developing applications or setting up a node, participation in Lightning is not just accessible. It’s welcomed. The Lightning community is already vibrant and growing every day. Pierre Rochard is one person who has already cemented his place in the Bitcoin community as a strong advocate for the digital currency, founding the Bitcoin Advisory in 2013. More recently, his work with Lightning has garnered plenty of attention through his suite of Lightning applications. Specifically, Rochard’s Lightning plug-in integration for Microsoft Excel showed the world that Lightning has a place in commonly used applications. The Lightning plug-in uses neutrino, a sidechain solution whose purpose is to allow for interaction with Bitcoin’s global transaction history without downloading the entire blockchain. Specifically, neutrino was designed to facilitate this on devices with low-power processors, limited storage or bandwidth, and intermittent power — essentially, a good fit for an Excel spreadsheet. As for the use-case of this application, Rochard has mentioned in the past that it is for “power users” who are highly familiar with the technologies being used and not for th...

12/18/2018 / 23:34:48

Bitcoin | Adoption | Technical | | BTC|Blockchain|Trading

Neutral Gaming Giant Atari to Launch ‘Blockchain Versions’ of Two Popular Games

Atari and startup Animoca Brands will launch blockchain versions of the popular mobile games “RollerCoaster Tycoon Touch” and “Goon Squad.”

12/18/2018 / 22:00:00

Blockchain | Games | Adoption | France | USA | New York | | Blockchain

Neutral Russian Region Conducts Blockchain Election With 40K Participants

A region in Southern Russia holds a successful blockchain vote with 40K participants

12/18/2018 / 21:45:00

Blockchain | Russia | Adoption | Voting | Kaspersky Lab | | Blockchain

Neutral Korean Gov’t Pilots Blockchain for Logistics Innovation in Country’s Largest Port

Two South Korean government ministries have launched a blockchain pilot for port logistics innovation and the container shipping industry

12/18/2018 / 20:54:00

Blockchain | South Korea | Logistics | Government | Adoption | | Blockchain

Neutral Blockstream Launches 5th Satellite Streaming Bitcoin Blockchain From Space

Blockchain development firm Blockstream has expanded its satellite service and is now broadcasting the Bitcoin blockchain to all of Earth’s major land masses

12/18/2018 / 13:32:00

Bitcoin | Space | Blockstream | Decentralization | Internet | Adoption | Cryptocurrencies | | BTC|Blockchain

Neutral Blockstream Satellite now provides global coverage

When it comes to good news about Bitcoin, Blockstream is on an amazing streak. Just during the fall of 2018, the company has launched the Liquid Network, the Blockstream.info block explorer, the Simplicity blockchain programming language, and the Esplora source code for Liquid-compatible block explorers. Adam Back, Greg Maxwell, Pieter Wuille, Matt Corallo, Samson Mow […]Crypto Insider.

12/18/2018 / 02:39:02

Bitcoin | Expansion & Adoption | Adam Back | Blockchain | Blockstream | GoTenna | Greg Maxwell | Matt Corallo | Nick Szabo | Pieter Wuille | Pony Direct | Samson Mow | Satellite | Venezuela | | BTC|Blockchain

Neutral Advisory Council of UAE Banks Federation Considers Adoption of Blockchain in Banks

The Advisory Council of the United Arab Emirates Banks Federation considers applying blockchain to improve KYC processes at member banks

12/17/2018 / 23:25:00

Blockchain | Adoption | Mainstream | Banks | KYC | Finance | UAE | Dubai | | Blockchain

Neutral BitPay CEO: Mass Crypto Adoption Could be Right Around the Corner

It’s no secret that 2018 has been a tough year for the crypto markets, with Bitcoin dropping from highs of nearly $20,000 in late-2017 to recently established lows of $3,200. The market’s poor performance has led investors, analysts, and traders alike to ponder what impetus will be able to drive the markets back to their...NewsBTC.

12/17/2018 / 23:00:17

Bitcoin | Crypto | Industry | adoption | bitcoin | Bitcoin ETF | bitpay | etf | | BTC|Market|Business

Neutral Ethereum Unique Addresses Break 50 Million, Active Wallet Number Keeps Dropping

The number of unique Ethereum addresses has broken 50 million on Saturday, but the amount of active wallets is around 330,000

12/17/2018 / 14:39:00

Blockchain | Adoption | Mainstream | Ethereum | Cryptocurrencies | Wallet | | ETH|Blockchain

Neutral Iran: Science and Tech Department Official Says Blockchain Can Improve National Economy

An official at the Iranian government’s vice presidency for science and technology has said blockchain can help improve the country’s national economy

12/17/2018 / 12:23:00

Blockchain | Iran | Adoption | Government | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Chatter Report: Zhuoer Claims BSV Block Created ‘Accidentally’, Falkvinge Likens Code Review to ‘Legislation’

In today’s chatter report, Calvin Ayre eagerly welcomes Jiang Zhuoer to mine on BSV but then quickly changes his mind. Zhuoer reveals that btc.top created a BSV block by accident and Rick Falkvinge calls for code changes to be reviewed in the same manner as legislation.  Also Read: Linkedin Names ‘Blockchain Developer’ Top Emerging US […]Bitcoin News.

12/16/2018 / 11:05:27

News | Bitcoin code | Bitcoin Community | Blocks | BSV | BTC.TOP | code change | Code is Law | code review | CTOR | Hash War | Jiang Zhuoer | Lawrence Lessig | Legislation | mining | N-Featured | Optimization | Rick Falkvinge | | BTC|Mining|Regulation

Neutral Blockchain Payments’ Mass Adoption Is 3-5 Years Away, Says BitPay CEO

Speculation on future adoption is a substantial Bitcoin price driver, while “actual utility” is not, according to BitPay CEO Stephen Pair

12/15/2018 / 22:53:00

Blockchain | BitPay | Adoption | ETF | | Blockchain|BTC|Trading

Neutral Telecoms Giant AT&T Seeks Patent for Blockchain-Enabled Social Media ‘Mapping’ System

Telecoms conglomerate AT&T is seeking a patent for a blockchain system that enables users to track “micro-culture transactions” on social networks

12/15/2018 / 03:30:00

Blockchain | Patents | USA | Adoption | | Blockchain

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