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Neutral Could Japan’s Approval of the Bitcoin ETF Affect US SEC’s Decision?

On January 7, CCN reported that the Financial Services Agency (FSA) of Japan is considering the approval of the country’s first Bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). With the final deadline of the VanEck Bitcoin ETF on the horizon, could the approval of a Bitcoin ETF in Japan have an impact on the decision of the U.S.The post Could Japan’s Approval of the Bitcoin ETF Affect US SEC’s Decision? appeared first on CCN

01/09/2019 / 01:31:17

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Neutral Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro

If ever anyone wished they could turn back the clock it would be wildly unpopular and “elitist” French President Macron. His decision to raise fuel tariffs in November has mushroomed and his country has succumbed to a wave of protests and violence the likes not seen since the 1960s. The yellow vests are everywhere and beyond causing chaos on the streets, it seems they’re now turning against the banks. What’s Going On in France? SoRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

01/09/2019 / 01:00:30

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Neutral Japan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFs

CoinSpeakerJapan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFsAfter barring crypto derivatives, Japan is currently gauging industry interest in ETFs tracking digital currencies. The Liberal Democratic Party will reportedly submit draft legislation by March 2019. Japan’s Financial Watchdog Hints at Its Readiness to Approve Crypto ETFs

01/08/2019 / 08:43:39

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Neutral Nasdaq Powered DX.Exchange To Go Live Today, January 7th

Crypto traders and enthusiasts have waited since May last year for the Nasdaq powered DX.Exchange to go live. News of the exchanges first hit the crypto-verse during last years Consensus event in New York. DX.Exchange was initially meant to feature trading of the top six coins of Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), XRP , Bitcoin Cash (BCH), EOS […]Ethereum World News.

01/07/2019 / 13:35:35

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Neutral Dow Eyes Shaky Monday as US-China Trade Talks Ramp up

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures mostly traded sideways on Monday morning, as the US stock market waited to see whether renewed negotiations between the world’s two largest economies would bring an end to the US-China trade war. Dow, S&P 500 Teeter as World’s Largest Economies Meet for Trade Talks At 8:19 am ET, Dow futuresCCN

01/07/2019 / 13:25:11

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Neutral Elon Musk and Tesla Start Building First Foreign-Owned Car Plant in China

Straight from the horse’s mouth. Despite multiple complications and the ongoing trade war between the US and China placing Tesla plans in doubt, today, the electronic car manufacturer began breaking ground on the construction of the first Tesla gigafactory outside of the US in Shanghai. On Twitter this morning, the charismatic businessman enthused: Looking forwardCCN

01/07/2019 / 11:45:24

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Neutral The Cashaccount.info Platform Tethers Names to Bitcoin Cash Addresses

Last October, Bitcoin Cash (BCH) proponent and developer, Jonathan Silverblood, told the BCH community about a new identification system he developed that ties a custom human-readable alias to a bitcoin cash address. Silverblood has launched a beta version of the platform Cashaccount.info so visitors can test out the platform’s functionality and give the developer feedback. […]Bitcoin News.

01/02/2019 / 07:35:50

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Neutral EOS: Latest Updates and Controversies

Published on CoinnounceChina’s center for information and industry development has ranked EOS as the number one blockchain platform. The daily activity on the EOS blockchain is way ahead than the other blockchains at the moment and we are seeing a lot of users coming in to use EOS based Dapps.   EOS Dapp Development Everipedia is currently […]Coinnounce.

01/02/2019 / 06:04:40

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Neutral US-China Trade Deal Moving Well, Could Stock Market Rebound in 2019?

The trade war between the United States and China has placed immense pressure on the stock market of both countries since mid-2018. With a new trade agreement in the works, China-U.S. relations are expected to improve in the months to come. U.S. President Donald Trump said on December 29 that a comprehensive trade deal isThe post US-China Trade Deal Moving Well, Could Stock Market Rebound in 2019? appeared first on CCN

12/30/2018 / 23:49:20

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Neutral Markets Update: Cryptocurrency Gains Start Lifting Confidence Among Traders

The cryptocurrency economy has seen some improvement over the last 48 hours as many of the top digital assets are seeing gains between 5-15% this Saturday. The entire ecosystem of all the coins in existence has gained about $5 billion since the small correction on Christmas day. Furthermore, global trade volume has also increased indicating […]Bitcoin News.

