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Neutral Black Mirror Bandersnatch Review

We don’t really do any movie reviews on NullTX, but as I am a huge fan of Black Mirror I had to write a review about the latest release called Bandersnatch. It first aired last night on Netflix and if you haven’t seen it I highly suggest you stop reading right now and check it […]NullTX.

12/30/2018 / 05:55:07

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Neutral FAANG Stocks Lose Over $1 Trillion, More Than All Cryptocurrencies Combined

Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, and Google stocks have shed over $1 trillion in market capitalization from their all-time highs, marking an even bigger loss in dollar value than all cryptocurrencies combined in 2018. FAANGs Lose Bite Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, in particular, are not the only bubble in town. Stocks of tech stalwarts like Google, Amazon, and Facebook, collectively knowns as FAANG, have lost over $1 trillion USD in market capitalization from their all-time highs. Comparatively,Read MoreThe post FAANG Stocks Lose Over $1 Trillion, More Than All Cryptocurrencies Combined appeared first on

12/16/2018 / 16:00:46

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Neutral Despite 2018 Bear Market, Top Crypto Markets Have Outperformed FANG Stocks Since 2017

Despite the 2018 cryptocurrency bear trend renewing gleeful predictions of bitcoin’s demise from mainstream financial analysts, the leading crypto markets have dramatically outperformed the ‘FANG’ (Facebook, Apple, Netflix, and Google) stocks since the start of 2017. Also Read: Linkedin Names ‘Blockchain Developer’ Top Emerging US Job of 2018 FANG Stocks Up Between 25% and 115% Since […]Bitcoin News.

12/16/2018 / 15:10:53

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Neutral International Crypto Standards: Will They Come From the Community or Governments?

International standards for crypto are on their way, but they may not stop government regulation

12/06/2018 / 10:00:00

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Neutral Sweden Targets Cash-free Future: Chances of Becoming Prime Crypto Market Skyrocket

CoinSpeakerSweden Targets Cash-free Future: Chances of Becoming Prime Crypto Market SkyrocketSweden may soon become the first ever cash-free society, as the country plans to make its financial ecosystem totally digital by the end of 2025.Sweden Targets Cash-free Future: Chances of Becoming Prime Crypto Market Skyrocket

11/28/2018 / 14:21:22

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Neutral Amid Crypto Market Sharp Downturn, Traditional Stock Markets Seem to Collapse as Well

CoinSpeakerAmid Crypto Market Sharp Downturn, Traditional Stock Markets Seem to Collapse as WellTech stocks overall were hit hard Tuesday as the Nasdaq Composite Index slid another 1.7 percent. Facebook and Alphabet are just two of the companies that make up the group of large tech stocks commonly known as FAANG.Amid Crypto Market Sharp Downturn, Traditional Stock Markets Seem to Collapse as Well

11/21/2018 / 12:05:23

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Neutral How To Buy S&P 100 Stocks With Bitcoin

How to buy stocks with bitcoin? Perhaps surprisingly, stocks and shares have been unnecessarily difficult to buy using bitcoin, despite many brokers offering trades in both. However, trading platform has just listed the entire Standard and Poor 100 stocks, to trade against bitcoin. Buy Stocks With Bitcoin: Rare As Hens Teeth Despite the seemingly natural cross-over in the two markets, direct trading of bitcoin for stocks has been notable in its absence. A quick Google searchRead

11/17/2018 / 20:00:06

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Neutral Digital Asset ATM Provider Coinsource Acquires Bitlicense

Coinsource announced on Thursday that it has become the first digital asset ATM provider to be granted a Bitlicense in the state of New York. The company joins 12 other organizations that have already received the license for virtual currency businesses from the New York Department of Financial Services (NYDFS). Also read: Anypay Provides BCH Invoices That […]Bitcoin News.

11/02/2018 / 09:00:43

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Neutral Bitcoin is a Safer Investment Than Amazon and Netflix Stock

Market analytics reveal that the 20-day historical volatility (HV) of Bitcoin has dropped to 31.5 percent. This is lower than the volatility of and Netflix, temporarily making the world’s leading digital currency a safer investment. Less Volatile and Better Performing Data from CBOE Global Markets reveals that the 20-day HV of Bitcoin has fallen...Live Bitcoin News.

