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Neutral Swiss Crypto Exchange ShapeShift Lays Off a Third of Its Team

Swiss crypto exchange ShapeShift has laid off 37 of its employees, citing the “latest bear market cycle”

01/08/2019 / 23:41:00

Blockchain | ShapeShift | Cryptocurrency Exchange | Switzerland | Markets | Erik Voorhees | | Exchange|Market|Blockchain|Trading

Neutral The Daily: Binance Adds Stablecoin Pairs, Tzero Patents Integration Platform

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance is opening trading for three stablecoin pairs. Also in Tuesday’s Daily, Overstock’s Tzero has patented a solution to integrate traditional and cryptocurrency trading systems, Morgan Creek founder Jason Williams offers his Lamborghini for bitcoin, and in Brazil, crypto investors are looking to buy vaults to safely store their digital assets. Also read: […]Bitcoin News.

01/08/2019 / 12:45:30

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Neutral BIS: 70% of Central Banks Involved in CBDC Research, Only Several Have Concrete Plans

A new report from the Bank for International Settlements has found that 70 percent of central banks are conducting research into central bank digital currencies

01/08/2019 / 12:44:00

Bitcoin Regulation | Banks | Switzerland | BIS | Sweden | Uruguay | Canada | Singapore | South Africa | | Fiat|Asia

Neutral The Daily: Bitfinex Schedules Exchange Downtime, Koinex Adds New Security Features

Ifinex, the operator of Bitfinex and Ethfinex, is planning to briefly restrict access to the crypto trading platforms on Jan. 7 while migrating data to its new servers in Switzerland. Also in The Daily on Sunday, Indian exchange Koinex has updated its security features and Huobi’s mining subsidiary is preparing to launch a new trading […]Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 12:00:58

The Daily | AWS | BitFinex | cloud services | data migration | EOS | ethfinex | Exchange | Huobi | Huobi Pool | ifinex | Koinex | N-Featured | security features | Servers | Switzerland | trading platform | | Exchange|Trading|BTC|Mining

Neutral Will Pension Funds Soon Be Investing in Crypto?

The latest rumor circulating in the investment industry is that pension funds are buying crypto. Is a multi-million dollar pension fund finally prepared to give investors exposure to cryptocurrencies? And if so, what will this mean for the burgeoning asset class? Also Read: Morgan Creek Launches Digital Asset Index Fund for Institutional Investors Typical Pension Fund […]The post Will Pension Funds Soon Be Investing in Crypto? appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/30/2018 / 06:00:14

Economics | ABC Media Ltd | Anthony Pompliano | investment strategy | Modern Portfolio Theory | Morgan Creek Capital Management | Morgan Creek Digital | N-Featured | pension fund | red tape | ZeroHedge | | Business|BTC|Market|Fiat

Neutral Switzerland Merchants Charged 8% by PayPal Showing Merits of Crypto

PayPal, a leading payments processor valued at over $97 billion, charges merchants high percentage-based fees on top of a flat based fee of 2.9 percent. The high transaction fee of PayPal has led merchants to explore alternatives like crypto to minimize expenses. For most normal users on PayPal, a transaction from one user to anotherCCN

12/22/2018 / 07:30:37

FinTech News | News | Bitcoin | paypal | switzerland | | BTC

Neutral Blockstream, Swiss IT Consulting Firm Sign MoU for Blockchain Integration Services

Major crypto company Blockstream partners with Swiss Crypto Valley startup to offer its sidechain to financial institutions

12/20/2018 / 18:44:00

Blockchain | Blockstream | Switzerland | | Blockchain

Neutral Overstock’s Investment Wing Uses Digital Tokens to Acquire Shares from Security Startup

CoinSpeakerOverstock’s Investment Wing Uses Digital Tokens to Acquire Shares from Security StartupOverstock’s Medici Ventures trade shares from a security start-up with digital tokens. Their president believes that tokens will soon act like shares in the markets. Overstock’s Investment Wing Uses Digital Tokens to Acquire Shares from Security Startup

12/19/2018 / 14:22:16

Altcoins | Cryptocurrencies | Editor's Choice | Investors | News | chainstone labs | medici ventures | overstock | tzero | | ICO|Market|Regulation|Altcoin|Business