12/29/2018 / 16:40:34

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Neutral Silver Miller Files Lawsuit Against Crypto Ponzi Scheme

At its highest point, the alleged Ponzi scheme claimed to be managing more than $5 million worth of investor assets.

12/27/2018 / 07:47:06

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Positive Crypto Market Update Dec.26: Positive Week For Bitcoin & Altcoins Following Positive News

A positive crypto week: The markets had corrected nicely, as both the buyers’ trading volume is showing signs of a comeback. The crypto market held steady and did not break the $ 100 billion market size and showed a 30% growth this week. However, this is not yet a change in the long-term trend. Is […]CryptoPotato.

12/26/2018 / 18:26:22

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Neutral #Weekly Price Analysis Overview Dec.26: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bytecoin

Bitcoin The recent increase touched the $4200 price resistance. The failed attempt to break up had led to a violent reaction as the crypto currency lost $500 in one day. The nearest support is not far – around $ 3600. If the support breaks down, the chances are that the rally from the past week […]The post Weekly Price Analysis Overview Dec.26: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Bytecoin appeared first on CryptoPotato.

12/26/2018 / 17:36:02

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Neutral Markets Update: Crypto Prices Begin to Slump as the New Year Approaches

Most cryptocurrencies took a hit on Christmas Day, losing between 5-10% after having a decent run of solid gains last week. Some traders had assumed digital asset markets would be rather dull during the holidays, but the correction was deep and fast. At the moment, the entire cryptocurrency economy is worth $126 billion as traders […]Bitcoin News.

12/26/2018 / 16:45:09

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Neutral US-China Trade War Sees No Progress, Trouble for the Dow Jones?

Following the arrest of Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in Canada, the U.S. government has filed two criminal charges against Chinese nationals for allegedly stealing sensitive information from Western businesses, intensifying the trade war between the U.S. and China that may ultimately place more pressure on the falling Dow Jones. On December 21, Adam Segal, aThe post US-China Trade War Sees No Progress, Trouble for the Dow Jones? appeared first on CCN

12/26/2018 / 14:45:03

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Neutral Dow Jones Near Bear Market Territory, Why White House Failed to Ease Investors

This week, the Dow Jones recorded a steep sell-off from 23,970 points to 21,846 points, amidst global economic instability and uncertainty. Since achieving an all-time high at 26,828 points on October 3, the Dow Jones has fallen by 5,036 points to 21,792 points, by 18.77 percent. In the traditional financial market, a 20 percent declineCCN

12/26/2018 / 03:30:41

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Neutral Wall Street is Backing Out of Crypto

Wall Street is quietly moving out of the crypto market, Bloomberg reports. While the market has continued to be battered by news of fraud and imminent regulatory crackdowns, there was a time when it seemed like Wall Street had started to warm up to the rise of crypto assets. Last year, when the crypto industry enjoyedCCN

12/25/2018 / 20:40:20

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Neutral Nasdaq in Bear Market With 20% Drop, Dow Jones Worst Week Since 2008

The Nasdaq is in a bear market. On December 23, the Nasdaq Composite fell to a new yearly low at 6,332 points, as stocks and securities listed on the exchange plummeted in value. A bear market is commonly referred to as a 20 percent drop from a market, index, or asset’s all-time high. Since itsCCN

12/25/2018 / 10:40:56

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Neutral A great relief for US cryptocurrency investors in the midst of market crash

Published on Coinnounce2018 has been one of the worst years for the cryptocurrency investors as the price of bitcoin along with other major altcoins has been bearish since the start of the year. Bitcoin traded at its yearly low of around $3200 last month while recovering a bit later this month. However, apart from the huge losses […]Coinnounce.

12/24/2018 / 12:22:03

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Neutral Digital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019

CoinSpeakerDigital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019International digital assets exchange Interdax has announced its launch in January, promising a testnet trading battle with a $100,000 giveaway.Digital Assets Exchange Interdax with $100K Trading Battle to be Launched in January 2019

12/24/2018 / 12:00:22

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Neutral Markets Update: Bitcoin Cash Gains More Than 140% This Week

Cryptocurrency markets have been bullish lately as most of the top digital asset prices have seen decent gains over the last week. The overall market capitalization of all the coins in existence is roughly $132 billion this Sunday and global trade volume has increased significantly considering it’s the weekend before the holidays with $20 billion […]Bitcoin News.