10/23/2018 / 20:00:18

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Positive Johnny Depp partners Ethereum Dapp Tatatu

Published on CoinnounceJohnny Depp the top Hollywood actor has partnered with a Blockchain Startup Tatatu which is a platform similar to Netflix. The platform is run on the Ethereum Blockchain and its native token is TTU.   Johnny Depp stated: “In this era of democratized entertainment, I admire the imaginative ethos of Andrea and look forward to […]Coinnounce.

10/23/2018 / 17:07:09

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Neutral BTC Price Turns Out to Be Less Volatile than Some of Wall Street’s Major Stocks, Says CBOE

Though cryptocurrencies have always been criticized for their extreme volatility, now the situation seems to have changed.CoinSpeaker.

10/23/2018 / 10:50:49

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Neutral Can You Guess Which Stocks Are More Volatile Than Bitcoin? HINT: It’s Not What You Think It Is.

Volatility is something that all professional traders love and Bitcoin has been one hell of a ride for the past two years. For our readers not familiar with volatility, it is a measure of how much the price of an asset varies over time. It also refers to the amount of risk and uncertainty there is with price changes in an asset’s value. A higher volatility means that the price of the asset can change dramaticallyRead MoreThe post Can You Guess Which Stocks Are More Volatile Than Bitcoin? HINT: It’s Not What You Think It Is. appeared first on

10/23/2018 / 02:00:09

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Neutral Japan Roundup: Bitflyer Restructures, Zaif Suspends New Member Registrations

The largest crypto exchange in Japan, Bitflyer, has announced a major organizational overhaul. A new representative director has been appointed to oversee the exchange’s day-to-day operations. Meanwhile, hacked crypto exchange Zaif has stopped accepting new customers as regulators ramp up oversight of exchange operators. Also read: 160 Crypto Exchanges Seek to Enter Japanese Market, Regulator Reveals […]Bitcoin News.

10/03/2018 / 01:55:28

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Neutral Bitcoin BTC ETF 101, October 2018

Published on CoinnounceProphesying the effect of the Bitcoin BTC ETF   What is an ETF? An Exchange Traded Fund is an investment asset which is highly stable and has a lot of upper hands when compared to the relative investments of its kind. The exchange-traded funds usually act as a security to any particular asset and its […]Coinnounce.

10/01/2018 / 04:36:34

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Neutral PR: IX Launches Exchange with BTC as Platform Token

The digital asset trading platform, which invested $ 10 million on purchasing the unusual overseas domain name,, officially announced to launch. As the world's first exchange with BTC as platform token, in which one can get multiple high returns by the quantity of BTC he holds.Through half a year's endeavor, the founding team and early employees of IX try their best to build the corporate into international platform with strong industry impact. IX owns its unique three major technological innovations and five major operational characteristics. And it begins to open digital asset market from today.Bitcoin News.

09/24/2018 / 17:30:35

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Neutral Japanese Regulators Urgently Respond to Zaif’s Hack

Following the hack of Zaif, one of Japan’s regulated crypto exchanges, the country’s financial regulator immediately responded, launching an emergency inspection of the exchange and a survey of all other crypto exchanges. Finance Minister Taro Aso has also commented on the situation. In addition, the recently established self-regulatory body has asked all exchanges to inspect […]Bitcoin News.

09/21/2018 / 07:25:04

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Neutral 20% of Coinbase Trades are Made by the Cryptocurrency Exchange Itself

When trading on a cryptocurrency exchange, investors have little-to-no information about the person trading against them, that is, the person on the other side of their buy and sell orders. Subject to the geographic restrictions of the exchange, that could be someone who lives in your neighborhood, or it could be someone who lives onCCN

09/19/2018 / 13:40:28

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Neutral Cryptocurrency Exchanges Team Up to Wipe Out Market Fraud

Four of the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges have joined forces to become a self-regulatory organization that aims to stamp out the bad guys in the space.  The Virtual Commodity Association Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, co-founders of the Gemini exchange, created the Virtual Commodity Association (VCA). The aim of the VCA is to develop industry standards and...Live Bitcoin News.