Neutral 6 Craziest 2019 Crypto Market Development Scenarios from ICOBox

CoinSpeaker6 Craziest 2019 Crypto Market Development Scenarios from ICOBoxDaria Generalova, Co-Founder and Managing Partner at ICOBox, shares 6 craziest 2019 crypto market development scenarios. Bitcoin becoming the reserve currency for Central Banks globally, Ethereum dropping to $1, and Nasdaq Taking over Binance are just 3 of them.6 Craziest 2019 Crypto Market Development Scenarios from ICOBox

12/19/2018 / 07:08:21

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Neutral Swiss Federal Council Opts for Minimal Regulation

A report based on the analysis conducted by a blockchain working group that was appointed earlier this year has been adopted by the collective head of state and government of Switzerland, the Federal Council. Among other things the report has concluded that the legal framework of Switzerland can handle new technologies such as blockchain withCCN

12/18/2018 / 23:22:03

Blockchain News | News | Federal Council | switzerland | | Regulation|Blockchain|Market

Neutral Bitcoin’s Liquid Sidechain is Being Adopted by Swiss Finance Industry

Swiss IT consulting firm Inacta AG has become an official partner of Blockstream’s Liquid Sidechain for Bitcoin, the company confirmed December 17. Tokengate Meets Liquid Sidechain Inacta, one of many Blockchain-focused companies headquartered in Switzerland’s Crypto Valley in the town of Zug, also became the first token platform operator to support Liquid tokens. Billed as the first “production-ready” Bitcoin sidechain, Liquid launched in October this year, officials heading off initial criticism about the requirements itRead

12/18/2018 / 16:00:18

Bitcoin | Bitcoin Businesses | Bitcoin Technology | Blockchain | Companies | News | News teaser | blockstream | Crypto Valley | Inacta | liquid sidechain | sidechains | Switzerland | | BTC|ICO|Blockchain

Neutral GSR Capital Hires Overstock’s tZERO to Tokenize $200M Worth of Cobalt Reserves

CoinSpeakerGSR Capital Hires Overstock’s tZERO to Tokenize $200M Worth of Cobalt ReservesA subsidiary of Overstock, tZERO, has announced that they are hired by GSR Capital, a private equity company, in order to develop a new crypto token which will be used specifically for trading cobalt.GSR Capital Hires Overstock’s tZERO to Tokenize $200M Worth of Cobalt Reserves

12/18/2018 / 13:07:05

Altcoins | Companies | Cryptocurrencies | News | blockchain | gsr capital | overstock | overstock ceo patrick byrne | tzero | | ICO|Blockchain|Trading|Altcoin

Neutral Switzerland Takes New Direction in Crypto and Blockchain Regulation

CoinSpeakerSwitzerland Takes New Direction in Crypto and Blockchain RegulationThe Swiss government wants to adjust its existing financial laws to the needs of the blockchain sector with a view to support its development.Switzerland Takes New Direction in Crypto and Blockchain Regulation

12/18/2018 / 10:42:53

Altcoins | Bitcoin (BTC) | Blockchain News | Cryptocurrencies | News | Regulation | blockchain | blockchain switzerland | crypto valley association | cryptocurrency regulation switzerland | | Blockchain|Regulation|Altcoin

Neutral Overstock’s tZERO to Develop a Cobalt-Backed Token for Asian Investor

The engagement could lead to the tokenization of up to $200 million worth of cobalt, which is used to make electric vehicle batteries, in 2019.

12/17/2018 / 18:40:07

News | Business News | Capital Markets | Overstock | tzero | cobalt mining | Security Tokens | | ICO|Business

Neutral Switzerland to Regulate Blockchain Within Existing Financial Laws

Switzerland's government plans to accommodate the blockchain sector within existing financial laws, but with a few tweaks.

12/17/2018 / 09:01:11

News | Switzerland | Federal Council | regulations | | Blockchain

Neutral Switzerland to Relax Laws to Accommodate Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Startups

The Swiss government has announced a new legislative approach to blockchain regulation in an official report. The document recognizes the technology as one of the most important recent developments for the financial sector in stimulating the country’s economy. Also read: How Bitcoin Companies can Legally Operate in Switzerland A Swiss Innovation Paradise According to the […]Bitcoin News.

12/16/2018 / 00:00:27

Regulation | bitcoin exchanges | Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies | Digital Assets | EU | Europe | Government | Legislation | N-Featured | Securities | Switzerland | | Blockchain|Regulation|BTC|Technology

Neutral Daily Crypto Roundup 12/13/2018

Razer gaming mining, a German stock exchange plans for crypto, crypto users doubled, PAX popularity, and Weiss said it was time to buy bitcoin. Crypto Insider.

