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Neutral Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro

If ever anyone wished they could turn back the clock it would be wildly unpopular and “elitist” French President Macron. His decision to raise fuel tariffs in November has mushroomed and his country has succumbed to a wave of protests and violence the likes not seen since the 1960s. The yellow vests are everywhere and beyond causing chaos on the streets, it seems they’re now turning against the banks. What’s Going On in France? SoRead

01/09/2019 / 01:00:30

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Neutral Hong Kong Entrepreneur Accused of Cheating Investors in Crypto Mining Investment Scheme

A Hong Kong-based entrepreneur has been accused of duping numerous investors in a cryptocurrency mining hardware investment scheme

01/07/2019 / 13:32:00

Altcoin | Hong Kong | Scams | Cryptocurrencies | Mining | | Mining|Asia|Business|Altcoin

Neutral Paris mural kicks off treasure hunt for Bitcoin

Banksy-esque artist, Pascal Boyart, has left a mural in Paris to kick-off a hunt for $1000 worth of crypto.  Artist Pascal Boyart has created a new mural in his native city, designed to kick-off a treasure hunt with $1,000-worth of donated Bitcoin as the prize. The image, which riffs on the iconic Eugène Delacroix work Liberty Leading […]CryptoNewsReview.

01/07/2019 / 07:01:49

Crypto | News | Paris | Pascal Boyart | | BTC

Neutral Ethereum Hard Fork: Constantinople Explained, Beware of Scams.

Published on CoinnounceEthereum is having the Constantinople hard fork on 16th January and the first thing to note is that it is a hard fork so there will be a new Ethereum blockchain but its really important to point out that this is not a contentious fork. When we earlier had the Ethereum classic and Ethereum split, […]Coinnounce.

01/07/2019 / 05:12:32

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Negative Lawsuit against Nvidia: Wrong Crypto Mining Revenue Statements

Published on CoinnounceA class action level lawsuit has been filed against Nvidia, the tech giant which is also a part of the S&P 500 and reported as the worst performing S&P 500 stock of the last quarter of 2018. According to the lawsuit, Nvidia has made false statements about how it can help to reduce the consequences […]Coinnounce.

01/02/2019 / 07:48:58

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Neutral How Institutional Investors Are Changing the Cryptocurrency Market

Institutional investors trading cryptocurrency gained ground in 2018, with a number of high profile players edging in and taking a seat at the table. Increased interest from larger investors may have played a part in supporting digital assets as well as distorting the market.  Also Read: KPMG: Institutional Investment Key to Cryptoassets Growth Will Crypto Markets […]Bitcoin News.

01/01/2019 / 22:30:51

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Neutral South Korea Ends Year With 6 Bills to Regulate Cryptocurrency Industry

South Korea’s top financial regulator has exclusively shared with information about six cryptocurrency-related bills that have been submitted to the National Assembly. The most recent bill seeks to protect the rights of crypto owners and to ensure the safety and reliability of crypto transactions. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for […]Bitcoin News.

12/31/2018 / 04:58:52

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Negative Bounties and Responsible Disclosure Bolstered Crypto Infrastructure This Year

Cryptocurrency transfers work because of the software developed by programmers like Satoshi Nakamoto and many other innovators along the way. As with all software, however, blockchain protocols are not perfect, and over the last decade black and white hat hackers have revealed many bugs. In 2018, developers earned over $878,000 in blockchain bug bounties by […]Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 23:00:00

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Negative Wells Fargo Says Bitcoin Too Risky for Clients, Pays $575 Million Fine For Scamming Them

Wells Fargo — the third-largest US bank with $2 trillion in assets — will pay a $575 million settlement after admitting that it systematically scammed its own customers for 15 years. Ironically, the fine comes just months after the banking giant dismissed bitcoin as too risky an investment. Pursuant to a nationwide federal investigation, Wells Fargo admitted that its employees opened more than 3.5The post Wells Fargo Says Bitcoin Too Risky for Clients, Pays $575 Million Fine For Scamming Them appeared first on CCN

12/30/2018 / 13:40:29

Banking | News | bank scandals | fraud | wells fargo | | BTC|Fiat

Neutral Skeptical Payoneer CEO Dismisses Idea of Single Currency as Unrealistic

Payoneer chief executive officer Scott Galit has dismissed the idea of a single global currency like bitcoin as unrealistic. Galit argued that he doesn’t believe countries like the U.S. will ever allow citizens to pay taxes in bitcoin because of too much volatility in the price of the cryptocurrency. Also read: Former Mt. Gox CEO Says […]Bitcoin News.