08/21/2018 / 20:00:55

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Neutral The Daily: Crypto Self-Regulatory Organization, 100 BTC Whistleblower Reward

In today’s edition of Bitcoin in Brief we cover a couple of stories that show how the cryptocurrency industry is trying to police itself. One group of companies has begun working on the formation of a self-regulatory organization and another has created a 100 BTC whistleblower reward pool. Also Read: 44% of American Executives Think […]Bitcoin News.

08/21/2018 / 13:05:13

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Neutral Crypto Exchanges Join Winklevoss Backed Self-Regulatory Group

Bitstamp, bitFlyer, Bittrex and Gemini launched a self-regulatory organization (SRO) for crypto exchanges on Monday.

08/20/2018 / 20:30:32

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Neutral US: Four Crypto Exchanges Establish Self-Regulatory Association for Digital Commodities Industry

Crypto exchanges Gemini, Bitstamp, Bittrex, and bitFlyer establish a self-regulatory association for the industry of digital commodities, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum

08/20/2018 / 19:40:00

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Neutral Winklevoss’ Gemini Teams Up with 3 Big Exchanges to Form Self-Regulatory Group

Four cryptocurrency exchanges, including Gemini – the one founded by the Winklevoss brothers, is purportedly setting up a working group to bring new industry standards. Virtual Commodity Association Working Group (VCAWG) The Winklevoss twins’ cryptocurrency exchange Gemini is teaming up with three other exchanges to form a new self-regulatory organization (SRO) dubbed the Virtual Commodity Association Working Group. The exchanges in the newly formed organization, besides Gemini, are Bittrex, bitFlyer USA, and Bitstamp. Bittrex isRead

08/20/2018 / 16:00:01

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Neutral Bitflyer Cracks Down on Market Manipulation – Coincheck Eyes August Relaunch

Japan’s largest crypto exchange, Bitflyer, may freeze accounts caught manipulating prices. Meanwhile, GMO Internet has released quarterly earnings for its crypto exchange subsidiary, currently looking to borrow some BTC from customers. In addition, Coincheck plans to reopen next month after it was hacked earlier this year. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space […]Bitcoin News.

07/29/2018 / 02:15:20

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Neutral Japanese Crypto Exchanges Working on Lowering Margin Trading Limits

Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges may soon set a strict limit on the leverage they offer for margin trading in order to better protect investors. The association comprised of 16 government-approved crypto exchanges is reportedly imposing a leverage limit as part of its self-regulatory rules. There will be a grace period and exceptions. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms […]Bitcoin News.

07/26/2018 / 10:25:51

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Neutral Japanese Crypto Exchanges Submit Business Improvement Plans

Six government-approved cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan have submitted their business improvement plans to the country’s top financial regulator. While improving their internal systems, most have also engaged in different areas of business expansion. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Six Business Improvement Plans Submitted Six of Japan’s 16 government-approved cryptocurrency exchanges have […]Bitcoin News.

07/24/2018 / 09:30:40

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Neutral Withdrawals Delayed – Bitflyer Scanning for Yakuza Customers

Bitflyer has been delaying deposits and withdrawals of virtual currency in the midst of ongoing KYC verifications. The company received business improvement orders from the Japanese financial watchdog in June as a result of insufficient measures against money laundering. Bitflyer reportedly has delayed resuming business as it is thoroughly verifying its clients’ identities. Bitflyer also […]Bitcoin News.

07/03/2018 / 07:15:59

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Neutral Report Reveals Phishing Trends Using Japanese Language for the First Time

Reports have confirmed that Japan has been targeted by cybercriminals using phishing, or illegal acquisition of personal information, to steal cryptocurrencies by sending fake emails to crypto exchange users. Fake emails sent in Japanese language reportedly rose to at least 1,500 by last autumn. Also Read: How Michael Richo Stole Bitcoins via Imposter Exchange Sites and […]Bitcoin News.