12/13/2018 / 23:02:39

Uncategorized | Boerse Stuttgart Group | PAX | Paxos Standard | Razer | Weiss | Zcash | | ZEC|Mining|Exchange|Business

Neutral The Razer SoftMiner scheme is not what it seems

Razer, the iconic gaming computer brand, recently launched a new ‘loyalty’ program, allowing users to download an application that will utilize their computer to mine ZCash while their system remains idle. The application provides users with the opportunity to earn rewards in the form of “Razer Silver,” a closed-system points scheme that can only be […]Crypto Insider.

12/13/2018 / 14:29:13

Mining | News | Cryptojacking | Gaming | Gamma | Razer | | ZEC|Mining

Neutral Overstock Venture Chief Expects Market for Blockchain Products in 2019

Overstock's blockchain arm, Medici Ventures, has big plans for 2019, as the e-commerce giant moves towards a February sale.

12/13/2018 / 10:00:09

News | Overstock | Medici | Tokens | tzero | | Blockchain|Market|ICO

Neutral A gaming firm wants you mine cryptocurrency – but it’ll take two months to even get a baseball cap in return

Razer wants your spare processing power to mine cryptocurrency. And, er, there’s potentially a baseball cap in it for you… The videogame market has found itself very loosely tied to the world of cryptocurrency over the past year or two. Primarily because companies who have specialised in graphics boards for gamers – Nvidia and AMD […]CryptoNewsReview.

12/13/2018 / 06:30:50

Crypto | News | crypto mining | razer | softminer | | Market

Neutral Calling All Gamers: Razer Wants You to Mine Cryptocurrency Using Idle GPUs

Razer, the multi-billion-dollar gaming equipment manufacturer, released a new program that allows gamers to easily utilize their idle GPUs to mine cryptocurrency. The catch to this seemingly simple program, however, is that users don’t actually get to keep the cryptocurrency they mine. Razer Releases Cryptocurrency Mining Software Called SoftMiner The new program, called SoftMiner, allows...NewsBTC.

12/12/2018 / 23:00:50

Crypto | Industry | crypto | cryptocurrency | mining | Razer | | Mining|Technology

Neutral BCH Devs Discuss Securing Instant Transactions With the Avalanche Protocol

Over the last couple of weeks, the Bitcoin Cash (BCH) community has been talking fervently about zero-confirmation transactions and a new pre-consensus mechanism called Avalanche. On Monday, Openbazaar developer Chris Pacia published a comprehensive description of the pre-consensus protocol that could theoretically bolster secure zero-confirmation BCH transactions. Also read: Onegold Customers Can Now Purchase Digital Bullion […]Bitcoin News.

12/12/2018 / 18:45:59

Technology & Security | 0-confirmation transactions | Avalanche | BCH | bitcoin cash | bribes | Chris Pacia | Developer | Development | double spend | Miners | N-Featured | nodes | OpenBazaar | Pre-Consensus | Security | Sybil Attack | zero confirmation | zeroconfirm | | Blockchain|BTC

Neutral Razer Wants Gamers to Mine Cryptocurrency Using their Idle GPUs — But You Probably Shouldn’t

Gamers invest considerable sums in the GPU chips that power their computers. However, even the most hardcore ''Fortnite” player will leave his or her gaming rig on idle for a significant chunk of each day while they go to work, attend school, or — at the very least — sleep. Hardware manufacturer Razer says thatCCN

12/12/2018 / 16:01:42

Altcoin Mining | Mining | News | Razer | | Mining

Neutral Fund Seeks $200 Million to Help Startups Survive a Crypto Winter

David Johnston’s new Yeoman’s Growth Capital will invest exclusively in live blockchain projects.

12/11/2018 / 02:46:23

Venture Capital | Investments | Business News | Prices | Funding | David Johnston | Factom | tzero | Yeoman's Capital | Yeoman's Growth Capital | YGC | KKR | | Market|Blockchain

Neutral Report: Swiss City of Zug Named Fastest Growing Tech Hub in Europe

The city of Zug, home of the Swiss Crypto Valley, has been named the fastest growing technology community in Europe. Zug ranked atop the “State of European Tech” report by London-based global investment firm Atomico last week, on the strength of its year-on-year growth of attendees to tech-related meetup events. Also read: Malaysian Financial Regulators to […]Bitcoin News.

