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Neutral Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro

If ever anyone wished they could turn back the clock it would be wildly unpopular and “elitist” French President Macron. His decision to raise fuel tariffs in November has mushroomed and his country has succumbed to a wave of protests and violence the likes not seen since the 1960s. The yellow vests are everywhere and beyond causing chaos on the streets, it seems they’re now turning against the banks. What’s Going On in France? SoRead

01/09/2019 / 01:00:30

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Neutral Winklevoss Twins Committed to Launching Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin (BTC), Cryptocurrency, Exchange-Traded Funds–The Winklevoss twins, who first emerged in popularity following their association with Mark Zuckerberg and the creation of Facebook, have become a set of established figures in the cryptocurrency industry. Since merging into the industry in 2013 with an investment into Charlie Shrem’s BitInstant payment processor, the Winklevoss twins have been […]Ethereum World News.

01/08/2019 / 23:08:12

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Neutral Altcoin Arbitrage Today: XRP, EOS, XLM, LTC, Dash, XMR

Every day is a new opportunity to make good money in the cryptocurrency industry. Although most people might not feel comfortable with buying and holding currencies, arbitrage trading them involves a bit less risk. It is also subject to a lot of healthy profits at any given time, depending on which currency one flips on […]NullTX.

01/08/2019 / 08:44:17

Arbitrage | altcoins | Profit | | Altcoin|LTC|XMR|XRP|DASH

Neutral Japan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFs

CoinSpeakerJapan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFsAfter barring crypto derivatives, Japan is currently gauging industry interest in ETFs tracking digital currencies. The Liberal Democratic Party will reportedly submit draft legislation by March 2019. Japan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFs

01/08/2019 / 08:43:39

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Neutral Altcoin Arbitrage Today: ETH, XMR, BTG, TRX, ADA, DOGE

As the new week has begun, the quest to make money with cryptocurrencies is still in full effect. It would appear there is some genuine interest in different markets, which ultimately leads to arbitrage opportunities. The following options will all yield respectable profits, assuming users can take advantage of them rather quickly. Monero (Bittrex / […]NullTX.

01/07/2019 / 12:00:28

Arbitrage | altcoins | Profit | | XMR|Altcoin|ETH|TRX|ADA

Neutral Ethereum Hard Fork: Constantinople Explained, Beware of Scams.

Published on CoinnounceEthereum is having the Constantinople hard fork on 16th January and the first thing to note is that it is a hard fork so there will be a new Ethereum blockchain but its really important to point out that this is not a contentious fork. When we earlier had the Ethereum classic and Ethereum split, […]Coinnounce.

01/07/2019 / 05:12:32

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Neutral HitBTC Slammed by Trace Mayer, John McAfee Over Account Freezes Day Before Proof Of Keys

Some of cryptocurrency’s best-known names have joined public calls for exchange HitBTC to explain itself after it began halting withdrawals days before a significant event. Mayer: ‘Beware’ HitBTC Trace Mayer, organizer of Proof of Keys, which calls for cryptocurrency owners to remove their holdings from third-party exchanges on January 3, condemned HitBTC for the move, reports of which began December 31. “Has (HitBTC) failed Proof Of Keys? I do not have an account. Asked aRead

01/02/2019 / 08:30:13

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Neutral Is Merge Mining the Solution to Proof-of-Work Woes?

Although Proof-of-Work (PoW) has proven through Bitcoin to be the most secure mechanism for securing a blockchain, this past year has shown that mining as we know it is not secure. As PoW problems be continuously revealed and amplified over the course of 2018, the value and success of mining has been increasingly contended. When […]The post Is Merge Mining the Solution to Proof-of-Work Woes? appeared first on NullTX.

01/02/2019 / 06:08:40

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Neutral EOS: Latest Updates and Controversies

Published on CoinnounceChina’s center for information and industry development has ranked EOS as the number one blockchain platform. The daily activity on the EOS blockchain is way ahead than the other blockchains at the moment and we are seeing a lot of users coming in to use EOS based Dapps.   EOS Dapp Development Everipedia is currently […]Coinnounce.

01/02/2019 / 06:04:40

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Neutral Exposing HitBTC on Proof of Keys Event on 3 Jan 2019

Published on CoinnounceTrace Mayer is working hard to advertise the Proof of Keys event on 3 Jan 2019, tomorrow. The event urges customers to remove and withdraw their funds to expose fraudulent cryptocurrency exchanges like HitBTC. The idea is to make sure that exchanges like HitBTC actually hold all the crypto assets that they claim, which is possible […]Coinnounce.