07/02/2018 / 11:20:54

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Neutral Bitbank and BitFlyer CEOs Abandon Their VP Positions at Japan’s Cryptocurrency Self-Regulatory Body

Bitbank and BitFlyer CEOs left their vice-president positions at the Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) after their exchanges received regulatory warnings from the country’s Financial Services Agency (FSA). Abandon Ship About a week after Japan’s FSA, issued business improvement orders to six Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges, two of the vice presidents of the country’s JVCEA abandoned their positions. Yuzo Kano, CEO at BitFlyer, and Hiroyuki Noriuki, CEO at Bitbank Corporation were the ones who handedRead

06/29/2018 / 08:00:37

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Neutral Bitlicense Should be Smashed, Candidate for New York Governor Urges

Since the infamous Bitlicense was put into effect, the ecosystem has fought for its removal. It turns out to be much harder in practice than in theory to oust a law once it’s put into effect. The good news is groups like Startup Cities are on the case. They’ve snagged a candidate for governor to […]Bitcoin News.

06/28/2018 / 21:55:11

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Negative Bitbank and bitFlyer Will Leave the JVCEA over Regulatory Warnings

Cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan self-regulate via the JVCEA. Unfortunately, it seems this governing body is losing two key members. CEOs of both Bitbank and bitFlyer are leaving the JVCEA this week. The JVCEA Loses Key Members It is intriguing how Japan can effectively self-regulate the cryptocurrency industry. In other countries, such a system will simply not...Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

06/28/2018 / 17:00:55

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Neutral Six Japanese Crypto Exchanges Respond to Regulator’s Improvement Orders

Six fully-licensed Japanese cryptocurrency exchanges have responded to the business improvement orders issued by the country’s top financial regulator. Two executives have also resigned from their positions as vice presidents of the recently formed crypto exchange association. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Japan’s top financial regulator, the Financial Services Agency (FSA), […]Bitcoin News.

06/26/2018 / 14:20:38

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Neutral Bitcoin Drops to New Low Below $6,000, Market Prices Rally Slightly

The price of Bitcoin fell below $6,000 over the weekend, hitting a new low as sentiment among investors took a downward dive. New Low for Bitcoin On Sunday, the price of Bitcoin dropped to $5,826, according to CoinMarketCap, surpassing its previous low for 2018. On the 6th of February, the number one digital currency was valued...The post Bitcoin Drops to New Low Below $6,000, Market Prices Rally Slightly appeared first on Bitcoin Network, News, Charts, Guides & Analysis.

06/26/2018 / 13:30:01

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Neutral Gramatik Lays Down Funky Crypto, Netflix Sucks

Electronic music futurist, Gramatik, released a groundbreaking song and accompanying video, highlighting the development of money. With all the trash in popular culture when it comes to cryptocurrency (drugs, terrorism, etc.), his ‘Future Crypto’ is a welcome respite. Speaking of trash, Netflix greenlights Vox’s horrible episode five in its first season of ‘Explained,’ where it […]Bitcoin News.

06/26/2018 / 10:25:24

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Neutral Japan: VPs of Crypto Self-Regulatory Body Quit After Receiving Exchange Compliance Orders

Japan’s Virtual Currency Exchange Association has lost both its vice presidents, after their exchanges received regulatory notices

06/25/2018 / 16:17:00

Bitcoin Regulation | Japan | Cryptocurrency Exchange | BitFlyer | BitBank | | Exchange|Asia

Neutral Japan Wants to Stop Cryptocurrency Criminal Activities With Credit Evaluation

This week, after disclosing its plans to crackdown on anonymous cryptocurrencies Zcash, Dash, and Monero, the government of Japan has said that major credit agencies will evaluate cryptocurrency users to prevent the utilization of digital assets in laundering money generated from illicit operations. Suspicious Users Will be Investigated Credit agencies, information security research firms, andCCN