12/09/2018 / 19:50:05

News | Atomico | Bitcoin | Blockchain | Crypto Valley | Cryptocurrency | Europe | N-Featured | State of European Tech | Switzerland | Zug | | Technology|BTC|Blockchain

Neutral AlphaZero AI Shows Signs of Developing a Sense of Intuition

When it comes to dealing with artificial intelligence, there are some traits which seemingly remain off-limits first and foremost. Unlike humans, an AI is – in theory – incapable of developing emotions, feelings, or anything that resembles intuition. While that is still true up to a certain extent, the latter aspect is changing in a […]NullTX.

12/09/2018 / 01:12:32

News | Technology | AI | AlphaZero | Intuition | | Technology

Neutral Switzerland's 'Crypto Valley' Zug Ranked 'Fastest-Growing' Tech Hub in Europe

The Swiss city of Zug, home to crypto and blockchain development hub “Crypto Valley,” has been ranked the fastest-growing tech community in Europe

12/07/2018 / 15:11:00

Blockchain | Switzerland | Cryptocurrencies | Adoption | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral The Daily: Coinbase Adds Paypal Withdrawals, Gazprombank to Manage Crypto Assets

In this edition of The Daily, Coinbase customers in certain regions can now link their Paypal accounts to withdraw fiat and sell cryptocurrencies. Also, Russia’s third-largest bank is working to launch a digital asset management service in Switzerland, and Koinex, India’s leading crypto exchange, has set up a new development center in Bengaluru, the country’s […]Bitcoin News.

12/07/2018 / 14:15:39

The Daily | Blockeq | Coinbase | Coinsquare | custodial service | development center | Digital Assets | Exchange | Fiat | Gazprombank | India | Koinex | N-Featured | Paypal | Switzerland | wallet provider | Withdrawals | | Fiat|Exchange|BTC

Neutral Swiss National Postal Service and Telecom Leader to Build Blockchain Platform

Swiss Post and Swisscom will take advantage of their trusted reputation in Switzerland to create a blockchain platform for use by themselves and others that will be based on Hyperledger Fabric2. Swiss Post is publicly owned and the country’s second largest employer. It already uses blockchain technology to record temperature data while transporting pharmaceuticals inCCN

12/07/2018 / 11:48:04

Blockchain News | News | HyperLedger | Hyperledger Fabric | Swiss Post | Swisscom | switzerland | | Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Swiss Bank Gazprombank to Launch Crypto Services Next Year

Swiss bank Gazprombank will launch crypto services next year after partnering with fintech, crypto startups

12/06/2018 / 21:34:00

Blockchain | Switzerland | FinTech | Banks | Multisignature | Security | | Fiat|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Post & Swisscom Launch ‘100% Swiss’ Blockchain Infrastructure

Switzerland’s national postal service Swiss Post and state-owned telecoms provider Swisscom are partnering on a “100% Swiss” permissioned blockchain infrastructure

12/06/2018 / 17:35:00

Blockchain | Switzerland | Adoption | | Blockchain

Neutral Top Exchange Binance Announces ‘SAFU’ Hackathon, Conference in Singapore

‘SAFU’ Hackathon and conference: Binance announces its first ‘Blockchain Week’ in Singapore

12/06/2018 / 15:15:00

Blockchain | Cryptocurrencies | Binance | Singapore | Switzerland | | Exchange|Asia|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Post, Swisscom Developing New Blockchain Platform on Hyperledger

Swiss Post and Swisscom have teamed up to build an infrastructure for blockchain applications on Hyperledger Fabric.

12/06/2018 / 12:20:53

News | Business News | Technology News | Switzerland | Hyperledger | BaaS | Swisscom | Swiss Post | | Blockchain

Neutral Finma: Crypto Startups Can Handle up to $100M of Deposits in Switzerland

Crypto-asset companies can now apply for licenses to handle as much as 100 million Swiss francs ($100 million) in public deposits under new regulations published on Dec. 3 by Switzerland’s Financial Market Supervisory Authority (Finma). The development underscores the European country’s efforts to promote technological innovation, as in the past only commercial banks were allowed to receive […]The post Finma: Crypto Startups Can Handle up to $100M of Deposits in Switzerland appeared first on Bitcoin News.