01/02/2019 / 05:54:20

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Neutral Bitcoin Exchange HitBTC Freezes Customers’ Accounts ahead of Proof of Keys Event

Cryptocurrency exchange HitBTC has frozen its customers’ accounts ahead of an annual proof of keys event, according to multiple sources. On December 31, 2o18, the company responded to an open complaint on Reddit after the user accused them of suspending his withdrawal requests. Redditor PEDXS said that he had dutifully passed the know-your-customer test afterCCN

01/01/2019 / 23:30:31

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Negative Bounties and Responsible Disclosure Bolstered Crypto Infrastructure This Year

Cryptocurrency transfers work because of the software developed by programmers like Satoshi Nakamoto and many other innovators along the way. As with all software, however, blockchain protocols are not perfect, and over the last decade black and white hat hackers have revealed many bugs. In 2018, developers earned over $878,000 in blockchain bug bounties by […]Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 23:00:00

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Neutral Op-Ed: Bitcoin Security — How Do We Arrive at Consensus?

If the title sounds confusing, that’s not surprising. I was trying to get creative and find a set of words that could express how I perceive most will react upon learning the theme of the article. For what I want to discuss with you guys today is a hotly debated topic. One that might shakeThe post Op-Ed: Bitcoin Security — How Do We Arrive at Consensus? appeared first on CCN

12/30/2018 / 22:11:36

Bitcoin Opinion | Bitcoin Technology | News | Bitcoin | proof of stake | proof of work | | BTC

Neutral Vitalik Buterin calls Bitcoin SV a dumpster fire

Published on CoinnounceVitalik Buterin recently announced his disliking for the latest Bitcoin Cash hardfork: Bitcoin SV or Satoshi Vision. Vitalik Buterin recently tweeted about the same calling bitcoin sv a pure dumpster fire and that he seriously does not believe in the Proof of Work consensus. The tweet was made a few days back using his official […]Coinnounce.

12/30/2018 / 09:03:08

#Bitcoin SV | Hard Fork | News | Opinion | BCH SV | BCHSV | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin Cash hard fork | Bitcoin Cash hardfork | bitcoin satoshi vision | Bitcoin SV | BSV | Craig Wright | cryptocurrency | Ethereum | Faketoshi | PROOF OF WORK | vitalik buterin | | BTC|ETH

Neutral Use Bitcoin! Customers Condemn PayPal After It ‘Bans’ The Hacker News

Cybersecurity news resource The Hacker News (THN) has become the latest PayPal user to have its accounts frozen without warning, the company has claimed. ‘At Least One Valid Reason’ In a series of tweets December 28, officials reported that funds from “all” its corporate accounts with the money transmitter were no longer accessible.   “(PayPal) has permanently banned all of our accounts without mentioning any reason and hold wallet funds wrongly for 180 days. UponRead

12/29/2018 / 17:00:50

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Neutral Bitcoin Mining Companies in huge trouble: The end for mining industry?

Published on CoinnounceDue to the continuous bear trend, the bitcoin mining industry has been suffering the most as the bitcoin mining operations have started to become unprofitable or rather companies are facing losses due to the decreasing price of bitcoin. Let us see the current scenario of two giants of the bitcoin mining industry:   GMO Internet: […]The post Bitcoin Mining Companies in huge trouble: The end for mining industry? appeared first on Coinnounce.

12/27/2018 / 05:48:01

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Neutral Wall Street is Backing Out of Crypto

Wall Street is quietly moving out of the crypto market, Bloomberg reports. While the market has continued to be battered by news of fraud and imminent regulatory crackdowns, there was a time when it seemed like Wall Street had started to warm up to the rise of crypto assets. Last year, when the crypto industry enjoyedCCN

12/25/2018 / 20:40:20

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Neutral South Korea’s Blockchain Body Wants 6th Largest City Turned into Crypto Hub

South Korea’s blockchain association intends to lobby the authorities in the city of Gwangju to turn the urban area into a ‘specialized Crypto-Valley District.’ According to the Korea Blockchain Enterprise Promotion Association (KBEPA), turning South Korea’s sixth-largest city into a cryptocurrency hub will create numerous jobs. To achieve this the blockchain body, which was foundedCCN

12/25/2018 / 13:45:10

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Neutral PwC FinTech Lead Shares Positive Outlook for Crypto Market in 2019

It’s Christmas and the year is drawing to a close. It’s that time of the year where traders take stock of their investments and prepare for the future. Oddly enough, 2018 seems to be ending on the same note as it started—with mixed feelings. However, while views on the average performance of the crypto market thisCCN