06/25/2018 / 10:44:35

Bitcoin Exchange | News | Regulation | bitflyer | japan | | Asia|XMR|ZEC|DASH|Regulation

Neutral 3 Reasons Why ‘This Is Not the Funeral For Bitcoin,’ According to Brian Kelly

While some analysts are stereotypically predicting Bitcoin’s funeral following its continued bearish trend, trader Brian Kelly has urged followers to cool their jets and look at the bigger picture. 3 Reasons Why Bitcoin is Not Dead There are three primary reasons why Bitcoin’s current price action is not indicative of the first and foremost cryptocurrency’s untimely death, according to popular trader Brian Kelly. ''This is not the funeral for Bitcoin whatsoever,” the CNBC ''Fast Money”Read

06/23/2018 / 13:00:35

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Neutral Bitcoin Price Watch: Currency Sinks to New Low

At press time, bitcoin has shrunk down to $6,100 – the lowest it’s been in nearly four months. All the talk of bitcoin developing newfound resistance appears to be moot; the coin remains as vulnerable as ever, and traders should brace themselves for bitcoin to strike the $5,000 range next. The problems seem to be […]

06/22/2018 / 17:45:46

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Neutral Japan Slaps 6 Licensed Cryptocurrency Exchanges with Business Improvement Orders

Japan’s financial regulator has targeted six licensed cryptocurrency exchanges to issue business improvement orders, ramping up its scrutiny of the sector. Following on-site inspections into a number of exchanges, Japan’s Financial Services Agency – the country’s financial regulator and watchdog – has ordered half a dozen licensed exchanges to rehaul and improve their management systemsCCN

06/22/2018 / 14:14:42

Exchanges | News | Regulation | bitflyer | FSA | japan | | Asia|Business|Regulation

Neutral Japan Penalizes Crypto Exchanges – Yakuza Involvement Confirmed

The Japanese regulator has issued business improvement orders to six of the country’s 16 fully-licensed crypto exchanges including Bitflyer, Quoine, and Tech Bureau. The agency confirmed to that at least one of the six exchanges has some form of involvement with the Yakuza. Responding to the improvement order, Bitflyer has halted new account registrations. […]Bitcoin News.

06/22/2018 / 10:45:28

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Neutral BitFlyer Halts New Account Signups As Regulators Demand Improvements

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange BitFlyer suspended new account registrations on June 21, after regulators demanded it improves its security arrangements. BitFlyer Hit With AML/KYC Cleanup A tweet and statement confirmed the move, which officials implemented as part of a Business Improvement Order from Japan’s Financial Services Authority (FSA). The statement reads: We apologize to all concerned and the customers who have caused a great deal of worry and inconvenience due to this business improvement order. BitFlyerRead

06/22/2018 / 10:00:49

Bitcoin Businesses | Bitcoin Exchange | Companies | News | News teaser | aml/kyc | BitFlyer | exchanges | Japan | regulations | | Business|Exchange|Asia

Neutral Japan’s Biggest Cryptocurrency Exchange Suspend New Accounts amid Stricter Regulation

Merely three days after the Japanese government and local financial authorities requested cryptocurrency exchanges to improve their infrastructures, bitFlyer, the country’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, has suspended the registration of new accounts to overhaul its Anti-Money Laundering (AML) and Know Your Customer (KYC) system. Government Finds Flaws in Internal Management Systems Since earlier this year, theCCN

06/22/2018 / 09:23:34

Bitcoin Exchange | Exchanges | News | bitflyer | japan | | Exchange|Regulation|Asia

Neutral Japan’s FSA Will Take Action Against bitFlyer and Other Registered Exchanges

It has become apparent that the Japanese Financial Services Agency is closely monitoring all domestic cryptocurrency exchanges. Any wrongdoings will be pointed out quickly and the issues will need to be addressed accordingly. Various registered operations will face administrative sanctions later this week. The Japanese FSA Takes Harsh Action Ever since Japan decided to legalize […]

06/21/2018 / 23:00:49

Crypto | News | bitflyer | FSA | Japan | | Asia

Neutral Japan’s Largest Crypto Exchanges to Face the Wrath of the FSA

Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA) will be taking administrative action against several registered cryptocurrency exchange operators in the country. These exchanges include Quoine, Bitbank, BITPoint Japan, BtcBox, and industry leader BitFlyer, who authorities claim don’t have proper internal management systems in place, including measures to prevent money laundering.  FSA Crackdown The moves were announced today, and...NewsBTC.