12/23/2018 / 19:25:55

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Neutral Target, Walmart See Steep Losses, UK Retailers ‘Smashed to Pieces’

Over the past two months, despite the expectations of increased sales during the Christmas season, major retailers such as Target and Walmart have continued to record large losses. Since November 9, the share price of Walmart has dropped from $105 to $87, by more than 17 percent, a steep loss for the largest retailer inCCN

12/23/2018 / 00:03:14

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Neutral Cryptocurrency and Taxes: How to Use 2018’s Losses to Your Advantage

Taxes have been a hot topic in the cryptocurrency world this year. Many countries have been trying to figure out how to tax crypto assets, while traders have been figuring out how to lever them to write off losses. As bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies enter the mainstream, tax reduction strategies are starting to emerge. Also […]Bitcoin News.

12/23/2018 / 00:00:35

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Neutral US Congressmen Introduce Bill To Exempt Crypto From Securities Law

A couple of Congressmen in the United States are trying to get an exemption for cryptocurrencies from securities law. If successful, it could signal a paradigm shift in the US regulatory climate as far as virtual currencies are concerned. Crypto May Be Exempt From Securities Law Rep. Warren Davidson (R-Ohio) and Rep. Darren Soto (D-Florida) introduced a bill on Thursday (December 20, 2018) called the “Token Taxonomy Act.” The bill seeks to exempt cryptocurrencies fromRead MoreBitcoinist.com.

12/22/2018 / 19:00:01

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Neutral How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On?

This time last year, the market was abuzz with excitement as CBOE’s XBT futures contracts and CME Group’s bitcoin derivatives products launched for the first time. There is no doubt that BTC futures trading has given some legitimacy to the asset class. Fast forward one year and there has been slow growth due to the […]The post How Have Bitcoin Futures Performed One Year On? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/22/2018 / 03:55:14

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Neutral UAE Finalizing ICO and Blockchain Regulations: Mid-2019 Target

The United Arab Emirates regulatory body has approved ICO tokens as securities and a completed framework will be available in the small middle eastern country in the middle of next year, according to a report in local news outlet TheNational.ae. Not only has the Securities and Commodities Authority committed to having a full regulatory frameworkCCN

12/21/2018 / 17:55:32

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Neutral Number of Crypto ATMs Steadily Growing Amid ‘Crypto Winter,’ Data Shows

In November, 209 new crypto ATMs were installed and 68 more closed, showing how the industry is steadily developing amid the market decline

12/21/2018 / 15:01:00

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Neutral US Lawmakers File Bill to Exclude Cryptocurrencies From Securities Definition

Two U.S. congressmen have introduced a bill aimed at amending the country’s securities laws to exclude cryptocurrencies from the definition of a security. The bipartisan bill also seeks to adjust taxation and create tax exemptions for certain cryptocurrency transactions. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for Positive Regulations Bill Introduced U.S. Reps. Warren […]Bitcoin News.

12/21/2018 / 14:45:58

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Neutral Coinbase CEO First Crypto Entrepreneur to Join Buffet-Founded Billionaire Charity Pledge

Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong becomes the first crypto entrepreneur to join billionaire-backed charity program The Giving Pledge founded by Warren Buffet and Bill Gates

12/21/2018 / 14:16:00

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Neutral Markets Update: BCH Up Over 100% in a Week, BTC Breaks Above $4,000

The cryptocurrency markets appear poised to post the strongest week of trading in months, with BCH up over 115% since Dec. 16. BTC is also on the cusp of posting its strongest weekly candle since February after breaking above $4,000. Also Read: Russian Parliament Postpones Adoption of Digital Assets Bill BCH Price Doubles in One Week […]The post Markets Update: BCH Up Over 100% in a Week, BTC Breaks Above $4,000 appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/20/2018 / 16:00:44

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Neutral Bitcoin.com’s Oracle Aims to Bolster BCH-Powered Smart Contracts