12/25/2018 / 06:30:54

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Neutral Exploding Cryptocurrency Use in Remittances From US: 15.8% Now Using Cryptocurrency

A new report by research focused cryptocurrency company Clovr, has revealed a significant upsurge in the use of cryptocurrency in remittances across the globe. The study, which surveyed the responses of 707 people sought to delve into their remittance habits, uncovering among other things the destination of transfers, the purpose of the transfers as well asCCN

12/24/2018 / 17:00:32

Bitcoin Progress | News | bitcoin remittance | clovr | remittance | | Other

Positive Crypto Arbitrage Today: ZEC, BTG, ADA, EOS, TRX, Dash

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency world without arbitrage opportunities. That is one of the many reasons why this industry remains so impressive and interesting at all times. The following opportunities will let users pocket some decent profits along the way, depending on overall platform liquidity. ZCash (Poloniex / Gate / BTCBit) It […]NullTX.

12/23/2018 / 14:55:11

Arbitrage | altcoins | Profits | | ZEC|TRX|ADA|DASH|Exchange

Neutral South Korean Business School Launches Crypto MBA Program

A major business school in South Korea is now offering a master’s degree in cryptocurrency. Crypto MBA is a one-and-a-half-year program that covers topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, crypto funds, Dapp planning, game theory, and how to write persuasive whitepapers. Meanwhile, the government is working on follow-up crypto regulations. Also read: Indian Supreme Court […]Bitcoin News.

12/23/2018 / 05:35:05

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Neutral Publishes Redesigned Website and Development Roadmap

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed the website has been redesigned. The web portal hosts a comprehensive list of the network’s infrastructure including nodes, wallets, community services, and exchanges. Alongside the recent upgrade, the landing page leads to the BCH network’s development roadmap which highlights the plan to make bitcoin cash sound money that is […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 22:00:46

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Neutral Crypto Arbitrage Today: OMG, USDT, LTC, Dash, ZEC, ETC

In the world of cryptocurrencies and digital assets, there are always ways to make money. It will mainly depend on how much effort one is willing to put in at this time. With the Christmas holidays around the corner, arbitrage opportunities may seem like a lot of work. With these interesting profits waiting to be […]NullTX.

12/22/2018 / 18:19:12

Arbitrage | Altcoin Arbitrage | Profits | trading | | LTC|ZEC|ETC|DASH|USDT

Neutral Bitcoin Cash Payment API Adds a Variety of New Features

Last October, reported on a new Bitcoin Cash (BCH) payment processor called Since then the Gateway developers have added a variety of features to the BCH platform like instant web-sockets, custom audio, and client-side callbacks for real-time applications. Also read: How to Spend and Give Bitcoin Cash Over the Holidays After the BCH Split […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 15:00:37

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Neutral Survey: 3% of Americans Ready to Use Blockchain Banking Solutions

Note: this article is not intended as an endorsement or any sort of positive leaning sentiment toward the FOTON ICO. The author has no opinion of the ICO. The article is purely about the results of the survey the purveyors conducted earlier this month. According to a survey conducted by FOTON, an ICO-funded blockchain bankingCCN

12/22/2018 / 06:00:03

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Neutral How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?

This time last year, the market was abuzz with excitement as CBOE’s XBT futures contracts and CME Group’s bitcoin derivatives products launched for the first time. There is no doubt that BTC futures trading has given some legitimacy to the asset class. Fast forward one year and there has been slow growth due to the […]The post How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 03:55:14

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Neutral Learn About the BCH Network With’s ‘Mastering Bitcoin Cash’

At, our web portal hosts a developer section aimed at providing Bitcoin Cash (BCH) developers with the resources and tools to program killer applications using the BCH protocol. The section has now added an educational resource for newcomers and veterans called Mastering Bitcoin Cash. The documentation offers a comprehensive overview of BCH basics […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 00:45:58

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Neutral Study Finds Less Than 40% of BTC Addresses Are Economically Relevant

The number of unique addresses on the Bitcoin Core (BTC) network is constantly growing but only 37 percent of them are “economically relevant,” according to a recent study by Chainalysis. The vast majority of them – 86 percent – are controlled by service providers and the rest are used by private investors. Another key finding […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 16:45:30

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Neutral Consensys’ Wild Ideas and Squandered Funds Has Led to Major Layoffs

Ethereum incubator Consensys is to cut 50 to 60 percent of its employees. The blockchain software company has already laid off 13 percent of its workforce in order to survive the bear market. According to one source, lack of product, wild ideas and an inability to sell technologies has made Consensys’ position financially precarious. As a result, Consensys […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 10:45:48