12/29/2018 / 14:25:25

News | bills | Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | N-Featured | Payments | Payoneer | Scott Galit | Single global currency | Tax | U.S. | U.S. Federal Reserve | | BTC|Regulation|Trading

Neutral Crypto Law Firm Files Suit Against Owner of Coin Signals

Leading crypto investor law firm Silver Miller has filed suit against an individual named Jeremy Spence on behalf of several people who claim they were duped into taking part in an alleged Ponzi scheme. The lawsuit claims that Spence sold a series of investments via phony and fraudulent hedge funds through a company called Coin...Live Bitcoin News.

12/27/2018 / 08:00:21

News | Coin Signals | crypto fraud | cryptocurrency | David Silver | Jeremy Spence | ponzi scheme | Silver Miller | | Regulation|BTC|Business

Neutral Silver Miller Files Lawsuit Against Crypto Ponzi Scheme

At its highest point, the alleged Ponzi scheme claimed to be managing more than $5 million worth of investor assets.

12/27/2018 / 07:47:06

Regulation | cryptocurrency | lawsuit | Ponzi Scheme | silver | united-states | | Regulation|Business

Neutral India Exposes all Computers to 24/7 Governmental Scrutiny Without a Warrant

Technology and law enforcement are usually on opposite ends of a divide. While governments want to analyze as much consumer data as possible, very few people are effectively willing to go along with that plan. In India, a new law has been passed which puts any computer in the country under scrutiny by the domestic […]NullTX.

12/26/2018 / 17:39:59

News | Technology | Data Harvesting | Government Scrutiny | India | | Regulation|Technology

Neutral Record Year for Ripple and XRP: Here’s What Made 2018 so Special

CoinSpeakerRecord Year for Ripple and XRP: Here’s What Made 2018 so SpecialCompared to its peers, Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple has the wealthiest community in terms of project support. There is no doubt that throughout this year, Ripple has shown that it can bring the biggest names to its list of followers.Record Year for Ripple and XRP: Here’s What Made 2018 so Special

12/26/2018 / 10:23:11

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Neutral Indian Crypto Exchange Sees Record Trading Volumes Amid Regulatory Uncertainty

Despite regulatory uncertainty and banking restriction imposed by the country’s central bank, an Indian cryptocurrency exchange is seeing record trading volumes every month. The CEO of Wazirx told that the recent uptick in crypto prices has prompted a lot of Indians to start trading again. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for Positive […]Bitcoin News.

12/26/2018 / 03:01:52

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Neutral Interview: Charlie Lee on the Future of Litecoin

Litecoin creator Charlie Lee is definitely one of the most influential, charismatic, and respected voices in the world of cryptocurrencies. He has been around for a long time, he’s seen many projects get born just to crash and burn during the various market cycles, but through it all LTC has thrived and has maintained relevance […]Crypto Insider.

12/26/2018 / 02:35:55

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Neutral Private Blockchains Have Few Applications, Study Finds

Despite all efforts, so far businesses haven’t been able to come up with significant applications for private, centralized blockchains as opposed to public distributed ledgers, a new study shows. According to the authors, in most cases corporate blockchain networks are used mainly for database verification and transactions auditing. Also read: Poll Shows 13% of Russians […]Bitcoin News.

12/25/2018 / 17:15:06

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Neutral Bitcoin’s Lightning Network is Quietly Scaling for the Next Bull-Run

Bitcoin passed more significant milestones this week as data reveals its Lightning Network (LN) implementation passed 500 BTC ($2,066,000) capacity for the first time. Lightning Network Sees Parabolic Rise Statistics from monitoring resource confirmed the record capacity for payments at press time, with the number of accessible nodes also rocketing 13.7 percent and channels close to 25 percent. The figures cap a period of constant improvements for Lightning, which has only added to itsRead

12/24/2018 / 15:00:18

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Neutral Ethereum Mainnet Welcomes Alpha Version of the Raiden Network

There are plenty of potential developments which can make Ethereum a more versatile and robust cryptocurrency project. Scaling remains its main problem, albeit that can be said about most currencies and digital assets on the market. Raiden, one of the heavily touted solutions has now made its way to the Ethereum mainnet. At least, the […]NullTX.