Bitcoin.com is pleased to unveil plans to offer one of the world’s first oracles for smart contracts on the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) blockchain. The autonomous feature will allow specialized prediction markets and decision-based transactions for sports scores, political results, and market exchange rates. Also read: How to Spend and Give Bitcoin Cash Over the Holidays Bitcoin.com’s […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 06:35:51

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Neutral France Rejects Cryptocurrency-Friendly Tax Amendments

France’s National Assembly has rejected a number of tax amendments aimed at lowering taxes for cryptocurrency traders and users. Among rejected amendments are those concerning capital gains and losses and crypto tax exemptions. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for Positive Regulations Crypto Amendments Rejected The French National Assembly rejected a number of […]Bitcoin News.

12/19/2018 / 04:15:47

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Neutral Crypto Market Update Dec.18: One Year Passed Since Bitcoin’s ATH. Following The Correction, What’s Next?

Exactly a year ago Bitcoin set a new record and crossed the $19,000 mark. However, the crypto market is unstable, and uncertainty regarding the correction is still present. Nevertheless, it is impossible to ignore the green wave of the last 24 hours as most of the market begins to climb back. Bitcoin is up 5%, […]The post Crypto Market Update Dec.18: One Year Passed Since Bitcoin’s ATH. Following The Correction, What’s Next? appeared first on CryptoPotato.

12/18/2018 / 16:29:15

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Neutral Global Debt Hits $184 Trillion and 11.4% of it is From the US: Big Bubble?

According to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the global debt has achieved $184 trillion with $86,000 per person, a figure that is twice larger than the global average income per-capita. Out of the $184 trillion, The Balance reported that $21 trillion comes from the U.S., making up for around 11.4 percent of the global debt.The post Global Debt Hits $184 Trillion and 11.4% of it is From the US: Big Bubble? appeared first on CCN

12/18/2018 / 16:02:57

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Neutral #Weekly Price Analysis Overview Dec.18: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and DOGE

Bitcoin This week we saw the low of 2018, and in the Bitstamp exchange, we touched $3,122. While most of the market is waiting for confirmation of support around $3,000, on the technical level an unexpected jump brought us almost to resistance levels around $3,600. From there the following resistance is around $4,000. Traded around […]The post Weekly Price Analysis Overview Dec.18: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and DOGE appeared first on CryptoPotato.

12/18/2018 / 15:17:26

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Neutral A Chinese Government-Controlled Bitcoin Alternative Is Reportedly in the Works

In the midst of a sino-U.S. trade war, the People’s Bank of China is working to develop its own cryptocurrency prototype. It apparently believes this centralized digital asset can ultimately trump BTC and perhaps even the U.S. Dollar. Also read: Bibox Buys 100% Share of Decentralized Exchange Dex.top A Love-Hate Relationship With Cryptocurrency The government of […]Bitcoin News.

12/18/2018 / 10:55:33

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Neutral Markets Update: Cryptocurrencies Start the Week With Modest Gains

Digital asset prices are seeing modest improvements on Monday, Dec. 17 as the top 10 cryptocurrencies have recorded gains between 5-19% over the last 24 hours. The entire crypto-economy has captured a market valuation of $108 billion but global trade volume has remained flat, showing no immediate signs of a market trend reversal. Also read: A […]Bitcoin News.

12/17/2018 / 18:30:43

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Neutral The Daily: Yellow Vest Coin Created, Security Token Trading Platform Launched

In The Daily on Monday, a new digital coin project targeting the ‘Yellow Vest’ protesters is promising censorship-free crypto transactions. Also, a regulated security token trading platform is now live in the U.S., South Korean internet giant Kakao invests in an Israeli startup, and crypto exchange Abra is giving away bitcoins for Christmas. Also read: […]Bitcoin News.