News | Blockchain Projects | ConsensYs | dotcom bubble | ether | Ethereum (ETH) | layoffs | N-Technology | Steemit | Wild Ideas | | BTC|Market|Blockchain|Trading|Technology

Neutral Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

CoinSpeakerCoinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European MarketsCoinbase said Thursday it had expanded its product to several European countries and overseas territories, including Lithuania, Iceland, Andorra, Gibraltar, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Coinbase Announces Rollout in Six New European Markets

12/21/2018 / 10:09:38

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Neutral Crypto Arbitrage Today: Up to 20% Profit With AE, ZEC, ETC, LTC, EOS, Dash

Bullish cryptocurrency prices can make for appealing trading opportunities, just like their bearish counterparts would do. In the altcoin arbitrage world, there are always specific price gaps waiting to be exploited by those who have the funds to do so. In some cases, rather spectacular profits can be scored, although most averages remain modest. Any […]NullTX.

12/21/2018 / 08:45:17

Arbitrage | altcoins | Profit | | Trading|Business|LTC|ZEC|ETC

Neutral Thai SEC Plans to Relax ICO Regulations

The Thai Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) is reportedly planning to ease the country’s regulation for initial coin offerings. The regulator is conducting a public hearing to relax rules on pre-sales and private token sales. The commission has also unveiled plans to prevent the exploitation of token sales. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 08:00:03

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Neutral Cashy Web Application Boosts Script Contracts in Bitcoin Cash

The creators of the Simple Ledger Protocol have released a new tool for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) programmers called Cashy. The toolbox allows developers to program script contracts and a wide variety of programmable money applications using the BCH network. Also read: Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Face a New Dawn in the Battle’s Aftermath Cashy: A Web […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 02:00:25

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Neutral Daily Crypto Roundup 12/20/2018

Coinbase Pro added tokens, bitcoin continued upward, mining malware reported, Western Union made positive crypto statements, and OKEx added new bitcoin futures. Crypto Insider.

12/20/2018 / 21:40:31

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Neutral Coinbase Pro continues growing, adds DAI, GNT, MKR, and ZIL

Announced yesterday, Coinbase Pro added four new Ethereum-based assets to its platform. Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR) and Zilliqa (ZIL) joined the mix.Crypto Insider.

12/20/2018 / 17:00:56

News | Coinbase | Coinbase Pro | DAI | GNT | MKR | SEC | ZIL | | Regulation

Positive Crypto Arbitrage Today: TUSD, USDT, XMR, BTG, EOS, TRX

One would somewhat expect there to be fewer arbitrage opportunities when all cryptocurrency markets are as bullish as they are right now. That is anything but the case, as the gaps are still there waiting to be exploited. The following six opportunities can yield traders some good profits. It is a good time to be […]NullTX.

12/20/2018 / 08:55:57

Arbitrage | Altcoin Trading | Profit | | XMR|TRX|USDT|Market|Trading

Neutral Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Face a New Dawn in the Battle’s Aftermath

It’s been a little over a month since the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) network fork which resulted in a blockchain split. Besides the severed chain, the hash war was quite damaging to say the least, leaving BCH supporters to steadily pick up the pieces in order to bring the world a pure peer-to-peer version of electronic […]Bitcoin News.

12/20/2018 / 06:35:05

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Neutral Western Union Hints At Using Cryptocurrency In Its Services

American based financial service Western Union is finally ready for cryptocurrencies. In a video interview with Reuters Plus, Western Union President Odilon Almeida said the company has been evaluating the use of cryptocurrency. They are also exploring how they can improve their service delivery using blockchain technology. Western Union is interested in adopting cryptocurrencies as anCCN

12/20/2018 / 05:21:46

Bitcoin Progress | Blockchain News | News | Odilon Almeida | ripple | western union | XRP | | XRP|Regulation|Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Digital Assets Bill

The State Duma, the lower house of Russia’s parliament, has postponed the second reading of a long-awaited bill intended to regulate cryptocurrencies in the country. Lawmakers will review the draft law “On Digital Financial Assets” during the spring parliamentary session next year, the house deputy speaker Sergey Neverov announced. Also read: Transnistria Welcomes Crypto Miners, […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 18:00:30

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Neutral Bancor: 18 Months Live [Infografic]

CoinSpeakerBancor: 18 Months Live [Infografic]Digital marketing specialists at Cyberius created an infographic of major goals achieved by Bancor Protocol since the project's historic TGE.Bancor: 18 Months Live [Infografic]