06/19/2018 / 20:10:06

Industry | bitflyer | Coincheck | cryptocurrency | cryptocurrency exchange | Financial Services Agency | fsa | japan | Money Laundering | privacy coins | regulation | | Asia|Exchange|Regulation

Neutral ‘Flaws’ in Japan’s Biggest Crypto Exchanges Will See Regulator’s Warnings

A handful of major Japanese exchanges including bitFlyer, Japan’s biggest and best-funded crypto trading platform, are facing business improvement orders from the country’s financial regulator and watchdog. A failure to comply with anti-money laundering (AML) guidelines will see at least five cryptocurrency exchange operators receive ‘business improvement orders’ from Japan’s Financial Services Agency (FSA), a … ContinuedCCN

06/19/2018 / 11:13:27

Exchanges | News | Regulation | Bitbank | bitflyer | FSA | japan | Quoine | | Exchange|Asia|Regulation|Trading|Business

Neutral Japan: Financial Watchdog to Issue Business Improvement Notices to 5 Crypto Exchanges

Japan’s financial watchdog to issue business improvement notices to five registered exchanges, citing a failure to provide sufficient AML measures

06/19/2018 / 09:49:02

Bitcoin Regulation | Japan | Cryptocurrency Exchange | AML | Coincheck | NEM | BitFlyer | | Asia|Business

Neutral All Regulated Japanese Exchanges to Self-Prohibit Insider Trading and Privacy Coins

The association comprising of 16 government-approved cryptocurrency exchanges in Japan has reportedly provided a sneak peak of its self-regulatory rules. The focuses are on banning insider trading and preventing exchanges from listing privacy coins. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space Insider Trading Banned The Japan Virtual Currency Exchange Association (JVCEA) has given […]Bitcoin News.

06/19/2018 / 07:10:19

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Neutral With No One Price Law for Bitcoin, Japan’s FSA Debates Restrictions on Leverage

The different prices of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies between countries and exchanges have led investors to seek arbitrage opportunities, a trend noticed by financial regulators around the world. Discussions are underway at the Japanese Financial Services Agency on restricting leverage. Also read: This Village Decided to Launch Japan’s First Municipal ICO Value of Bitcoin up 10% After […]Bitcoin News.

06/18/2018 / 16:15:14

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Neutral An Inside Look at the Electron Cash Wallet Coming to iOS

Just recently reported on the unique Electron Cash wallet alongside using the Cashshuffle plugin. Two weeks ago we were granted access to the Electron Cash iOS beta testing period, and we wanted to give our readers a sneak peek at what to expect when this bitcoin cash-centric light client launches. Also Read: How to Shuffle […]Bitcoin News.

06/18/2018 / 03:45:30

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Neutral Hollywood Stars in Movie About Crypto Money Laundering

A crime thriller called Crypto is reportedly being filmed, featuring a money laundering agent and a case involving cryptocurrency. Among the cast of the movie are Hollywood actors Kurt Russell, Luke Hemsworth, Alexis Bledel, Beau Knapp, Jeremie Harris, and Vincent Kartheiser. Also read: Yahoo! Japan Confirms Entrance Into the Crypto Space A Crypto Thriller An upcoming […]Bitcoin News.

06/16/2018 / 05:15:21

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Neutral Citibank Plans to Replace 20,000 Employees with Robots and Automation

Jamie Forese, the president and CEO of Citibank’s institutional clients group, stated in an interview with the FT that 20,000 employees, or around 40 percent of the bank’s total workforce, can be easily replaced with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI). Banks are Replacing Employees with AI According to Forese, more than 40 percent of […]

06/15/2018 / 21:00:45

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01/08/2019 / 23:55:42

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