12/04/2018 / 18:30:40

Economy & Regulation | Bitcoin | Blockchain | cryptoassets | Cryptocurrency | finma | guidelines | N-Featured | Regulation | Startups | Switzerland | | BTC|Market|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Finance Minister Rejects Specific Blockchain Legislation in Favor of Current Laws

Swiss Finance Minister Ueli Maurer has rejected a special blockchain law, notes that the government will instead change existing laws to include the technology

12/04/2018 / 17:50:00

Bitcoin Regulation | Switzerland | Blockchain | Law | | Regulation|Blockchain|Technology

Neutral Will Switzerland’s FINMA license boost cryptocurrency prices?

Published on CoinnounceThe Financial Supervisory Authority of Switzerland is planning to authorize cryptocurrency exchanges registered in the country to act like commercial banks with new licensing starting from 2019 allowing them to store the deposits of trades up to 100 million Swiss Franc (100302400 USD). The government of Switzerland has been cryptocurrency friendly by providing cryptocurrency regulations […]The post Will Switzerland’s FINMA license boost cryptocurrency prices? appeared first on Coinnounce.

12/04/2018 / 16:54:36

#Exchange | Bitcoin | Cryptocurrency | News | Regulation | Bitcoin ETF | Bitcoin ETP | bitcoin exchange | bitcoin trading | Blockchain | crypto exchange | Cryptocurrency ETF | Cryptocurrency ETP | cryptocurrency exchange | Cryptocurrency Exchange Switzerland | cryptocurrency regulation | Cryptocurrency Trading | FINMA | FINMA license | Switzerland | Switzerland bitcoin | Switzerland cryptocurrency | trading | | Market|BTC|Exchange|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Regulator’s ‘Relaxed’ Fintech License Covers Blockchain Firms

Switzerland's Financial Market Supervisory Authority has introduced a new "relaxed" fintech license that can apply to blockchain and crypto firms.

12/04/2018 / 15:00:25

Regulation | News | Legal | Europe | Switzerland | FINMA | | Regulation|Blockchain|Market

Neutral Swiss FinTech License Allows Public Deposits of Up to 100m Francs for Blockchain Startups

The Swiss financial watchdog has published the guidelines for the FinTech license which allows companies to receive public deposits of up to 100 million Swiss Francs. The revised Banking Act, designed to promote innovation, has also opened doors to crowd-lending businesses within the regulatory sandbox. Swiss Regulator Announces License With Relaxed Requirements for FinTech Startups The...NewsBTC.

12/04/2018 / 09:00:33

Blockchain | Industry | blockchain | finma | fintech | fintech license | regulatory sandbox | switzerland | | Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Crypto Valley Association Leadership Steps Down After Governance Review

More than half of the members of Switzerland’s Crypto Valley Association (CVA) board have announced their decision to step down in January. The news comes after reports about governance issues and allegations of conflicts of interest in the leadership of the growing organization. Also read: Estonia to Tighten Rules for Licensed Crypto Companies Four CVA […]Bitcoin News.

12/04/2018 / 06:54:49

Economy & Regulation | board | board members | Crypto Valley Association | CVA | Election | general assembly | members | N-Economy | Oliver Bussmann | President | swiss | Switzerland | | BTC|Regulation

Neutral Swiss Fintech License Allows Blockchain, Crypto Firms to Accept $100 Mln in Public Funds

Swiss financial regulator FINMA has released a new “FinTech license” that allows fintech firms to accept up to $100 million in public deposits

12/03/2018 / 17:45:00

Bitcoin Regulation | Adoption | FinTech | AML | Government | Switzerland | | Blockchain

Neutral Europe Leads the Way With Crypto Exchange-Traded Products

Switzerland leads the way with ETPs, as the United States remains bogged down in its latest regulatory battle

12/03/2018 / 15:45:00

Blockchain | ETF | Switzerland | Sweden | United Kingdom | SEC | USA | FinTech | Regulations | | Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral ֿNew FINMA Licence Allows Non-Banks to Accept 100 Million CHF

Applicants will have to divulge extensive information to the watchdog and agree to an audit.

12/03/2018 / 12:30:15

News | blockchain | finma | fintech | licence | switzerland | zug | | Blockchain

Neutral Vitalik Buterin Awarded Honorary Doctorate from Oldest Swiss University

Ethereum co-founder and university dropout Vitalik Buterin was awarded an honorary doctorate from the University of Basel in Switzerland. One adage that is relentlessly pounded into the skulls of young people is to get a college education. However, there are times when choosing to forgo higher education in pursuit of another goal can reap tremendous...Live Bitcoin News.