12/19/2018 / 17:50:28

Blockchain News | Companies | Infographics | News | bancor | bancor ico | bancor protocol | bnt | eos blockchain | | Blockchain

Neutral Western Union Claims It is Ready for Cryptos

CoinSpeakerWestern Union Claims It is Ready for CryptosWestern Union recently released a short video in which it explains that it is ready to begin working with cryptocurrencies. That being said, the video does seem to go on to outline how they actually aren't ready and don't fully understand crypto.Western Union Claims It is Ready for Cryptos

12/19/2018 / 11:33:21

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Neutral Blythe Masters, Wall Street Veteran, Resigns from Blockchain Startup

Blythe Masters is stepping down as chief executive officer of Digital Asset Holdings LLC after serving nearly four years to the blockchain software firm. The Wall Street Veteran, known for inventing credit default swaps, asserted via Digital Asset’s press release that she was quitting over personal reasons but will remain involved with the firm as … ContinuedCCN

12/19/2018 / 11:32:09

Bitcoin Progress | Blackcoin News | News | World Finance | World Technology | Blythe Masters | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral BitTorrent Creator Aims to Kill Bitcoin with the Green Cryptocurrency “Chia”

Known for inventing torrenting (BitTorrent) in the early noughties, Bram Cohen might also end up getting famous for an entirely different thing – solving the electricity wastage problem of bitcoin. Cohen’s newest creation, a cryptocurrency known as Chia which bills itself as ‘green money for a digital world’, is the very antithesis of bitcoin. UnlikeThe post BitTorrent Creator Aims to Kill Bitcoin with the Green Cryptocurrency ''Chia” appeared first on CCN

12/19/2018 / 10:55:49

Bitcoin Mining | News | bittorrent | Bram Cohen | Chia | Proof-of-space | | BTC

Neutral 9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum Tokens

CoinSpeaker9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum TokensOn their 9th day of Christmas, Coinbase decided to include new coins on their platform. Earlier this year they were announcing their intention to support the ERC20 technical standard across Coinbase.9th Day of Coinbase Announced Support for Four More Ethereum Tokens

12/19/2018 / 10:23:57

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Neutral Quinone CEO Backs Bitcoin to Reach New All-Time High by 2019

It’s no secret the crypto industry is not particularly at its most profitable moment. However, despite the dire state in which the crypto market has found itself, there are certain people who believe things will turn around in a big way — a new all-time high, even. Among these is Mike Kayamori, CEO of Quinone,CCN

12/19/2018 / 09:55:55

Bitcoin Price News | Bitcoin Progress | News | bakkt | fidelity | japan | JFSA | Quinone | | BTC|Market|Asia

Neutral Crypto Arbitrage Today: AE, ZRX, ICX, EOS, XMR, BTG

Not a day goes by in the cryptocurrency without some alternative money-making methods rearing their head. Arbitrage opportunities, while requiring a bit of manual labor, are often one of the better ways to make money in this industry at all times. The following market opportunities are worth exploring for quick profits. Aeternity (Sistemkoin / Gate) […]NullTX.

12/19/2018 / 08:26:05

Arbitrage | altcoins | Profits | | XMR|Market|Altcoin

Neutral’s Oracle Aims to Bolster BCH-Powered Smart Contracts is pleased to unveil plans to offer one of the world’s first oracles for smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The autonomous feature will allow specialized prediction markets and decision-based transactions for sports scores, political results, and market exchange rates. Also read: How to Spend and Give Bitcoin Cash Over the Holidays’s […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 06:35:51

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Neutral Coinbase Pro Adds Another Four Ethereum Tokens Including DAI

In a slew of additions and developments, and not unexpectedly, Coinbase has added four more Ethereum tokens. Dai (DAI), Golem (GNT), Maker (MKR), and Zilliqa (ZIL) will be added to the Coinbase Professional platform but with some regional restrictions. GNT and DAI will be available in the US, but not New York, in the UK,CCN

12/19/2018 / 00:22:33

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Neutral Transnistria Welcomes Crypto Miners, Plans to Expand the Industry

The government of Transnistria has recognized the importance of cryptocurrency mining for the territory’s economy and budget. The unrecognized republic in Eastern Moldova now plans to expand the industry by attracting more miners with a crypto-friendly business climate and favorable regulations.    Also read: CEO of Romanian Exchange Coinflux Arrested on US Warrant Tiraspol Plans […]Bitcoin News.

12/18/2018 / 16:55:50

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01/08/2019 / 23:55:42

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