12/24/2018 / 12:33:06

Crypto | News | Ethereum | payment channels | Raiden network | Scaling | | ETH|Blockchain|Market

Neutral Bitcoin Private (BTCP)…Privately Pre-Mined 2 Million Coins for Its Founders

The creator of altcoin Bitcoin Private (BTCP) was battling accusations his project was a “scam” December 24 after an investigation revealed over 2 million ‘secret’ coins. Coinmetrics: There Are 2.04M ‘Extra’ BTCP BTCP , a so-called “fork merge” of the Bitcoin and ZClassic blockchains, fell 20 percent after research group Coinmetrics published the information Sunday. After analyzing the BTCP blockchain, the company claims, it became apparent an extra 2.04 million coins were mined during itsRead MoreThe post Bitcoin Private (BTCP)…Privately Pre-Mined 2 Million Coins for Its Founders appeared first on

12/24/2018 / 09:00:03

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Neutral South Korean Business School Launches Crypto MBA Program

A major business school in South Korea is now offering a master’s degree in cryptocurrency. Crypto MBA is a one-and-a-half-year program that covers topics such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, smart contracts, crypto funds, Dapp planning, game theory, and how to write persuasive whitepapers. Meanwhile, the government is working on follow-up crypto regulations. Also read: Indian Supreme Court […]Bitcoin News.

12/23/2018 / 05:35:05

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Neutral Publishes Redesigned Website and Development Roadmap

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) supporters have noticed the website has been redesigned. The web portal hosts a comprehensive list of the network’s infrastructure including nodes, wallets, community services, and exchanges. Alongside the recent upgrade, the landing page leads to the BCH network’s development roadmap which highlights the plan to make bitcoin cash sound money that is […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 22:00:46

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Neutral Almost 5,000 Crypto Pump and Dumps Posted on Discord and Telegram in 6 Months

A report compiled by researchers from Tel Aviv University, The University of Tulsa, and the University of New Mexico has found nearly 5,000 advertisements for cryptocurrency pump and dump signals on social platforms Discord and Telegram posted during the first half of 2018. Also Read: Asian News Headlines Exert Significant Impact on Cryptocurrency Prices Nearly 5,000 […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 20:00:26

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Neutral Brave Browser Donations Controversy: Not Optional For Creators

When Bitcoinist reported on the ability to tip content creators directly from Brave browser, that was a positive thing, right? Actually, not so much when it uses creators’ names and photos, to collect donations ‘for them’, without their consent. The Brave YouTuber Popular British YouTuber, Tom Scott, takes pride in not asking for donations or crowdfunding on any platform. He recently found out that Brave had been using his name and image to collect donations onRead

12/22/2018 / 15:00:25

Altcoins | Basic Attention Token | BAT | Brave | Browser | donations | Tom Scott | Youtube | | Altcoin

Neutral India: Police Bust Bitcoin Ponzi Scheme that Defrauded 8,000 Crypto Investors

Police in India have cracked a crypto Ponzi scheme in the city of Pune that defrauded over 8,000 investors, seizing nearly $2 million worth of bitcoin in the process. According to a news report from The Times of India, police have been on the trail of the scammers since January and have now arrested theCCN

12/22/2018 / 13:15:28

Bitcoin Crime | Bitcoin Scams | News | Amit Bhardwaj | Bitcoin | GainBitcoin | india | | BTC|Business

Neutral The Daily: Belgium Blacklists More Crypto Platforms, UAE Prepares ICO Regulations

In this edition of The Daily, Belgium’s financial regulator has expanded its list of fraudulent platforms offering cryptocurrency investments, while UAE has announced it’s working on new ICO regulations. We also look at the plans for a common digital currency in the Eurasian Economic Union and Abkhazia’s intentions to regulate its growing crypto mining industry. […]Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 13:15:19