12/17/2018 / 12:55:50

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Neutral New US Chief of Staff: Bitcoin is Good, ‘Not Manipulable by Any Government’

This week, following the scheduled leave of John F. Kelly, United States President Donald Trump has chosen the pro-Bitcoin Mick Mulvaney to serve as the acting White House Chief of Staff beginning 2019. According to the Washington Post columnist Matt O’Brien, Mulvaney has been vocal about his support of Bitcoin (BTC) and in a speech coveredCCN

12/17/2018 / 01:55:51

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Neutral Tesla Owner Successfully Dual-boots Linux and TeslaOS

When it comes to exploring the boundaries of technology, some people tend to go very far in their approach. One Tesla model 3 owner dedicated to try and install the Ubuntu operating system on his car. Surprisingly, this works without too many problems and doesn’t necessarily cause any stability issues. Although not everyone wants Linux […]NullTX.

12/16/2018 / 05:17:37

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Negative Markets Update: Bears Continue to Drag Cryptocurrency Prices Down

Digital asset prices have been dipping in value again after a few days of price consolidation. At the moment, the entire cryptocurrency economy is awfully close to dropping under the psychological $100 billion market valuation. Furthermore, since our last markets update cryptocurrency global trade volumes are weaker than usual, with only $11.5 billion worth of […]Bitcoin News.

12/14/2018 / 16:00:09

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Neutral French Lawmakers Propose Lower Electricity Rates for Cryptocurrency Miners

Two French legislators have made a number of proposals aimed at turning France into a leading force in the development of the industry built around cryptocurrencies. One of the ideas is to allow crypto mining companies to take advantage of preferential electricity prices. Also read: Ukrainian Village Distributes Dividends From Crypto Investment ‘France Must Have […]Bitcoin News.

12/14/2018 / 00:45:12

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Neutral UAE Firm Taps Ripple Blockchain RippleNet to Launch Cross-Border Payments

RippleNet, the blockchain-based global payment network of Ripple, is set to increase its footprint in the Middle East with a United Arab Emirates-based remittance firm set to unveil cross-border payments using the technology. According to Reuters, remittance firm UAE Exchange will roll out RippleNet-powered cross-border remittance services to Asia in the first quarter of 2019CCN

12/13/2018 / 15:53:15

FinTech News | News | Ripple News | ripplenet | UAE Exchange | united arab emirates | | XRP|Blockchain|Exchange|Asia|Technology

Neutral Bitcoin Sextortion Scheme Seduces Victims into Installing Ransomware

A sextortion scam that doubles its chances of success by planting ransomware on the computing device of its target victims has emerged, and as is often the case the attackers want to be paid in bitcoin. According to researchers at cybersecurity firm Proofpoint, the sextortion campaign, which is mostly targeting residents of the United States,CCN

12/11/2018 / 23:25:36

Bitcoin Scams | News | Bitcoin | GandCrab | proofpoint | United States | | BTC

Neutral Vermont Government Forms Working Group to Explore Blockchain Technology

The second-smallest state in the United States by population has formed a working group consisting of state agencies with a view toward studying blockchain technology. This was announced by Vermont’s attorney general, T.J. Donovan, who disclosed that the blockchain working group would commence work next year in January. The working group — which will seekCCN

12/11/2018 / 21:45:56

Blockchain News | News | United States | Vermont | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral New Platforms Track Major Stablecoin Markets

The birth of more stablecoins, which has coincided with significant market losses for traditional cryptocurrencies, has drawn attention to these fiat-pegged digital assets. Dedicated platforms are now aggregating statistical data about stablecoin markets for the benefit of traders. Also read: Chat Bot Advises Crypto Startups and Investors The Stablecoin War Is Heating Up The last […]Bitcoin News.

12/11/2018 / 18:55:12

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Neutral Crypto Market Update Dec.11: Capitulation On The Go Following Another Red Week

Another red week for the crypto market, that already looks like an unfinished avalanche. Every time the market seems settled, we experience another drop in prices.  Bitcoin lost another 15% of its price, and most of the alternative coins lost even more. We’ve been in this bear market almost a year, and even the Bitcoin […]CryptoPotato.

12/11/2018 / 17:47:11

Crypto News | Market Updates | | Market|BTC|Trading

Negative #Weekly Price Analysis Dec.11: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple

Bitcoin Support around $3,800 has been broken very quickly and currently around $3,300 resistance currently around $3,630 the situation does not look good in the trending down. Traders are shorting, and the floor is yet to be seen at this stage. Traded around $3336 BTC/USD by Stompy1942 on TradingView.com Ethereum Against the dollar, it is […]The post Weekly Price Analysis Dec.11: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash and Ripple appeared first on CryptoPotato.