12/02/2018 / 11:00:46

Altcoin News | Blockchain Technology | Ethereum | News | Doctorate | education | switzerland | University of Basel | vitalik buterin | | ETH|BTC

Neutral Thai SEC Explains Two Laws Could Apply to Crypto Securities

Thailand’s Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has reportedly clarified how existing laws can apply to crypto securities. In addition, Thai companies planning to issue securities tokens abroad would be guilty of wrongdoing under the Digital Asset Act for avoiding regulated fundraising channels. Also read: Indian Supreme Court Moves Crypto Hearing, Community Calls for Positive Regulations Applicable […]Bitcoin News.

12/01/2018 / 04:50:15

Regulation | Bitcoin | BTC | crypto | Cryptocurrencies | Cryptocurrency | Digital Currency | Exchange | ICO | launch | N-Economy | offerings | | satang corporation | satang pro | SEC | Securities | STO | tdax | thai | thailand | Tzero | Virtual Currency | | Regulation|BTC|Exchange|ICO

Neutral Bitcoin Mining Startup Envion Ordered to Close by Swiss Court

A court in Switzerland has ordered the closure of bitcoin mining startup Envion AG over concerns of poor corporate governance. The company raised $100 million in an initial coin offering (ICO) in January, but a succession of boardroom wrangles have led to a breakdown in its corporate structure, bringing operations to a halt. Also read: Canadian […]Bitcoin News.

11/30/2018 / 17:20:07

Economy & Regulation | Bitcoin | court ruling | Cryptocurrency | Envion AG | ICO | Matthias Woestmann | Michael Luckow | mining | N-Featured | Switzerland | Zug | | BTC|Mining|ICO

Neutral Court Orders Swiss Crypto Mining Firm Envion to Shut Down

Envion AG, a crypto-based firm that aimed to combine cryptocurrency mining with green power, has been shut down by the cantonal court of Zug, Switzerland. The company was reportedly dissolved due to an alleged unauthorized Initial Coin Offering (ICO) on November 28, local German news outlet Handelsblatt reports. Envion was established to serve as an off-gridCCN

11/30/2018 / 12:58:59

News | Regulation | envion | ICO | switzerland | Zug | | Mining|ICO|Regulation

Neutral Report: Zug Court Shuts Down Swiss Off-Grid Mining Firm Envion AG

Swiss Crypto mining firm Envion AG has reportedly been shut down by the cantonal court of Zug, Switzerland for an alleged unauthorized ICO

11/29/2018 / 01:47:00

Altcoin | Switzerland | Court | Mining | Europe | EU | Energy | ICO | Tokens | Law | Cryptocurrencies | | Mining|ICO|Regulation|Altcoin

Neutral Hires Finance Veteran to Help with Swiss VQF Licence

The licence will assure people that all operations are compliant with Swiss anti-money laundering legislation.

11/28/2018 / 15:55:23

News | blockchain | cryptocurrency | exchange | hack | switzerland | | | Exchange|Regulation|Blockchain

Neutral Swiss Food Manufacturer Partners with ETH-based Blockchain Service to Track Tuna Products

Swiss food manufacturer Gustav Gerig will use the Ethereum blockchain to track the provenance of tuna products

11/28/2018 / 11:50:00

Blockchain | Switzerland | Ethereum | ConsenSys | Food | Supply Chain | | Blockchain|ETH

Neutral Meet The Man Who’s Building a Commission-Free ‘BitMEX’ [Interview]

Bitcoinist spoke with Adam Todd, CEO of Digitex Futures, a trading platform that aims to become a commission-free, non-custodial ‘BitMEX’ for cryptocurrencies built on Ethereum.  Bitcoinist: What is Digitex Futures? What are you doing that’s different/new? Can you give us your elevator pitch? Adam Todd: Digitex Futures is a commission-free, non-custodial futures exchange. Traders can speculate on the price of Bitcoin whilst paying zero transaction fees on their trades and without having to trust the exchangeRead MoreThe post Meet The Man Who’s Building a Commission-Free ‘BitMEX’ [Interview] appeared first on

11/28/2018 / 04:00:22

Altcoins | Bitcoin | Bitcoin Exchange | Ethereum | Interviews | Bitcoin futures | BitMEX | DGTX | Digitex | Digitex Futures | non-custodial | plasma | zero-fee trading | | BTC|Trading|ETH|Exchange|Altcoin

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