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Neutral Crypto-Riche Millennials Take The Yachting Industry

Got a few million lying around? The yacht industry has long been thought of as the exclusive province of the extremely wealthy, closed to even nouveau riche millennials and crypto millionaires. Yet, the yacht industry is declining. Today, the superyacht industry caters primarily to the extremely wealthy, yet with the almost exclusive growth in supplyCCN

12/22/2018 / 09:00:53

Bitcoin Companies | Bitcoin Exchange | News | bitcoin travel | Boatsters | OceanScape | | Other

Neutral Why Crypto Winter Won’t Be 2019’s Defining Story

Eric Piscini, CEO of Citizens Reserve and Deloitte's former blockchain lead, outlines the key threads of 2018 and how they signal what's coming for 2019.

12/21/2018 / 05:00:35

2018 Review | Features | Use Cases & Verticals | Business News | Crypto Winter | 2019 | Eric Piscini | 2018 | | Blockchain|Fiat

Neutral Cashy Web Application Boosts Script Contracts in Bitcoin Cash

The creators of the Simple Ledger Protocol have released a new tool for Bitcoin Cash (BCH) programmers called Cashy. The toolbox allows developers to program script contracts and a wide variety of programmable money applications using the BCH network. Also read: Hash Wars: BCH Proponents Face a New Dawn in the Battle’s Aftermath Cashy: A Web […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 02:00:25

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Neutral IBM and Intel’s Brewing Blockchain Tug-of-War

More than a potential competition between blockchain platforms, tensions between IBM and Intel point to bigger questions around governance.

12/20/2018 / 09:00:14

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Neutral Belgian Authorities Add 14 Websites to Cryptocurrency Scam Blacklist

Belgium’s Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) has added 14 new websites to its growing list of websites flagged as cryptocurrency investment scam platforms. The number of websites on the list now stands at 113 with the new additions as the regulator continues its ongoing effort to protect Belgian investors from the relatively new andCCN

12/19/2018 / 18:28:56

Bitcoin Crime | News | belgium | cryptocurrency scams | financial services and markets authority | fsma | | Market|Business

Neutral MultiChain Releases 2.0 Beta, Adds SAP and HCL as Partners

Enterprise blockchain framework MultiChain is beefing up its partner list as it starts to roll out the next version of its software.

12/19/2018 / 14:00:04

Features | Use Cases & Verticals | Business News | Distributed Ledger Technology | Supply Chain | Healthcare | Ethereum | Hyperledger | SAP | Coin Sciences | MultiChain | Quorum | HCL Technologies | R3 Corda | Gideon Greenspan | smart filters | | ETH|Blockchain|Technology|Business

Neutral Bitcoin OTC Trading Volume Soars as Institutions May Be Accumulating

While volume on centralized exchanges is down as a whole, Bitcoin OTC (over-the-counter) markets have seen a surge in buyers leading to a shortage of sellers, according to the latest data from Diar. This may suggest that institutional investors are quietly stocking up on bitcoin while looking to keep prices low for the time being.  Bitcoin OTC Trading is Booming Most pundits expect institutional investors to create the catalyst for the next cryptocurrency bull-run. ButRead

12/19/2018 / 13:00:25

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Neutral Chatter Report: Schiff Accuses Kelly of Pump and Dump, Lingham Calls for ‘Real Adoption’

In our latest roundup of crypto chatter, tensions run high as Peter Schiff accuses Brian Kelly of dumping bitcoin on retail investors. The accusation surfaced after Kelly recently revealed that he is net short on BTC. Also, Vinny Lingham gives great advice to the crypto community on building for the future. Also read: Bitcoin Skeptic […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 08:30:56

News | Bitcoin | Brian Kelly | Brian Kelly Capital Management | builders | Civic | cnbc | gold | N-Featured | Peter Schiff | pump and dump | Real Adoption | speculators | Traders | value creation | Vinny Lingham | | BTC|Fiat|Business

Neutral Bitcoin Fundaments Unchanged For Institutionalization, Says Spencer Bogart