12/11/2018 / 16:45:17

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Neutral Japanese Lawmaker Proposes 4 Tax Cuts for Cryptocurrency Users and Traders

A Japanese lawmaker has proposed four changes to Japan’s tax law to benefit crypto users and traders as well as widen the adoption of cryptocurrency in the country. The current tax rate of 55 percent could be lowered to 20 percent while crypto-to-crypto trading and small payments could be exempt from taxation. Also read: Indian Supreme […]Bitcoin News.

12/11/2018 / 10:50:41

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Neutral Opinion: Stock Up On Canned Food (And Bitcoin)…World Wide Winter is Coming!

Whilst we are battening down hatches, and wrapping ourselves up for protection against the present crypto-winter, remember one thing. All is far from perfect in fiat-land around the globe… and Bitcoin is currently quite the bargain as the stock market is looking shaky once again.  First Stop – France Macron’s recent tax-hikes have seen Paris and other cities burn, as protesters take to the streets. But raising taxes only compound the effect of fiat’s inherentlyRead MoreThe post Opinion: Stock Up On Canned Food (And Bitcoin)…World Wide Winter is Coming! appeared first on Bitcoinist.com.

12/11/2018 / 03:00:17

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Cryptopotato Neutral - Bakkt Futures by ICE is Now Supported by World’s 23rd Richest Man Li Ka-Shing read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:47:17
Themerkle Neutral - NEO Price Gains 12% Despite Malcolm Lerider Departure read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:35:28
Ccn Neutral - Indian Police Make Fourth Arrest in $70 Million Crypto Scam read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:33:42
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Kraken defends trading of Ethereum Classic, attacks XRP, angers Ripple tech boss read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:32:20
Dailyhodl Neutral - One of the Richest Men on Earth Backs Bitcoin and Crypto, Plus Ripple and XRP, Tron, Stellar, Ethereum, Litecoin, VeChain, IOTA: Crypto News Flash read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:05:10
Ambcrypto Neutral - Litecoin [LTC/USD] Technical Analysis: Cryptocurrency to move along with the bulls on a long run read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:00:38
Newsbtc Neutral - Crypto Market Wrap: NEO Jumps Two Places With 13% Gain read more.
01/09/2019 / 08:00:10
Cryptoglobe Neutral - ShapeShift CEO Says Crypto Is a ‘Harsh Mistress’, Lays Off 1/3 of Staff read more.
01/09/2019 / 07:40:00
Coindesk Neutral - Security Token Offerings: A Way Past the SEC’s Incomplete Crypto Guidance? read more.
01/09/2019 / 07:15:47
Ethereumworldnews - Could Russian Rumors Be Reviving NEO? Surges 15% Today read more.
01/09/2019 / 07:01:58
Ambcrypto Neutral - Tron [TRX] grows steady with 9% hike; Litecoin [LTC] holds strong despite strong resistances read more.
01/09/2019 / 07:00:37
Newsbtc Neutral - Bitcoin Price Watch: BTC Buyers Not Out of Woods Yet read more.
01/09/2019 / 07:00:22
Ethereumworldnews Neutral - Tron (TRX) Rally Looks Real, Price Could Test $0.0350 read more.
01/09/2019 / 06:45:59
Ccn Neutral - Ripple CEO to Critics After Obtaining 200 Clients: Banks Will Use XRP read more.
01/09/2019 / 06:36:40
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Neo continues to climb, continuing its excellent start to 2019 read more.
01/09/2019 / 06:28:44
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Gold Backed Crypto Exchange Offers Safe Haven for Crypto Investors read more.
01/09/2019 / 06:20:50
Newsbtc Neutral - #Crypto Market Update: Stellar (XLM), Bitcoin Cash, Tron (TRX), ADA Price Analysis read more.
01/09/2019 / 06:00:54
Ambcrypto Neutral - Bitcoin IRA launches turnkey, white-label solutions for enterprise businesses read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:45:21
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Litecoin founder on the 51% attack problem read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:41:24
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Venezuela Decrees Crypto Operators Must Pay Taxes in Cryptocurrencies read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:30:28
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Google is causing problems for a Bitcoin wallet provider read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:28:51