Spencer Bogart of Blockchain Capital believes that all of the promises and potentials associated with Bitcoin remain unchanged despite plummeting by more than 80 percent from its mid-December 2017 all-time high. Bright Future for Bitcoin Speaking recently to CNBC, the Blockchain Capital partner noted that 2018 was in many ways a transition period for the top-ranked cryptocurrency. According to Bogart, this year marked the beginnings of the institutionalization of Bitcoin. It's been a wild yearRead

12/19/2018 / 06:00:30

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Price | News | News teaser | Bear Market | bitcoin price | Bitcoin price discovery | btc | Mati Greenspan | price recovery | Spencer Bogart | | BTC|Blockchain

Neutral First Major Christmas 2018 Crypto Scam Targets Basic Attention Token

As the Christmas holidays are almost upon us, there will be notable increase in the number of financial scams and phishing attempts. The cryptocurrency industry will be no different in this regard, as there are quite a few new campaigns making the rounds right now. Always be careful when clicking unknown links and receiving messages […]NullTX.

12/18/2018 / 19:02:37

Crypto | News | Basic Attention Token | crypto | Scams | | ICO

Negative Bitcoin Scam Alert: Criminals Demand BTC Payment to Call Off Hit Man

Scam artists have tried just about every trick in the book to relieve people of their Bitcoin in recent years. The latest effort is rather lacking in the sophistication department, however. A report in Bleeping Computer states that people have been receiving emails that are apparently from the owner of a dark web site offering...NewsBTC.

12/18/2018 / 18:30:39

Bitcoin | bitcoin | Hit man | scam | | BTC

Neutral Belgium's Financial Watchdog Updates Crypto Scam Blacklist to Total 113 Sites

Belgium’s financial watchdog has updated its crypto-related fraud blacklist to include a new total of 113 sites

12/18/2018 / 18:22:00

Altcoin | Belgium | Fraud | Scams | Cryptocurrencies | Education | | Altcoin

Neutral FSMA Flags 14 Crypto Trading Platforms, as Crypto Scams Grow

With the new additions, the warning list for suspected cryptocurrency scams now includes a total of 113 websites.

12/18/2018 / 10:58:35

Regulation | Belgium | cryptocurrency | fsma | Scam | trading platform | | Regulation|Trading

Neutral Crypto Is Far From Dead, as These Scaling Projects Show

Far from seeing the death of crypto, we may be entering its most exciting phase, argues Michael J. Casey.

12/18/2018 / 09:00:44

Token Economy | Ethereum | Bitcoin | Other Public Protocols | Technology News | Technology | Developers | Lightning Network | Scaling | | Blockchain|BTC|ETH|Technology

Negative Bitcoin Generator “Exploit” Scam Clears Thousands

A website claiming to be taking advantage of an unexplained “exploit” in Bitcoin to “generate” coins on behalf of its users has scammed more than .8 BTC to date. We tested the “service” in order to be sure that it was a scam. Located at, the way the scam works is simple enough: itCCN

12/17/2018 / 21:42:38

Bitcoin Scams | News | Bitcoin scams | generator scam | MoonBitcoin Faucet | | BTC

Neutral Italy: Securities Regulator Suspends Two Crypto Firms for Alleged Scam Investment Schemes

Italian securities regulator CONSOB has suspended two projects for allegedly offering fraudulent crypto investment schemes

12/17/2018 / 19:44:00

Blockchain | Law | Bitcoin Regulation | Cryptocurrencies | Government | Securities | Investments | Fraud | Scam | Facebook | Italy | | ICO|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Start the Week With Modest Gains

Digital asset prices are seeing modest improvements on Monday, Dec. 17 as the top 10 cryptocurrencies have recorded gains between 5-19% over the last 24 hours. The entire crypto-economy has captured a market valuation of $108 billion but global trade volume has remained flat, showing no immediate signs of a market trend reversal. Also read: A […]Bitcoin News.

12/17/2018 / 18:30:43

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Neutral Porsche Uses Blockchain Platform to Close $170 Million Loan

One of the planet’s largest vehicle distributors has just finalised a $170 million loan using blockchain technology. Porsche completed the deal with the Spanish bank Banco Bilboa Vizcaya Argentaria’s (BBVA) blockchain platform. The news makes Porsche the first non-Spanish company to use the distributed ledger platform to borrow funds from BBVA. It is thought that...The post Porsche Uses Blockchain Platform to Close $170 Million Loan appeared first on NewsBTC.

12/17/2018 / 18:30:09

Blockchain | BBVA | blockchain | porsche | | Blockchain|Technology|Wallet|Fiat

Neutral Hong Kong Bitcoin Millionaire Arrested after Throwing Cash off Apartment Building

According to a report by the South China Morning Post, a 24-year-old man is said to have tossed bank notes from the top of a skyscraper in Hong Kong, triggering agitation from passersby below. The man, who was identified as Wong Ching Kit (with aliases such as “Mr. Coin” and “Coin Master”) is the ownerCCN

12/17/2018 / 12:12:24

Bitcoin Scams | News | hong kong | | Asia|BTC|Fiat

Neutral Bitcoin Bomb Threats, Romanian Fraud Arrests, Bitcoin Cash Continues to Plummet, Coinbase Integrates Paypal and More: This Week in Crypto

Several Notches Above Ransomware An extortion scheme which sought to terrorize people into paying over BTC made global headlines over the course of the week. The threats happened worldwide, at a minimum being reported in the US, New Zealand, and Australia. The bomb threats demanded $20,000 in BTC in exchange for the terrorists to “giveCCN

12/16/2018 / 17:43:23

News | arisebank | Bitcoin Cash | Bitcoin SV | CCN Week in Review | coinbase | Jared Rice | paypal | Porsche | Vlad Nistor | | BTC|Exchange

Neutral Monitor Bitcoin Cash Development With the Coin Dance Tracking Page

Cryptocurrency data website Coin Dance revealed on Friday the team’s revamped Bitcoin Cash protocol development tracking page. Interested proponents can get a comprehensive look at all the completed BCH developments, proposals, ideas that are being discussed, and concepts that are currently under development. Also read: Markets Update: Bears Continue to Drag Cryptocurrency Prices Down The […]Bitcoin News.

12/15/2018 / 22:00:43

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Neutral Part 2: Ethereum vs NEO – Which blockchain has better scalability and security?

Ethereum (ETH) and NEO are among the most dominant decentralized application (dApp) development platforms. In this second part of our comparison of these two blockchain networks, we shall examine in detail the different approaches taken by developers of both Ethereum and NEO to upgrade their respective networks. Readers who would first like a broad overview […]The post Part 2: Ethereum vs NEO – Which blockchain has better scalability and security? appeared first on Crypto Insider.

12/14/2018 / 18:43:14

Altcoins | Blockchain | Ethereum | blockchain upgrades | Decentralization | eth | NEO | Scalability | Security | | ETH|Blockchain|Altcoin

Neutral U.K. Cryptocurrency Exchange Cubits Shuts Down After $33M Scam

Cubits, a London-based digital asset trading platform, has been forced into administration after fraudsters reportedly stole €29 million (about $32.5 million) from the exchange in February. The company claimed “it fell victim” to an elaborate scam orchestrated in collusion with three of its clients.  Also read: Former Mt. Gox CEO Could Face 10 Years in Jail […]The post U.K. Cryptocurrency Exchange Cubits Shuts Down After $33M Scam appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/14/2018 / 18:00:13

Exchanges | administration | Bankruptcy | Bitcoin | China | Cryptocurrency | Cubits | Dooga | Exchange | malta | N-Featured | Opus Restructuring & Insolvency | Pay Secure Online | Scam | Steve Parker | Trevor Binyon | U.K. | | Exchange|BTC|Asia|Trading

Neutral Porsche Arranges $170m Loan Using BBVA’s Blockchain Platform

Prestige car-maker Porsche has arranged a loan to back its proposed strategic acquisitions using Spanish-bank BBVA’s ever-developing distributed ledger technology (DLT) platform. The loan, valued at €150 million (the equivalent of nearly $170 million USD) is, says a press release from BBVA: “The first acquisition term loan ever arranged through blockchain technology.” Acquisition term loansThe post Porsche Arranges $170m Loan Using BBVA’s Blockchain Platform appeared first on CCN

12/14/2018 / 15:23:44

Banking | Blockchain News | FinTech News | News | BBVA | Ethereum | Porsche | ripple | | Blockchain|ETH|XRP|Technology|Wallet

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