Cryptonewsreview Neutral - Cryptocurrency exchange cuts back staff, admits mistakes read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:25:45
Coindesk Neutral - The Case for a 2020 Bitcoin Bull Run read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:25:42
Dailyhodl Neutral - Tron (TRX) Rallies 34% in One Week, Gears Up With BitTorrent Crypto Token and Binance Launchpad read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:11:52
Coingape Neutral - Bitcoin less Centralized Compared to Ethereum and Bitcoin Cash- Long Hash Research read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:10:45
Bitcoinerx Neutral - New Sanctions Could Push Russia to Dump the US Dollar in Favor of Bitcoin read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:00:49
Newsbtc Neutral - #Ripple Price Analysis: XRP Eyeing Upside Break Above $0.37 read more.
01/09/2019 / 05:00:11
Newsbtc Neutral - #Ethereum Price Analysis: ETH Consolidating, Buyers Could Take Control read more.
01/09/2019 / 04:08:28
Bitcoinist Neutral - State of Emergency read more.
01/09/2019 / 04:00:50
Ethereumworldnews Neutral - #Litecoin (LTC) Price Analysis: Slow But Steady Climb read more.
01/09/2019 / 03:51:39
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Malta's Government 'Completely Silent' About Crypto Development 'Over Holidays', Nation's Opposition Leader Claims read more.
01/09/2019 / 03:50:00
Ethereumworldnews Neutral - #Bitcoin (BTC) Price Analysis: Another Attempt to Break Higher read more.
01/09/2019 / 03:31:02
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Central Bank Official: Regulators Are Hindering the Development of Cryptocurrencies read more.
01/09/2019 / 03:10:36
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Brave Announces Growth Stats: Surpasses 5.5 Million Monthly Active Users read more.
01/09/2019 / 03:00:00
Cointelegraph Neutral - Square’s Cash App Blocks Account of Social Media Site Gab’s Founder: Report read more.
01/09/2019 / 02:45:00
Ccn Neutral - President Trump Makes His Case for a Border Wall as Economy Hangs in the Balance read more.
01/09/2019 / 02:16:53
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Who Will Win the Race to be the “Crypto Valley of Asia”? read more.
01/09/2019 / 02:00:00
Dailyhodl Neutral - Bakkt – Why a Successful Launch Could Boost the Cryptocurrency Market read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:37:02
Ccn Neutral - Could Japan’s Approval of the Bitcoin ETF Affect US SEC’s Decision? read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:31:17
Bitcoin.Com Neutral - Review: Wasabi’s Privacy-Focused BTC Wallet Aims to Make Bitcoin Fungible Again read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:10:11
Ethereumworldnews Neutral - Crypto Startup CEO: “Gut Feeling” Is That Bitcoin (BTC) Will Fall Under $3,000 read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:00:38
Newsbtc Neutral - Data Suggests That Bitcoin Is Seeing Increasingly Bullish Sentiment read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:00:31
Bitcoinist Neutral - Yellow Vests in France Planning a Bank Run to Collapse the Euro read more.
01/09/2019 / 01:00:30
Cryptoglobe Positive - Cudo Mining Software Lets Users Mine According to Profitability read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:50:00
Ambcrypto Neutral - Bitcoin Cash [BCH] Technical Analysis: Bear picks up the pace taking over the market read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:30:52
Ccn Neutral - Anti-Bitcoin JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon: No Recession Ahead, Dow is Rebounding read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:20:24
Cryptoslate Neutral - World’s 23rd Richest Man Invests in Cryptocurrency Exchange Bakkt’s First Funding Round read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:18:25
Cointelegraph Neutral - Litecoin’s Charlie Lee: Decentralized Crypto ‘Must Be Susceptible to 51% Attacks’ read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:17:00
Newsbtc Neutral - Cryptocurrency Bear Market Pressures Shapeshift into Layoffs read more.
01/09/2019 / 00:00:45
Cryptoglobe Neutral - Blockchain Community Returns to Its Founding Principles with Revolutionary New Smart Contract Investment Platform read more.
01/08/2019 / 23:55:42

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